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Benin - Roman Slave Boy
Part 1

by Brian

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Benin- Roman Slave Boy – Part.1.

This is the story of Benin a 13 year old boy captured by the marauding Roman Army from his North African Home, in the year 53BC.

Benin was the son of a baker, who once lived happily with his family, helping his father need the dough and bake the bread, although it was hard work, he was a happy and content boy, he was a handsome lad, with black curly hair and a light bronzed skin, muscular for his age, broad of chest and slim about the hips.

Then one day, the Roman Army entered his village, torching the houses, the villagers ran for their lives but were soon rounded up by the soldiers, including Benin who had been separated from his parents. The Roman Empire could not survive if slaves were not replenished, all the menial work was done by slaves, personal servants were always in demand by the wealthy citizens of Rome, slaves for the galleys, slaves for the baths, so the army was despatched to gather in more poor souls, to be sold at auction in the slave markets, this had the added benefit of swelling the coffers of the emperor.

Benin, amongst several hundred others were marched to the port and put aboard a galley destined for Rome. Within two days they arrived, hungry and frightened, they were herded with the aid of whips and a kick and taken ashore. They were put in pens, separated by age and sex, and given a bowl of maize to eat. Benin was ravishingly hungry, and scooped the foul stuff with his fingers into his mouth. Benin was in a pen with 8 other boys, aged from 11 to 15, they were roped together at the neck, and as it was now getting dark they tried to get comfortable enough to sleep.

As dawn broke, Benins group were woken by buckets of water being thrown over them, huge Nubian guards laid into them with canes, rousing them, pushing and shoving them out of the pen, they led the group to a wooden building, still tied to each other with ropes around their necks, the leading boy, who was bout 14 years old was unhitched from his companion, his clothes torn from his back, he stood naked, while more water was thrown over him, and two slaves quickly dried him. Across the room sat a fat man, he reminded Benin of a toad, there were now 6 Nubians guarding this group, the fat man beckoned for the first slave to be brought forward, with a Nubian on each side they dragged the boy before the fat man, throwing the boy to his knees. The fat man leant forward and patted the boy on the head.

"They are so unkind to my beautiful boys" he said to a scribe sitting next to him. He leaned forward again and took hold of the boys arm and pulled him to his feet, he began his inspection of the boy. He stroked the boys skin, feeling his belly and up to his chest, playing with the boys nipples, then down to the boys legs, stroking slowly the underside of the boys thighs, he then stroked the boys cock, this fingering had aroused the boy, and his cock began to grow, the fat man smiled at the boys erection. He then turned the boy around and had him bend over, caressing the boys buttocks, he then pushed against the boys anus with his finger, the boy resisted, he pushed harder, at last the sphincter gave way and he entered the boys hole, thrusting his finger deep inside the boy, who moaned, his cock now standing fully erect.

The fat man spoke to the scribe, "tonights sale for this one, He should fetch a good price."

It was now Benins turn, he also was dragged forward, the fat man instructed the guard to keep him standing, and he also was naked. The fat man began by pushing his fingers into Benins mouth, Benin almost gagged as the mans fingers almost went down his throat, he then began the body inspection, first playing and pinching Benins nipples, Benin stepped back as he did not like what was happening, he then heard a swish, and one of the Nubians brought down a cane across Benins buttocks.

"Stand still boy," cried the fat man.

Benin could not believe the pain that seared through his buttocks, tears welled up in his eyes, and he now stood motionless in front of the man. The inspection continued, probing his belly, the man played with Benins navel, which stood slightly proud of his muscled belly, then down to his cock, which was some 5" long and semi-hard, a very good size for such a young boy, the fat man smiled, he weighed Benins balls in his hand and separated each ball and squeezed, Benin went to move back again, but refrained, and stood passively while the man continued to explore his body. He was now told to turn round and bend over, the man pushed against his anus, it was very tight, but the sphincter gave way as the mans finger entered him, he pushed hard, feeling Benins prostate, this produced a not unpleasant feeling and his cock grew to its full extent, the man finished by slapping Benin on the buttocks, "Take him to the villa" he commanded, a slave put a rope around Benins neck, and took him away.

Benin was led out of the building, which opened up into a courtyard, around which were many small doors, the slave removed a piece of wood which was securing the door, and thrust Benin in. The cell was only 1metre wide by 2metres deep and 2 metres high, it smelled of urine and had an earthen floor, the door was secured with the plank of wood and Benin sat down on the stinking earth. The only light was from a small grill at the top of the door. A feeling of despair overwhelmed Benin, and tears trickled down his cheeks, what was happening to him, he enquired of himself, where are my Mother and Father, he felt totally dejected.

