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Grandpa's House

by Graham

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"What?! Moving?! How come?! Where?! When??" Todd Jamison sputtered his questions, stunned by the news that was shared by his parents on Wednesday night at dinner. He had just begun his senior year at the Milwaukee campus of the University of Wisconsin, and had returned home from spending the day on campus.

Todd was living at home with his Mom, Dad, and 10-year-old, twin sisters. Todd's father was an engineer who had been unemployed for more than 2½ years – since Todd's freshman year – looking for work. His Mom had gone back to work as a nurse, to try to keep the family from collapsing into financial ruin.

"Were moving to Houston, Texas," his Dad announced. "I've accepted a position with a company there, and they want us to move there and me to start by the end of August."

"End of August?! That's less than 3 weeks away! How can we do that?!" Todd asked. "Well have to sell the house, pack up, find another one there. That's a lot to do in such a short time."

"It is," his Dad agreed. "But the company is going to buy our house here and resell it, come in and move us, and help us find a place – even if only temporarily – to live there. Its way more than I hoped for."

"What about my classes, and graduation?" Todd asked. "I'm in my senior year now. If I leave and transfer, I'll lose credits and have to go longer to graduate somewhere else."

Todd worked 36 hours a week as desk clerk and receptionist at a large motel in town: 4 to midnight on Thursday and Friday evenings, Noon to midnight on Saturdays, and 4 to midnight on Sunday evenings – to pay for classes, books, cheap auto insurance, and gas for his car. He paid his tuition every semester in installments as he went along and earned the money. He had been working at the motel for as long as his Dad had been out of work, and had settled into a routine of work, classes, and study. He had a 3.4 GPA, and thought it could have been higher if he had had more time to devote to study and his classes. Graduation was within sight now – 9 months away. So, this news was upsetting to Todd, even though it was great for his father and mother and the family.

"We know this is going to be difficult for you, Toddy," his Mom spoke softly and diminutively to him. But this time it didn't soothe him, it rankled him.

"Difficult?! It's a disaster for my education. I don't know what to do," he stated.

"You'll go along with us," his father declared, "and you'll adjust and get along fine."

"Daaaad," Todd responded, "I don't want to adjust!" Uncharacteristically, Todd blurted out like a defiant child exploding with a tantrum. "I want to finish up, get my degree, and graduate from UW."

"I know you do, Todd," his father replied. "But you've got to be realistic, son. Unless you're prepared to pay your own way completely, -- and you're not -- you need to move and live with us, and finish up at a college in Houston. It may not be what you want, but it's what you've got to do, Todd."

"Oh, that's just great! . . . ah, . . . I mean, ah, yes, sir." Todd quickly conformed his tone and talk to be respectful. Inside, he was beginning to feel queasy and clammy. What could he do?

Then it came to him. His Grandpa Jamison, his Dads father, had a farm up in northwest Wisconsin, in Douglas County, not far from the UW Superior campus. "Well, . . . maybe I could move up to stay with Grandpa and Grandma. I could easily transfer to the Superior campus, and I wouldn't lose any credits."

From the astonished looks of his mother and father, Todd knew this was both an unexpected and disappointing proposal. "Well, . . .," his father paused. "I don't know. Wed have to talk to your Grandparents about that before we could make any plans along that line," he said. "They haven't had any kids – especially college-age – living with them for 20 years," he remarked. "Not to mention how much your own family would miss you."

Todd rushed past the obvious misgivings his parents had about the idea. "But, Dad, it'd work. I wouldn't be any trouble. In fact, I could help out around there and help them. But we need to ask em right away, because there isn't much time to do all this."

"Okay, okay, Todd. Calm down. Let Mom and me talk about this. Then, if we agree, Ill call and speak with them about the idea. Just don't put all your eggs in that basket and get your hopes up. That way you wont be disappointed if it doesn't turn out. At the same time, you need to seriously get yourself set to the idea of moving to Houston and transferring to a college there."

"Right, Dad. But please, you and Mom agree, and then call and explain it all to Grandpa and Grandma – right away. I know they wont mind, and Ill be a big help to them. I promise. You know I will, Dad."

Later that evening, about 9:15, Mr. Jamison telephoned his parents and told them about his good news, and the dilemma for their grandson, Todd. The senior Mr. and Mrs. Jamison told their son to give them the next day to discuss it, and they would call him back that evening. On Thursday evening, about 8 p. m., while Todd was at work, his grandparents called and spoke with his father and mother.

"You know, Stephen, it may just be the solution for everybody. Mr. Clements, my helper-farm manager, quit last month, and Ive been handling everything myself since then. Even though Im in good shape, at 58, I'm not what I was at 28 or 38 – or even 48! I could use some strong, young help. Maybe Toddy is just the answer. We can pay his tuition and books for him, and still give him a little every week, and besides that we've got that new Volvo that your mother drives to the store, and we take to church on Sundays. He can drive that to school. I've got the truck here. But it's a demanding life, and hard work here, too. You remember, Stephen."

"I sure do, Dad, but this is way more than we were thinking of. I know Todd will be really happy to hear all of this. He really wants to finish up at UW and graduate in the spring. Living with you, he can transfer to the Superior campus and do that."

"Good. Of course, Stephen, as you know when you kids were growing up, he's got to abide by our rules if he's gonna live with us. With you being 1500 miles away, it's not like we can just pack him up and call you to come get 'im. So, if he disobeys, or is any trouble, he's not too old to be picked up by the scruff of the neck, turned over my knee, and get a darn, good trouncing. You better tell him that, too, Stephen, so he knows what he's getting into if he comes to live here."

"You're absolutely right, Dad. But I'd be shocked if that happened. Todd is a good kid. Quiet, respectful, hardworking, and a good head full of common sense too."

"Okay, Stephen, I hope so. But you better tell him, cause you know, we don't make exceptions."

"Right, Dad. You're right. No exceptions, not even for Todd. I agree, and I know he will too."

"All right, then, when's he movin' in here? Your mother'll have one of the downstairs bedrooms ready for him."

"How about two weeks from this Sunday? That'll allow him to give him a little over 2 weeks notice to the motel where he works, and to take care of what he needs to do here to transfer his courses to the campus there. And we can keep him around here with us for as long as possible. We're leaving to drive down on Tuesday."

"You are? Okay, then, Stephen. Well be lookin' for you then."

Steve Jamison wrote a lengthy note to his son, that Todd would see when he got home from work after midnight. That should ease his mind, Steve thought.

The next two weeks flew by. At his Dad's insistence, Todd sold his old Civic, and canceled the car insurance that he paid each month. He gave his written notice of resignation at the motel, and applied to transfer his courses to the Superior campus, effective in three weeks. It was going to be hectic to do all that, and try to pick up and catch up with new classes in the same courses, at a different campus, with different professors. He felt a kind of excitement, mixed with sadness, about the drastic changes that were swiftly taking place in his life.

Early Sunday morning, Todd kissed his sisters and mother goodbye, and left to ride with his Dad more than 6 hours to his Grandparents' farm. Shortly after noon, they arrived, and his Grandma had a huge meal ready for them. It was delicious, and they all ate, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Then Steve helped Todd bring in all his things to the bedroom that would be his home at his Grandparents' for the next year.

Shortly after that, with an awkward, emotional separation, Steve hugged his son tightly. "I hate to leave you, Toddy. You know, you never think, when you're raising that little guy that follows you around and wants to go everywhere with you, that one day – way too soon – he will go off and leave you. And especially to live with your own parents! Anyway, Toddy, I'm not worried about you. I've got no doubt that you'll continue doing well – just as you have been. Be good, and mind, and help your Grandparents. Well all be in contact with you regularly once we get to Houston. I love you, and I'm gonna miss you so much."

Choking and tearing up, Todd replied, "I love you, too, Dad. I'm going to miss you and Mom, and the girls so much too."

Then it happened. Todd Jamison was no longer an adult child in his parents' family. He was now a member of his Grandparents' home. Sunday night, he pitched in, following his Grandfather around, and began helping him with the chores. Shortly before 9:30, Grandpa Jamison announced that it was lights out in their house at 9:30. "We've got to be up at 4:30, and Grandma likes her house quiet once we all retire for the night." Todd was a little caught by surprise, but being tired from the early, long ride to his Grandparents farm, and the evening chores with Grandpa Jamison, he had no difficulty falling quickly asleep – even that early for him.

