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Superman's Spanking (It's Not Easy)

by Eric Blyton

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 20 Oct 2005

Author’s Note: I wrote this story in response to a suggestion that some authors should write a few Halloween themed stories. Sounded like fun, so I got to thinking. I know a little boy who is dressing up as Superman this year – this story is not about him (the characters are not based on anyone) but it gave me the germ of the idea. The title comes from the song ‘Superman (It’s Not Easy)’ by Five For Fighting.

* * * * * *

Parker Moore was in a lousy mood and was making this known by stomping around the house. He was sort of hoping that Mommy or Daddy would notice so he could complain to them some more, but they were totally ignoring him. That wasn’t fair! How could he argue if they were not even going to pay attention to him? He saw his little sister playing happily with her Barbie dolls and he wanted to pick on her; this was all her fault, after all, but Daddy had been quite firm in telling him to leave her alone. Parker had no doubt that starting a fight with her wouldn’t be worth the satisfaction he’d get out of it.

Halloween had always been his favorite holiday! Well, after Christmas and his birthday, anyway. You got to dress up in a cool costume and he and Daddy would go around the neighborhood and he’d get a boatload of candy. Daddy and Mommy would always let him eat as much as he wanted when he got home, too, even if it gave him a tummy ache. Some of his friends’ parents only let them have a few pieces before they went to bed – where was the fun in that? He was thankful that his parents were so cool.

But this year was going to be different. They had decided that Beth was old enough to go trick-or-treating as well. Parker didn’t think that four should be old enough despite the fact that Daddy had told him that he’d been three the first time he went. Even if he HAD only been three (and Daddy had shown him the pictures to prove it) that wasn’t the same ‘cause Daddy only had him to take, then. It was going to slow Parker and Daddy way down if they had The Baby trailing behind them and he wouldn’t get to go to as many houses.

The last straw, though, was when Beth picked out a Barbie Princess costume. Parker let it be known that this was a stupid costume, that only a dumb girl would dress up like a princess on Halloween and that he, as Superman (the coolest superhero there was), would not be seen dead standing next to a stupid Barbie Princess.

Much to his surprise and disappointment, instead of making Beth get a different costume Daddy and Mommy told him that she had every right to chose what she wanted to be and he’d just have to deal with it if he wanted to go trick-or-treating. Their stance had not changed as the days went on and now Halloween was here. He couldn’t even enjoy the spooky decorations because he was so put out at having to go out with Beth. He wished that he’d been lucky like his friend Chase. He didn’t have any stupid sisters at all – only an older brother who was really cool. They were going as Dracula and Frankenstein – why couldn’t Beth have chosen something cool like that? Suddenly, Parker found a solution to his dilemma and he ran off to find Mommy. She was in the kitchen making some cookies.

“Mommy!” he said. “What if I go trick-or-treating with Chase and Brock? Would that be okay? Their Dad is going with them, so there’ll be somebody responsible for us!”

Mommy looked at him. Had Parker been more perceptive, he would have picked up on her touch of disappointment, but he was too busy congratulating himself for this brilliant idea.

“I can ask Mr. Shelby if he’d mind having you along,” she said with a sigh. “I have to say that I think you are being very silly and selfish about this. Your father and I have even considered not letting you go at all because of the way you’ve behaved.”

“But this way EVERYBODY’S happy!” Parker insisted.

“I see it hasn’t occurred to you that your father and sister might want your company,” Mommy said. “But anyway, I’ll call Mr. Shelby. If he agrees, you can go with them but I’m going to let him know that he’s to report any bratty behavior from you.”

Parker rather resented this last comment. He wasn’t a brat – why should she even say something like that? Pleased at having gotten what he wanted, he went to his room to look at his costume. He couldn’t wait to put it on!

Daddy came home and was told the new arrangement. He didn’t say anything (Parker was a little worried that he’d veto the plan) other than to tell him to bathe early so he’d be dressed in time. Parker stripped naked and soaked in the bath for as little time as he felt he could get away with before going in his room. He put on a pair of white briefs before tackling the costume. The shirt part went on first, the tight, shiny material clinging to his skin.

