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Jurassic Spank

by Eric Blyton

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Author's Note: This is in response to three different requests.

Background: This is based on "Jurassic Park", a book by Michael Crichton that was made into a movie. I've taken a few liberties with the plot, but then so did the movie. For any of those who may not have seen "Jurassic Park", all you have to know is that it's about people being chased by cloned dinosaurs run amuck in a theme park. The character of Dr. Alan Grant was played by Sam Neill and Tim, the grandson of the park owner, was played by Joseph Mazzello.

* * * * *

Dr. Grant sat in the jeep waiting for the power to come back on. There was a steady drum of rain on the roof and even Ian Malcolm had stopped his endless prattling about chaos theory. Dr. Sattler had stayed behind with Dr. Harding and Mr. Hammond's granddaughter, so she was not even here to bug him about getting married and having kids. So far, Jurassic park had been both a wonderful surprise and a total let-down. Wonderful because the people here had actually succeeded in bringing back dinosaurs from extinction. A let-down because they clearly had some serious bugs to work out in their systems. This power failure was a good example.

It could be worse, though. He could be in the other jeep with the lawyer, Gennaro and the little boy. Dr. Grant tried to be nice to kids, but this one fancied himself a junior paleontologist. Dr. Grant was not used to defending his theories to skeptical nine year-old boys.

He was half asleep, almost seeming to dream that he was hearing low, thumping noises, when he heard the door of the other jeep open. Much to his surprise, he saw the lawyer running to the restroom hut.

"He shouldn't leave the boy alone like that," he said to Ian.

"Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go," Ian said.

But then the reason for the man's flight was all too horribly apparent. Staring down at them was a real live Tyrannosaurs Rex. Dr. Grant gasped in shock.

"Don't move," he whispered to Ian, "He can't see you if you don't move."

The dinosaur looked around their jeep and roared, but unable to sense them, he left them alone. However, the other jeep was a different matter. Gennaro had left the door open, and the T-Rex could clearly smell the boy inside. It charged and began to bash the vehicle with its head. Dr. Grant could hear Timmy yelling inside as the Rex crashed through the Plexiglas sunroof. Then it butted its head against the side and slowly, deliberately turned the jeep over. There was no choice; if Dr. Grant didn't do something, the boy was going to die. Grabbing a flare, he leapt out of the jeep into the rain. He ignited the flare and waved his arms about, yelling at the top of his lungs. As the T-Rex turned to face him, he threw the flare to the side and the dinosaur chased after it.

"Run, Timmy," he urged, "Get out of the jeep."

Unfortunately, the boy was frozen in fear and made no move to get out. Dr. Grant heard the Rex returning and desperately rushed to the jeep. Timmy way laying as if paralyzed on the upside-down roof of the car. Even Dr. Grant's frantic yells could not induce him to move. Expecting to feel the teeth of the beast rip apart his back at any moment, Dr. Grant reached in and tried to drag the prone boy out.

As he reached for Tim, he saw that Ian had used his flare trick to distract the monster again. But this time, the beast chased the man and not the flare. He watched as Ian ran to the restroom building. Just as he reached it, the T-Rex knocked the flimsy structure flat, covering Ian with bamboo walls and revealing the lawyer cowering on the toilet. The hungry dinosaur bent its head down and chomped him up in two gulps.

No great loss there, thought Dr. Grant, but he didn't want himself or Timmy to be next. The Rex turned its attention again to the overturned jeep and began pushing it with its head. Dr. Grant had been unable to get Tim out. The rain had made everything slippery and the boy was no help as he was still frozen in fright.

Seeing that the monster was going to push the jeep over the edge into the gorge, Dr. Grant grabbed one of the wires and started repelling down the concrete retaining wall. With a powerful shove, the dinosaur sent the jeep falling. Fortunately, it landed in the branches of one of the giant trees. Dr. Grant slid the rest of the way to the ground and looked up.

They were safe from the Rex for the moment. It couldn't climb and if was much to far for it to jump. He started climbing up the tree, calling Tim's name as he went. Hearing no response, he worried that the boy had hit his head and been knocked unconscious. But when he reached to jeep and looked in the window, he saw him scrunched up in the corner of the seat.

"I threw up," Tim said in a soft voice, finally managing to speak.

"That's all right," Dr. Grant reassured him, "Just give me your hand. I won't tell anybody you threw up." Slowly Tim extended his hand.

"That's good," Dr. Grant said as he took hold of the boy and carefully eased him out of the jeep. The vehicle was shifting in the branches and Dr. Grant didn't want it to fall on top of them. He tried to get Tim to start climbing down, but he froze on the branch.

"This is impossible," he said.

"No, it's not. I'm going to help you do this."

Timmy tried, but the jeep was shifting more and more. It was just a matter of moments before it came down on them. Dr. Grant grabbed the boy and put him on his back piggyback style. He started climbing down as rapidly as he dared, but now the jeep was falling. The last twenty feet was more or less free-fall; they hit the ground and stepped back from the tree. The jeep landed nose first behind them and then slowly fell over, covering them.