At 4:30 a.m., on Monday, his alarm began screeching across the room. Out of a foggy stupor, Todd dragged himself up from the bed and shut off the alarm. Then, he pulled on a pair of old jeans, a sweat shirt, and some thick socks and boots, to join his Grandpa in the kitchen. Grandma was up starting coffee and breakfast, as they trudged out to the barn to begin the daybreak chores on the farm. For 2 hours they milked cows, cleaned stalls, fed hogs and chickens, and turned the cows out to pasture. About 6:45, they came back in and Todd dashed to the bathroom to shower, shave, and dress for school. At 7:10, he was sitting at the big, round, oak, kitchen table ravenously devouring a big, wonderfully delicious breakfast. At 7:35, he was back with his backpack of books, and his laptop computer, ready to head out for school.

"Here, Toddy, I had an extra set of car keys made for you. Take these and keep 'em. The car is in the garage next to the barn. Be careful backing out, down the snaking drive, and on the way to school. Also, here's a check for you to take to school and pay the rest of your tuition for the semester. We'll see you tonight. Evening chores begin at 5, so get here as quickly as you can. Have a good day." His Grandmother handed him a bag with a lunch that she had made for him.

Todd was stunned. So much kindness and considerate thoughtfulness from his Grandparents just stunned him. "Gee, ah, thanks, Grandma, Grandpa. I don't know what to say, . . . except thank you sooo much! Bye, Grandma, bye, Grandpa. See ya tonight," he called out as he took the keys, check, and lunch, and raced to the garage to get the Volvo and head off to school. He backed out carefully and headed off towards US 2, leading to Superior. Although he had an ache of missing his parents, this was going to be a good life, with his Grandparents.

Todd was a good, responsible student, and worked in the library between classes, doing work to try to keep prepared. His last class was at 4 p. m., and by 5:25, he pulled into the long drive that passed the farmhouse and led to the garage by the barn. He raced inside, to his room, stripped off his clothes and leaped into his old jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt, and bounded outside to catch up with Grandpa Jamison.

"Soooo, here you are!" Todd's Grandfather called to him. "Take over the evening milking, while I shoo in the chickens and pigs," he called to Todd. Todd, who had never milked a cow in his life before that morning, did not hesitate, but sat down next to one after another of the cows, squeezing milk into the shiny buckets. At 6:30, Grandpa Jamison came back into the barn, eyed Todd milking away, and spied 6 more cows still to be milked.

"Come on, boy," he called. "You've got to get a move on, or you'll be out here in the dark. And they're getting anxious for you to finish 'em up." He grabbed another stool and bucket, and began rapidly milking the remaining cows. Todd finished one more while his Grandfather completed 5.

Afterward, they closed up the tri-level barn with the cows in their stalls on the first level, and walked back to the farmhouse with Grandpa Jamison's arm around his grandson's shoulders. For a first day, city-slicker, you did real well, boy," he praised. Todd grinned and blushed with self-conscious pleasure.

"Hurry and go wash up, boys," Grandma Jamison called out. "Ive been waiting supper, but it's 7:15 already."

Todd and his Grandpa each ran to a bathroom, washed their faces, arms, and hands, and returned quickly to the kitchen. Sitting down, they dove into mountains of food. They sat and talked, with Todd asking basic, simple questions about farm life and farm animals, and they asking him about his student life and activities at college. It was after 8 p.m., when they finished. Todd got up, thanked his Grandmother for a great dinner, and started to walk out.

"Not so fast, boy," Grandpa Jamison called out. "Pick up your dishes and take them to the sink and rinse them off for Grandma. Then you ask her if there's anything else you can do for her." Todd blushed deep scarlet, enormously embarrassed at being reprimanded about his manners and told being both what to do and to say to his Grandmother.

"I'm sorry, Grandpa, Grandma. I shouldnt've, ah, forgot. I won't do it again, I promise. Here, Grandma, can I do anything else to help you?"

"Heavens, no, Toddy. You go on, now," his Grandmother sent him off.

"Are you sure, Grandma?" he asked.

"Absolutely," she reassured him.

"Okay, then, I'm going to take a quick shower. I've got to get studying."

"Well, you better move like lightning, boy," his Grandfather interjected. "Lights out in less than an hour?!"


"You heard me: lights out at 9:30. Remember last night?"

"But, every night?"

"Yessireee. Every night. No exceptions. In this house, lights out at 9:30 every night."

"You're kidding, right?" Todd asked lightly.

"Nosireee, young man. Your father knows. I reminded him when I talked with him. Didn't he tell you? He was supposed to."

"N-noooo," Todd muttered in disbelief. "I've got a lot of work to do and there's no way I can get it all done in that short of time," he explained.

"Well, then, boy, you'd best be movin' right now to do what you can, and then start planning to use your time better."

"But, Grandpa," Todd began.

"No buts, Toddy – except your butt if you don't listen."

Todd was dumbstruck. He had no idea that this was one of the conditions he had to meet. How in the world can I get all the studying I need done in this kind of hours? he thought to himself. But he didn't say anything.

"Are you really serious, Grandpa?" he asked again.

"No question about it, Toddy. If you doubt it, try me. But be ready to take the consequences too, young man."

Todd felt a rush of anxiety and gulped audibly. "Aaaaah, then, I, ah, got to get going – now!" He literally spun around on his heels, and headed off to his room. In a moment, he reappeared with his notebook computer and some books, walked into the parlor and hooked up his computer at the little desk there that his Grandmother had told him he could use to study.

The next thing he knew, his Grandfather was standing behind him, as he typed into his laptop, making notes for tomorrow's class. "Okay, Toddy. Times up. Shut it down. Were turning the lights off."

Todd sighed an inaudible groan, then tried one more time. "Grandpa, please, Ive still got a lot of work left to do."

"Boy, you need to learn to listen," his Grandpa lectured him. "Now, shut it off, and git yourself into bed. 4:30'll be here before you know it." He reached over with his left hand, clasping Todd's left bicep, and lifted him up off the chair where he was sitting onto his feet. Todd tried to turn and pull away from his Grandfather's grip, but the older man tightened his granite grip, holding him fixed in place with an unspoken message not to try to defy him.

"But, Grandpa, what'm I gonna do about all this work I still have . . ." Todd began wheedling.

Instantly, Todd felt his Grandfather's solid, hard, right hand applying a rapid volley of swats to the seat of his jeans as he stood secured in place. He was startled and twisted his head around to note his Grandfather's unsmiling face. He could tell his Grandpa was irritated, and this was not the time for discussion or negotiation. He reached down, saved his work, shut down the computer, and turned it off, all the while still being held fast in his Grandfather's grasp. Then, he endeavored to turn away again. This time, Grandpa steered Todd in the direction away from the desk, walking behind him, directing him down the hall to the bathroom near his new bedroom.

"Quickly, now, boy. Wash up and get into bed! Lights out! Your Grandmother doesn't want any noise or activity once we've shut the house down for the night."

Todd breathed in deeply, refraining from speaking. At the bathroom, his Grandpa reached inside and turned on the light. Then, releasing his grandson, he delivered another series of swats to the young mans backside, as he pushed him through the door into the bathroom. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes. You better be in bed, with the lights out – if you know what's good for you."

Todd was dumbfounded at finding himself being treated this way by his Grandfather. He looked over his shoulder, back at his Grandpa, only to hear him caution, "Don't dawdle now, youngster."

Todd hastened his washing up and brushing his teeth. Then quickly, he was in his bedroom, pulling off his clothes, and sliding into bed in just his boxers. The light was out, and Todd lay curled on his side, wondering what was happening, and what to do about it. He'd have to have a talk with his Grandfather, he thought. After all, he was not a little kid. He was 22, a college student, and could make his own decisions and choices. They would have to understand, come to terms with, the fact that he was no longer their little grandson, to suffocate with their control.

Tuesday morning was a repeat of Monday. At the 4:30 assault of his alarm, he dragged himself out of bed, pulled on his old jeans, a sweatshirts, thick sox and old boots, and staggered out of the room, to the bathroom, and then into the kitchen where he ran squarely into his Grandfather. "Aaaah, oh, sorry, Grandpa. I guess I'm still not fully awake." Todd quickly responded.

"Okay, then, let's get movin'," his Grandpa admonished, and they both plodded along to the three-level barn built into the hill. Once more the routine was like it was the day before, and is every day on a farm. This time, Todd tried to work faster and more efficiently, and they were finished 10 minutes sooner than Monday.

