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Pajama Spanking

by paddle

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I've always thought that there's something sensual about pajamas. To this day I wear them after being caught by my step-dad sleeping in just a pair of briefs and jerking off into them. After he caught me with my white cotton briefs full of teen cum, he made me change and put on a pair of rather old tight pajamas. After I'd changed, he came back into my room, pulled me across his lap and started spanking my ass through the thin material of my pajama bottoms. Then to my surprise, he pulled them down in back and started spanking my bare ass. I was 17 at the time and it excited me beyond belief. After he was finished, I rolled onto my bed keeping my front down trying to conceal my hardon. When he left the room, I reached down inside my pajamas and stroked my cock to another orgasm. I was hoping he wouldn't come back into the room and see my now cum saturated pj bottoms.

Since then, I've always thought it was both sexy and stimulating to wear pj's. I even wore them in college though I was kidded by a lot of guys who slept in their underpants. One day, I thought that my room mate would be gone all day and night and I was laying on my bed with my pj top open with the sleeves rolled up and my pj bottom flaps laid open and off to the sides with my hard cock in my hand getting ready to pelt my flat stomach with a hot load when my room mate walked in. I quickly covered myself and snapped my pj botoms closed and rolled to my side trying to hide my 7" hardon. He just smiled and said, "Mind if I join you?" I smiled back and said no. He quickly stripped to just his blue boxer shorts. His cock was hard and tenting them out in front when he laid down on his bed across the room. He reached in through his fly and hauled his hard, dripping cock out. He looked over at me as I laid on my back again and unsnapped my pj bottoms and started stroking my precum slickened cock. Then he said, "I like to jerk my load all over my boxers and then wear them outside with jeans over them. I like the feeling of my wet shorts next to my should try blasting all over your pajamas." It sounded like a good idea to me, so I buttoned my pj shirt up and then snapped the top snap of my pj's and started stroking my hard cock as it stuck out of my pj bottoms.

As I was laying back in fantasy thinking about my room mate getting ready to splash a load all over himself and his boxer shorts, my eyes opened wide when I saw him kneeling next to my bed, stroking his hard cock and getting ready to go down on me. He pushed my hand off of my cock and replaced it with his hot mouth. I reached down beside the bed and grabbed his hard cock with my hand and started pumping it. I said, "Why not get up here with me and let's 69?" He quickly got over me on the bed and as he sucked my cock, I started sucking his. Just before he came, he pulled out of my mouth and blasted his hot load all over my pajama tops and bottoms. As I felt his hot cum soak through the cotton, I erupted sending my hot juices all over my pajama tops and bottoms. I was covered in our combined loads of hot cum. He milked the last few drops of cum out of his cock onto me and my pajamas and then pushed his still hard cock back into the confines of his white boxers.

My cock stayed pretty hard as I let go of it and let it stand poking out of the fly of my pj bottoms. He laid down on his bed and we started opening up to one another as I laid in my cum drenched pajamas. I even told him about getting caught jerking off and getting spanked for it in my pajamas and then jerking off again into them. As I related the story his cock became fully engorged again and was straining at his boxers. He got off his bed and walked over and said, "Look at you, young man! Covered in all that cum. Stand up and then get across my lap!" I obeyed and said, "Yes sir!"

He sat down on my bed and pulled me across his muscular, hairy legs. I could feel his hard cock resting against my side as he pulled my pj tops up to my shoulders and yanked my bottoms down below my buttocks in back. He started spanking my ass and my cock was oozing all over his legs. Whack! Whack! Whack! Both of us were really turned on. After about ten good whacks, I could hold back no longer and shot another load all over his legs and the floor. He made me lick his legs as he stood over me stroking his hard cock which was sticking out of the fly of his boxers.

I knelt in front of him in my soggy pajamas and tugged his boxers down. His face turned red when I saw his completely shaved crotch and balls. I stayed hard and started stroking my cock as I engulfed his hardness. When my hands started playing with his hairless balls, he sent about seven good gushers of hot manjuice down my throat and I savored every sweet tasting drop. I looked up at him and said, "That really looks cool. Would you shave me like that?" It took little convincing. Soon I was absolutely naked, still covered in cum with him shaving my stomach, crotch, cock, balls, asscheeks, and asshole. When he was done, he made me get back into my wet pajamas and he pulled on his boxers.

