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Failed Conspiracy

by Y Lee Coyote

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 22 Jul 2005

This story is fiction about the spanking of two high school students (about 17 yo) in a JPC.  The Judicial Punishment Center is a state operated place where spanking are carried out by a machine under strict protocol.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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It was a school holiday and I, Vice-principal (VP) Renn of Alfred E. Smith HS, had the day off just like the unruly brats that I must deal with every school day.  I had just finished making a note into my voice recorder while riding the city bus when I noticed that Gartman getting on.  He is one of the most troublesome boys in the school so I quickly hid behind my Times.  There isn't any reason to give him an opportunity to bother me in a public place.  He took the seat directly in front of me.  I would have preferred that he was elsewhere but he did not see me which was the most important thing.

In just a second he had his cell phone out and was talking, shouting actually -- like far too many uncouth people do -- into it.  After I heard him say: "OK.  I'm clear."  I sensed that something was wrong and turned on my voice recorder.  It was not that I was eavesdropping but that he was broadcasting to one and all on the bus.  The police frequently report that they have solved crimes simply because the perpetrators talk about it.

"That's good that you lost the jerk that followed you.  I left the old codger that tried to run after me half a block back."  I looked back as the bus turned the corner and I could see an older man panting, as if he had been chasing someone, and impotently shaking his fist at the bus.  "That was a great idea to drop Hatcher's book so he'd take the rap not to mention that we got the DVD.  That brown-nose goody-goody needs a good paddling and Renn will arrange it for us.  See you in the park in five."  He hung up and two blocks later he got off by the park.  That little boast that I would be part of their plan was particularly irksome.

I knew that I could expect that store owner the next morning, book in hand, demanding restitution and justice.  I was not wrong.  He also had a lousy tape from the store's security camera.  Not really enough to do an ID but since I knew who the perps were it was sufficient to back up his story especially with what I already knew.

I made him promise to stay calm and not to finger the thief initially.  I wanted to have some fun with the two trouble makers.  I sent a note to the class asking that Gartman and Pebworth escort Hatcher to my office about a very serious matter.  This, I hoped would lull the villains a bit and I knew that Hatcher would have his compensation soon.

The three were escorted into my office.  "Mr. Hatcher, is this your book?" I asked pointing to it on my desk.  It had the school cover and his name inscribed so that there was little doubt.  The store owner stayed quietly in the background as I had asked him to.

He looked at it.  "Yes, Sir.  I've missed it on Friday."

"Indeed." I said.  "It was recovered by this gentleman in his video store.  It was dropped by a pair of shoplifters."

Gartman and Pebworth smiled at each other and broke the silence.  "Most shameful, Hatcher." Gartman said.  "I guess you're not so good after all."

Hatcher protested his innocence but I stopped him.  "The evidence is clear." I said harshly and then to the conspirators "What is the appropriate punishment?"

"A visit to the JPC, Sir." they agreed most eagerly.

"And restitution." added the shop owner, "But it was those two that did the crime.  This one is innocent."

Hatcher gave a big sign of relief and the others started to protest their innocence.  I let them all listen to the recording I made on the bus.

It was then that I pronounced sentence.  "You two will pay restitution -- twice the value of the item you stole by the end of the week and have a visit to the JPC.  Also, for your conspiracy to frame an innocent person a second session in the JPC."  They hemmed and hawed but as they did not want the police called they agreed.

Since this period is almost over, you can go to the JPC now for the conspiracy punishment and then return directly to your PE class.  I don't think that you'll really miss lunch.  Mr. Hatcher will escort you and bring back the documentation.  I paused a bit before asking if they found that satisfactory or they could wait until after school when their classmates could watch.  (Of course, that spanking would be scheduled so that they could.)  I sent the four of them off.

Of course, I would have liked to watch it live but they would be punished more with Hatcher being the escort.  I turned on the TV in my office and entered the pass code for the JPC feed and waited for the show to start.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

You cannot imagine how I felt when I was summoned to the VP's office especially escorted by those bullies Gartman and Pebworth.  I could not imagine what I could have done wrong.  It got worse once I was in the office.  It was very strange to see my book on the desk.  I knew it was mine just by the stain on the cover.  I had been missing it since Friday.  And then there was that stranger; quiet in the background.

Things quickly got worse when I was accused of a serious crime which I knew nothing about; still in high school and my life was ruined!  My dad would surely kill me for this so I would not have to worry about reform school.