With his arm around the neck of his grandson, Grandpa Jamison walked him briskly back to the farmhouse. Inside, Todd dashed to the shower, and before 7 a.m., was back in the kitchen, at the big, oak, kitchen table, to sit down to another power breakfast by his Grandmother.

They all ate heartily, but Todd also quickly. Then, he picked up his backpack and notebook computer, and headed out to the garage and the Volvo, with another bagged lunch handed to him by his Grandmother. "Bye, Grandma, bye, Grandpa. Ill be home be 4:30 today, and can help you sooner," he called out.

"Bye, Toddy, have a good day," his Grandmother called out. "Be careful, don't speed!" his Grandfather cautioned. Then, he backed out and was gone.

Back home at 4:25, he changed quickly back into work clothes and joined his Grandfather at 4:40. They worked until 6:15 and came in together for dinner. "Can I take a quick shower, Grandma?" Todd asked. "Then I'll be ready to study right after dinner."

"All right, son, but make it snappy," she exhorted.

"I will," he promised, and by 6:30 he was back in the kitchen with damp hair, dressed in sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and clean, white socks. They ate and talked some more about farming and college. Then, Todd cleared his place, inquired whether he could help his Grandmother, and she dispatched him to go study.

For the next 2½ hours, Todd worked diligently in his books and on his laptop, working up his classes for the next day. At 9:25, Grandpa Jamison called to him, "Pack it up, Toddy. Were shutting down for the night." He grimaced to himself, unseen by his Grandpa, and tried to race through another chapter before 9:30. At 9:35, Grandpa Jamison was back, standing behind Todd, this time barking orders at him. "Shut it off, young man, and be quick about it."

Todd jumped at the voice behind him, looked up, then saved his work and shut down the laptop. He stood up right away, only to be pulled away forcibly from the desk by the granite grip of his Grandpa.

"You're skating close to the edge, young man. We went over this last night, and I'm not one to give second chances. You git yourself into bed – pronto!"

Once again Todd's Grandfather held him still, in place, bending him forward slightly, as he struck swiftly, fifteen times with a strong, palpable volley of swats against the seat of Todd's sweatpants. Todd's temperature rose instantly as the color filled his face and neck. He was embarrassed, and yet aggravated, by a second night of swats from his Grandfather. Yet, this was not the time to address the matter. So, he turned and, looking at his Grandpa, said, "I'm sorry, Grandpa. I just lose track of time. I'm going now."

"You'd better make it quick, young man, cause if I have to follow up with you again, it won't be a few, reminder taps to your behind."

Todd turned to leave and grimaced again at his Grandfather's warning and escorting him to the bathroom. He rushed into the bathroom, washing up and brushing teeth, and then fled into his room, pulling off his clothes and t-shirt, and collapsing exhausted into bed. For a long while, he tossed and turned fitfully, thinking about how to go about approaching his Grandparents, and get through to them that he is an adult and to stop treating him like a kid, . . . until sleep came crashing down upon him.

The next thing he knew, his alarm was once more rudely intruding on his sleep. 4:30 already?! Without really waking, he leaped out of bed, stumbled over to the clock, and shut it off. Just another five minutes, his groggy mind thought. At 4:45, Grandpa Jamison entered the room to find his grandson still soundly sleeping. "Are you still in bed, Toddy?!" he demanded. There was no response. The lanky young man was hugging his pillow, sound asleep on his stomach, with the clean white sheet and wool blanket covering him.

His Grandfather walked over to the bed and shook the boy's shoulder. Todd only grunted and rolled his head and turned over away from his Grandfather. His Grandpa shook him again.

"C'mon, Toddy, it's way past time to get up." This time Todd responded.

"Okay, okay, I'm awake," the boy managed to get out. "Just give me a few more minutes, will ya?"

That was not what his Grandfather was in the mood to hear the first thing in the morning. With lightning speed, he whipped back the blanket and sheet completely off Todd's bare back and pulled it all the way down to his ankles. The boy shuddered at the rush of cold air. His habit of sleeping only in his boxers was something he suddenly regretted. His Grandfather reached over to the top of an old chest, and retrieved a large, wooden hairbrush that someone had given him as a gift many years ago.

The tight, young bottom of this sleeping young man, covered only in his boxers, was an inviting target for Grandpa Jamison to use to instruct his disobedient grandson. He smacked the poised seat of his grandson's boxers with the old, wooden hairbrush in his hand.

"Oooooouch!" Todd immediately yelled out in both shock and pain. He stared up at his Grandfather standing there and towering over him. "Heeey!" he yelled, but before he could say much more, he felt his Grandfather's strong arm lift him up off of bed, while the older man sat down on the bed.

"Get up," his Grandfather said, yanking his boxer-clad grandson by his arm over his knees.

Todd was bewildered and still slow to gather what was going on. Grandpa shifted his grandson across his knees, so that Todd was no longer lying on the bed, but hanging face down to the floor, with his legs bouncing off the floor on the other side. Grabbing Todd's right arm, his Grandfather pulled it up behind, pinning it against the bare area between Todd's shoulder blades. Grandpa smacked his vulnerable rump four more time in rapid succession.

In an instant, Todd screamed: "Ouch! Owwwch! Ouchaaa! Oww!"

The old wooden brush in his Grandfather's hand began descending over and over against the upended bottom of the boys boxers.

"Oooo-ow! Ow! Ow! OK, OK, I'm up, I'm up! I'll get goin! I'm sorry! I'm up! Let me up!" Todd called out. "I'll get up, aughuh, I'll get going! I'm awake now! Let me up! Come onnnn, Grandpaaaaaa!"

"Like I told you before, boy, you need to learn to listen," Grandpa shouted over the boy's yelping. "When your Grandma and I tell you to do something, you better do it. When I tell you to get up, you get up! Hear me, son?"

"Yeeeeeessss! YESSSSS!" Todd pleaded as his own arms flailed in an attempt to keep his balance over his Grandfather's knees. "Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he added.

"Too late for sorry, now, boy. You've earned yourself a good spanking, - and that's exactly what you're getting," Grandpa Jamison replied as the back of the brush continued descending over and over against the seat of the upended boy's boxers.

Grandpa raised his right knee projecting the up-ended boys vulnerable buttocks still higher into the air. The back of the hairbrush smacked into the lower curves of Todd's bottom with scorching intensity -- hurting unbelievably. He was in shock!

The older man sharply smacked the squirming legs and behind of his grandson with the brush again and again. The sharp sounds rang throughout the room. Todd instantly bucked and sucked in air without a sound. It hurt much more than he ever would have imagined.

This was unmistakeably a butt that had been unspanked for a long time – too long a time, his Grandfather thought. "This is obviously something that should've done a long time ago, boy," his Grandfather said as he continued the assault on the boy's bottom.

Todd was suddenly shocked into starker consciousness and shouting. The intensity of the spanking quickly overcame his sleepy stupour. The hot, heavy swats from the hairbrush in his grandfather's strong hand, laying into Todd's backside, jolted him out of his dreaminess and began stoking the fire heating up his behind.

"Aaaauuumphaa! Aaaummphaaaa! Owwwaah! Aaaumphowww! Grandpaaa!" Todd grunted and moaned, and instinctively began fighting, squirming, and wrestling around – to little avail.

Todd was the third generation of tall men in the Jamison family: 6'2", 165 lbs, with sparkling bright, blue eyes, and brown hair. His father, Steve, was also 6'2", but weighed 220 lbs, also with blue eyes and lighter brown hair. Grandpa Jamison was the biggest though. He was 6'4", 240 lbs of solid, hard muscle, also with bright blue eyes and darker brown hair like Todd's.

Although Todd had played sports throughout his entire life, and was in pretty good shape, he was not able to match the strength and musculature of his Grandfather. The older man easily out-muscled him, delivering the onslaught with the hair brush despite the long, lean young man's scrambling all over his Grandpa's lap.

Whooooooaaaaaaah! He began to realize exactly what was happening – and he was outraged! Who did his Grandfather think he was, and what did he think he was doing?!

"Ow! Grandpa! Ow! Stop it! Tha-at HURTS!" he erupted from the affront to his pride and the smarting pain. "Cut it out! Right now! That's enough of that, Grandpa! You can't do this! I'm too old for this! I'm a college student, a senior, Grandpa! – 22! What d'you think you're doing? I'm a grown man, for crying out loud! Auuummmphaaa! Stop it – now! Stop it right now! STOP! STOP IT!" he stormed his orders at his Grandfather.

"You're going to find out exactly what I'm doing, young man – and for sure find out about crying out loud!" Grandpa replied, without letting up on the swats.

