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Hockey PLayers Deliver

by Gayspankee

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"Look the little shit enjoyed the show," Hiller said. "Maybe he would like to see how it feels."

I immeadiately stopped rubbing my cock, and looked at the door. No sooner did I look in that direction, the door was blocked, by the big guy, Tim Hathaway a 6'2", 220lb defensemen. Suddenly I was grabbed by the Ferraro twins. They wasted no time stripping(ripping) my clothes off, down to my CK's. They hauled me over to the bench. Chris sat down on the bench. I was bent over, with my face shoved in his jockstrap clad crotch. I wanted to to put my mouth all over his crotch, but I didn't dare. Then Peter sat on my back, sliding my underwear to my knees. He slid down my back, closer to my ass, then smack. I felt his manly hand slap my right cheek with all his might. Smack, smack, smack, smack. He get hitting, alternating between cheeks. Harder and harder until he reached ten. He got up and the next one stepped up. Again sitting on my back, slapping my ass with all his might, until he reached ten. This continued through the first 10 of the twenty men in the room. After the hundred slaps, I thought I was through. The last person was off my back, and no one sat down. Then I heard the sound. The sound of a belt snapping in the air. It was Hiller. He stepped up behind me, Peter returned to my back 'to keep me from squirmming.' Crack. The belt landed square on my already sore ass. I yellped as the pain surged through my body. Hiller passed the belt to the next guy. Crack. That was even harder than Hiller's. They continued passing the belt amongst the remaining 10 players, twice. Hiller had the last shot, and he made it count. Square across my ass, the shot echoed through the room. Then he threw the belt down. After the belt hit the floor, Peter got off my back again. My ass was scorching. I began to get up, but was pushed down again. No more, I thought, my ass couldn't take it.

"You take your spanking well, but you are not through yet," Hiller said.

I turned my head to look at him, as I saw him smiling rubbing his crotch. In fact, all TWENTY men were rubbing their crotches.

"Let's take a vote, How many for blowjobs? How many for up the ass? It looks like a tie."

And with that, all the young, hard studs dropped their jocks, exposing their large cocks. The twins were up first. Chris sat down on the bench again. This time I would be able to suck his hard cock. As I took his cock into my mouth, his equally cute brother stepped behind me. I soon felt his large cock probing my tight hole. These men wee so turned on, it wasn't long before I had a mouth full of hot, salty cum, and anass full of it too.

The men continued down the line. Fucking me as I sucked another. Then, it was Hiller's turn, he was the exception, since it was his idea. All the other guys had hit the showers, after their pleasuring, so it was just me and him. He sat on the bench, as I kneeled in front of him, ready to suck him.

"No, no. I;ve changed my mind. Get your ass over my lap, I think you need to be spanked some more."

I had no choice. I got up and layed across his lap. He rubbed his hand all over my ass, my cock became hard, then whack. Whack, whack, whack. His hand came down hard on my sore ass. As he smacked my helpless ass, I reached under myself and grabbed his hard cock. I began stroking him. As he got closer to cumming, the hits came faster and harder. Then his cock erupted all over my stomach and hand. And soon after, my hard cock erupted over his leg. He helped me to my feet and went to the showers. I stood there a moment, rubbing my ass, staring at the studs in the shower. I couldn't wait for the next home game.

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