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Cop Spank

by paddle

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I'd never been a fan of spanking until the age of 20 when my older 22 year old brother came home unannounced and found me in a compromising position. I had thought that I had the house to myself for the afternoon so I invited a friend of mine over and soon we were up in my room. Doug was a good friend and also my steady fuck-buddy at the time. One thing led to another and I was kneeling in front of Doug and had pulled his jeans and briefs down to his knees. I was sucking his hard as a rock cock while my own jeans were unbuttoned and my hand was feverishly working my own hard cock inside my white cotton briefs. He was about to fill my mouth and I was about to explode into my briefs when my brother Mike opened my door and caught us.

"You little queers," he shouted. He walked over to me and raised me up by my tee shirt to my feet while I was quickly fumbling with my shorts and jeans. He stared at Doug's shiny hard cock and said, "Get that back into your pants faggot!"

My brother Mike was a rooky cop and had just gotten off work and was still in his uniform. Mike was 6'2", a solid 185 with shoulders and pecs that wouldn't quit, and a 32 inch waist and the greatest looking muscular bubble butt that I'd ever seen. In short, he was strong and knew what he wanted and very few people gave him any shit.

Then he spun me around and had my arm behind my back and his knee between my legs. Surprisingly, I was still hard as a rock and could feel my dick oozing precum all over my underpants. "Neither one of you are going any place," he sternly said. "You both need to be punished for this - don't you - you little perverts?"

"Fuck off man," was my comment and with that, he spun me around again, tripped me and fell on top of me pinning me to the floor.

"Right now, you little fuck, you don't have any bargaining power - understand? And little Dougie here is going to help me teach you a lesson aren't you Dougie - or would you like me to tell your old man what you were doing here?" (Doug's dad was Mike's sergeant.) Doug just whimpered an OK.

"Get that rope over there and throw one end of it over the beam on the ceiling," Mike ordered Doug. After Doug threw the rope over the beam on the ceiling (our house was very rustic), Mike stood me up and cuffed my hands together over my head and tied the cuffs to the rope so my hands were high above me and I was almost standing on my toes.

"Now Doug, you'll do as you're told or your old man will know you're a queer - and I wonder what he'd do to you? Understand?" "Yes Mike."

"Walk over to Jason and rip off his tee shirt!"

"Rip it?"

"You heard me you fucking little faggot... RIP IT OFF HIM!"

Doug walked over to me and quickly and deftly ripped my white cotton crew necked tee off my body. I could see that he was getting really turned on too. His cock was really bulging his jeans.

"Now, pull down his jeans to around his ankles."

Doug obeyed and soon my jeans were around my ankles and I was hanging there in just my white cotton Calvins showing the outline of my hard cock and all the wet spots from my precum. Mike smiled when he saw me hard and wet. I also noticed that Mike was hard and his uniform pants were bulging significantly. Doug noticed too.

"You kinda like this don't you - you little pervert," Mike quipped?

I said nothing and with that, he walked over and slapped my left pec with his leather gloved hand after putting on his gloves. "Answer me you little fuck!"

"Yes sir... er, I mean no sir!"

Mike smiled and looked at Doug and said, "Rip off his underpants! - NOW!"

Doug walked over to me again and quickly ripped the cotton material of my Calvin's to shreds and threw them over in the corner. I was now naked except for the jeans around my ankles and my white crew socks. Mike stared at my hard cock oozing precum all over the floor and throbbing. He smiled and said, "Jason, you've grown up haven't you?"

I didn't answer and he smiled as he watched my cock jump as he stared at it. I'm not hairy by any means and the only hair I really have is on my legs and the rather sparse patch around my 8" cock and hairless heavy balls... but then, as I remember, Mike wasn't hairy either.

Then Mike walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of Wahl clippers we had. He plugged them in and walked over to me and took off the spacer attachment and started them and ran them over my pubic hair. It didn't take long for my crotch hairs to be trimmed very short. I remained hard as I watched Doug rub his hard cock through his jeans a few times. Then Mike commanded, "Doug, go get a razor out of the bathroom and shave him smooth." Doug left the room and quickly returned with a razor and dry shaved my pubic stubble off completely. I was now totally hairless. I could tell both Doug and Mike were really turned on by all this.

When Doug was done, Mike turned and looked at him and said, "STRIP! NOW!"

Doug obeyed and quickly tugged his clothes off until he was absolutely naked. Doug wasn't too hairy either and his 7" cock pointed upward at a 45 degree angle from his bush of light brown hair. Mike gazed at his firm body and said, "Get over here for your shave."

Doug obeyed and Mike shaved his crotch with the clippers and then shaved the stubble off so Doug was as smooth as I. Doug's cock was steadily dripping ooze too.

Mike then stood and unbuckled his belt and handed it to Doug and said, "Hold this."

While Doug held Mike's thick, black uniform belt, Mike undid his pants and pulled them down and off. Then off came his uniform shirt. Mike was standing there in just a pair of tight briefs which were outlining his hard, oozing cock, and a skin tight crew necked tee shirt, white socks, his uniform boots and then he put on his leather gloves again. I damn near came when I saw my brother do this - so did Doug.

"Doug, fold that belt over and go over there and give Jason 10 really hard whips on his bare ass with it... and make it good, or you'll get it from me - understand?" "Yes sir."