Todd's bottom was stinging and burning as the torch of his Grandpa's unrelenting swats kept igniting the blazes to his butt. Grunting and moaning, he squirmed and twisted, trying to get loose from his Grandfather's grip. No use. Like a fox in a trap, he was caught, captive and powerless in the jaws of this unceasing spanker, his Grandfather.

This many swats, coming at once, again and again, speedy and stinging, really shocked him! Quickly he went from yelps and wailing to crying out, as he was nearing tears as his Grandpa spanked him faster and faster, and harder and harder. Wildly, Todd kicked his skinny, long legs, squirming and wriggling all around over his Grandfather's lap, trying as best he could to get free.

Now, each new swat sent him bouncing, writhing, and pushing, trying to get away from the pounding fire that was scorching his rear end, also bringing back the memories of times long ago in the past when his bottom had been blistered by his Dad and his Grandpa. He hadn't been spanked in over 10 years, and at that time it had been by his Grandfather. When he was 12, he'd gone to stay with his Grandparents for an entire summer, and during one very unfortunate night when he'd defied his Grandpa to his face, he had suddenly found himself turned over the older relative's knee for a bare-butt spanking he had almost, but never really, forgotten.

Whewwhhhhh! He had long ago forgotten what this felt like! He had to get this stopped right away. He was shouting, breathlessly. "Aaayaoww! Stop! Listen, Grandpa! Ummphaaaa! This is ridiculous! Ooo-aaa-owwch! What are you doing! Owwumaaah! I'm too old for this, Grandpa! Yaikes-aaao-ooooo! Grandpa! Grandpa! Ooowchaaummmphaa! I'm too-aaaa-ooooold-aaaa-ow-ow-owchaaa! Ooooo! Grandpa! Please! Stop! I'm too oooooold -uah-ow! to be spanked! Stop it, please! Please! Grandpaaaaa!" His Grandfather paused, mid-stroke.

"Too old!?" Grandpa asked. "Boy, when you can't even be trusted to get out of bed on time, you are definitely not too old to be spanked by your old Grandpa."

"Yes, I am! I aaaam! I'm too ooooold, aaaaah! . . . and too big! Aaaaaa-you can't doooo this!" Todd protested, not fully believing his own words, but forcefully increasing his fighting and struggling to break free and get away. "Uh-no-no-uh-waaaaaay! Uh-uh-waaaaaa! No-no-uh-you dooon't, uh-Grandpa! I'm too oooold! Uh, uh, you caaaaan't-uh-dooooo, uh, thissssss!" Todd bellowed. "Ooooaaa-uh-uh-nooooaaa-uh-uh-waaaay-uh-uh-aiiugh-uh-uh-aieughaaaaaaa!"

"You think I can't, eh, boy? Well, you just wait until you see what you're getting, young man."

Todd was incensed to have this was happening to him, and his Grandpa paying no attention to what he said. Besides that, he already felt the discomfort from the battery of blows administered to the backside of his boxers.

Without uttering another word, his Grandfather loosed 25 more swats of the hard, wood hairbrush with machine-gun rapidity to the seat of Todd's boxers. The young man was shocked and gasping from the affront to his pride and the mounting fire on his backside.

"Waaaa-augh-aaait, uh, a minute! Ooo-ah-oww! Agh-ah! Uhnaaa-umhaaa! Waaaa-uh-aaaaaait! Agh-waaaaaaaait!" he gasped. His behind was heating up real fast and hot!

"Wait, nothing, boy! Didn't your Mother and Daddy teach you about listening, heeding, and obeying?" he asked with an aggravated tone to his voice.

"Augh-aaah-uh-yeah-yeah! Ah-sure-ah-ah! they did!" he gasped an answer. His behind was heating up real fast and real hot! "Listen, Grandpa, I'm 22! Oooooo-aaaah-ah! Owwww! Aaaaaah-Grandpaaa! I'm 22-uh-years-uh-oooooold-uh-aaaaaaaaaa! I'm in college! Uh, aaaa-ooooooo-aaaah-eeeyowowow!"

it looks like your a 22 year-old brat who needs his backside tanned for a repeat lesson of what he should have learned a long time ago?" With that he resumed the rapid-fire swats to the seat of Todd's boxers.

"Nooooo, Grandpa! PLEASE!" Todd cried out, trying to lift himself off his Grandfather's knee. He was squirming and wriggling, trying to get away from the hard, powerful hairbrush that was crashing down against his behind – trying to get off his knees, to run for all he was worth. But it was futile. Grandpa Jamison was incredibly strong! Struggle as he did, he could not free himself from the vice-like grip of his Grandfather's powerful arms.

His bottom was really heating up and hurting, and involuntarily he was kicking and bucking, trying to avoid the blazing barrage. At the same time, he was at the threshold of his breaking point, and felt tears begin to gather in his eyes. His sighs, shouts, grunts, and moans were becoming louder, just short of breaking down to bawling and sobbing. He needed to find a way out of this, to get this stopped, before he could no longer hold on and hold back.

Okay, he'd concede his mistake, and try to get his Grandpa to cut this short and let him go.

"Okay. Okay. . . . Okaaay! I gue-ess you're right-uhhhh!" he gasped, his voice almost breaking and revealing him to be at the edge.

"What was that, boy?! You guess I'm right?!" Grandpa barked his question at Todd. "You're not gonna have to guess, young man! . . . Every time . . . you go to sit down, . . . stand up, . . . walk, . . . and bend over, . . . you'll remember this, . . . and that I'm right!"

Whewoooaaaaaaaaa! Here he was, a big, 22 year-old, college senior, being spanked, and bouncing around on his strong Grandfather's lap, like a 10 year-old. His bare feet were in the air more than they hit the floor, and his butt was smouldering as Grandpa stoked the mounting inferno on Todd's unprotected boxers' seat.

He became desperate, frantic. Abandoning his pride, he began to beg, promise, and plead.

"Uh, uh, listen, Grandpa, stop! Ow-ow-uh-uh-ow-ow! It's hurting, Grandpa! Ow! Uh, ow! Stop it! Oooo-aaa-uh-uh-ow! Ow! Grandpa! Grandpa! It's hurting! Please! Ooooo-aaa-yow! Uh-uh-uh-ow-ow-ow-ow! Aieeyowowow! Haughuh-uh-owowoweeeyow! Uh, uh, no, uh, no, uh, nooooooo! Please! Stop! Owowowowowoweeee! Uh-uh-uh-n-noooooo! Ow-ow-eeeyow! Uh-augh-ah-uh-uh-st-stop it! Uh-no-no-noooo! Aaaaaeeeyow! Stop! Yeeeow! Stop! Grandpa! Waaaait! Owowowow! Stopstopstop! Ooooooo-augh-uh-ow-eee-yow! It hurts! It hurrrrts! Ooooaaayoweeeoweeeyow! Uh-uh-uh, aaaaaaaaaah, uh, ooooooooo, uh, no, uh, mooooor! Uh, ow, uh, ow-ow-ow, uh, it HURRRRRRRRRTZ!"

Desperately, he thrashed and kicked, begging and pleading through his crying, confessing he was wrong, trying to get his grandfather to stop the pounding spanks to his bottom. "Aaa-uh-Grandpa! Yeeow! Uh-uh-look, uh! Owowowowowow! I know I was wrong! Uh-uh-augh-uh-owwwch! I'm sorry, uh, Grandpa! Uh-uh oweeyoweeeowaaaaaa! Uh-uh I'm sorry! Grandpa! Uh-uh-oooo-aaa-aaa-owwweeee! I, uh-was wrong-uh-uh! Grandpa! Augh-aaa-aieeyowwweeee! Uh-uh-uh-I said I'm sorrrreeee! Ooooo-aaa-uh-uh-nooo-aaaa! Uh-uh-aieeyoweeowww!"

Now bucking and kicking, as Grandpa continued to deliver a seemingly never-ending spanking to his behind, Todd began breaking down from the pummeling pain in his buttocks and thighs.

"Ooaaamph! Ummphaa! Ooumphaa! Aaaahugh! Aaiieeaugh! Ooooaaaah! Oooaaummmph! Oooooahow! Aaiiyeeaaow! Cut it out, Grandpa! Cut it owwwwwwt! Please! Aaiiyeeoww! Owaaouch! waaaait! Ooo-ahhyoww! Waaaait! Grandpa! Nooooo-uh-aaaa-uh-yow! Uh-uh-uh-Grandpa! Oooo-owww! Uh-uh-uh-youuu uh-uh-can't do this! Augh-uh-uh-yeeeowww! You cuh-aaaaan't . . . uh-uh-aaaaa-yowowowowow! Grandpa-ah-uh-uh oooooo-aaaaa-uh-uh-yow!"