Then just as suddenly things changed for the good.  The dark was replaced by light.  I was cleared.  Not only that but the two bullies were guilty of two serious crimes for which there was good evidence.  I wished that they would be sent away to reform school but that did not happen.  They just had to pay the store and get to visit the JPC twice.

But the bright extra was that I was going to get to watch the first session at the JPC.  I think that they knew that there was not any point in running away.  It would happen when they were caught and they would be in deeper doo-doo.  The shop manager drove us over to the JPC although we could have walked the five blocks easily.  He wanted to watch the show also.

And a great show it was.  School hours are the JPC's slow time so they went one after another rather than at the same time so I could watch everything.  (One spanking machine was down for maintenance.)  They both had been there before and were not happy about going again.  Surprisingly they did not give me any grief since they were quite pissed at each other for being caught.

Gartman was first.  He went into the get ready booth and both of us could see his name and level 6 on the display.  He got the standard 30 seconds to strip which he did.  He's got a nice bod and isn't shy about showing it off.  He certainly did not want to be slow and see that 6 changed into a 6+.  He would have cause to regret being so proud because he turned to face me and flaunted his package by fucking his hand and hefting his nuts.  Unfortunately, I did not see his expression when he turned and could see that the 6 had been changed to a 6+ on the display.  Evidently the JPC's monitor had awarded him extras.

The inner door opened and he went to the spanking machine.  He got into position and the clamps closed.  He was not smiling nor grinning anymore.  He was turned so that his butt was jutting out for the paddles.  I sure loved how he looked -- all trussed up like a lamb for the slaughter.  There was something new added since the last time -- a funnel with a clear tube.  The funnel part was like a fat tube that slipped over his cock.  It was a loose fit and there was a plastic tube leading into a jar.  I guess that the janitors had gotten tired of mopping up.

The machine decided it was ready and a paddle slipped out of its cave.  Boy, oh boy, did it make a crack when it connected with his ass.  And did that turn it red.  And did he howl.  That paddle was one mean mother; it went about its business with a will that most guys can't get up even to fuck a virgin.  Gartman is tough but the machine is tougher and there were tears on his face when he went to dress.  I was tenting my jeans and feeling so good that not only was Gartman getting it but I was watching.  Pebworth was also watching.  He was not nearly as thrilled as I was as he knew that he was next inline for the very same paddling.

Pebworth went through the same ordeal.  I was glad that I had a handkerchief that I could slip into my pants to watch the second act.  Of the two, Pebworth is definitely the follower and is not nearly as tough.  He just stripped and tried to hide his package with his hands.  I have seen him in the showers and he does have much to hide but that is just another of his problems.  He was soon rigged like Gartman had been with his ass ready.  The display still showed the original 5+ when he went in.  The machine unfurled a nice leather strap for him.  The first WHACK seemed even louder than for Gartman but I probably imagined that.  His ass certainly turned red the same way.  His howls were more and he could not take it as well.  He pissed about half way through and was crying like a little boy as his piss flowed down the coils of the clear plastic tube into the collection jar.

I was glad that I had that handkerchief in my pants to catch what I blasted out in my own response to the paddling.  You can be sure that I enjoyed both immensely.

As soon as it was over, the shop manager left and I figured that we would have to walk back to school.  I collected the official papers including the DVD's for the school in a sealed envelope.  There was an extra envelope with my name on it, containing a couple of DVD's.  The clerk said those were his orders and to move on and not to give him any trouble.  I eventually realized that VP Renn had some human qualities setting it up so I got duplicate DVD's.  I was wrong about walking back to school because there was a truant officer waiting to take us back to school.

Our packs were waiting for us at VP's office when I delivered the papers.  I slipped the extra set into my pack without Gartman and Pebworth seeing.  I made sure that they saw that the official records were sealed.  I would get those DVD on the school site by dinner time so everyone could enjoy them.  The three of us went off to PE.

Normally, I don't get enthusiastic about PE but today was very different.  They were surrounded by their friends as I was by mine.  We both got the same question: "Where were you?"

They did not answer immediately but I did.  "At the JPC!" I said loudly.  There was complete silence.  Everyone feared the JPC.  I broke the silence.  "It an interesting place and it's heaps of fun watching the machine turn someone's tail red." I quipped.  For the slow ones, I added: "Gartman and Pebworth were the star performers."  Then I added: "Renn had called me down to return the book I had lost."