Doug's cock was throbbing like crazy and precum was oozing in long ropes from his piss slit as he walked over to me. He stepped behind me and Mike said, "Well, what are you waiting for? Strap him like he's never had it before!"

I then felt ten of the hardest whacks I'd ever felt across my naked ass flesh from that thick leather cop belt. Tears swelled in my eyes and on the final two straps, I started crying. That made Mike very happy. "Strap him ten more times, but HARDER THIS TIME!"

Doug obeyed and my poor burning ass cheeks received ten more of the strong, well placed straps from Mike's belt. By the end, I was pleading for Mike to show mercy.

Then Mike stripped off his shirt to reveal his perfect hairless chest and stomach. His briefs were bulging and his cock had to be at least as large as mine and very thick. Then he said to Doug, "Have you ever fucked my little brother?" "No sir." "Well, then, I think you should."

Mike uncuffed my hands from the ceiling and then cuffed them again behind my back and placed two pillows on the bed and positioned me over them on my stomach with my hard cock pulled down so he could see it and run his leather gloved hands over it and my smooth, heavy ballsac. He then grabbed Doug by the cock with a gloved hand and made him kneel between my legs. Then he spread my legs and ran his gloved fingers over my very sensitive asshole. Since I loved to get fucked and was hoping that Doug would eventually want to fuck me anyway, the whole thing was turning me on even more.

Doug had his cock aimed at my ready hole while Mike administered at least ten more hard spanks to my burning buttocks with his gloved hands. "Fuck him hard, Dougie," Mike ordered. "Ram your little boy cock up his virgin asshole."

Doug wasted no time and plunged his hard cock up my eager hole. It was wonderful when Doug started humping me like crazy. I was groaning when Mike grabbed Doug and said, "Stand and watch a man do it right."

He pulled Doug out of me and positioned himself behind me. He pulled his briefs down and plunged his hard 9" thick inches of cop meat up my now stretched asshole. It was incredible! I know Mike almost came several times before pulling out and grabbing Doug and saying, "You're not worth shit either. You both need more punishment.

He lifted me off the bed and when I got to my feet, Mike was stripping off his briefs. His cock was huge and his crotch hair was neatly trimmed and his balls shaved smooth. So now I knew, Mike was gay too.

He sat down on the bed and pulled me across his lap and started spanking my bare ass with his leather gloved hand. Then he made Doug get on top of me while on his lap with his hard cock up my asshole. Once we were both on his lap, I could feel the head of Mike's hard, wet cockhead on my side as he started spanking Doug's bare ass with his gloved hand. Doug was yelping with each swat and driving his cock further and further into my hot asshole. Finally, I heard Doug scream and then felt a flood of his hot manjuice spray my insides. My cock was between my brother's hairy legs and I damn near shot my wad too, but I tried to hang on because I knew I get punished even more if I came all over his hairy legs.

He lifted Doug off me and made him get across his lap after I got up and said, "Now Jason, you're going to fuck Dougie while I slap your ass some more."

I gladly obeyed and found Doug's waiting hole quite tight and hot. While Mike slapped my ass with his gloved hand, I was harder than I ever was before. Doug was groaning with shear contentment as my hard cock dove deep into his hot, tight ass. Mike caught one good shot right between my spread ass cheeks and it sent me over the edge. I almost screamed when I started shooting my pent up load into Doug's hot asshole. Doug was still hard too and shot his second load all over Mike's hairy legs.

He pulled me off Doug and stood us both up. Mike's cock was hard and throbbing and dripping precum all over the place. Then he made Doug kneel in front of him and lick his cum load off his legs while he watched Doug jack his still rock hard cock. Then he looked at me and said, "Jason, it's your turn again."

He pushed me back onto the bed and hoisted my legs into the air so they were resting against his shoulders. I wanted his hard cock badly so I arched my ass and reached down and spread my cheeks for his entry. Mike grinned and rammed his hard cock into me with one thrust. My own cock was still hard as a rock and oozing onto my flat stomach as Mike fucked my like I'd never been fucked before. His face started to contort and then I felt his hot, molten gushers of cop jism flood my already cum saturated insides. Mike grabbed my hard cock and jerked it a few times until I was send yet more long, white, hot ropes of my cum all over my chest, stomach, smooth crotch, and even onto my face.

Mike pulled out of me and had us kneel in front of him and lick his cock and balls clean while he stayed hard. We both took turns sucking his big cock until he erupted all over our faces with yet another creamy load. Then he watched while Doug and I fell into a hot 69 on the bed. We both came again swallowing each other's hot loads while Mike jerked his mammoth cock all over his chest and stomach.

He then had us take him into the shower and wash his body and worship it. He also had us shave him crotch smooth. Afterwards, he took turns spanking and fucking us again until he filled both of us with yet another load of cop spunk. After we each took turns over his hairless lap again getting a good spanking with his belt, he allowed us to jerk off onto each other before we pulled on our underpants - over our cum covered bodies.

Since we all had such fun, we regularly go over to his apartment to receive a good sound spanking and fucking. Both Doug and I are inspected at the door and if we didn't shave ourselves absolutely smooth, we're punished with the belt.

One time we checked Mike and he hadn't shaved and he let us spank him. It was a real turn on too... especially when I fucked my brother's hot, tight, cop ass while Dougie spanked my red, burning ass with a leather paddle.

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