The brush landed again and again, covering the boy's entire bottom and upper thighs, quickly turning them to a searing heat and violent shade of red that were discernible through Todd's thin, blue, cotton boxers.

"Staaaaahp – damn it! Staaaaahp! Augh-uh-uh-stop, stop-uh-staaahp! Damnit-to-hell, Grandpaaaa! Staaaaaaaahppp!!" Todd exclaimed.

"Watch your mouth, boy!" his Grandfather admonished, "Or, we'll just stop, and go get some soap and clean up that mouth of yours, before we finish up this lesson

There was a long, tearful, gagging pause. "Uh, uh, uh, I'm, uh, uh, suh-arreee, Grandpa," Todd stammered quietly while crying. "Oooooh, uh, uh, please! Please, uh-uh-augh-uh, please! Please! Oooooo-uh-uh-pleeeeeez, Grandpa!" the boy called out, begging between his cries. "I didn't meeeean it. I'm sorry, I'm sorreeee! Pleeeeez!"

His grandson's instantly contrite and compliant behaviour was confirmation of both the value and the necessity of this course of action. For Todd to apologize so quickly now, for such a small transgression, was an absolutely lightning transformation in this too-long-let-go, lanky college boy. Spanking always works, Grandpa thought. Yes, it definitely was time to turn up the heat on this one.

Grandpa spoke again: "You truly will be sorry, boy. I guarantee you that!"

"Aughuh-uh! Grandpa, stop! Please! Pleeeez! Uh, okaaaay, ow-ow-ow! I promise I won't lay in bed again! I promise! I won't-uh-dooooo it agaaaain! I promissss! Aughuh-uh! I promissss! Ooo-uh-ow-ow-ow! Grandpaaa! I said I promisss!" Todd cried out desperately.

"Making sure you won't is the purpose of this, boy," his Grandfather said as Todd bucked against his Grandpa's right knee. . . .

As he spanked his grandson for the first time in many years, Todd's Grandfather thought to himself how quickly effective the brush was on this previously over-independent, unrestrained young man. As he suspected, his grandson had probably lacked this effective discipline for some time. For that reason, he had expected the boy to struggle and fight some, being unacquainted for a while – too long, apparently – with corporal discipline. At first it was more out of humiliation and affront than anything, until the pain of the punishment overrode his anger over the shame of being subjected to it.

Grandpa Jamison thought to himself briefly how always, amazingly effective this kind of discipline was. He was still not using all of the force he could bring to bear, and already the boy was bucking and squirming, and shrieking and crying like he was tied down for a military strapping. Seeing his grandson squirming in agony, he thought, this was really the time to kick it up a notch.

Todd was already nearly beside himself with painful misery and indignity, when both the pain and the humiliation got worse. Without warning, with one swift motion, his Grandpa reached up, hooked his hand under the waistband of the boy's boxers, and yanked them down, over his buttocks, thighs, and knees, to his ankles, exposing his grandson's bright, red smouldering rump.

"Aaauh-uh-uh-noooooooooo! Uh-uh-youuuu-uh-caaaaaaaant! Ugh-uh-nooooo, not-uh-thaaa-aat! Uh-uh-uh-waaaaaa!" He wailed his gasping objection. His eyes widened in disbelief at what had just happened. His Grandpa had just lowered his boxers off his behind, to his ankles, as if he were some naughty little boy! Again, his mind flew back to that last time, at 12, when his Grandfather had administered a spanking to him, recalling the shock and humiliation of being forced to be bared to his Grandfather's punishment. Another wave of embarrassment swept over him now as he realized his Grandfather was seeing his bare bottom for the first time in many, many years!

Grandpa Jamison bounced and shifted his grandson over his knees, so that Todd's eyes were staring only inches from the floor, his bottom was elevated and aimed, his bare feet scarcely touched the floor, as he straddled his Grandfather's right knee and leg. Once again, Grandpa pulled Todd's right arm up against his bare, upper back, locking the young man in position.

Grandpa escalated the punishment to his grandson's rearend, as the spanking moved ahead. Todd yelled out in increased pain. "Ooooooooooaaaaaaah! Uh-huh-uh-yow-uh-uh-uh-owww! The thin cotton of his underwear had turned out to provide a surprising amount of protection before. Besides, now his grandfather had started swatting him a lot harder and faster.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Owowow! Uh-yeeeow! Uh-uh-oweeeyow! Ooo-aa-uh-uh-no-uh-uh-owowoweeee! Yowwweeeowwweeeowwww! Uh-uh-augh-aaa-uh! Owowowowowowww! Uh-uh-please! Please! Aaieugh-uh-uh-noooo-uh-uh-oweeeyoweeeoww! Aaaa-uh-uh-I-uh-I-uh-said, uh, I'm sorreeeee! Ooooooaannnghaaaeeyoww! Uh-uh-haugh-uh-uh-oooo!"

No words or let up from his Grandfather's pounding of his behind. Grandpa was well-versed and knew exactly what he was doing, wielding the descending hairbrush again and again, and always it left another stinging, fiery mark where it struck the boy. That brush danced all over, biting his bare bottom again and again. This time, most of his smacks landed very low down on Todds buns, where his buttocks met his thighs, in the sit-spots.

"Owwwwwww! Owwwwwwww! Ooooooo, uh, Owwwwwwwww!" Todd responded. "I promise. Uh, uh, I promise! Grandpaaaa! I promissss! Uh, oh, uh, I do! I doooo, uh, sooooooo, uh, uh, much! Uh, uh, doooon't, uh-uh, spank, uh-uh, meeeee, uh, uh, pleeeeeeeeez! Uh-uh-uh, dooooon't!" Todd wailed; but Grandpa continued spanking the boy impaled on his right knee and leg, while draped across his lap.

"Grandpa! Grandpa! Please! Uh, uh, stop! Stopit! Stopit! Augh-uh-uh-please! Please! It's gotta, uh, uh, beeeeee, uh, uh, enough! Grandpa, please! Uh, uh, I promisss! Uh, uh, I've learned, uh, my lesson," Todd pleaded.

Grandpa Jamison shook his head. "I'll decide when it's enough, boy. You need that laziness, disrespect, and disobedience smacked out of you before it really takes hold," he said, still continuing to raise the hairbrush high in the air again and again.

At just the moment he realized he was not going to be able to bargain or talk his way out of this, the pain that was torching Todd's backside and jolting his brain overrode him, pushing him over the edge. Tears began pouring out of his eyes, and he crumbled into humbled, bawling sobs.

"Ah-uh-augh! aughaaa! Ooooo-yaugh! Stopit! Stopit! Ooo-aaa-yow! Grrrnghaaa! Haugh-augh! Uh! uh! Oooooo-uh! uh! Aaaa-uh! Nooooo! Puh-leeez! Aaaw-uh-waaaaaa! Ooooeeeyoww-ah! Aaa-uh-huh-augh! Nnnghaaa! Augh! Nnnnghaaa! Oooo! Ooooo-uh! Yuhaaannng-augh! Owee! Oweeeee! OweeoweeOW! Ooooo-uh-oooooo-uh-waaaaaaaa!"

Still the spanking continued. In his hysteria combined with outrage, the young man seemed, for a moment, to gather redoubled strength. He fought even more furiously against the vice-like lock, and the machine-like licking that he was caught in – twisting and writhing, wriggling and bouncing, thrusting and bucking, kicking and flailing, furiously! – trying to get free, to get away! All to no avail! His boxers flew off his feet, landing on the floor, as Grandpa continued spanking him faster and faster, harder and harder. He was frantic beyond thinking or speaking clearly any more.

