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13: Dad Takes Brian's Spanking

by Brians Sister

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Kevin Wilkins was heading to his ex-wife’s house to pick up his 12-year-old daughter Janet and his 14-year-old son Brian for a day at the beach. Kevin was dressed in a tank top and board shorts and was excited to see his kids. It had been over a year since he and his ex had split up and he didn’t get the chance to see his kids very often.
Kevin turned off the freeway exit, down the side streets until he pulled up in front of his ex wife’s house. As he got out of his car, he heard some shouting and crying coming from inside the house. This didn’t surprise him as his ex, Maggie was a shouter.
Kevin knocked on the door and after a long pause, Janet answered the door. She let Kevin in and Kevin immediately identified the source of the shouting and screaming. In the front room, his fourteen-year-old son lay across his ex-wife’s lap naked as the day he was born. His board shorts, boxers, tee shirt, shoes and socks were discarded to one side. Maggie Wilkins was wielding a heavy kitchen spoon to punish their son.
Maggie glanced up and saw who was there and stopped the paddling. Brian lay across the lap weeping. Maggie pulled Brian up by his arm to stand naked in front of his Mom, Dad, and sister. Kevin had not seen Brian in this state of undress since Brian was a small child. Brian’s weights, swimming, and track had filled out the small, skinny boy into a lean young man. His family jewels were also very large and well proportioned with the rest of his body.
“Well, Kevin, I am glad to see you here. You are late as usual and I thought I would teach your son some manners while we waited for you to eventually get here. That boy cannot get it through his head to respect his elders and his sister. I don’t think he will be able to go to the beach with you and Janet as we just finished stage one of his punishment.”
“Maggie, we have never spanked our children that way. Brian is a young man and does not deserve to be stripped naked for spankings, especially not in the front room in front of his sister. “
“Kevin, since you ran off and left us to fend for ourselves, I have had to take his punishment into my own hands. I have decided that this manner of punishment works best for him and as the judge awarded me full custody of both children, I will punish them as I see fit.”
“Maggie, we have a full day planned, can you be lenient on the boy and let him come with us.”
“No Kevin, you only come by once or twice a quarter on your time frame. Your son needs to be punished and he needs to be punished now for his misdeeds. Brian, go and get me the belt.”
“Maggie, come on, haven’t you punished him enough. Why the belt? His butt is already red from the spanking you just gave him.”
“Kevin, your opinions on the way we raise our children became unimportant when you abandoned us for that hussy secretary of yours. Brian, go and get the belt before I take the spoon to you again and then send you for the belt.” Brian sulked out of the room and reappeared quickly with the belt and handed it to his mom. “Brian, bend over the couch and prepare yourself.”
“Maggie, please don’t punish the boy. How about I take his punishment then let me take them to the beach.”
Ms. Wilkins thought this over quickly and decided that this would be a wonderful opportunity to get back at her husband. “Okay Brian, stand up and let your Dad take your place. Kevin, come over here and take off your shoes and socks. Kevin quickly lost his shoes and socks and stood before his ex. Kevin’s ex untied the board shorts and shucked them down and pulled his briefs down to his ankles. “ Okay Kevin step out of those and raise your arms so I can get your shirt off.” Kevin was soon as naked as his teenage son in front of his Ex, son and daughter. “Kevin, bend over the couch.”
Kevin bent over the couch adjusting his penis to fall between the cushions of the couch so as to not get pinched or smashed. Maggie commenced the beating of her ex and ordered her still-naked son to go up to his room to get the metal ruler. Brian shuddered knowing what she used that for and hesitated. “Brian, I will take it to you if you don’t get moving…now go.”
Brian raced up to his bedroom, located the ruler and glanced in the mirror behind his door. His eyes were puffy from crying and his butt was red, but he seemed good enough for wear, except he was naked as a jaybird.
When he got back downstairs, his Mom had not related on his Dad. The belt fell over and over again on his Dad’s butt. Brian placed the ruler on the coffee table and reached for the pile of his clothes.
“Brian, did I tell you to get dressed? You will stay that way until I am satisfied that your Father has taken your punishment fully or you will go back into position.”
Maggie probably spanked her ex 100 times with the belt. She was tiring and put the belt down. Kevin was weeping and clenching on the couch. Maggie grabbed Kevin by the hair and stood him up. Kevin’s penis was erect had he was a little bit bigger than Brian, but besides that, his son was a near image of a younger Kevin from the blond hair, lean body, broad shoulders and narrow waist. Maybe this is why Ms. Wilkins liked to punish Brian so much as to get back on her ex.
Maggie now picked up the ruler and began to swat his rear with the ruler. Kevin screeched at the on slaught. Maggie continued spanking his hands, rear until she moved to his front and deftly spanked his penis, testicles tactic fully switching sides so that Kevin could not anticipate where the blows would fall. Brian began to get hard watching his Dad take his punishment and realized how much he loved and appreciated his Dad.
Ms. Wilkins finally tired of it all and dropped the ruler and grabbed Kevin by the back of the neck and led him to the bathroom. She grabbed a bar of soap from the dish and soaped his mouth for lying. When finished, she walked her ex back into the room and told him and her son to get dressed and that he had accepted the punishment well enough to allow Kevin to take both Janet and Brian to the beach.
Brian and Kevin pulled on their boxers/briefs respectively and stepped into their board shorts. They pulled on their tee shirts and shoes and got ready to go.
The ride from the house to the beach was pretty quiet. Kevin was still reeling from the spanking and Brian was amazed that his Dad took his spanking for him that way. Janet devoured what she had seen in that she witnessed both her teenage brother and Dad get spanked by her Mom.


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