My wet pajama bottoms and tops felt absolutely incredible next to my freshly shaved skin and my cock and balls were clearly outlined in the material. From that point on, we spent a lot of time in our room shaving, spanking, sucking, and fucking. He was an incredible top! We roomed together for three years and always looked forward to getting together throughout the summer to shave, spank, and have really hot, wild sex.

After graduating, I got a job in a different city and moved out of the house and got my own apartment. When I was alone in my apartment, I almost always was in a pair of pajamas with the sleeves rolled up. I continued shaving myself from the neck down every other day as well. When I had my company physical before starting work - when the Doc told me to pull down my briefs, his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw my completely shaved body. I noticed a bulge in his pants as well....but nothing happened even though he was young and fairly cute....and single.

After a few weeks of working, I was relaxing one Saturday afternoon in my dark blue pajamas. I'd seen my across-the-hall neighbor a few times and wondered if he was gay. Our glances seemed to indicate it and he was one hot looking guy. Anyway, there was a knock at the door. When I heard it, it disturbed a fairly decent fantasy I was thinking about and my cock was tenting at my pj bottoms leaving a few wet spots of precum. I didn't have time to change, so I walked over to the peep hole on the door and saw it was him. I opened the door keeping my lower body behind it hoping that my hardon would subside by the time I'd invite him in if things worked out....and it did....a little.

We talked for a bit and he asked if he could come in. I said OK, but apologized for not having gotten dressed yet and that I was still in my pajamas. He said he didn't mind. He walked in and I saw him immediately notice my half state of arousal and the wet spots on the front of my dark blue pajama bottoms. He just smiled and walked past me and sat down on the sofa. I joined him - sitting at the other end and crossing my legs to try to conceal my semi-tenting pajamas bottoms.

We talked nervously for a few minutes until he said, "I didn't think that anyone wore pajamas any more."

I must have blushed a little and said, "I always had to wear them as a kid....and I guess it got to be habit since I don't like restricting clothes when I'm home alone." He spread his knees a bit and I saw his fully packed jeans full of hard cock. My own erection was at complete hardness as I uncrossed my legs and let it tent my pj bottoms fully.

He stared at it and said, "My what a nice sight. Maybe I should start wearing pajamas too."

"Want to try on a pair," I asked? "I just bought a new pair a few days ago and they're still in the wrapper."

He stood up and stretched - letting his hard bulge show prominently and said, "Sure. Where can I change?"

I showed him into the bedroom and handed him the new pajamas and said, "Try these on for size," and then winked at him and left the room.

In a few minutes, he opened the door and appeared in the pajamas with a complete tent in the front and a few prominent wet spots from his precum. I was sitting on the sofa with my legs spread and my cock pointing straight up inside the confines of my own pajamas. He smiled and walked over to me, pausing to stretch again and show me his very full tent, and sat down next to me and said, "damn, ever since the first time I saw you, I've had the hots for you. I just didn't know how to approach I thought the best way was to just come over....and now I'm glad I did." He reached for my tent and started slowly running his fingers over the outline of my hard cock in my pajama bottoms. I quickly started repaying the favor.

Both of our cocks were getting very wet and oozing into the cotton of the pajamas as we started passionately kissing and stroking. I started unbuttoning the tops of his pajamas and tweaking his nipples. His chest was broad and smooth and his stomach was like a washboard after working out. He then opened mine and started sucking my very sensitive nipples and working is tongue down my well defined physique as my cock throbbed inside my pajama bottoms.

When his tongue reached the waistband, he deftly unsnapped my pajamas and let his tongue trail down towards my cock. He was quite surprised and fascinated when his tongue didn't encounter any hair. He got really turned on when he moved back a bit and looked at the stark contrast between my speedo tan lines and no hair. He laid back my pj flaps and started licking my cock like a popsicle.

I reached to undo his pajama bottoms and he pushed my hand away and told me not yet and rolled onto his stomach and started sucking my hard 7.5" cock. I started running my hands all over his broad back and down towards his waist until my hand slid under the waistband and started massaging his firm, smooth, ass cheeks.

I slid his pajama bottoms down past his asscheeks and admired their fullness as he brought me to the brink of orgasm several times. "C'mon," I said, "Let me suck your cock now."

"Not yet," he mumbled as continued sucking my dick.

So I started playfully slapping his ass and saying, "I want to suck your cock."

The more I slapped, the more turned on he seemed to be getting. His hips were grinding into the sofa and his sucking became quite, I hauled off and slapped his right asscheek really hard. He looked up into my eyes and said, "damn that feels good. Are you into spanking?"

