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Naked Spank

by Gayspankee

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I went to a Catholic high school in the 10th grade. We moved after that and I attended a public school. The experience I had in the 10th grade with a priest who seemed to love to spank "his boys" I will always remember.

Father Jon was a young priest that I always thought was more interested in the boys in the class than in our studies. He was strikingly handsome. He reminded me of Brad Pitt in a lot of ways. He had the boyish looks and the slim, muscular body. Sexy smile for a priest, too. He must have worked out a lot.

I knew that he had spanked a few of my friends but they never really wanted to talk about it. I began to fantasize how it would be to be spanked by him. Would he do it across his lap? Would he take down my pants? I had no idea. I only knew from rumors that when he gave serious spankings it would be after class and in an old storage room down the hall where all the mops and bathroom supplies were kept.

After much thought, I decided to get a spanking from Father Jon. I knew I would have to make him upset enough to keep me after class for the storage room treatment, whatever that was. It was like an adventure. I didn't know what awaited me, but I knew that others had gone through it and survived. I was just too curious and horny, to be honest, to not try it.

So, my plan was to be an asshole in class and see what happened. Well, I did several things that really made Father Jon extremely mad at me. I dropped his picture of his dog and broke the glass in the frame. I purposely spilled my coke on his lap while he sat at his desk answering a question I thought up. I told him in front of the whole class that I think he was mistaken on some fact in the middle of his teaching. I purposely threw a crumpled piece of paper across the room and hit a friend of mine in the head. Well, by the time the class ended, cute Father Jon told me to meet him back in his classroom after school. I looked frustrated to him, but inside I was excited.

I couldn't wait until the end of the school day. After my last class I went to Father Jon's classroom and sat in a desk as he said his good-byes to the other students. Finally, he looked at me. It was a look of intensity but with a glimmer of sensuality about it. He was very serious with no smile. I was a good looking kid in the 10th grade with a small 29 inch waist and pretty nice arms and legs because I loved to swim. I had long black hair and green eyes and a cute, boyish face. My butt was tight from all the swimming and I was looking forward to getting it spanked by Father Jon. I just didn't have a clue as to how it was going to actually happen.

He told me to follow him and my heart began to really beat fast. We were going to the storage room. This is it. I'm going to see what happens. I'm going to experience what happens. I started to get scared. What if I can't take it? I started to think about backing out. But it was too late. I was about to be punished and I could not stop it now.

He opened the door with a key and I went in before him. He followed and locked the door behind him. He turned on the light. The smell of cleaning supplies was strong. Mops in the corner and shelves of toilet tissue and paper towels for the bathrooms. One single light bulb lit the small room. There was a single chair in the middle of the room under the light. Boxes were around the sides of the room. I was taking it all in, waiting for his next instruction, with an erection already starting.

Then he silently walked over to the chair. Sat down. And looked at me for a couple of seconds. He was in tight jeans and his black shirt with the white collar. Then, he said, "The way you behaved in my class today can not and will not go unpunished. Come here to me, now." I slowly walked over to him without saying a word. His eyes were gorgeous. When I got close enough for him to touch me, he grabbed my arm and jerked me closer. He took my shirt off, then ordered me to take my shoes and socks off. I did so and stood up again. He then grabbed my belt buckle and undid it with my pants and yanked them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them because he told me to do so. Then he looked at me one more time, eye to eye. Then as he was staring at me with this mean kind of grin, he put his fingers in the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down and made me step out of them too.

Now I was completely naked in front of him. I had a hard-on too. It was really hard. Now I knew that he spanked his boys naked. He looked down at my erection, then up again into my eyes with the same mean looking grin. He let me stand there, naked with my dick erect for a few seconds saying nothing, as I kept my hands by my side, and then he grabbed my arm and pulled me over his lap.

By now I was ready to come. He positioned me for a few minutes like he was enjoying looking at my naked ass. At least that is what I imagined. Then he reached around my waist and touched my erect cock. First he only barely touched it as he held me across my stomach on his lap, but then he purposely took hold of it. I was so excited. His hand on my penis made me get even more erect. Then the spanking started. With his bare hand. Slowly. And for a long time. I mean he must have spanked me for 30 minutes.

Finally, after what seemed like a long time of spanking and me squirming, I started to cry from the pain. I tried to get free because it really started to hurt but he held my penis tight. I was about to come when he started to spank me even harder. Suddenly he stopped.

I was crying and trying to get free when I felt him separate my ass cheeks and start to touch my asshole. Gently at first, but then he began to push his finger into my asshole. I was so embarrassed to think that my teacher was looking at my asshole and touching it while holding onto my erect dick. It was an incredible experience. Then as he pushed his finger into my asshole, he began to massage my erect dick. I felt the orgasm coming and didn't try to stop it.

I started to come and buck on his lap and he immediately took his finger out of my ass and started spanking me really hard. I kept coming and he kept spanking me and spanking me. My come juices fell on the floor and on his leg and he just kept spanking me. I cried, I screamed, I tried to get free, but he held my erect penis as I was coming and just kept spanking my tight little ass. I finally stopped coming but he kept spanking. When I stopped moving and just lay across his lap limp he still kept spanking me for a little while. Finally he stopped. And finally he let go of my swollen penis.

He told me to get up and get dressed. I did with tears still coming and come still dripping. He told me to remember this spanking and to remember to behave in his classroom from now on. I was led out of the storage room and told to go home. I will never forget that experience. I saw why my friends who had been brought to that storage room by Father Jon did not want to talk about it much. I never told anyone about it, except my best friend. And now the whole world knows about it. I didn't even change his name in my story. He really is called Father Jon.

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