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Supernatural Spanking

by Gayspankee

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(Note: This maybe a story for Scully and Mulder. I want some imput on this one fellas, this might be really stupid, but I'll give it a try, if it doesn't work, don't hold it aginst me)

It was about 7 o'clock on a cold winter night. I had the house to myself. I took advantage of the time alone to watch a new spanking video I had just gotten. From time to time, I liked to take matters into my own hands and spank myself. This was one of those occassions. I had put the tape into the vcr, and started to strip. It was long before I was aroused and wanted my own ass as red as the studs on the screen. I took the belt in my hand, and bent over the bed. Crack. I land a good shot, square on my ass. Crack. I was an akward shot with the belt, not much strength in it. I threw it down and was reaching for my rubber spatula, when a bright light filled the room. I couldn't move, I was bent over the bed. I heard my belt snap in the air. Then, CRACK, crack, crack. It landed hard against both cheeks. Crack, crack, crack. The lashes across my ass were unrelenting. The belt continued lashing my ass, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty times. My ass was burning, and the tears were streaming down my face. But, my screams were muffled, the only sound heard was the belt, still cracking hard on my ass. As the belt landed on my ass for the hundredth time, it dropped at my feet. The light, the buzzing were gone, just as quickly as they came. The only evidence of this strange phenomonon was my red, sore, swollen ass.

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