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Just When Adam Thought It Was Safe...

by Eric Blyton

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 01 Mar 2005

Author's Note: While this story is mine, I actually borrowed the lead character from someone else. Adam Jensen is originally the creation of tbfyb and can be read about in his excellent story Friends: A Matter Of Honor, which can be found on this Archive.


“Hurry up, slowpoke!”

Adam sighed as he locked his bike to the fence. Older brothers were such a pain sometimes. No matter what, every time he and Jeremy did something together, the older boy would up complaining that his little brother held him back. What did Jeremy expect; his legs were longer, his bike was bigger and he was faster and stronger. Couldn’t he be patient just once?

“God, what are you doing? Let’s go, already.”

No, it didn’t seem so. Jeremy had already discarded his T-shirt and shoes and was making his way down the fence with only his swimming shorts on. Hurrying to catch up, Adam removed his own shirt and shoes and then stripped off his shorts so only his flashy speedo remained.

“Oh, wait up, Jeremy,” he cried as he trotted after his big brother. Rolling his eyes in exasperation, Jeremy stood in place while Adam caught up. The rocky ground was tough to run on in bare feet, but Adam knew if the slowed down, Jeremy would just complain.

“At last,” Jeremy groused as Adam pulled up next to him.

“I don’t see what all the hurry is about,” Adam muttered. “The ocean is still going to be there.”

“Yea, but the tide’s going out. You know this spot’s best at high tide.”

In fact, Adam thought that the cove was just as good at low tide as at high, but there was no point arguing with Jeremy about it. He’d just find some new argument of tell Adam that he was stupid. He fell in behind the bigger boy and they continued down the chain link fence.

Every hundred feet there was a red-lettered sign that said, Private - No Trespassing!. The boys had known about this, of course. This had always been private property, but the previous owners had not minded children crossing his land to go for a swim. But last year it had been sold to a rather grouchy recluse. After a month of noisy boys splashing about in front of his house, he had erected this fence, blocking off all fifteen acres of his waterfront property. At first, indignant kids had just jumped the fence, but the police had sternly warned several of them and now everybody just went elsewhere. It’s not like the coast of Florida lacked for places to swim.

Of course, during the winter, Jeremy and Adam hadn’t been swimming anywhere. Neither of them was partial to cold water, but with the start of April the Gulf Stream was warming up again. Adam had asked his brother if he wanted to go swimming since it was a sunny Saturday and his best friend Chris Bennett was away on Easter break. Jeremy had said yes and soon they were riding down toward the Shore Road.

It wasn’t until they were nearly there that Jeremy announced his intention to swim at the cove. Adam objected immediately; the cove was now off limits, why not ride down a little further and swim at Long Beach? Jeremy had reacted with scorn, calling Adam a wimp and saying that he had no intention of letting some old fart tell him where he could and couldn’t swim.

So here they were, facing this six-foot high fence and preparing to climb over it. Once again Adam’s sense of caution kicked in, but Jeremy was already making his way over. If Adam were to turn back now, he would tease him like mad and probably never agree to do anything with him again. Against his better judgment, he hooked his feet in the links and ascended the fence.

He dropped down to the other side, but Jeremy was already on the move, cutting through the thin line of trees and scrambling down the brown rocks at the edge of the beach. Adam hurried after him, but he was already running down the beach and splashing into the ocean.

“Wow, it’s cold!” Jeremy exclaimed as he went in up to his waist.

“Don’t yell, Jeremy,” Adam said as he went wading in after him. “We don’t want to bother the owner.”

“Who cares!” Jeremy shouted. “We’re in the water! He doesn’t own the sea. Let him complain! Woooooooo!”

After this loud and very unnecessary war-whoop, Jeremy put his hands in the water and started splashing Adam. And the water was cold; Adam felt his already compact balls drawing even further up in his nutsac while his penis shrunk to half its length. He dove underneath the water so Jeremy’s splashing would be ineffective, but the other boy swooped down on him, holding him underwater until he was gasping for air. When he finally let him up, he sucked oxygen into his lungs and wondered what had possessed him to ask Jeremy to come along. He would have had more fun by himself.

For the next five minutes, he tried to play around with his brother, but Jeremy seemed determined to pick on him, so he gave it up. He swam out further and tried to ignore him, despite the fact that he was still carrying on like an idiot.

After one particularly long dive, he broke the surface and noticed that Jeremy had shut up. Fearing that he might be trying to sneak up to him and duck him again, he turned to look. He spotted him dashing up the beach and over the rocks. What was that about?

Then Adam noticed the flashing red light through the trees. Oh my God, that was a Police car! Taking long, desperate strokes, Adam made for the shore.

“Hold it right there!” the cop said to the fleeing Jeremy. He gave chase, but the teen had a good head start and was able to outrun him. Adam had reached the beach, but saw no point in running. The cop was between him and his bicycle and besides, it wasn’t in his nature to run away. The man had told them to halt, and so he did. He was busted and he knew it. He stood there on the beach, hanging his head while the salt water dripped off his body and short blonde hair. Why did he ever listen to Jeremy?