"Uh-uh-okokokay-uh-uh! Grandpa-uh! You win-uh-uh! Owowoww! Uh-I-uh-it-uh-I-uh-was, uh, uh, wrong! Owowowoww-uh-waaaaaa! Stop-aaa-ugh-uh-uh-haugh! N-now! Ooooo-uh-uh-oweeyoweeyow! Uh-uh-uh-yeeowww! Ooo-oowowoww! Uh-uh-ai-ugh-uh-I'm sorry, Grandpa! Ooooooo-aaa-uh-uh-owowow! I'm, uh, sorrrrr-uh-uh-eeeee-uh-waaaaa-augh! Yeeeow! Oooooo-uh-uh! Waaaaaaaa! Stop-uh-uh-staaaah-up! Plee-uh-uh-pleeez-uh! Yeeeoweeyoweeeyow! I'll-uh-uh-never-uh-uh-oooaaa-yow-uh-waaaaa! Uh-uh-aaaw-uh-waaaaa-uh-do-uh-uh-it-uh-uh-agaaain! Aieeyowaugh! Uh-augh-uh! Ooooooooo-aaaaa-yoweee! I-uh-uh-p-promise! Oooo-aaaa-ooooooo-uh-uh-puh-uh-uh-leeeeeze! Uh-huh-augh-oooo-aaa-uh-uh! Yaieeoweeeyow! Please-uh-uh-Gruh-uh-uh-aaam-uh-uh-paaa! It hurrrtz-uh-uh! Sooooo-uh-baaad-uh-uh! Oooooo-uh-owww-uh-uh-waaaaa! Uh-unh-uh-aw-uh-waaaa-uh-neverrrr! Waaaaaaa! Uh-uh-waaaaaaa! I promissse! Ooooo-uh-aaaaw-uh-uh-waaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaa!"

He couldn't help it. He couldn't hold out – hold on – any longer. He was broken, defeated. Down from an independent-acting, 22 year-old, college, young man, he toppled to a wailing, bad boy who had been hauled to the woodshed for his misbehaviour. His blazing bottom was afire. The agony tormented him to fold, and he did. Jumping, bouncing, and squirming, but mostly sobbing and heaving, choking and gasping, he kicked his feet and slid forwards and backwards with each, new, smack to his bottom, as he hung over his Grandpa's lap. The strangling sobs began cascading over each other. He collapsed into screaming, shrieking, wailing, sobbing, choking, gasping, and shaking, and jumped and bounced with each additional swat.

Somewhere from more than ten years past, came bursting forth amidst his sobs and gagging gasps: "Waaaaaaa! Uh, waaaaaa! I, uh, promise! Uh-uh-aaaugh-aw-uh-waaaaa! I'llbegood! I'llbegood! Uh-uh-uagh-waaaaa! Grampy, I'll beeaa-uh-gooood! Waaaaaa! I promise! Uh-oooaah-neh-uh-uh-verrr-uh-uh-waaaaa-uh-gaaaaain! Uh, waaaaaaa! Oooo-aaaa-uh-uh-Grampy! Uh, waaaaaa! Aiieeyoweeeyow! P-please! I'llbegood-I'llbegood-I'llbegood-uh-uh! Aieyoweeeow! I'll, uh, uh, never-uh-uh-neverrrrr-aaaaaa-uh-uh-yeeeow-uh-uh-doooo it agaaaain! Gruh-uh-ampeeee! Pleeeeez! Aaaaw-uh-waaaaaaa! Oooo-aaa-I'll-uh-uh-beee-aaa-uh-uh-goooood! Waaaaaaaa! Oooooo-aaaa-uh-nooooo-uh-uh-nooooo-uh-uh-moooor! Please! Please! Waaaaaa! No-uh-uh-moooor! Ooo-aaaooeeeyow! Uh-uh, waaaaaaaa! Oooaayowowow! Aiugh-uh-uh-yauch-yauch-uh-uh-ooooo-aaa-uh-yow-uh-uh-waaaaaaa! I-aiyauch-lll-uh-uh-beeee-uh-uh-gooood! Uh-uh-waaaaaa-uh-Grampeee! Waaaaaa! Uh-uh-pleeeze! Aiugh-uh-uh-Gruaaaaam-uh-uh-peeeee! Uh, waaaaaaaaa! Uh, uh, puh-leeez! Uh, uh-eeeeyoweeeeyoweeeeyow! Uh-uh-augh-uh-uh-uh-waaaaa! Ooo-ow! Uh-uh-oooo-eeeyow! Ooooow-ow! Puh-leeeze-uh-waaaaaaa! Oooo-uh-uh-nooooo! Yeeeowowow! Ahrghhaa- uh-uh-ohhh-uh-uh-waaaaaaa! Aughh-uh-uh! Oooooaaa! Uh-uh-uh-uaagh-uh-uh-ooo-aaaa-waaaaaa! Uh-uh-aaugh! Noooo-uh-uh-yow-uh-uh-ooooo-uh-uh! Waaaaa! Oooooooo-uh-uh-waaaa-wuh-uh-Graaam-puh-uh-uh-eeeee-uh-uh! Waaaaaaaa! Uh-uh, Waaaaaa! Uh-uh-augh-uh-Waaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Grandpa tanned his young charge's tight, flat, bare buns long, intensely, and with real care for the boy's future development. His upended grandson responded by tightening, then loosening, his buttocks when spanked – a rhythmic clenching, relaxing, clenching, relaxing, that allowed Grandpa to view the results of his spanking and also to identify the vanquished defeat, surrender, and relinquishment of the young man now under his control.

Calmly, in a flat, no-nonsense tone, Grandpa lectured his grandson while he kept the rapid, rhythmic snapping of the wooden hairbrush blistering Todd's backside. "Listen up, here, . . . young man. . . . You . . . are . . . not . . . going to go . . . on like this . . . any more. . . . I'll never . . . allow it! . . . Do you . . . understand me? . . . "

"Oooo-aaaaghaug-uh-y-yes-uh-uh-sir! Waaaa-uh-uh-yes-uh-uh-I-uh-doooo! Uh, uh, waaaaaa! Oooooo-uh-uh-yaaoooooo-uh-uh-yesssss! Uh-uh-waaaaaaa!" Todd shrieked his responses, nearly gagging as he choked in uncontrollable sobs, sliding, jerking, and jumping with each crack of the hairbrush.

"I'm telling . . . you . . .once more . . . the way . . . things . . . are going . . . to be . . . around here . . . from now on, . . . Toddy! . . .No questions, . . . and no excuses . . . from you. . . . No exceptions! . . . You are . . . to behave . . . or else!" . . .

He paused momentarily, to let what he had just said sink in, as Todd lay heaving and shaking amidst torturous sobs and gasps, unable to speak. Then, quickly, he resumed pummeling his grandson's behind, still faster, snapping the brush to make sure that he got the full message.

What his Grandfather was saying didn't matter to Todd any more. All that he cared about now, was what he hated with all the anger he could muster – the ignited inferno, blazing, burning, scorching, aching his bottom beyond anything he could ever recall or imagine! He could hardly breathe, and he could not control his sobbing and shaking. He just wanted this torment and agony to stop!

"Uh-uh-huh-uh-ooooo-uh-waaaaaa-uh-yes-uh-uh-sir, uh, waaaaaaa! Uh-augh-uh-oooo-uh-uh-waaaaaaa-uh-uh! Oooo-uh-uh-aneeee-uh-uh-theeeeng-uh-uh-ooooo-uh-uh, waaaaaaaa! Uh, uh, any-uh-uh-theeeng-g uh-you-uh–uh-saaaaay-ugha-waaaa! Ooooo-uh-owww-uh-uh-oooo-uh-uh-waaaaaa! Oweeeyow-uh-uh-uh-aiugh-uh-waaaaaa! Oooooo-uh-uh-yowowow-oooo-uh-ughaa-Guh-Graaam-uh-uh-peeee! Uh-uh-waaaaaaaa! Uh-uh-okaaay-uh-uh Waaaaaaa! I'll-uh-uh-dooooo-uh-it! Waaaaaa! I'llbegood! I'llbegood! I'll-huh-uh-beeee-uh-goooood! Uh, waaaaaaa!"

Then all talking stopped; but Grandpa kept the strikes of the hairbrush blistering again and again all over Todd's rear end and inner and outer thighs.

It was just five in the morning, and here he was, this 22 year-old, senior, college-boy, grandson, over his Grandpa's knees, getting a good, sound, early morning spanking. He obviously needed one too, for his slowness and not getting up immediately when told to do so; for his resistance to his grandparents' authority; and for his brash mouth! In their house, Todd's Grandparents expected obedience and respect, and he was beginning to find out, the hard way, that when he didn't show it immediately, and with enthusiasm, he was sure to get a good, solid spanking!

Unfortunately, this morning the boy had had no opportunity to think! He was already in his boxers, sleeping on his stomach under those covers, and when Grandpa pulled them off. The boy's exposed body and behind had presented a clear invitation to what Grandpa knew the young man needed. And so it happened quickly, before the sleeping youth really had time to think, and only moments after slowly waking up. First thing in the morning, young Todd Jamison found himself spread out across his Grandfather's knees, getting his bottom spanked fiery red, hot, and raw.

