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Landlady Spanks

by Brians Sister

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Note: When Brian was sixteen and Janet was fourteen, Ms. Wilkins rented a room in their house to help cover living expenses. For a period of nine months, Adam Walker, a local, 19 year old community college student, lived in the room above the garage.

Adam had just finished a long day of school and a four hour shift at the local coffee shop where he worked part-time to help cover the cost of tuition, books and rent. He had lived with the Wilkins for approximately two weeks. He was surprised at how inexpensive the Wilkins room rent was and it included food and utilities as well. Ms. Wilkins seemed nice enough, but she did have some pretty strict rules about punctuality and cleanliness. He had let his room go a little bit in the last week since work and school had gotten the best of him. He planned on getting it cleaned that weekend, but once again he had postponed getting it straightened.
He pulled his car up to the curb in front of the house, collected his books and locked his car door. He headed up the walk, entered the house and was shocked to see Ms. Wilkins 16-year old son naked from the waist down, his mom pulling his tee shirt over his head. Adam spotted a heavy wooden spoon on the couch lying next to Ms. Wilkins.
“Oh good Adam, come in and put down your books. You are about to be shown how boys in this house are punished for not following through on their commitments. I got a call from Brian’s school’s attendance office and it appears that my boy can’t attend all his classes. Okay Brian, bend over my lap and get ready to be punished. Adam, take a seat as we need to discuss your bedroom when I am done here.”
Adam spotted Brian’s long, flaccid cock and heavy testicles as he turned from facing his mom to bend over his mom’s lap. From Adam’s vantage point, he was able to see Brian’s penis hang loosely between his mom’s legs and Ms. Wilkins positioned her 6’0” son so as to get a good position and then picked up the wooden spoon and started to spank her son’s bare bottom. Adam felt his cock grow stiff as she watched Brian struggle and wiggle trying to avoid the wooden spoon. The spanking persisted for at least ten minutes and she stood her son up. Brian, crying and facing his mom, frantically tried to rub the sting out of his bottom, his long penis and testicles jingling humorously. Ms. Wilkins continued her lecture about responsibility and attendance, stood up and taking her son by his wrist led him to the corner of the front room, spanked his bottom with her palm a few times, pointed his face into the corner and then returned back. She sat back down on the couch and turned her attention to her tenant. “Adam, come here please.” Adam, willing his erect cock to go down, stood up and walked over to his landlady and stood in front of her.
“Adam, what did I tell you about cleanliness when you moved in.” “Well, Ms. Wilkins, I have been meaning to clean my room, but with work and school I haven’t….”
“Adam, don’t give me any excuses, you were told that you had to be responsible and cleanliness was crucial for you to continue living her…and that there would be consequences for not obeying these simple rules. You, young man, are going to be punished just like every other member of this family for not following through with your obligations.”
With that, she reached up and began to undo his belt. “Ms. Wilkins, I am an adult and am not your son, you cannot do this to me.” “If you want to continue living here, get back over here and submit to your punishment. If I have to fight you, I will take the belt to you when I am done. I know that the rent is much lower than anything else you will find. You have a choice, submit to your punishment like a big boy or pack your things and get out tonight.”
Adam hastily considered his options and then returned back to Ms. Wilkins. Ms. Wilkins hastily undid his belt, undid his black slacks and pulled them down to his ankles. His light blue boxer shorts soon followed his slacks down to his ankles. Ms. Wilkins unbuttoned his dress shirt and pulled it off and pulled his tee shirt off. Looking the boy over, he was a little bit hairier than her son, but her son was more endowed than her 19-year-old border. “As this is your first offense, I will let you keep your pants and underpants on, but in the future, all spankings in this house are done in your birthday suit. This helps boys remember that they need to respect their elders and live up to their obligations regardless of what they have in their pants or how big their penis is.”
With that, Ms. Wilkins proceeded to pull her tenant over her lap and repeated the spanking with the wooden spoon. Adam was soon weeping having not been spanked by his parents since he was 10. When she finished, she stood the young man up and guided him over to the other corner that was not occupied by Brian. “Brian, get upstairs and get your homework done. I will be upstairs in one hour. If you are not well into your homework, we will repeat your spanking and you can finish up with a even more sore bottom.”
“Adam, when you have been in the corner for 15 minutes, you can come out and I want you to get your room cleaned up. I will check on your progress in an hour’s time. If I am not satisfied with your progress…I will pull down your pants again for round two. Am I understood?”
“Yes, Ma’am” both boys answered in unison.
Brian picked up his clothes and ran upstairs, his penis and testicles flopping wildly as he ran past his mom. Janet giggled quietly from her front row seat in the adjoining dining room. She had just experienced a double feature of both boys living in her house. She was not too disappointed by the ratings either…

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