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Whipped In The Woods

by Gayspankee

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 06 Feb 1998

(This is the rare occassion where the spankee in my story is under 18. The spanking is fiction, but the circumstances surrounding it are not. Enjoy!)

It was warm for February, but the breeze was cool enough that a jacket was required. I was about to take a walk with my older cousin, Dave(39), and his wife, Yancy(41), and his neice, Ashley(11), and nephew ,Chris(14). Chris was about to leave the house without a jacket but his mother made him take one. He humored her and put it on. After we were out of sight Chris ripped of the jacket.

"Chris, put the jacket on, its cold and you are just getting over the flu," Dave said.

"I'm fine, it's too hot."

We continued walking further up the hill, when Dave turned to Chris again.

"Put the jacket on, or I won't play any more basketball with you."

"Of course you will Dave, you just want me to put on the damn coat because she told you too."

"Hey, don't talk back to me, and put the jacket on now, or else."

"Make me Dave."

"Don't talk to Uncle Dave Like that Chris," little Ashley said.

"Yancy, why don't you and Ashley continue on up, We will catch up with you. Ryan and Chris will come with me."

As the ladies headed up, we cut through the shrubs into he woods. We didn't go very far in, but far enough so it was private. We walked right up to and old oak tree stump. Dave sat down on the stump.

"Its time I teach you a lesson Chris, now come here and take your pants down."

Chris just smirked and turned away. Dave grabbed Chris and hauled him across his lap. He undid his pants, and with one smith yank they were around his knees. Dave began slapping Chris' underwear clad ass. Slap after slap, as the young teen bucked around.

"Oww stop, stop. I'll put the fucking jacket on, just stop."

Dave couldn't believe the language from the teen's mouth.

"I think language like that requires something more substantial," I said, pointing to my belt.

Dave signaled me over, and stood Chris up. He bent Chris over and had me hold him down. To my surprise he yanked the youngen's underwear down, exposing his young, smooth, red ass. Dave wasted no time, he had the belt in his hand and doubled it over. Crack, Crack. The teen bucked trying to get free. Crack, Crack. The belt whistled through the air making contact on the youth's ass. Chris wailed ass the belt hit his ass again and again. After the tenth hit was applied, I was signaled to let go.

"Okay, get yourself together. And the next time I have to do this, I am not sending anyone away."

It took a few minutes for him to get his pants up over his sore ass. But, once he did we made our way out of the woods, and caught up with Yancy and Ashley. they didn't ask any questions, but with his jacket on and zipped, his uncomfortable footwork, and tear stained cheeks, they knew he got one hell of a spanking. One hell of a FIRST spanking.

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