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Timberlake Trouble

by Eric Blyton

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 13 Feb 2004

Note: As everyone must be aware, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson hatched up a stunt where Janets boob was revealed. They claimed that it was an accident, but no one believed them including me. In an internal memo obtained by The Washington Post, CBS boss Les Moonves told staffers, "I want to offer my personal assurances that we are looking into this matter and will do everything we can to get to the bottom of it." That last part get to the bottom of it struck a cord with me.

Les Moonves was sitting in his office steaming. What should have been a perfect week had turned into shit. It wasnt supposed to be this way. CBS was the top-rated network. They had new hits that were clicking with audiences and they were poised to have one of the best sweeps periods yet. The Super Bowl was supposed to kick it off along with the debut of Survivor All-Stars and then they would rely on the strength of their lineup to deliver the ratings. Next weekend brought the Grammy Awards and everything should be gravy. Should have been.

Easy how the best laid plans could go awry. One stupid stunt by a dumb kid and an equally dumb media hungry woman and his dreams went up in smoke. Unlike most Super Bowls, which were often blowouts, this one had resulted in overtime. But was anyone talking about the thrilling game? No, all they talked about was two seconds of brown tit. As if people had never seen tits before. Les Moonves had been hoping for water cooler buzz about nudity, but hed expected it would have been about Survivor champ Richard Hatch.

"Mr. Timberlake is here," his intercom informed him.

"Send him in. And hold all other calls," he barked to his secretary and immediately felt bad about the way he had spoken to her. None of this was her fault, after all. Hed have to apologize later.

Justin Timberlake walked into his spacious office. He could tell the boy was a bit nervous by the way his eyes flicked out the window, taking his view of the Pacific Ocean. He gestured to indicate that he should sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk. Once Timberlake was sitting, he began his lecture.

"Young man, I have faxes here sent by everybody from the FCC to the League of Women Voters. All of them say the same thing; How dare I show a bare breast on national TV. Of course, I didnt know I was going to do that so perhaps you can explain to me just what happened."

"Um, it was just a wardrobe malfunction," Justin said. "Ive apologized for it."

"Wardrobe malfunction. Id like to know which one of your handlers came up with that phrase. And you can stop lying to me about it. You should know that no one can keep secrets in this town. Im well aware that you and Miss Jackson came up with this idea on your own and it went off exactly as you planned it."

"Okay, so it was a stunt. Its publicity, right? Theres no such thing as bad publicity."

"I can forgive you for thinking something so stupid because youre young. Miss Jackson needs only to look at her brother to know that publicity isnt always good. But more to the point, how dare you! This wasnt your event to do such a thing in! You were just one of several acts to have a few minutes to sing. You were performing on the most-watched show of the year! That wasnt enough for you? You had to make yourself the story?"

He was shouting now, and Justin was shrinking back into the plush upholstery.

"Im sorry Mr. Moonves, I really am. I didnt think people would make such a fuss. Like you said, everyones seen tits before."

"Yes, well, you sure proved that you were a boob. Im sure that your agent told you that we are reviewing our decision to have you perform at the Grammys on Sunday?"

"Isnt that why Im here? To talk about that?" Justin asked, recovering his composure a bit.

"Not just about that. I havent made up my mind if Im going to let you perform or not. Much of that depends on how this story plays out for the rest of the week. I also wanted to make a point. If I decide that I want to, I can put your career into nosedive. I control CBS, MTV and VH1. If I say the word, Ill make sure that you get minimum airplay for your wiggery bubblegum pop music and then well see how many C. D.s you sell."

"Please dont do that, Mr. Moonves. Ill never do something like this again!"

"Really? I wonder."

"I swear!"

"Justin, youve caused me no end of headaches over the last two days. Im going to have plenty more before this is all played out. I summoned you here to give you an ultimatum. Im either going to screw your career, or...."

"Or?" Justin prompted.

"....or Im going to haul you over my lap and spank your ass until you howl in pain."

"Huh?" Justin leaned back in the chair, flabbergasted.

"Its quite simple. You either acted like a foolish little boy or a selfish, inconsiderate adult. If I think that you thought about it like an adult and went ahead and did it anyway, I have no use for you and dont want to do anything to promote you. If I think that you were just acting like a little boy, I can forgive you after you are punished. It all depends on you."