The policeman came back to the beach, clearly annoyed at the other boy’s getaway. Adam recognized Officer Mark Parker, one of the younger and more easygoing of Flagler Beach’s handful of law enforcement officers.

“Well, well, well. Adam Jensen. What brings you here?” Officer Parker asked sarcastically.

“Um, we were swimming,” he said, feeling that it was a very lame thing to say.

“By ‘we’ I assume you mean you and your fleet-footed brother. He might have outrun me, but he’s really stupid if he thinks I couldn’t recognize him.”

Adam made no comment to this. Jeremy was stupid as far he was concerned and now he’d gotten them both in trouble. And Adam was the one standing here having to face the music.

“Well, at least you had the sense not to run. That means you’re only guilty of trespassing and not trying to evade an Officer of the Law, but you’re still very much in trouble, young man.”

Adam’s heart sank. He’d been hoping to be let off with a warning, but that didn’t seem likely listening to Officer Parker. No doubt his parents would be called and then he’d be in for it. He and Jeremy were supposed to spend next weekend with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins. They were visiting the state and planned to go to the Kennedy Space Center. Adam had been there before, but he never tired of it and was so looking forward to showing it to his cousins. Well, he could kiss that good-bye.

“You realize I’ll have to give you a citation,” Officer Parker was telling him.

“Do you have to?” Adam pleaded. “Please, don’t. My parents will ground me and I have to be somewhere next weekend.”

“You should have thought of that before you trespassed on someone else’s property. It’s not like you could have missed the signs. And then you made so much noise, the owner called the station to complain. Honestly, Adam, I though you would have had enough sense to keep quiet if you absolutely had to swim here.”

“That was Jeremy doing all the yelling,” Adam muttered. He wasn’t the sort of boy to tell tales, but this was mostly his brother’s fault and he didn’t see why he should have to take all the blame.

“All right, tell me exactly what happened,” Officer Parker said as he leaned back against one of the big rocks. Adam stood there in the noonday sun, with the water rapidly drying on his skin and bathing suit and spilled his guts. He felt very intimidated; despite Mark Parker’s relaxed tone of voice, the man was dressed in full uniform and even had a pistol holstered in his belt. Adam made no effort to lie or try to tell anything less than the full truth. And while he didn’t know it, his demeanor impressed the policeman.

When he was done with his confession, he went on to tell him why he didn’t want his parents to know and again asked to be let off with a warning.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Adam,” Officer Parker said, clearly sympathizing with the boy. The owner, Mr. Quinn, called the police station. He’s going to want satisfaction, or else he’ll complain.”

“Can I go up and apologize to him?” Adam suggested. “I don’t mind doing that.”

“That’s not a bad idea, Adam, but I’m afraid it won’t work. The last couple of times we’ve caught boys here, we made them do that, but after the last time, he said he wanted action if it happened again. I realize that your apology would be sincere, but he wouldn’t accept it. I’d like to let you go, but I’m kind of stuck.”

Adam saw his trip to Cape Canaveral disappearing before his eyes. He started to get desperate.

“Can’t you just, I don’t know, spank me or something?” he asked before he had a chance to even think about it.

Officer Parker cocked his head to one side and took off his mirrored sunglasses.

“Spank you? Are you serious?”

Adam did not know what to say. Was the man annoyed at him for suggesting it or was he actively considering the possibility?

“I guess,” he said softly, feeling kind of stupid. As if this cop would do that when it wasn’t legal to do it in school any more.

“Because if you’re serious,” Officer Parker continued, “That might be your one way out of a citation. Mr. Quinn ’s an old guy; I’m sure he’d consider that an appropriate punishment.”

So he was considering it! Now that it was a real possibility, Adam started to think about the ramifications. It’s not like he’d never been spanked before; his Dad had had him over his knee more times that he cared to count. And while he’d taken to grounding him and Jeremy as his prime form of punishment, Adam had still had a couple of sessions with his father’s hairbrush in the last year.

“You’d do it, right?” he asked, “Not Mr. Quinn?”

That was important. There was no way he was going to let the old grouch spank him. And while the muscular young cop would probably spank him a lot harder, at least he knew and liked the man.

“No, I’d do it,” Officer Parker clarified.

“With what?”

“My belt. And before you ask, you’d have to have your swimsuit pulled down. I’m not wasting my time spanking you over clothes.”

Adam gulped. He’d been spanked over pants, with just underwear and bare-bottomed. He knew from experience that being spanked over clothes was far from a waste of time, especially with a belt. All the same, his damp bathing suit would have given him a little bit of protection; protection that he had been counting on. But it seemed as if he was going to have to take the full dose if he wanted to keep his father from finding out.