"Well, here we are in the car again," Tim said

"At least you're out of the tree," Dr. Grant pointed out, glad that the boy was regaining his sense of humor. They crawled out and started walking. Dr. Grant didn't know where he wanted to go, but he wanted to put some distance between them and the Rex. They walked for a while and then he heard the distant cry of the carnivorous dinosaur.

"Do you hear that?" Tim asked.

Dr. Grant just took his hand and kept walking. After covering some more distance, they came to a huge tree with great, spreading branches. Dr. Grant directed Timmy to start climbing up it.

"I hate trees," he groused.

They got up into the branches and looked around. In the moonlit mist they could see the long heads of other dinosaurs moving through the forest. They hooted softly and Dr. Grant put his hand to his mouth and hooted back. Then he sat down and rested his head against the tree. Timmy got down and lay next to him.

"What if they come back while we're asleep?" Timmy asked.

"I'll stay awake."

"All night?"

"Yes, all night."

With that reassurance, the boy fell asleep. Soon Dr. Grant drifted off too.

He awoke to find one of the brontosauruses eating leaves from their tree. He gently shook Tim awake and pointed it out to him. The boy was fascinated and petted the dinosaur's head. After a while, if moved away and the two climbed down. When they reached the ground, Dr. Grant turned to talk to Timmy.

"Listen, Timmy," he began, "I don't know where we are, but I'm sure I can find our way out of here. But there is still real danger here. I know you may get scared, but you can't freeze up like you did last night. When I tell you to move, you must move. O. K."

"Yes, Dr. Grant," Timmy said.

With that they started moving. The sun was up and they made their way into an open field. Dr. Grant remember the rough layout of the island, and knew they had to be headed in the right direction. He also didn't think they were in any of the danger areas, but since the fences went down, all bets were off. Leading the boy, he continued walking.

"I'm tired. I'm hot," Timmy complained about half an hour later.

Dr. Grant was going to respond to that when he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. He saw a group of dinosaurs running through the field. They looked like deformed flamingoes. Recognizing them as harmless, he pointed them out to Timmy.

"What are those, Timmy?" he asked.

"They''re headed this way!" Tim exclaimed.

Dr. Grant saw that the boy was right; the hole bunch of them had turned and they were coming straight for them. They had to move or they were going to get trampled.

"Run Tim!" he shouted, but the boy had frozen in place. Dr. Grant took his hand and pulled him along as the creatures came thundering up behind them. They reached a fallen tree and ducked behind it. The dinosaurs jumped over and around, leaving them unmolested. Soon they saw the reason for the animals' panic; T-Rex appeared and attacked one of the slower ones. It was time to move.

"Keep low and follow me," Dr. Grant said. It was no use. Tim was staring unmoving in the direction of the Rex. The man picked him up and carried him off. He got them safely away and then set the boy down. He put his hand on Timmy's shoulder and looked him in the eye.

"Listen, Timmy. Twice today you've frozen up. I know that you are scared, but this is going to get us both killed. This is a last resort, but if you freeze up again, I'm going to have to spank you."

"Please don't do that, Dr. Grant! I won't freeze up again, I promise."

"Well, if you don't, then I won't. But I just can't take a chance. Our lives are at stake, here."

Having made the necessary warning, they started walking again. Finally the electric fence came into view. The sign warned 'Danger, 10,000 volts', but Dr. Grant checked it with a branch and verified that it was still off. He tried to get through the wire, but it was too tight. They would have to climb over. Hearing T-Rex in the distance was all they needed to spur them on. They reached the top and then the man scampered down ahead.

Dr. Grant dropped from the fence. He was damn glad to be back in the road. Not that this fence would stop one of the bigger carnivores, but it was some protection anyway. Tim was making his way over too. The responsibility of looking after the boy had been a real strain on him, and he would be glad to get him back to his grandfather intact.

All of a sudden a loud, blaring sound interrupted his thoughts. With a shock, Dr. Grant realized what it was; they had finally gotten the power back on and the electric fence was about to come back online.

"Jump, Timmy! Just let go!" he shouted to the boy.

Unfortunately, the kid had frozen up again. No only was he not jumping, he wasn't even climbing down any more. There was no time to think; Dr. Grant threw himself at the fence and clawed his way up next to the boy. Grabbing Timmy around the waist, he let go and pushed backwards. Man and boy fell out and down as the lethal electric current surged through the fence anew. They hit the ground with a thud. Dr. Grant had managed to keep Timmy on top of his body, so he took all the impact. It felt like he had jarred his teeth loose. He let go of the boy and he slowly moved off of him.

"I did it again, didn't I?" Timmy said.

"Yes you did, Timmy," Dr. Grant agreed as he sat up and leaned back against a post. "You nearly got us both killed. I don't want to do this, but I'm going to have to. I just can't take the chance that you'll freeze up again."

"I'm sorry Dr. Grant, please don't spank me!" Timmy begged.

"I've made up my mind about this, Timmy," Dr. Grant said. "It really is for your own good."

