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Herb Spanks Loud Mouth

by Gayspankee

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It was the tour Herb dreaded most, senior class trip. The route wasn't bad, but those teenagers. And lucky Herb managed to get the boy's bus. A bus full of twenty five 18 year old, loud mouth males. Nothing perterb Herb more than being talked over. The bus was going from New Jersey to Virginia Beach. As the young men boarded the bus, Herb notice two immature indivduals, poke each other and laugh as they boarded. At the age of 42, Herb was a bear of man, but with a pleasant personality, most of the time. Herb followed the last of the boys on board, and before he sat down, he noticed the two immature guys, Chad and Steve, sitting right behind him, full of hell. Herb tried to let it go and started the drive. As Herb passed the points of interest, he told the group the history of them. The boys paid attenton, or at least kept quite, all except Chad and Steve, who carried on as if he wasn't talking. Then they started getting a little too rowdy, carrying on as if in there own home.

"Hey, keep it down, some people are actually paying attention," Herb yelled.

The two quieted down, and when they though Herb wasn't looking they gave him the finger. Unfortunately for them, Herb saw it.

"You boys have a problem?"

They sat there looking innocent.

"No problem."

"I thought so."

Herb continued doing his job, trying not to let these two fucks distract him. Again, as Herb started talking, they started talking louder.

"Hey, I told you two boys to keep it down, now shut it, or else."

"Or else what, pops," Chad said.

"Yeah, what are you going do about it porky?" Steve unwisely added.

That was all Herb was going to take. He pulled the bus over to the side of the road and opened the door.

"OUT. I have had enough of your shit, now get out, you pricks can walk."

"You can't do that man," Chad said.

"I don't have to take your shit either."

"We're sorry, we'll keep it down. Just let us stay." Steve said.

Herb got a brilliant idea.

"You can stay, but since you two acted like children, you will be treated like children."

Herb stood up, and unbuckled his belt, and pulled it from the loops. Fear rose in the young men's eyes.

"Wha...What are doing with that," Chad asked.

"I'm going to give you boys a good whipping, right now."

"You can't do that, that's assult," Steve quipped.

"Fine get out then. Those are your options."

The bus was silent. The guys couldn't believe what they were hearing. Chad and Steve confered.

"So what will it be boys?"

"The whipping, we'll take the whipping." Chad answered.

"You boys drop those pants, underwear too."

"You're giving it to us bare, in front of everyone?" Steve asked.

"Maybe next time you'll think before you speak."

The boys reluctantly, and slowly did as they were told. All the other boys whistled at the sight of their bare asses, adding to the embaresment. Herb turned to the boys whistling.

"What do you think ten licks each?"

The boys all booed and demanded twenty. And twenty it was. Herb started with Steve. He raised that belt high and watched it come crashing down hard on his bare ass. And again, harder than the last time. The boys cheered, after each hit. Herb continued wailing on Steve's ass. After the tenth hit the boy was sniffling. After the fifteenth, the boy was sobbing, and by the twentieth, Steve was blubbering like a baby. His ass was crimson red, and his face just a shade lighter, with embaresment. At that point, he didn't care he just stood there, bent over sobbing. As for Chad, he was quivering, scared shitless after hearing his friends beating. But, Chad was the loud mouth, and the worse the are the stiffer the punishment. Herb was pumped now, the practice shots were done, he was ready for the final round. Herb, landed five hard shots in rapid succession on Chad's ass. All the boys hooted, and cheered Herb on. Herb came through again landing another five on Chad's ass. By now Chad was sobbing almost as bad as Steve. Herb raised the belt, crcak, crack, CRack, Crack, and CRACK. Chad was blubbering now, and his had a couple welts forming on the side. But, Herb delivered the final five, just as hard as the previous, knowing he would be more respected for not letting up. The brat's were broken, and Herb was proud. To make matters worse for the boys, they had to sit for another three hours, on their sore, swollen asses.

It was a day Chad and Steve wouldn't forget, in fact the other boys took pictures, took make sure the day wasn't forgotten, they were enlarged, and attached to several high school yearbooks.

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