Then some of their friends insisted that they show their butts.  Gartman may like showing of his bod but not his apple-red cheeks but the two of them got pantsed.  From the comments, it was clear that everyone knew that they gotten a good hard paddling.  Soon we were out in the gym in our uniforms.  It was soon evident that Gartman and Pebworth were hurting too much to play games even doing the warmup exercises.  Coach Tyner quickly noticed and made them drop their shorts for inspection.  "You're too hot to wear shorts," he quickly declared, "remove them so you can cool off."  Then as he is wont to do, especially during a game, he gave them each a smack on the butt.  Normally, they would not have noticed but today they jumped.  Everyone laughed.

I was loving this all.  I was not sure what might happen later when Gartman and Pebworth decided that I was to blame for what they did to themselves.  After our showers, I made a point of thanking them for finding and returning my book and said that it was damn tough luck that Renn caught them and setup two JPC sessions.  That little bit of info prompted inquires as to when.  Their friends are so supportive that they wanted to go with them to the JPC for the second session.  The second session was scheduled for Friday.  Late Friday so it was after sport practice.  It was so considerate of Renn to arrange it so that their buds could watch.

I made sure to leave promptly that afternoon and did not take my regular bus.  I immediately headed for the public library.  I got online ASAP and checked out the two DVD's.  They were great; well labeled with name, dates, crimes, and punishment.  They even had a sound track of crack and howls.  I got onto the school's site with a hacked PW and uploaded both DVD's so that the entire student body and the staff could enjoy them.  It looked like it was a school staff upload so that I would not be blamed.

I'm sure that the stands will be packed for the Friday session at the JPC.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This has not been a good week for my bud and me.  Our plan to get Hatcher really backfired!  Renn really rigged things to be bad all along the way.  Sending us to the JPC midday turned out to be just as bad if not worse than going later.  Maybe if we hadn't had PE immediately, then not everyone would not have gotten to see our hot red asses and revel in our pain.  And then the bastard even posted the damn videos of the paddlings.  It could not have been Hatcher because they were up right after school and we saw him hand the sealed envelope to the secretary and get on the first bus.  The only thing that did not go wrong is that we hadn't opened the damn DVD so we could just give it back along with twenty bucks.  It's better than what the courts would do.

Getting the DVD was easy; dropping Hatcher's book was easy; outrunning the store guy was a piece of cake; it was just friggin bad luck that Renn was on that damn bus.  Although,  Hatcher has been kewl about not talking about what he saw although with the video on the school site, it really does not matter.

You heard plenty about how this happened so I guess you want to hear about the JPC to get your rods up and squirting.  Why else would you be reading this?

Well, Hatcher is right; it's fun watching someone else's ass get beaten especially when you don't like the guy.  (And if it's a babe, then watching those pussy lips flexing is a HOT! bonus.)  But I did not like what happened to me there.  Oh, stripping is not a problem at all.  I got a bod that the chicks hunger for and the guys envy -- especially my bat and balls.  It's really quite undignified getting strung up like a chicken with one's asshole on view to everyone.  It isn't like my cock that I'm proud to show off and ram into anyone's hot holes.  It's really fucken private.  Sometime they even whip it; that is the pits!

Well, except for losing control.  It is only wimps that do that but there must be a lot of them because they added that tube that one's cock is stuck into.  I guess that the janitors bitched about having to mop up the wimps' piss.  I've heard that some guys even get hard and shoot while they are getting beaten.  They must be really sick to do that.  But that tube is good for that also.

But getting back, I like showing of my bod and my hot package.  It cost me last time.  I turned grabbing it to make Hatcher jealous and the monitor added a friggin plus to my paddling.  I wonder how many pops that was?  I've seen Hatcher in the shower and he ain't got much to see.  Anyway he did smile when I did that.  I'll bet that he would suck and bend over if I told him to.  Someday when I'm real horny and there ain't no chicks about I'll give him a thrill.

Anyway, 6+ ain't so bad.  They just go for the cheeks and not the crack or the hole.  My cousin got a 10 and he survived.  It just so wussy to be held in place and be twisted so the machine can get a better shot.  The paddling was straight forward -- my bare butt and a flat paddle.  Yea, it hurt but I'm not a crybaby.  I doubt that it was any worse than those dished out in the fraternities when that was allowed.

Anyway, on Thursday, we returned the DVD and paid the twenty bills.  Renn looked at the receipt and gave us a revised order for the JPC.  I went to football practice with the team on Friday.  My buds insisted that they go with me to the JPC to support me.  Hell; they just wanted to see me get it.  Well, if it had been any of them, I would have so I guess I can't complain.

I was first and only when I was in the booth stripping did I realize that I had goofed.  Because I was with my buds, I had forgotten to piss and now it was too late to do so. «I'm not a wuss!  I can control myself!» I told myself.  The display showed a 9!