Benin had been incarcerated for several hours, when the door was opened, the same slave dragged him out into the bright sunlight, and Benin squinted as his eyes adjusted. Six other boys were being taken out of their cells at the same time, each had a rope put round their necks and they were taken inside the villa. They were all taken to the bath house, and handed over to another slave. "My name is Median" said the slave; Benin just looked at him, wondering what was going to happen next. "Lost your tongue" Median enquired, "No" replied Benin. "Come closer my beautiful one" said Median "you are a fine specimen, so handsome"

Benin shuffled over, Median began stroking his black curly hair, lightly touching his skin, caressing his cock, which stirred in his loins, Benin did not dislike the feeling this produced.

"You are a hot one" cried Median, "you will fetch a high price in tonights sale"

"Sale?" enquired Benin.

"Yes my beauty, you are to be sold in the special sale tonight, there will be rich merchants, senators and brothel keepers there tonight, they will bid highly for you, you must prey to the gods that you are not purchased by a brothel keeper, because your life will be a hard one" said Median.

Benin was not happy about this prospect and wondered where he would end up.

"Never fear my little one, come, we have much work to do, as I prepare you for the sale, you must look your best" said Median.

Median instructed Benin to enter the bath and gave him a cloth to wipe the worst of the dirt off his body, Benin took the opportunity to look around, he saw three Nubian slaves stationed around the bath house, standing guard, and small boys struggling up some steps from the basement carrying leather pales of hot water, they struggled with the weight then poured the water into the baths which were being used to cleanse the slaves ready for the sale. They then scurried off to fetch a further supply. They wore only tiny little pieces of cloth around their hips, the sweat poured from their body, one slipped on the marble floor, but quickly regained his composure and ran down the steps, and they all carried marks of the cane across their buttocks and legs. The heat was intense in the bath house; steam came off the water in the baths, and also from ducts in the floor and the walls.

Median called Benin out, and he stood naked, the water running off his body.

"First we clean the inside of your body, stand over that grating in the floor" he commanded, Benin stood over the grating.

"Now bend over" Benin complied.

Median took a hose, which had a bag at the end and filled the bag with warm water, he then parted Benins buttocks and pushed the hose up his anus, the warm liquid flowed into Benin, he felt his belly swelling, he cried out in pain, as his stomach extended.

"Stand up and close your buttocks as tight as you can, I will count to thirty, then let go" ordered Median.

Median counted slowly, "I must let go cried "cried Benin,

"No, No hold on" said Median.

Benin contorted his face in agony as he squeezed his buttocks tighter together, eventually Median reached 30, and Benin let go, the filthy water went down the grating, to Benins relief.

"Once more "said Median, Benins chin dropped as he realised he would have to go through the torture again, and so it was, his anus was thoroughly cleansed.

"Now for your belly, my pretty one" said Median.

Benin remained over the grating, while Median fetched a flask of liquid.

"Drink this down my boy "he commanded

Benin drank cautiously, it was not too unpleasant, he was thirsty anyway, and soon downed the full amount.

"Just lean forward over the grating" said Median.

Within a short while, Benin began to sweat more than ever and had griping pains in his stomach, and then with a great rush all the liquid pored from his mouth, emptying the contents of his stomach with it. This was repeated, it made Benin reach as he tried to empty the last droplets of liquid from his belly.

"Very good" said Median, "That is the worse bit over with, now I will clean the outside of your body, lie on the marble slab, belly down."

Benin did as he was told, Median dried off the sweat from his body, scraping with a wooden spatula, this removed any remaining dirt from every pore of his skin, he then poured oil over his back and legs, he then started massaging his skin, first his back, then his buttocks then his legs, then repeat again and again until all the oil had been absorbed into Benins skin. Benin enjoyed this attention, his body felt invigorated with the massage it was receiving, he was then told to turn on his back, and the oil treatment began again. This time Benin enjoyed it more, as Median massaged the oil into his body, he liked it when Median stroked the inside of his upper thighs, just below his ball sac. This produced wonderful feelings in his cock, which grew and grew until it stood proud and erect.

"They said you were a hot one my beautiful friend, but save your juices until later, you will have plenty of opportunity to show yourself off." Said, Median.

The whole process had taken over an hour, then Median told Benin to jump into the bath and let the water wash over his body. Median called him out and began drying him with a cloth, he then took a pummis stone and rubbed the bottom of his feet, and the small calluses on his hands, he then took a sharp knife, and trimmed Benins hair, and the small amount of hair under his arms was removed, he then went down to his pubic hair, and trimmed the little amount of black hair that was growing there, leaving a small stubble of black hair. He then had Benin bend over and took a pair of tweezers, and located some hairs growing around his anus, these he removed by pulling them out by the roots, Benin yelped with pain, at this sensitive spot. Benins preparation, which had taken at least two hours was almost complete, Median led him by the hand, past a Nubian guard into an ante –room, which was much cooler, Benin shivered as the cool breeze from the window cooled his body, Median gave him a final hard rub with a rough cloth, this put a shine on Benins skin, it glowed golden in the light, he looked ravishing, Median would have gladly sucked and pleasured him, but he could not. Median then took a bottle from a shelf, opened it and poured the liquid on the palm of his hand, the liquid had a sweet flowery smell, and Median put this behind Benins ears, under his arms and around his cock and anus, the job was complete.