Outside, birds were chirping, roosters crowing, waking dogs barking, and dawn was breaking as the first light of the rising sun streamed through the windows, inaugurating another beautiful, autumn day. The windows were all open. It was still so early in the day, but all around that farmhouse, the sounds of the hairbrush in Grandpa's hand smacking the boy's bare bottom could be heard distinctly. And just as distinctly could be heard the boy's convulsive wailing and squalling, pleading, endless promises, gasping, choking shrieks, and finally submissive sobbing. Early Wednesday morning, and Todd Jamison was beginning his day with a good, solid spanking.

Grandpa Jamison smacked the boy's bare bottom again and again and again, watching it tense and relax, while his grandson's whole body frantically convulsed, turning to one side, then another, back and forth. Todd had turned out to be just another misbehaving boy in need of some essential and strict attention. To Grandpa Jamison, his college-senior, grandson was just a boy getting, without delay, a much-needed spanking.

When Grandpa finally finished tanning the young man's bare fanny, Todd had lost awareness of any separate spanks, as the entire blistering left him jerking and jumping across his Grandfather's knees, surrendering to whatever his Grandfather administered, just hanging and dangling with racking sobs and gasps.

Grandpa sat there for a bit, letting Todd hang suspended, racked with trembling, sobbing, and muffled cries and wails. Meanwhile, he released the grip he had on his grandson, and surveyed the scene which he found before himself. His 22-year-old, college-student, grandson was slumped, dangling over his knee like a little boy, sporting a very red, hot, smouldering rearend.

After a few minutes, he reached down under Todd's arms and pulled a now, very awake, but also very quivering, weepy, boy up off his lap to stand on the floor before him. "Alright, Toddy, stand up," he ordered.

Todd was nearly doubled over with sobbing, reddened eyes and disheveled hair, and immediate jumping up and down, squalling uncontrollably, his hands plastered on his throbbing, flaming rearend, shifting first one hand, then another, instinctively trying to rub out the excruciating burning, while bouncing up and down, up and down, on his feet. His face was drenched in tears, sweat, and mucous. His lanky, lean legs were trembling and faltering, and he fell forward on his face, releasing his hands just in time to break his fall. His bottom felt like it was smoking against the cool morning air, and he sobbed on!

Grandpa reached down under the bare, young man's arms and lifted him back to his bouncing feet. Then, propelling his now quite contrite grandson toward the pile of clothes he had thrown off and down on the floor the night before, he ordered, "Get those clothes on and get yourself outside to the barn right away – unless you want some more, young man!"

"Noooooaaaaa!, uh, uh, waaaaaaay! Uh, uh, ooooooo, uh, waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Todd sobbed his reply. Instantly picking up the boxers that had flown across the room during his spanking, he stepped into them, pulling on his jeans and sweatshirt. Painfully bending over, he tugged on socks and shoes, and dutifully followed his Grandpa out of the bedroom, through the kitchen (where Grandma obviously, intentionally avoided meeting his eyes), and outside to the barn.

Sitting down on the hard milking stool was excruciating, and he was inhaling and exhaling heavily, tears still draining from his eyes, as he tried to smother his bawling the whole time he worked from cow to cow. His Grandpa noticed the boy's reactions, but chose to ignore them. That morning they worked together, on the first level of the barn, in almost total silence, as they got done those must do things that farm life requires every day. It was time to get on with life on the farm. There was milking to do, animals to be fed, work to be done. It was, after all, just another morning in Grandpa's mind - one that had gotten started late.

In Todd's mind, however, everything had changed. Things would be different from now on. He knew he would not – could not afford to – make the same mistake about being slow to get up again around this man, his Grandfather. Nor could he dare to be anything but respectful in his talk, and obedient in his behaviour, because he now knew the consequences. He definitely wanted so badly to do his best never to upset his Grandpa again – for sure and for ever!

It was hard to explain. Beyond the newly impressed fear of a licking, and despite the embarrassment, pain, and humiliation of being spanked by his Grandfather like a badly behaving, little boy, Todd felt a new, deep, unknown, unnameable, and unexpected relief, almost a warm comfort, like something or someone freed from a dark, hidden prison. He wasn't the one that had to handle everything. Instead, someone else, who cared about him, was clearly in charge, and was paying attention – and was going to be involved in his life, in what he did and said, in who he was becoming and growing into – whether he liked it or not. In some strange way that he could not consciously identify, it felt good to know that his grandparents cared so much about him - enough to take him in hand when they considered he needed it.

With all the preoccupation of his parents in trying to make ends meet over the past 3 years, and of Todd in working and scrambling to afford to get a college education, he had come to take for granted that nobody was really overseeing and looking at what he was doing, how he was behaving, how he was developing and growing up.

The tears in his eyes and throbbing of his bottom against the seat of the stool told him that this was no longer the case. Everything was different – and would be from now on. His Grandparents did care, were watching, and were much more assertive than his parents. He knew they would be directly supervising and admonishing him, would hold him accountable to toe the line, and would take him in hand whenever he got out of hand.

Todd said nothing: he was afraid to say much. He felt he knew better than to open his mouth and risk anything more, so he kept quiet. When his Grandpa spoke to him, reluctantly, but respectfully, he replied. Todd tried to speed up his milking, and pushed himself to get things done. When they broke for breakfast, Grandpa interrupted the silence, as if nothing at all had happened, and stiffly and artificially, the two of them began talking again. Afterwards, he and Grandpa strolled quickly back to the farmhouse.

"Now you get in that bathroom and get yourself showered and back to the breakfast table in record time, young man," Grandpa shouted after him as they entered the kitchen. "Yes, sir!" Todd fired back, not stopping to turn and look back, but simply taking off, racing for the bathroom. Almost immediately the water was on in the shower. He jumped as the downpour stung his flaming behind; and he showered, shaved, dressed in his room in short order.

Eighteen minutes later, a very sheepishly diminished, young man appeared fully dressed in a bright, yellow t-shirt, navy blue basketball shorts with yellow sidestripes, and running shoes, carrying his backpack of books and his laptop. He was ready to leave for school. His eyes were red, but he managed a smile just the same. He stood there quietly, looking at his Grandma standing there at the stove and finishing up some sausage, bacon, eggs, and potatoes.

"Sit down, Toddy. Breakfast is ready," his grandmother instructed him.

"Ah, Grandma," he muttered, "I'm gonna skip breakfast and head off to school so I can get some work done that I didn't get to – ah, wasn't able to – finish last night.

"Nonsense, boy. You've got to keep fuel in that engine if you want to run it as hard as you're doing," she lectured him. "Sit down with your Grandpa and join him. It won't take you long. You two can polish off all this in a hurry, and then you can be on your way."

He balked: "But Grandma, I need to get going. I've got so much to do, and . . ."

"Boy, you're not listening again!" his Grandfather exclaimed, setting down his coffee cup. "Did you hear your Grandma?"

"Grandpa, I don't want breakfast. I've got to go."

"Set those things down, young man! You're coming with me – right now." Grandpa Jamison pushed back the kitchen chair as he stood up, and walked over to his grandson. Once more he gripped Todd's left, upper arm with his iron-like grasp, and forced the flushing-faced, young man out of the kitchen doorway, marching him briskly down the hall, back to his bedroom. It really infuriated Todd to be forced through the door and down the hall by his Grandfather like that; but still shaken to his roots by the punishment he had received from his Grandpa just a couple of hours ago, his anxiousness and fear were heightened, and he wasn't about to voice an objection.

Sitting back down on the bed, his Grandfather pulled the young man over to him. "Noooow-what?!" Todd shouted in a much younger, higher sounding, shaken voice, his disbelief that more discipline might be in store for him. The tall, lean boy was once more thrown over his Grandfather's knees, held in place with a powerful left arm around the boys waist.

"Whaaaat is thisssss?! Not agaaaain! Noooooo! Grandpa! You need to back off – let me decide for myself what I want to do and don't want to do! I'm not a little boy, I'm a man! 22! Please, Grandpa! Please! You can't do this! I'm not a little boy! I'm too ooold for this! No way! Not agaaaain! I'm not going to stand for it! Noooooooo!" he exploded, testing a defiant retort (which, after what his Grandfather had already proven to him earlier, he no longer really, fully believed).