The boy was sitting next to him, and Dr. Grant reached over and undid the snap on his tan shorts and pulled the zipper down. Timmy had a mournful look on his sweet face, but that was something the man had to ignore. He pulled the limp boy over his lap and began working his pants down to his knees. When he had them down far enough, he grabbed the waistband of Timmy's white briefs.

"Please don't pull my underpants down too, Dr. Grant!" Timmy moaned in his high, piping voice.

"I'm sorry, Timmy," Dr. Grant said as he began tugging at them, "But I have to. All I've got to spank you with is my hand, and I need to make a proper impression on you. The only way I can to that it if I spank you on your bare bottom."

Timmy didn't put up any resistance as Dr. Grant took his underpants down. First the tender, white cheeks came into view The briefs were caught underneath the boy and so Dr. Grant had to roll him on his side to get them loose. Grasping them from the front, he freed them from the boy's waist. As they slid down Timmy's thin, milky thighs, the boy's hairless penis and balls sprung into view. Dr. Grant got them down around his knees with the shorts and then rolled Timmy back so he was face down again. He pushed the boy's shirt and T-shirt up so that his bottom was totally unprotected.

Timmy lay unmoving over the man's lap. Just like before, he was frozen in shock. His mind was shrieking at him that he was about to get a bare-bottomed spanking and that he ought to be trying to do something about it, but his body refused to obey. It was as if he were paralyzed, but with all his senses in overdrive. He could hear the chirping of birds and the low hum of the electric fence. He could smell the earthy ground through the wet grass that his head way resting on. He felt the cool morning air gently blowing against his bared bottom and the stiff fabric of Dr. Grant's pants against his naked little cock and balls. Then he heard a rush of air as Dr. Grant's hand moved downward through the air, SPANK!

Timmy gasped and sucked in air as the man's hand connected with his bottom. A stinging wave of pain swept through him.

Dr. Grant wasn't happy with the angle and so he shifted around a bit to get a better set-up. As he prepared to resume his task he noticed his hand print coming up red against the creamy white skin of Timmy's bottom.

After the initial shock, the pain in Timmy's rear had eased some. He was still frozen, unable to put up the slightest resistance as Dr. Grant started up again, SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

Timmy cried out as the spanking resumed. Each stinging slap seemed to double the pain in his bottom and tears started to flow from his eyes. But he was still unable to move, SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

The burning in his bottom felt like he had sat down on a campfire. Dr. Grant's hand felt hard as steel as the painful swats continued, SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

Timmy felt his leg jerk at the latest blow landed on his upper thigh. Along with the searing agony in his bottom, he was aware that his legs were beginning to move. But this did not end the spanking, SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

Dr. Grant noticed that Timmy was beginning to wiggle. That was what he had been hoping for, but he wanted to make sure that Timmy would be more afraid of another spanking than whatever future danger they might face and so he continued. As he beat the boy's bare bottom with his hand, Timmy was starting to thrash about and buck in his lap. Soon he needed all the strength in his left hand to hold the boy in place. The cheeks of Timmy's rear were no longer white; instead they were red all over, with two especially dark patches in the center of the matching cheeks. Dr. Grant gave him three more good licks before he stopped. Timmy's lusty howls of pain were echoing off the trees as the boy reached behind himself and rubbed his blistered buns with both hands. Dr. Grant let him do that for a couple of minutes, and then he gently moved Tim's hands away. He carefully pulled the boy's underpants and shorts back up and snapped them back. Then he picked the still crying lad up and hugged him against him.

"I'm very sorry I had to do that Timmy," he said, "I doubt that you really understand, but I'm trying to save your life. Just remember, next time you're in danger, If you don't move quickly, I'm going to give you a spanking worse than the one you just got."

"O. K., Dr. Grant," Timmy sniffed.

"Are you ready to walk now?" he asked.

Timmy nodded and they got up and started walking back to the main base. They reached it within half an hour. Timmy was happy to see his sister and grandfather and if either of them noticed his puffy eyes, they undoubtedly thought it was due to his near escapes.

That wasn't the end of it, of course. Jurassic Park was fatally flawed just as Ian Malcolm had predicted. The Raptors had gotten out when the power failed and now they attacked. At one point, Timmy found himself directly in front of one of the vicious carnivores. He started to freeze, but then Dr. Grant's voice broke through his daze telling him to run. He dashed toward the man and just as he reached him, the T-Rex appeared and landed on the raptor, killing it in a fierce struggle.

Then the helicopter came and took them off the island. Lexie sat with grandfather, but that didn't bother Timmy any. He was right where he wanted to be; sitting in Dr. Grant's lap with the man's arm around his tummy. As they left the island behind them forever, he turned to whisper in Dr. Grant's ear.

"I understand now, Dr. Grant," he softly said. "When that raptor was looking at me, I was too scared to move. Then I heard your voice, and all I could thing about was how hard you would spank my bare bottom if I didn't run and so I ran faster than I ever have in my life."

Having said that, Timmy smiled at the man and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Dr. Grant gave him a big hug and held his head against his chest. The flight went on and Timmy fell asleep in the man's lap.

'I've definitely got to have some kids myself,' Dr. Grant thought to himself in the warm glow of satisfaction.

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