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Spanking Pants

by Buckcub

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Most of you are probably aware of the existence of various forms of "spanking shorts" for spankees. However, I happened across a pair of spanking trousers intended for Tops in a catalog, recently, and I adapted the idea to a pair of jeans I own. I just got the chance to use them for the first time, spanking a young fella I met on the 'net, so I thought I'd share the idea and the experience with you.

The trousers in the catalog were leather, and therefore very expensive. The tops of the upper legs had velcro edging, and various "facing" panels were available to attach to the velcro, so the fella being spanked OTK could be treated to your choice of sensations against his belly and groin -- satin, burlap, velvet, coarse wool (itchy!), et cetera.

The trousers come in "left-handed" and "right-handed" versions. For reasons which will become obvious! In the right-handed trousers, two pairs of brass grommets are "let into" them -- on the outside seam of the right thigh, and on the inseam of the left thigh. These grommets have a purpose. The trousers come with several lengths of rawhide lacing. You run the lacing through the two grommets -- either on the outside right, if you have the bottom OTK across both legs, or on the left inseam, if you have him across your left leg so you can hold his legs down with your right -- and then you bring the ends of the lacing up around and behind his dick and balls, and tie it off, effectively tying the bottom down to your leg by the most-sensitive parts of his, um, anatomy! The idea is that the bottom will be restrained, and in a sexy kind of way, VERY thoroughly -- obviously no guy is going to try to climb off your lap with his package fastened tightly to your leg!

Well, not wishing to spend $300-plus for those, I used the idea, instead. I bought some brass grommets at the fabric store, and I set them into the left-thigh inseam of a pair of work jeans I have. Then I got some rawhide lacing from the craft store, which threaded easily through the new grommets.

Yesterday I had a "date" to spank the young man, who kept assuring me via email that he'd been "...very, very naughty" and deserved a very severe spanking. The only limits were that he didn't want the skin broken, but aside from that I could spank him as long and hard as I cared to, regardless of pleading and yelling. Exactly the sort of spankee I like (and am, when I bottom.)

Well, Nick showed up on schedule. Not much to look at from the neck up -- not ugly or anything, just average looking but with one of those awful bleached-blond dye jobs the young guys are into these days -- but he had a great body. Compact and defined, once I had him strip right there in the living room, with a smooth chest, just a few wisps of hair on his belly running down toward his pubes, a surprisingly-big weiner for such a small (about 5'7") guy, and the cutest round smooth butt you ever saw, with those nice little dimples in the side of each cheek. I marched him upstairs to my bedroom and got to work.

I stood Nick between my legs and turned him to face to the left, then helped him bend over my left leg. Short as he was, that took his feet off the floor and he could just barely touch the floor with his hands. Perfect. Then I told him to hold still, and I pulled the rawhide laces up, wrapped them around the base of his cock and balls one turn, and tied it off at the back of his balls, a couple of inches below his asshole. Nick seemed a bit unnerved by this unusual turn of events, but all he said was "Don't hurt me there, please?" I told him no one would hurt him there but himself, if he didn't hold still properly, and then told him that for an example, he should try to get off my lap. He moved, just a little, before realizing how firmly he was fastened down to my leg by some appendages he was rather "attached" to. He just said, "Oh, shit..." Time to begin!

I gave him the whole spanking with my thin (but heavy) rubber paddle. The sensation (I've had it used on me, too) is one of unbelievably-intense sizzling stinging, with very little "thud," and a smarting burn that keeps building hotter and hotter the longer it is used. Craig from this list, to whom I gave a birthday-spanking a few weeks ago, experienced the rubber paddle and was VERY impressed with its effect! Nick was similarly impressed, right from the first whack across his adorable bare backside. He let out a strangled howl like a burned cat! And, naturally, jerked away reflexively -- until he found himself brought up short by the leather cord which tied his package to my thigh. He jerked right back in a hurry, let me tell ya!

And, in spite of a long hard spanking with the rubber paddle, which progressed from howling to screaming to begging to noisy tears, he never once tried very hard to get off my lap. The cord around his dick and balls would remind him not to try moving too far every time he tried, with a tug which I expect was rather uncomfortable. And poor Nick didn't realize that the rubber paddle can be used very hard for as long as wanted, without EVER breaking the skin, by virtue of the material it's made from. He was rather sorry he'd asked for a very long, hard spanking, as he admitted once he'd pulled himself together afterward. It was a spanking I'm proud to have given -- a real work of art, if I do say so myself. Nick's bare bottom was a very deep, angry scarlet colour all over by the time I was finished, darker of course on the lower half of the cheeks, as I always concentrate a spanking on the "sit spots." Gives the fellow something to think about for a few days afterward, every time he sits down, you see.

Spanking over, I let him cry it out for a while before untying his cock and balls, and giving him a bit of a cuddle to soothe him some. I find that the ones who identify as the "naughty boy" type always like that bit of hugging and stroking their hair. When he could speak without hiccupping around a sob, he said it was the worst spanking he'd ever got, and far beyond what he'd expected, but he didn't seem resentful or angry about it. I think, as is so often the case with young guys just getting into spanking, it was more than he "wanted" but not more than he "needed." I kept him sitting (rather wincingly) on my lap and jacked him off, talking softly in his ear about how hot and red and sore and stinging his ass was, how it must feel like it's on fire, how it would burn and glow for days, now, et cetera, until he very quickly blew his load. It was obviously a very intense orgasm, since he shuddered and jerked and groaned like someone having a seizure, and his cum shot out in several strong spurts that splattered all the way up to his chin!

Give this idea with the leather laces a try, guys. It's very cool, I think. I never expected it to work so wonderfully well! And I'll be getting my own turn at having my package tied down to a man's leg while I'm spanked, pretty soon. My Top friend Jon is returning from Germany, shortly, and we wear the same size -- and he's very interested to see how this little trick works. Yipes!

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