Oh boy - was I!

I slapped his ass again really hard and told him to get across my lap. He obeyed and I yanked his pajama bottoms down far enough so I could feel his hard cock pressing against my legs. My own cock was resting against his side as I pulled up his pajama tops and started spanking his hot asscheeks - letting several whacks land right over his asshole and the backside of his balls. After a few minutes of this I told him to stand up and face me. He obeyed.

As I surveyed the neatly trimmed hair around his hard, dripping cock and heavy smooth balls I said, "For a litle boy, you have way too much hair. It needs to come off right now."

He looked at me kind of funny and said, "Well, I'm not too sure about that."

"You have no choice."

I marched him into the bathroom after snapping up my pajamas and made him strip naked. I ran the clippers over his crotch first leaving just a fine stubble. Then I lathered him and shaved his crotch smooth. His crotch hair was the only hair on his body as it appeared he shaved everything else smooth. I had him turn around and then admire his freshly shaved skin in the mirror. Both of us damn near came right then.

"Put your pajama bottoms back and come with me," I ordered.

He obeyed and followed me into the bedroom. "Lay down on your stomach and spread your legs," I ordered! He obeyed quickly.

I pulled his pajama bottoms down below his already reddened asscheeks and proceeded to spank him a few more times. His hips were grinding down into the bed with every firm, well placed whack. Then I reached for my wide black leather belt and strapped his tight asscheeks a few times until he was about ready to cry. I stopped and got between his legs and started kissing and licking his sweet tasting, reddened asscheeks.

As I started tonguing his hot asshole, he groaned and rolled over and pulled his knees to his chest and said, "fuck me Bryan. Fuck me good!"

I was more than happy to oblige and almost ripped my shirt off and yanked my wet cock out of my pajama bottoms and lubed us both and took advantage of his hot, tight asshole.

He was incredible....a fantastic bottom. Since I was so excited, it didn't take long for me to start shooting my hot load all over his chest, face, stomach, and balls groaning loudly. Since he hadn't cum yet I looked into his eyes as I laid on him and combined our cumloads and said, "Wanna fuck me now?"

We changed places and he inside me quickly and with force - the way I like it. He pumped and I tightened down onto his hard cock and soon the look on his face told me it was time for him to shoot. He pulled out of me and started pelting my face, chest, stomach, and smooth cock and balls with his hot manjuice. As he came, I was still hard to I used his hot cum to jerk my cock and shot yet another load all over myself.

He laid on top of me and we savored the feel of our hot cumloads between us. After a few minutes I said, "Let's shower. I need to piss and I want to do it on your shaved crotch and have you do it to me too."

We ran into the shower and I started it and we got in and started pissing on each other's cock and balls. It took no time to get hard again as we soaped each other up and all over. I embraced him and said, "I need a spanking too."

We got out and dried each other off and he looked at me and said, "Young man, you are to start wearing underwear under your pants - understand?"

"Yes SIR!"

"Go put your briefs on and get into the living room!"

"Yes SIR!"

I appeared in the living room with my half hard cock straining against the fabric of a pair of white Calvin Kleins. He was dressed in his jeans and white tee and had my black leather belt in his hands as he sat on a dining room chair in the middle of the room. "Come here!"

I immediately walked over to him and stood before him as he reached out and grabbed my cock and balls through my white briefs. "You wear these damn briefs when you go out. I don't want to see your cock down the leg of your jeans any more. Understand?"

"Yes SIR!"

"Get over my legs BOY!"

"Yes SIR!"

I positioned myself voer his lap and he ran his hands over my now defenseless ass cheeks trapped in the thin cotton of my briefs. He yanked them down quickly until they were around my ankles and started strapping my ass with the belt until I was hard and oozing and crying real tears. He stopped and stood me up and then stood up in front of me and pushed his jeans and briefs down to his knees and said, "Suck my cock BOY!"

I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock until he shot a tremendous load down my hot throat. He tasted better than anyone I'd ever sucked before. He then told me to go and lay on the sofa and jerk off. I wasted no time either! I laid on the sofa with my briefs around my knees still and jerk a hot load all over my stomach and hairless crotch. I was then ordered to pull up my underpants over my load and scoop the load it didn't catch onto my finger and wipe it inside my briefs so they'd be good and full of my cum. I then remained in my cum filled briefs until our next go around.

He was hot and we were living together in just a few short months. We'd jerk off into our briefs sometimes and put on jeans over the cumload and go shopping. It was really hot.

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