“Well, what’s it to be, then?”

“I’ll, ah, I’d rather be spanked,” Adam whispered.

“Fair enough,” the man said. He undid with wide black belt and started pulling it loose. He removed the gun and holster and rested it on top of the rock. Adam’s stomach turned over as he saw the sun glistening off the thick leather. But something else was happening to Adam, something both unexpected and horrifying; his dick was starting to get hard.

Feeling a wave of rising panic, Adam tried to make it stop. He reminded himself that this man was about to pull his speedo down and bend him over and spank his bare bottom. But far from making it go away, this image only increased the flow of blood to the boy’s penis. His cock had been lying down over his balls and as it expanded, it ached from being bent. Because his rod was only so big, it wasn’t obvious yet, but what about when Officer Parker make him take his swimsuit down? Maybe he could turn around so the man would only see his butt.

But there was no such luck. Apparently, Officer Parker wanted to do it himself. The drawstring of Adam’s speedo was half hanging out the front and the man took it between his fingers and gently pulled it all out. With a speed that even the panicking Adam could see was deliberately slow he undid the knot. When the strings parted, the man hooked his fingers inside the front of the now slack waistband and pulled Adam’s speedo carefully down. Before his butt was even half-uncovered, Adam’s hairless erection sprang free. There was no hiding it now; it was bobbing from its sudden release and had swelled to its full four inches.

“I’m sorry!” Adam gasped. “I don’t…I mean…I don’t know why it…I’m sorry!”

This was barely coherent, but he didn’t know what to say. He was dreadfully ashamed and embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about that, Adam,” Officer Parker told him, “That’s a perfectly natural reaction for a boy to have. You have more important things to concern yourself with.”

This blasé acceptance of his boner was both surprising and relieving to Adam. He’d expected the man to freak out on him, not just shrug it off. But it did bring things back to the matter at hand. Officer Parker sat on a large, smooth rock. Adam’s speedo had fallen to his ankles, locking his legs together so when the cop pulled him over his knee, it was more of a controlled fall than anything else. Now the boy’s feet were in the sand, his face was less than a foot away from a patch of seaweed, his raging boner was dangling between Officer Parker’s uniformed legs and his still wet bare bottom was pointed high in the air. The hot sun beat down on his naked skin, evaporating the salt water and warming him. But it only made him think about how much warmer his buns were going to be in a short while. Officer Parker shifted his position slightly and his bare dick scraped against the man’s pants, sending and electric surge of tortuous pleasure through his young body.

“Now Adam,” he was saying, “If you are anything like me when I was a boy, you’ll try to hold back from crying as long as you can. Don’t. The more yelling Mr. Quinn hears, the happier he’s going to be about this. So howl as much as you want, because I’ll be giving you ample reason to.”

The man shifted again and Adam felt another rush of ecstasy as his cock was brushed once more.

Adam heard the rush of air and heard the loud WHAP! of the belt connecting with his bottom. He screeched as his buns registered the ribbon of pain. The belt had landed right at the top of his pale cheeks and he could just imagine the red stripe that had appeared. He didn’t have very long to contemplate it; a few seconds later, he heard another rush of air and there was another WHAP! This one was just below the first one; in fact they had overlapped slightly. The areas that had been struck twice burned with a stinging intensity that was even worse than the rest of his newly spanked skin. There was another pause and then another WHAP! as the third blow landed right in the center of his bare bottom. There was no doubt that Officer knew how to spank with a belt; not only were the center of Adam’s cheeks being spanked, but the pliable leather was wrapping around the sides as well, covering his whole bottom. With even, methodical strokes, the man worked his way down Adam’s rear, making the boy shriek even louder when he reached the sensitive area where he round bottom gave way to his smooth thighs. Adam’s whole bottom was now fully ablaze. There was not one square inch of his backside that the belt hadn’t found and punished. But nor was this the end. The spanking continued, but in a completely random pattern. While the pace remained the same, Adam didn’t know from one stroke to the next which portion of his blazing bottom would next receive the searing kiss of the belt. But through the red haze of pain, he became aware of two things.

The first was that Officer Parker was taking his time about this. Unlike his father, who would have spanked him with a series of quick strokes, the man was pausing between the licks, and this made the spaced-apart spanks sting even more when they landed.

The second was that his cock was still very hard. In fact, despite the agonizing pain in his rump, each blow drove his crotch down against the man’s leg and caused a jolt of pleasure that was not totally overwhelmed by the simultaneous pain. He started squirming in the man’s lap, partly in an involuntary effort to move his bottom from out of the strike zone but also to increase the friction on his throbbing meat. The blows seemed to be coming harder now, or perhaps his poor bottom was reaching its maximum threshold of pain, but his dick and nuts knew only pleasure. His cries were still mostly in response to the pain, but mixed in with that was the warning of approaching orgasm. Adam was bucking in the man’s lap, lo