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Uncle Lew Visits

by Gayspankee

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As I answered the door, I began to wonder if I could go through with it. I was really sure what 'it' was, but I was determined not to let the day pass without my ass getting a good spanking. Lew had stopped by to fix the vaccum cleaner. As I followed him down the hall, my eyes were glued to his full, tight, ass. It was unseasonably warm out, and Lew was clothed in a t-shirt and a tight pair of jean shorts. As he began working on the vaccum, the shirt soon came off. I knew I could piss him off, but would it be enough to make him spank me. Spank me! Im 20 years old, how am I going to pull this off. Sure I could goose him one, and (try to) yank those pants down, but that might not be enough. Then it hit me.

About twenty minutes later the vaccum was up and running. I offered him a cool drink. He seemed ready to run. There has always been an akwardness between us, but I think I could change that.

"You don't have to leave yet, do you?" I said.

"Well I have to stop at the bank, and the store..why?"

It was now or never. Now!

"I wanted to show you something I wrote on the internet."

"Oh, I didnt know you had internet access."

"Yeah, webtv, got a minute?"


I led him into my bedroom, seating him square in the center of my bed. It was time to show him the story I wrote about him. He was silent as I brought up the spanking page. He was just as silent when I clicked on the name 'Gayspankee'. Like everyone else he didnt know I was gay(or let on he knew). He read the story 'Spanking Requested' from begining to end. Now the akward moment either he stays and listens, or leaves disgusted.

He stayed, his interest very piqued. I didnt say anything. I just removed my shirt, and slowly pulled down my shorts. leaving me there in my tight calvins. To my surprise, Lew didn't miss a beat. He beckoned me over to him, more specifically, over his knee. I was in a postion I had long desired to be in. HIs manly hand caressed my calvin-clad ass. Smack. His hand slammed down on my right cheek. SMACK. His haned landed in the same spot. Smack. Smack. Smack. He spanked eack cheek rythmically, alternating hits. He spanked hard and steady until his hand hurt. My ass was stinging, yet I desired more. I asked to be let up, he abliged. I left the room and returned with a thick rubber spatula. I handed it too him, then he slide my underwear to my knees, before pulling me over his knee again. He caressed my rosie cheeks some more, enjoying the warmth radiating off them. Crack. The spatula slammed on my ass with force, causing me to yelp. The spatula smack my ass up and down, left and right, harder and harder. Making my cheeks redder and redder. I was squirming and yelping with each hit. After fifty-plus hits, he was through. My ass was bright red, and sore. I layed across his lap for a moment or two. Then, I remimded him that the aparment upstairs was still vacant, and it would do me good to have my Uncle Lew close by to spank me regularly.

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