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Joel's First Spanking
Part 1

by Gayspankee

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As far as spankings go, I had always thought of myself as a bottom only kind of guy. Sure the thought of spanking another man intrigued me, but i prefered to be the one receiving the red ass. That however soon changed. I was surfing the classifieds looking for love when I came across Joel's ad. 'GWM looking for discipline.' My cock was so hard by the headline. As I read further, I discovered he was 19 and didn't live all to far from me. I couldn't resist, and although the ad din't specify, I assumed he was looking for a guy, slightly older than 20. To the contrary he was releived to find a young stud willing to discipline him. After several emails, we decided to go through with it. We were to meet at his house Friday night, 7pm sharp, we had the place to ourselves for the weekend. At the time I thought a weekend was a bit too long for two strangers to plan to be together, but my mind would change. Friday came fast, as they usually do. He told me to bring whatever I thought neccessary. Oops, through all of my emails, I neglected to tell him this was my first time out on the pitching end. I took the basics though, a belt, a rubber spatula, and a wooden cutting board(the one shaped like a paddle) I picked up especially for the occassion. At 7pm on the dot, I rang the doorbell. After I rang it a second time, the door opened. Standing there was a cute young man, about 5'6", 175lbs, with short brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a tight white tshirt, which showed off his well defined pecs, and an even tighter pair of blue jeans.

"Hi I am Joel, come in," he said.

"I'm Marc, good to finally meet you," I said extending my hand.

His hand quivered even more than mine. The truth be known, I'm not sure who was more nervous him or myself.

"I have a confession to make," Joel said. "This is going to be my first venture into spankings. I think the last time I was spanked, was when I was five, I threw a tantrum in a store and my dad cracked my ass good, giving me something to cry about. That is why I was releived to find out you were only 20."

"Well since we're confessing, I've never spanked anyone. I'm pretty much a bottom in this field."

With that said, we both loosened up, the tension was broken.

"Well lets get started," he said.

We went upstairs to his bedroom, he turned on the radio, leaving the volume just loud enough to hear. We both stood there, not really knowing what to do. finally, I took control.

"Joel, you have been a bad boy. These grades of yours are pathetic. I don't know why mom is wasting the money sending you to college. If dad was still around, he whip your ass good. He would make sure you pushed yourself to do better."

Joel was a little taken aback by the scenario, but at the same time, his tight jeans were bulging. I opened my bag, and pulled out my 'paddle.' His eyes widen whrn hr caught a glimpse.

"It looks like big brother Marc, is going to have make you do better. Now get off your ass, and bend over that bed."

"Please Marc, don't. I will do better in school, I have been trying, honest."

Joel started getting into it, even more aroused than before.

"You have been trying huh? What about last week, when you spent 5 damn hours on that fucking computer, talking to your, boyfriend?"

"Well, a...I..."

"That's what I thought. I will get through to you, just like dad would have. Now bend over."

Joel bent over the bed, his beautifully shaped buns staring at me through those tight jeans. I caressed his ass with my hand, then I rubbed the paddle over his ass. Then, crack. I swung the paddle hard across his ass. He yelped slightly, but stayed in place. I swung the paddle again, hitting him in the same place. I could see his cheeks clench on that hit. Again, I swung the paddle hard, hitting right below the previous two shots. He grunted but took the hits well. I continued until he took ten, all of which he handled well. I despretely wanted to use the belt, but not on a first timer. Instead, I pulled out my rubber spatula.

"Strip down to your underwear, and lay across my lap."

As he began to strip, I noticed he was still aroused. There young Joel was, standing in front of me in nothing but a tight pair of black CK's. His muscular chest, was covered with a thin patch of dark hair. His manly legs were equally hairy. He layed across my lap without a word. I could feel his hard cock grinding against my thigh. I rubbed his ass, I could feel the heat from the paddling steaming through the briefs. I grasped the spatula, and began wailing away at his ass. The spatula covered his entire ass, as he squirmed about trying to escape the sting. I continued smacking his ass, even as his grunts turned to moans. I stuck my finger in the waistband of CK's and yanked them to his knees. His ass was very hairy, almost as hairy as his chest. And it was red, beet red. I caressed his ass, as he squirmed to get up.

"I promise I'll do better, just stop I can't take any more."

I just held on to him tighter, his hard cock told the truth. I started to smack his bare ass with my hand. I hit hard, first his left, then the right cheek. Alternating, hit each cheek harder than the time before. The more I slapped, the harder Joel was. As I paused, the radio could once again be heard. The song playing was Meridith Brooks 'What Would Happen If We Kissed.' Slowly, Joel turned his head to look at me. I looked right into his green eyes, I helped him to his feet. Again, our eyes met, and so did our mouths. 'Did his tongue slip past my lips?'

To be continued

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