“Look at those super muscles!” he said to the mirror, flexing his arms and affecting a tough expression on his face. He posed like that for a few seconds, switching stances and feeling like a superhero before realizing that Superman probably wouldn’t fly around in his underpants and he’d probably look more impressive with the bottoms on. He pulled them up, tucking the top underneath the waist. That looked better! Now his legs looked super-strong, too! All he needed was the cape; he’d been about to call for Mommy or Daddy but then he thought that Superman could put on his cape by himself, so he probably should at least try. There was only a snap on it, so he fumbled for a bit and got it fixed in place. He looked awesome! The big red ‘S’ stood out on his chest and he felt like he could fly if he wanted to! He climbed up onto the top bunk and leaped off – watching the cape trail behind him in the mirror. How cool was that?

Parker did this a few times before the loud thump of his landing attracted attention. Daddy appeared at the door and smiled at him.

“Let’s not do that any more, okay?” Daddy said. “I don’t want to see Superman go through the floor straight down to the basement. Here, let me fix your hair like Superman’s.”

Daddy combed his dark hair forward over his brow. Parker looked in the mirror. He really did look just like Superman! Well, Superboy, anyway, but Superboy grew up into Superman, so it was the same thing.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with me and Beth?” Daddy asked. “I’m going to miss you, you know. I was looking forward to going trick-or-treating with Superman.”

Now Parker did start to feel a little bad, but not so bad that he’d choose Beth over Chase and Brock.

“I wanna go with Chase, okay?” he said, feeling rather small as he said it.

“Okay, but I want you to pose for some pictures with Beth. And if you fuss about that even once, you will not be leaving this house tonight. Is that clear?”

Parker nodded. At least no one would see him standing next to Beth in her dumb costume. He went into the living room where his little sister was hopping around in her silly get-up. Knowing that his father was deadly serious, he smiled and posed with her as Mommy took about 100 pictures. At least she took a few of him by himself; he’d get a copy of one of those to put in his personal album.

The first trick-or-treaters were starting to arrive at the door and Mommy was handing out the candy. Daddy and Beth left just as the Shelby trio was knocking on the door. Parker went out into the night with them, enjoying the delightful feeling of being spooked by the skeletons, jack-o-lanterns and witches decorating the suburban street. They went from house to house knocking on doors and threatening dire revenge for anyone who didn’t supply them with candy. After about the 10th house, it occurred to Parker that he wasn’t having as much fun as he usually did. Daddy always made a game of playing up how creepy everything was and giving Parker chills by telling him spooky little stories. Mr. Shelby was nice enough, but he just walked the boys from place to place, not really saying very much to them. It occurred to him that he’d not been very smart at all. He might be getting a full bag of candy, but this was more like picking up items at the grocery store than enjoying the night the way he was used to. Remembering that Daddy had said that he was disappointed as well, Parker realized that he’d spoiled his father’s fun as well. Beth was too much of a baby to handle being scared – Daddy was probably not getting to do his fun stuff, either.

Suddenly he noticed that awful Barbie Princess costume across the street. There was Daddy and Beth! Perhaps he could still salvage something out of this night!

“Mr. Shelby,” he said, tugging on the man’s arm, “My Daddy’s over there. I’m gonna go catch up to him, okay?”

“Okay, Parker. See you later.”

“See ya tomorrow, Parker!” Chase said. “Don’t eat too much candy!”

Parker trotted towards his father when he realized that he and Beth were going back down the street. That meant that they’d already been to the Blunt’s house. There was no way he was going to miss that; the Blunts always had the best chocolate! He diverted his path and ran up to the Blunt’s door shouting ‘Trick or Treat!”

Mrs. Blunt opened the door, smiling at him and jokingly asking if Batman was nearby and reminding him to watch out for Lex Luthor. At last she dropped a bag of her excellent chocolates into his satchel and he went back down their garden path to the sidewalk. Now, where were Daddy and Beth? For a few moments he saw no sign of them. Looking the other way, he saw Beth going around the corner. He thought they’d been going the other way – what were they doing at that end of the street? Parker trotted down the sidewalk, hoping to catch them up before he lost them again. A bit winded, he made it around the corner and saw Beth going up to another house. He still didn’t see Daddy, but he couldn’t be far away.

He was just about to call Beth’s name when she turned around. In an instant, he realized that she wasn’t his sister! Two girls wearing the same crappy costume on Halloween? How was that even possible? He thought only his sister was stupid enough to want to be a Barbie Princess.

The stupid little girl climbed into a car that had been driving slowly down the street. Parker realized that he was now alone on the sidewalk. There were not all that many houses in this area and the park was across the street. In the daytime, it was a nice place to run and play under the trees, but on Halloween night, the shadows seemed very deep and dark.

