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The Towelboy

by Gayspankee

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At the ripe old age of 20, I have the most envious job, Towelboy for the local hockey team. Nothing is better for my raging hormones than walking through the crowded locker, gazing at the perfectly scuplted bodies, of these NHL hopefuls. Unfortunately, the mood in the locker isn't as hopeful. This team is in quite a slump. They have lost 10 in a row, and their playoff dreams are deminishing fast. Now, the coach holds his own in front of the home crowd, but once these men are behind his locker room door, the shit hits the fan. On this particualr night, they had just lost a game by a score of 6-0. As the team entered the locker room, sticks flew to the corner, as they were clearly frustrated. They all went to their lockers and began stripping, getting ready for their showers. This was the last home game before a 12 game road trip. The coach was too furious to enter yet. The played sloppy, missed checks and took bad penalties, that led to power play goals. And the goaltending, he minded his net about as well as he minds his own business. As the sweaty men were stripped down to their jockstraps, the door flew open.

"You guys are pathetic! You are a disgrace to the game. I just don't know what more I can do with you guys. We are two loses away from not making the playoffs, and we still have twenty games remaining. What do I have to do, beat some skills into you?"

The locker room was silent.

"I think that is the answer. When a child steps out of line he receives a good, sound spanking to correct his mistake. And thats what I am going to do to you. All of you!"

"Good one coach, you really had us going," Jon Hiller (the goalie) said laughing.

The coach unbuckled his belt, and slid it out of his pants. He doubled it over, and snapped it, echoing through the locker room.

"They always say a strong goalie is the backbone of the team. Perhaps they are right. Since you don't know when to keep your mouth shut, or when to stay in your goal, we will use you as our example. Now get your ass over here now."

"But, coach you..."

The furious man marched over to Hiller and forced him down on the bench. He raised the belt high in the air letting it slam down on the 22 year old's smooth ass. Crack, Crack, CRack. The belt whistled through the air, as the young man struggled to move out of the belt's painful path. The coach continued, until he reached fifteen, the number of young Hiller's jersey. The coach had broken the man. He lay there, sniffling as tears rolled down his face. He rubbed his burning red ass. The coach proceeded with his plan.

"As I said, you all are to blame. I want each of you to bend over, you all will receive ten lashes of the belt. Now line up!"

My cock was so hard watching these men, ranging in age from 19-25, bend over and get spanked. The jockstraps outlined their muscular asses perfectly. I watched as the belt wailed through the air landing on their perfect asses. Leaving crimson strips on each ass. After twenty minutes the coach was down with each player.

"Let this be a lesson to you. You lose one more game, and this is going to seem like a pat compared to what I have in me."

And with that said the coach left. There I was rubbing my hard cock through my pants, as these gorgeous men rubbed their sore, red asses. Then, I was spotted.

"Hey guys look! The little shit enjoyed the show," Hiller said.

And with that said I learned that payback is a bitch. To be continued...

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