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Joel's First Spanking
Part 2 – Joel's First Spanking Continues

by Gayspankee

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Joel's tongue did slip past my lips(and more, but we'll get to that). This may have been Joel's first spanking, but it certainly wasn't his first kiss. Suddenly, Joel was in control, and I didn't mind at all. As he kissed me, Joel slowly started removing my clothes. He pulled my t-shirt over my head, and kissed down my hairy torso. He kissed my neck, and licked down to my nipples. His tongue rolled around my hard nipples. He continued down my torso, kissing and licking every sweaty inch. He proceeded to unbutton and unzip my pants. Th e loose black pants dropped to the ground, leaving my bulging black CK's in his face. He soon pulled those down too. His hot tongue cascaded over the head of my hard cock. Then, his mouth engullfed my raging hard-on. My cock slipped in and out of his mouth. And once again, Joel proved the only 'first' going on tonight was his spanking. As he sucked me harder and faster I was almost ready to cum, he began caressing my ass. Then, he stopped sucking my cock.

"I want to fuck you, real bad Marc."

I wanted that too, but I decided to play this to even more of my advantage.

"It's going to cost you, Joel. Fifteen lashes of the belt, and my ass is yours to fuck."

Joel was taken aback, or so he seemed. I thought he would contemplate it for a while, but...


"Bend over your bed again, and spread those legs wide."

He did as he was told, spreading his manly legs wide, exposing a tight, pink hole. I went over to my bag, and took out the belt. As I doubled it over, I snapped it together. Young Joel's ass clenched at the sound. I placed the leather on his, and did a few 'practice' swings to make sure I was lined properly. Then, I swung the belt with all my might, making the belt land square across the center of his ass. Joel's body jerked, he didn't anticipate the pain of the belt. I swung again, hit the same place, getting the same reaction. I let the next three come in rapid succession. The young man yelped as the leather stung his already sore ass. I did the same with the next four, letting the belt hit his red ass, again, and again, and again, and again, before the stings had a chance to register. Joel wasn't taking these as well as the others. This was a true spanking, although his cock wasn't hard any more, he stood there, waiting for the next. And the next he got. CRACk. The leather echoed through the entire house. Joel nearly jumped out of his skin on that one, as tears streamed down his face. I had done to Joel, what a good spanking is supposed to do, break you. I was satisfied and let the next three barely touch his ass, allowing Joel to pull himself together. I dropped the belt and grabbed my spatula for the last swat. This one was apllied to his tight, unexplored hole. Joel was stunned by that move, but his cock started becoming hard again. I threw down the spatula. Joel immeadiately began rubbing, his flaming red ass. He turned around, showing me how much he enjoyed the last swat. He looked into my eyes again, and kissed me thanking me for the spanking.

"Show me your appreciation," I said with a smile.

I walked over to the bed and lied down on my stomach, putting a pillow under my pelvis, pushing my ass in the air. Joel soon followed and i felt his manly hands spreading my hairy cheeks. Then, his tongue rolled over my tight, pink hole(as I said earlier, his tongue slipped past more than my lips). Once again, through our silent moment the radio could be heard again, this time 'Tell Him' by Barbra Striesand and Celine Dion streamed through the radio.

Not everything has to be told in words.

However, as I felt his hard cock starting to pentrate my tight ass, his bedroom door flew open and...

The further (mis)adventures of Joel will be continued

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