Justins mind was spinning. Spanked? Was Les serious? It seemed he was by the way that he was glaring at him. There was no way Justin would ever consent to that! Then again, this was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. What if he decided to make good on his threat? Justin knew better than most people that pissing off the wrong people could be fatal to your career. He had heard enough stories to know that Les had fucked over other people. Suddenly he realized just how much was at stake here.

"Make up your mind, Justin. Its now or never," Les pressed.

"No one finds out about it?" Justin asked. That was a must before hed even consider it.

"Only you and I will ever know."

Justin turned his head and looked at the floor. Hed been spanked before, but not since he was twelve. It wasnt something hed ever expected hed be facing again. He was a huge pop star, for Christ sakes! His agent or manager was supposed to smooth out this sorts of situations for him. Thats why he paid them big bucks! He should be able to get away with crap like this, not have to face a pissed-off network executive who wanted to beat his ass.

But all that was wishes. The reality of the situation was here. Hed done it and he was being called to account. He could not risk his career over it. As unpleasant as the other option was, it was the lesser of two evils. Justin would somehow get back at Les for this and his manager for not dealing with the situation. That was in the future, though. Right now, Les was waiting for his answer.

"Ill take the spanking," he said through gritted teeth. "But if any word of this ever gets out...."

"It wont," Les said with a blunt wave of his hand, cutting him off. "And this room is soundproof as well."

"Well then do it and get it over with," Justin said, putting his hands on his knees. Whatever happened, he made a vow not to cry. He wouldnt give Les that satisfaction.

"Come over here, then," Les said as he stood up. His chair had arms; it wouldnt do. He moved to another one that was just a seat and a back. He opened his desk drawer and brought out a wooden plague with his name and title on it. It was about four inches wide and a little longer than a foot. It had been on his door until recently when it had been replaced by a newer one, but he hadnt wanted to throw it away. Hed been planning to take it home and place it with his other souvenirs, but now he was glad that hed not gotten around to it. It was about to come in very handy.

"You didnt say anything about that," Justin said, looking at it nervously.

"What, you thought I was going to use my hand?"

Justin hadnt thought much about it either way, but that slab of wood looked hard. Even with his jeans on, that bitch was going to sting. Les went to the gym enough; there was no chance that he didnt have the strength to use it to its fullest effect. Still, backing out was not an option. Feeling incredibly silly and humiliated, he lay down across the mans lap.

Les looked down at the sight that was presented to him. Justins jeans were pulled tight across his firm young ass. While Les was a straight guy, like many in Hollywood he had a pink tinge to him. You couldnt be in this town and not be gay-friendly. There were times when he found himself admiring a hot young male as much as a sexy female and this turned out to be one of those times. He realized that apart from the satisfaction of making this cocky brat pay, he was going to get a sexual thrill out of the experience as well!

He cocked his arm back and gave a good swing, WHAP! Justin hissed in his breath, but didnt cry out. That wouldnt do!

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! He started beating the pop stars ass hard. He could see the firm buttocks clenching as he whacked them. Justin was still just making low noises. More than every, he was determined to break this young upstart.

Justin was just concentrating on getting through this. While he still felt ashamed to be in this position, he was now more directly concerned with the pain. Les was hitting him hard and didnt seem to be in any hurry to stop. Thank god his jeans were blunting the worst of it. He took about twenty-five licks before there was a break. Well, if that was all it took to save his career, it was worth it.

"Time for part two," Les said. Justin glanced over his shoulder and shot him a pissed-off look. What, had he tried himself out and needed to rest before continuing? He was annoyed that it wasnt over. That emotion rapidly dissolved into disress when he felt Les undoing his belt.

"Les?" he said in a voice that he hoped sounded firm but wobbled a bit too much for that."

"Sorry, Justin, these jeans are going to have to go."

"I didnt agree to that," he said."

"You know what Ill do if you dont let me finish," Les calmly replied as undid the snap on his pants.

Yes, Justin did know. Blackmailing cocksucker. He said nothing as Les worked his tight jeans down to his knees. He was wearing black bicycle short briefs. Justin was well aware how much more this was going to hurt.

Les hadnt been sure that the boy was going to let him do it, but was very please that he had. This was turning into something very fun. He had an errection in his pants and he hoped Justin wouldnt notice. The curves in his ass were even better defined by the thin cotton underpants and he gripped his spanking implement again.