Benin was told to stand on a raised dais, still naked, with his hands on his head, within a few minutes, the other slaves were brought in one by one and received the same treatment, until there were 7 beautiful boys from 11 to 15 standing patiently waiting. Some twenty minutes later, a door at the far end of the room opened and the fat man, who had examined Benin and the other slaves earlier in the day, he wore fresh white and gold robes, entered the room. He was followed closely by his scribe, who carried a tablet to write on. Two Nubians brought in an ornate chair for the fat man to sit on. Median and the other attendants standing to the rear of each boy, told the boys to kneel on the floor, there lips kissing the marble, as a sign of respect to the fat man. They all obeyed.

The fat man, sat down, completely filling the chair, "First Boy" cried the fat man. This was Benin, Median took hold of his arm and pulled him up and walked him over to the fat man. Median told him to kneel again in front of the fat man and to kiss his feet; Although Benin did not want to, he complied. "Stand" commanded the fat man, which Benin did, Median stood to one side, knowing that if the fat man found any faults he would be severely punished. The fat man pulled Benin forward and began his inspection. This was very thorough, as he wanted the boy in perfect condition for the sale. He started by pushing his finger in Benins mouth and told Benin to suck it, he withdrew his finger and rubbed it on Benins upper arm, this produced no dirt, Median sighed with relief, Benin was then measured with the aid of the scribe, who was a boy of some 16 years old, he also was fat, and Benin cringed as his fat stubby fingers took the measuring tape around Benins body, Benin did not like the way the scribes fingers lingered on Benins skin, the scribe measured his chest, his waist, his height and wrote down the results. The fat man then spoke to Benin," remember boy you are number .1. when your number is called you come forward"

"Yes" replied Benin.

At this the fat man was handed a cane by the scribe, he told Benin to bend over, and brought it down across Benins buttocks, "You say yes sir master boy, say it boy" he yelled, "Yes sir master "cried Benin

"And again" yelled the fat man, each time bringing the cane down across Benins buttocks.

"Louder" shouted the fat man,

"Yes sir master "shouted Benin.

Four strokes lay neatly across Benins buttocks, he was breathing heavily, as he fought the tears back. The scribe smiled in enjoyment watching Benin in pain.

The fat man turned to the scribe and said" some of the clients to-night like to see some marks across a boy".

The inspection over, Median led Benin across to the wall adjacent to where the fat man sat, Benin had to stand some 18" from the wall with his feet 18" apart, he then had to raise his body onto his toes, as far as he could and support himself with his finger tips. He was directly in line with the scribe who kept an eye on him. Median warned Benin not to move as he would be punished again.

The inspections continued, next was the 11 year old boy, then the black boy, then a very good looking blonde boy, until about an hour had passed and all the boys had been done, they all stood on tip toes facing the wall.

Only Benin showed signs of punishment, but all the boy slaves had learnt a lesson, the 4 red wheals, which were going blue at the edges stood out. The fat man called for some wine and sat back in his chair drinking, and told the scribe to go over to the boys and make sure they were on tip toes. The scribe relished this duty, as he got to each boy, he put his foot under the boys heel and pushed upwards, one heel at a time, making the boy fully stretch up the wall, the scribe was not satisfied until the boys finger tips were extended to their maximum, when he got to Benin he could not resist pinching the wheals on Benins buttocks, Benin moaned in pain, the scribe put his foot under Benins right heel and pushed upwards, Benin stretched as far as he could, then the left heel, again Benin stretched to his maximum, the scribe repeated the process several times until he was satisfied. The fat man then called for some food, and gave some to the scribe; they both devoured the food with relish, while the slave boys stood as still as they could, their leg and arm muscles now aching,

Some 30 to 40 minutes passed, the boys straining to hold their positions, this was particularly hard for Benin as he had the pain in his buttocks to endure and he had been standing in that position for the longest time, but he was determined not to give in. The fat man then clapped his hands, and the main door to the room opened, two lithe young youths came in, carrying what looked like cloth, they wore miniscule garments around their cocks and nothing else, they had ruby red lips and cheeks, with mascara make up over their eyelids and brows, their finger nails and toe nails were painted the same ruby red as their lips. They both bowed in front of the fat man, who said,"You know what to do, just get on with it".

"Yes sir master" they cried in unison in high pitched voices.

They approached the boys lined against the wall, "Oh! My lovelies, we are here to rescue you, "both giggled with laughter.

Median, who with the other slaves had been waiting patiently for this part of the proceedings to begin, was instructed to bring Benin from the wall. Benins legs ached and his calf muscles were stiff, but he had survived this ordeal.

The two seamstresses descended on Benin, touching him and caressing him, they quickly measured around his hips, then round the back, through the cracks of his buttocks, one of them kissed his buttocks, and said"

"let mummy kiss it better" as he stroked Benins wheals. They soon got to work,