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Part 1

by Gayspankee

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There I was in a very familiar situation, standing in Nick's bedroom being told about my punishment. Nick had just bailed me out of another run-in with the police. I attempted to take a porn tape from the video store and was busted. To make matters worse, I denied taking it. Luckily(I think), Nick was in the same store at that time. He purchased the video, and remmoved me from the store.

"First, I catch you peeping on me. Then, you start stealing videos. I should have let the guard call the cops on you, but I think my way has a better lasting impression."

That it does, I didn't sit for at least 24 hours after that last spanking. But, I knew that was childs play compared to this.

"As a result of your actions, you will receive 25 swats of the paddle, 25 slashes of the belt, and 20 swats of the hair brush. Then, you will receive the same again tommorrow, you are to report here at 7am sharp. If you are even one minute late, you will receive double. Oh, and once again, all 140 swats will be delivered on your bare ass. Now strip, and bend over the bed."

I knew there was no sense arguing, it would only make matters worse. So, I began to strip. I watched as he went to his dresser drawer and produced a paddle 1 1/2"thick and 7" wide. The sight of it made my ass tingle, and my cock hard. As i removed my underwear, he saw my hard-on and smiled, knowing that it wouldn't last. Then, I bent over, my body quivering with anticpation. Crack. The paddle hit full force on my hairy ass. It stuned me, he meant business, no warm ups this time. The next two hit the exact same spot, I yellped as the pain shot through my ass. By the seventh hit, my hard on was gone. By the 20th, tears were streaming down my face. But, last five, he made those count. Each one hit a different spot, with full force, and the pain seared through my body.

"Lay down on the bed, and grab onto the headboard."

To my surprise, he took two belts and tied my hands to the bed post, to make sure I wouldn't 'buck around.' I heard him undo his belt, then it slipped through the belt loops, before swishing in the air. He doubled it over, and snapped it together. Once ,a again, my cock was very hard. I found i exciting being tied down with a hot, red ass, but that excitement didn't last. The belt whistled through the air before making contact on my already sore ass. The pain was unbelievable, I screamed out just as another slammed on my ass. I was up to ten shots before the pain really began to register. Nick was on a roll, he even delievered five cracks to the back of my thighs. Again, as the last hit cracked on my ass, I was blubbering, even more this time. He untied the belts and let me lie there sobbing for a moment. He went over to the chair in his room and sat down, with the hair brush in hand.

"Okay, get your ass over here NOW. Maybe you will think twice about stealing next time."

I slowly got up and walked over to Nick, who pulled me over his lap. He quickly positioned me, and started to slam the the brush onto my flaming cheeks. Hit after hit, he worked the brush all over my ass, including a few to my exposed hole. Those swats startled me, yet aroused me, suddenly I became hard again. Nick immeadiately noticed my hard cock, and threw the brush to the ground. He carrassed my hot, hairy ass. He licked his fingers and began to rub them across my hole. He inserted one, then two fingers into my hole, pushing them in and out. It was to much for me to handle, my cock eruppted all over his leg. Satisfied by what had happened he pulled out his fingers, and helped me to my feet.

"Get dressed. Be here tommorrow at 7am sharp, or else..."

With that said he went into the bathroom and shut the door. It took my awhile to get dressed, especially when it came to putting on my pants. I didn't see him again that night. I went right up to bed and took my pants off, letting the fire in my ass cool down. I came once more that night anticipating the next morning.

To Be Continued...

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