Quietly and flatly, Grandpa replied: "No way, Toddy. It's never going to happen. As long as you have a Dad and a Mom, and a Grandpa and a Grandma, you will never be allowed to run loose, down a wilful road of ruinous, wrongful defiance and disobedience. As long as you're living in our home, if you even begin to think of acting or talking like that, I will blister your bottom so bad you'll wish you could sit in snow bank!"

Then, lifting and tilting the young man's pelvis and legs up slightly with his left hand, Grandpa's right hand rapidly pulled the long, basketball shorts down over the hips, down the legs to his ankles, followed by jerking Todd's clean boxers down over his buttocks, past his knees, to gather with his shorts. Todd gasped, his voice cracking, "Noooooooooo! Not thaaaa-aaat! Not agaaaaaaain! Grandpaaaaaaa! Nooooooo!"

"Yes, sireee, young man," Grandpa replied in a somber tone. "You are going to get another spanking. I am going to spank you again, and you can count on it," he confirmed to the stunned boy, pinned back over the older man's lap, face down, with his right arm pulled up into his back, and pushing his arms and head farther down towards the floor.

Todd grimaced and groaned, aghast with stormy outrage that seethed within him intensely, but was short-lived, overshadowed quickly by the uncontained onset of his weeping that followed his dreaded anticipation of what was in store. Another torrent of smacks began raining down against his battered and throbbing behind. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OW!" It hurt like the devil!

At the first spanks, and for only a couple of minutes, Todd fought furiously, once more trying to break free from the hold and the scalding of that brush against his rearend.

Grandpa did a good job of keeping his grandson's arms and hands away from his burning bottom. Oh, wow! No! Not again! This can't be happening - again! Once more, as earlier that morning, his mind flashed back far more than 10 years, to having been taken across his father's and mother's – and also Grandpa Jamison's – knees, and spanked as a young boy.

This was so humiliating. His temper was boiling that this indignity should be happening to him again – at his age. Here he was again, a 6'2" 170 lb, 22 year-old, college guy, restrained and controlled over the lap of his Grandfather, who was blistering the boys bare, upturned behind. Yet, there was nothing he could do about it.

Less than a couple of hours earlier, he had received a licking from his Grandfather that until then would have been unthinkable to him. Now, he was getting another one! And again, once more, his Grandfather was intent on punishing him for noncompliance and impertinence! Todd thrashed about as he lay sprawled across his Grandpa's lap – and all the while he kept on peppering Todd's butt and upper thighs with that stinging hairbrush.

The pain of repetitive spanks from that hard hairbrush, against his overturned, already spanked and smarting, bare butt, was unbelievable, not to mention the embarrassment of writhing and kicking all over his Grandfather's knees once again. Grandpa spanked and spanked and spanked, scolding Todd over and over for giving them trouble already, in such a short time, like a young brat.

"Aaaaaaeeeeow-ow-ow! Aaaaieeeyow-ow-ow-uh-ooooo-uh-ow-ow-ow!" Todd screamed out again against the fresh pain.

His Grandfather laid down a series of rapid-fire swats on the boy's reddish-purple bottom, each time increasing his grandson's yells of agony. He increased the intensity and speed of the swats again, laying down more and more, as he spanked his grandsons fiery, red, hot bottom.

Todd once again became hysterical from the pain and the shame, at 22 years-old, of receiving another trouncing, over the knee of his Grandpa, like he was 10. Grandpa Jamison felt the boy beginning to buck, grind, and squirm against his knee once more. In only minutes, his grandson was completely beside himself, and vanquished. He broke down completely, wailing and sobbing, begging, pleading, apologizing, and promising to be good, to cooperate, not to do anything like that again.

"Ow, uh, aughuh-ow! Ooooo, uh, noooo, uh, stop! Oooo, uh, ow! Ow! I'llbegood! I'llbegood! I willll! Grandpaaaa! I promise! I won't, uh, uh, owww! Uh-doooo, uh, it, uh, agaaain! Augh-uh-ooooo, uh, ow! Ooooo, uh, ow, Graaaampeeee! I'll do whatever you saaaaay! Ooooo-uh, aughuh, waaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaa! I, uh, wooon't, uh, be baaaaad-uh-uh-agaaaain! Ooooo, uh, Graaaam-uh-uh-peeee-uh-pleeeeez-uh! Uh, uh, waaaaaaaa! Uh, uh, waaaaaaaaa! Uh, uh, waaaaaaaaaa!" he screeched and screamed.

From the pain of his freshly scorched bottom, and the ripe memory of his first spanking by his Grandfather, only 2 hours earlier, tears quickly welled up, then overflowed, his eyes, rolling down his face, as he broke down into incoherent, nintelligible, uncontrollable sobbing again.

Grandpa utilized that hair brush effectively to bring his recalcitrant grandson under control and to remorseful submission. He watched his grandson's backside turn a deep shade of maroon as he applied the brush to the boy's butt again and again, finally ending his punishment in a series of the hardest swats he could deliver.

With that, Todd Jamison's second spanking of the day was over. Sprawled across his Grandfather's knee, he howled and sobbed, crying, shaking and shrieking – in shocked disbelief that this had happened to him again, and in such a short time. In no time at all, his Grandfather had subdued him with two spankings into a completely chastened condition. Grandpa set the brush down on the bed, and looked at his grandson, stretched out hanging face down, over his lap, with a reddened bottom, like a misbehaving, punished child.

It took a few minutes for Todd to stop crying and trembling enough to regain some self-control and composure. His Grandfather released the tight grip he still held on the boy, lifting his grandson up, and seating in on his right leg, while Todd sobbed and grimaced against the pain in his butt as it weighed. Todd stood wobbly, choking and gasping, doubled over again, looking down at his boxers and pants currently tangled around his feet.

"Look up! Look me in the eye, boy," his Grandfather commanded, reaching a hand under the boy's chin and pulling it upward. Despite wanting to avoid the gaze of his Grandpa, Todd's tear-filled, reddened eyes, were forced to look back at his Grandfather, as he did so with a mixture of guilt, anger, and fear. "This is whats in store for you every time, Toddy, until you start listening and obeying. You've got only yourself to blame when you get it. Do you understand me clearly, boy?"

Todd squinted his eyes, wrinkling up his face and nose and furrowing his brow a little, and nodded his wet-streaked face and head up and down jerkily, agreeing through choking sobs. Though he desperately wanted to tell his Grandfather that he didn't deserve to be spanked – especially at his age – something deep down inside told him differently. "Uh, uh, yes! Uh, uh, I, uh, doooo! Uh, augh-uh-oooo, uh, uh, uh, . . . uh, but I, uh, uh, I, uh, haaaaate it!" he blurted out. "B-but, uh, I guess you had, uh, uh, uh, good, uh, reason to do whuh-at, uh, you did, uh, and, uh-uh, well, uh, . . . I'm sorry, huh-uh . . . I'm sorry, uh, uh, . . . I'm sorry, Grandpa-uh-uh! . . . I'm sorry. . ." Todd repeated over and over, flinging his arms around his Grandfathers neck, leaning into the older man, and crumbling into crying sobs. Grandpa Jamison hugged his remorseful grandson back, patting the back of the boys disheveled hair.

Then his Grandfather released Todd from the embrace, lifting his grandson up, and steadying him as he tried to stand against the pain. Todd stood wobbly, choking and gasping, doubled over again, looking down at his boxers and pants currently tangled around his feet. He put his arm around the boy's shoulder, directed him back to the bathroom, to wash his face, comb his hair, and return to the kitchen to join his Grandparents. This time his face and eyes were deeply reddened from recent sobbing. As he stood by the table, he was noticeably upset.

He was already going to be late – and miss his first class of the day – but that was not the main thing on his mind at the moment. In just 2 hours time, he had received two, hard, overwhelmingly crushing spankings from his Grandfather. After more than 10 years of of not even giving a thought to being punished with a spanking, in one day his Grandfather had instilled in this young man a genuine fear of corporal punishment.

Things would forever be different from here on out, he realized. This was not at all what he had expected when he jumped at the chance to stay in Wisconsin and live with his Grandparents. With clear certainty, he knew now he must listen to his Grandpa, do what he was told, and avoid what he was forbidden - or, he knew, now, he would get spanked again. The introduction of old-fashioned spankings into the daily regime of Todd's life definitely cleared the air between him and his Grandparents. It had also achieved a definite, no-nonsense, honest communication between Grandpa Jamison and Todd. The young grandson had acquired the world-altering perspective that every young man obtains from being turned over