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Part 2 – The Next Morning

by Gayspankee

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I was sound asleep when I heard the doorbell ring, followed by pounding on the door. As i focused my eyes I looked at the clock '8:00 am.'

"Oh fuck, I overslept."

I stumbled out of bed, and reached for my dirty underwear. As I pulled them up, I could still feel the tenderness in my ass, from my earlier spanking. As I ran down the stairs, I was thinking how glad I was dad was off to work by now. As I opened the door, Nick invited himself in.

"I told you to be at my house at 7:00am sharp. Perhaps I should tell your father about your little episodes, huh?"

"No, Nick don't, I'm sorry I overslept."

"You are on thin ice kid. I had an appointment at 9am, now I'm going to miss it because of you."

Nick turned me around before I could say anything, and bent me over the arm of my couch. He took off his belt, and doubled it over, making it snap. Crack, Crack, CRACK, C R A C K. I didn't know what hit me, he didn't even give enough time for the hits to register. When he paused I could feel the surge of pain. He continued with another five hard, stinging hits. Then I felt his finger in the wasteband of my underwear, with one clean swoop, the dirty underwear were around my ankles. I could see in the mirror on the wall that my hairy ass was very red.

"Does your bedroom, have its own bath?"

The question seemed very odd to me, but I answered "Yes."

"Take me up there, NOW."

He grabbed my underwear in one hand and held onto his belt with the other, as we walked upstairs to my bedroom. I showed him my bathroom. The sink was directly across from the circular tub/shower, at the time I had removed the curtain to admire my red ass in the mirror, the night before.

"Stand facing the corner and dont move until I te ll you to."

As I stood there naked, I could hear Nick rumaging through the bathroom, and the turning on some water.

"Get your ass in hear."

I did as i was told. When I got there, the sink was filled with water, and my razor and shaving gel were out.

"Step into the tub, place your hands against the wall, spread your legs, and stick your ass out."

He turned the shower on, the cool water cascading over my hot buns. Then, he put a large amount of gel in his hand and rubbed it on my ass. His hands carressing my ass, made me incredibly hard. Then, he took the razor and proceeded to shave my (once) hairy ass. He didn't miss a spot. He even spread my cheeks real wide and shaved my asshole smooth. He turned off the water and towled me off. And sat on my bed.

"Get that baby smooth ass in here, and lay across my lap. Nothing is going to shield you now."

He continued to rub my ass, very proud of the shave job he did. Then Smack, SMACK, S M A C K. He was using my bathbrush on me, and it hurt like a son of a bitch. Smack after smack, yelp after yelp, he hit harder and faster. It wasn't long before he applied 50 smacks to my smooth ass. When he told me to get up, I thought I was through, no such luck. My pleas were getting on his nerves, so he placed my dirty(cum-soaked) underwear in my mouth, and bent me over my bed, spreading my legs very wide. At that moment I was very aroused. He continued to smack my ass with the brush, including my smooth pink hole. I couldn't help my self, I grabbed my hard cock and started to stroke. Big mistake.

"You little shit! You aren't supposed to enjoy this." Nick hollared.

He frantically searched my room, before finding some rope. He tied my hands to the bedposts, and grabbed at my window. What did he grab? Then it hit me. litterally. My mini blind wand came crashing down on my sore ass. Slash after slash. Nick applied 50 slashes of the wand before stopping. Tears were streaming down my face.

"Okay kid, I think you have learned your lesson. But, before I go, you have to tend to my raging hard cock."

With that said my tears stopped, and I was untied and the cum-soaked underwear were removed.

"Where do you wanna take it kid, down the throat or up the ass?"

I smiled, and said "why not...both?"

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