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Boyfriend Spanking at 18

by paddle

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I had just turned 18 when my mother started seeing a younger guy. She was in her early forties and he was thirty-two. I knew I was gay and her new boyfriend really turned me on. He was absolutely one of the best looking men I'd ever seen. I had to fight from staring at his jeans. The bulge was incredible and I was somewhat jealous that my mother had that all to herself.

Before my Dad died, I was spanked regularly for almost any occurrence of bad tidings. It was a ritual that I'd become used to... He'd tell me we were going to the garage, grab a large leather strap or a wooden paddle and march me out there. Since we lived in the country and it was very secluded, no one heard all the noise from my regular spankings. So, once in the garage, I'd pull down my jeans and briefs and bend over a saw horse and receive my punishment. Dad wouldn't stop until tears welled up in my eyes and my ass was beet red... so I learned to cry quickly and on command. As I got older, in my mid teens, I found that I'd develop a hardon when I'd get spanked. Since Dad left me folded over the saw horse when he was done and gone, I'd grab my cock and spew my load all over the garage floor before standing up and tugging my briefs and jeans back on.

Anyway, when my mother started dating Todd, I was somewhat left to fend for myself. I knew I was gay and had some friends who'd like to get together and get naked with me. Well, to my surprise, my mother walked in on Jason and me one afternoon... on my bed, naked and hard, with his hard cock ramming my tight asshole.

She was shocked and couldn't believe it. Jason quickly dressed and left while I tried to console her and tell her that my being gay wasn't the end of the world. During all this conversation, Todd walked in and my mother quickly told him what had happened. All he said was, "If my old man ever caught me doing that, he beat the shit out of me."

My mother cried and said, "Oh I wish his father were alive. That's exactly what he'd do: Take him to the garage and give him a good sound beating. Then he'd know a man's hand."

Well, the only 'man's hand' I wanted to know was someone wrapping his hand around my hard cock but, the thought of Todd beating me with my pants down had my cock hard as a rock. Todd noticed my 7" cock trapped in my jeans too - and I noticed his hardening bulge. Then it got worse when my mother said, "Todd would you take Patrick out to the garage and punish him?"

Todd wasn't too sure how to act but, agreed to do so. Then my mother handed him the famous paddle and leather strap. He looked and me and said, "Well, let's go."

Once in the garage and with the door closed, I got a saw horse and put it in the middle and looked at Todd standing there with a hardon, the paddle, and the strap. I grew bold and said, "shit, Todd - this is ridiculous. Why not just let me suck your cock?"

That pissed him off and he grew very demanding. He walked over to me and back handed me so hard, I flew about ten feet and landed on the floor. My nose was bleeding... and my cock was aching to cum.

"Don't give me any of your shit," he commanded. "Stand up and take off your pants."

I quickly obeyed. I stood up, kicked my shoes off and quickly peeled my jeans down my muscular legs and kicked them off. I was standing there in just my shirt and bulging briefs and a pair of white socks.

"Take off your shirt," was his next order.

I almost ripped the buttons off my shirt as I tore it off and then skinned my crew necked tee off my well defined body. (I was a swimmer.) Now I was standing there in just my bulging briefs and white socks.

"Strip outta those briefs," Todd commanded (with somewhat of a shaky voice).

Gladly, I thought. So I pulled my briefs down and let my 7" cock loose. His eyes stared at my naked body - especially my 7" cock pointing upward at a 45 degree angle from a nicely trimmed nest of pubic hair. Todd's cock was growing ever huge in his jeans when he commanded that I position myself over the saw horse and spread my legs wide.

I bent over the saw horse and spread my legs extra wide to open up my white tan lined ass for him. My balls were hanging low and full in the summer heat and I reached around and spread my cheeks with my hands so he'd get a full view of my hot, tight fuckhole.

He walked over to me rubbing his crotch and started whacking me with the paddle. It hurt like I remembered it too. After getting 20 hard swacks with the paddle, he took the strap and gave me another twenty. By that time I was fighting to hold back the tears. Then he took the wide, black leather belt from his pants and started slapping my ass, legs, and back with it. I started to cry after the 14th swack across my legs.

He stopped and I just was sprawled there, mouth open, crying. I didn't see him walk up to me until he grabbed my long blond hair and jerked my head up. Right in front of my eyes was his hard 8.5" cock and very heavy balls. His jeans and briefs were pulled down his legs and he jerked my head a bit and said, "Suck my cock you little faggot."

That's all the persuasion it took. While my entire body ached from the beating, I was on fire inside and was loving every minute of my task of sucking his mancock. Just as he was nearing his orgasm I gasped and said, "fuck me and shoot your hot juice up my ass."

He took no convincing other than that. He stepped behind me and spread my burning cheeks and spit on my asshole and rammed his hard cock deep into my tight fuckhole.

It was unreal. He started slapping my ass real hard as he fucked me. His balls slapped against my skin and I could feel his wiry bush grinding against my well spanked skin. He started groaning and I could feel his hot jets of manjuice forcefully pelting my insides with his jism. I could control myself no longer and without touching myself unleashed my pent up load onto the floor of the garage.

After our orgasms had subsided, he started dressing as did I. He said, "If you ever breathe a word of this to your mother, I'll beat you bloody - and it won't be with this damned paddle. Understand?"

"Yes sir," I replied.

That was just the first of many spanking sessions we had in the garage. Whenever my mother was gone, Todd would come over and spank me, dominate me, and fuck me. During one session, he tied me up in the garage and shaved my crotch completely smooth. It was a massive turn on... for both of us. After that, he took me over his naked lap and spanked my ass until I came all over his muscular, hairy legs.

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