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Sensitizing the Butt

by Buckcub

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Thought I'd share another of my favorite little "tricks" to intensify the spanking experience. If you're going to try this, or allow someone to try it on you, PLEASE be careful to go very slowly and to do it only with the utmost care.

I once went on a two-day spanking vacation with a rather cute bottom, which included a visit to a nude beach in northern New Jersey. I used lots of sunscreen, my friend didn't use enough. The result was that he had a slightly-sunburned backside. That evening, when I began spanking him over my knee, I was surprised by the immediate loud "OW"!s and "OUCH!"es. Being spanked on a sunburned bottom, it seemed, was a bit more painful than without the slight burn!

Intrigued and turned-on by this phenomenon, I wondered afterward how I could repeat it on other guys I might spank. I couldn't put them out in the backyard with their pants pulled down and butts turned to the sun -- my neighbors would probably object, and besides it might be winter or a rainy day. I couldn't come up with anything, and then by accident I discovered the solution.

I came home freezing from a sledding party and leapt immediately into a nice hot shower. Unable to get warm fast enough, I kept turning the water gradually hotter and hotter, letting it spray against my back and butt. When I got out, I toweled off, went into my bedroom to put clean clothes on, sat down on the bed to put my socks on, and -- OUCH! I got back up in a hurry! I had, upon inspection in the mirror, given myself a slight "scald" on the butt without noticing it, because I'd increased the temperature so gradually. My ass was quite tender and sensitive, and a nice glowing pink. Eureka!!! Now I knew what to do to get the effect I wanted!

I've refined the technique, subsequently, by practicing on willing spankees. Please don't do this to anyone without telling them what you are doing to them; it isn't fair. However, you can truthfully explain that the very slight scald only lasts about six to twelve hours, depending on the sensitivity of his skin. It will not, if done properly, cause any harm. (I know because I checked with my kink-friendly doc, who merely rolls his eyes when I show up for an exam with handprints on my butt.)

Here's what to do: you ideally should have a hand-held showerhead attachment. Otherwise, aim the fixed showerhead as low as possible. Now have your cooperative friend select a comfortably warm shower temperature, such as he'd use for everyday showers, and get in. (It's fun to get in with him, although some guys seem to enjoy me doing this fully clothed while standing outside the shower.) Okay dokey -- let him get wet all over, then have him stand with his back to the showerhead, legs together (don't want scalded balls!), bent forward at the waist. Hold the showerhead so the water sprays against his bare butt. Turn the water temperature, very VERY slowly, hotter -- just a nudge every thirty seconds. If he tells you it's as hot as he can stand it, wait for a minute or two until he adjusts to the heat, and then begin nudging it a touch hotter again.

Keep an observant eye on his ass. You will note that it turns first a slight pink, then as the "treatment" progresses, it will turn a more rosy pink. If done properly and safely, this whole process will take a minimum of five minutes, and may take as long as fifteen minutes. When his butt is a good medium pink, as if it had been moderately spanked all over, you're ready. Turn off the water. The warm flush of the shower will quickly fade from most of his body. You'll notice, though, that his butt and the backs of his thighs remain a hot rosy pink. That's because you have ever-so-slightly burned his ass with hot water.

Now it's time to spank that tender, hyper-sensitive bottom! I prefer to spank it still wet, which increases the sting still more. Start out a bit more gently than you might usually do, because I guarantee you he will FEEL it a lot more smartingly than usual! I should note that this is only fun for those who (like me) prefer "sting" over "thud." Conveniently enough, all that hot water on the butt and, er, surrounding areas, increases blood flow to the hips and the various appendages which dangle from their center. Your boy may find he has a harder hard-on than he can remember having for a long time!

There you have it, fellas, another play tip from Teddy's one-track mind. Have fun, but play safe!

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