"shit!" Justin had not intended to cry out, but the sting was too intense and unexpected for him to suppress his reflex.

"Now, now, young man," Les taunted. "No swearing. We do have standards of decency after all. Im afraid Im going to have to add some extra spanks at the end for such language."

Justin gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to curse Les some more. But his thoughts would have made a drunken pirate blush.


Justins ass was bouncing over Les lap as he applied the firm strip of wood across it. He put one hand on the boys back to help keep him in place. Of course, Justin could have gotten up at any point and stopped it, but the fact that he was submitting made the scene even hotter for Les. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Justin started to grunt loudly and then cry out. He was trying not to, but the spanks were hurting more and more with each fresh one. His eyes were starting to fill with water and his hands were clenched so tight they ached. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!!

Les gave him about thirty-five strokes before he stopped. Slowly Justin relaxed his body. That had been rough, but hed held up. In a way he was proud of himself. Despite the fact that his ass felt like it had been worked over with an electric sander, he considered himself the winner of this encounter. That is, until he felt Les reaching for the waistband of his briefs.

"Les!" he said and this was more of a threatening growl. He was not prepared to go this far.

"Justin, I meant what I said. We carry this through to its conclusion or else I do what I said. Im not kidding about it, either."

Les had sounded even more threatening that Justin had. There was no doubt in Justins mind that the man meant every word he said. This was just too bizarre, but then again Hollywood was a place where bizarre things were commonplace. Justin just hoped that this story wouldnt wind up in one of those tell-all books one day. He knew he had no choice; his career was on the line.

"Get it over with, then," he said, trying to salvage a bit of dignity from the situation.

"Im gonna have you naked by the end of this spanking," Les sang in an off-key imitation of Justins voice. The boy would never be able to sing "Rock Your Body" again without thinking of this incident. That was probably Les intention.

Down came his underpants, over his butt, down his thighs, past his knees and to his ankles where they joined his bunched-up jeans. His limp penis was resting on the soft fabric of Les pressed suit pants. The cool air in the office gave him a temporary bit of minor relief from the burning in his rear. It was something he would have been quite prepared to do without.

Les was thoroughly enjoying himself now. Justins naked ass had a light covering of brown hair. Normally it would be white, but now it was covered by dark red splotches. Les resolved to turn those several shades deeper.


Justin cried out again. He was expecting it to hurt more, but not that much more! Christ!

WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! The sting was too much. Despite his firm resolve, Justin started to make peeping noises that were soon devolving into cries. Tears were dripping down his face and there was nothing he could do to stop them. He no longer worried about his pride or dignity. All he cared about was his blistered bottom and his only wish was that the spanking would end. He pleaded with Les, but the only response was more and harder spanks.

Les was in extasy himself. Between Justin bucking on his lap and tugging on his pants, his cock was being stimulated. With just enough friction and the hunky sight in his lap, he was building to a climax. Justins naked ass was glowing with heat and Les could see the boys balls drawn up for protection between his legs. He was even catching a stray glimpse of Justins anus! Now that he had the little bitch crying, it was time to finish it off!

WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! Finishing with five hard whacks, Les came in his pants. It was a mind-blowing orgasm, the best hed had all year. Justin was in now shape to notice; as soon as he realized that the spanking was over he reached behind himself and rubbed his ass like crazy. Les rested his makeshift paddle over his lap, covering the telltale wet spot on his pants. Justin got to his feet, not looking at Les as he continued to massage his hot bottom. The boys limp penis swung from a dense patch of black pubic hair as he rubbed himself. When he was able, he pulled his underpants and jeans back into place.

"Well, were square now," Les said. "Youll be happy to know that Ill make sure that you still have a slot at the Grammys Sunday night."

Justin simply nodded. He didnt trust himself to speak. After a moment, he went over to Les executive bathroom and washed his face. Staring at himself in the mirror, he realized that he looked as normal as he was likely to get. His eyes were a little red and puffy, but youd have to be looking for it to notice.

He went back out into the main office. Les was chatting on the phone as if nothing had happened. He gave Justin a friendly wave and mouthed See you at the Grammys. Justin gave him a half-hearted wave back and left. He just wanted to go home and soak his blistered ass in the bathtub. Next time, hed think a bit more before getting involved in a stunt like that!

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