He started to walk back the way he’d come. Part of him wanted to run, but his dignity got in the way – he was eight years old, after all. It wouldn’t do to be seen streaking down the road like a scaredy-cat. Besides, he was Superman! No one could touch him – not unless they had Kryptonite, anyway.

Parker was looking down at the sidewalk, counting the concrete slabs in an effort to keep his mind occupied. He saw a shadow in front of him and the hair on the back of his neck rose. He didn’t want to see who was in front of him, but he’d have to pass them. It was probably only more trick-or-treaters, anyway. Slowly, he raised his eyes up.

The apparition in front of him was dressed all in black robes; holding an axe on the end of a long pole. Parker’s knees turned to jelly and his bladder felt dangerously close to letting go. ‘It’s just a guy in a costume,’ he told himself over and over, ‘That’s not blood on his axe, it’s catsup.’

Parker stood on the edge of the sidewalk, hoping that the thing ‘Man, it’s only a man’ would pass him by. Also, he didn’t trust his unsteady legs to take him anywhere. The hooded being came closer and closer, but instead of passing Parker, it ‘him, him!’ turned its head toward him. With gloved hands, it opened the folds of cloth around its head. The streetlight made it plain to parker that whatever was under the robe was in now way human. A horrible, fanged face snarled at him.

Parker was all the way across the street before he realized that he was even running. Faster than a speeding bullet, he tore into the park not even paying attention to where his flying feet were taking him. Trees, park benches and shrubs went past him in a blur. His lungs were burning and his cape was fluttering behind him, the drag not slowing him down a bit. He didn’t dare look behind; he was sure that he felt the thing’s breath on the back of his neck.

Deep in the park, he finally started to run out of steam. He realized that the screaming he heard was coming from his own throat and not from the thing. Needing to rest, he dashed behind a think, leafy shrub and went silent. His breath was coming in harsh gasps and he did his best to quiet that down. Eyes darting around, he saw no sign of the thing. It could be that he’d outrun it; or perhaps it had just found some other kid to eat. Amazingly, he found that he still had his bag of candy; gripped so tightly that his fingers hurt from holding it.

Time passed and his heart rate started to approach normal. The thing must be gone by now…but what if it wasn’t? What if it was just laying in wait for Parker to come back? He couldn’t stay out here all night and, truth be told, he was starting to feel very nervous where he was. This area of the park was nearly all dark; the few scattered lights didn’t illuminate much. And he had to pee so badly it hurt. He let a couple more minutes pass but then realized that he was going to have to try and get home somehow. The thing might be out there; but he could outrun it again if he had to. First, he had to pee, though. That couldn’t be put off any longer.

He walked over to a tree by the side of a dirt pathway and secured his bag of goodies in a low-hanging branch. Then he pushed the front of his pants and underpants down, took out his little penis and held it in both hands as he peed against the tree. His back was to the path and he did not hear the approaching footfalls in the dirt over the sound of gentle splashing. He only knew when the large hand descended on his shoulder.

Parker screamed louder than he had before and nearly leapt into the tree. He was sure that the thing had come to finish him off. The balance of his urine flew everywhere as he struggled to get free.

“Parker! Calm down, it’s me!”

“Daddy?” Parker was so relieved to find that it was his father’s hands on his shoulder that he threw his arms around the man’s waist.

“Daddy, Daddy, there was a thing…it was after me!”

“Parker, there was no ‘thing’ – what you saw was a teenager in a costume. He told me where you’d run off to and apologized for scaring the crap out of you. But, honestly, it’s Halloween – don’t you know that everyone’s going to be out in costumes?”

Now that he thought about it, Parker did feel really dumb. He didn’t have anything to day.

“Well, put your Willy away and let’s go home. I have a few things to talk to you about on the way.”

Parker forgot that his penis was sting out and dangling. Blushing a little bit, he fixed his costume and retrieved his bag of candy from the tree.

“Please explain to me how it is you went off by yourself,” Daddy asked as they walked back toward the street.

Parker told him the story, but as he did he started to get a little worried. When it had happened, it seemed like a natural course of action to take, but explaining it back to Daddy it sounded a little different. His father didn’t seem at all happy that he’d struck off on his own to get more candy instead of sticking with the Shelbys or coming straight to him.

“You know,” Daddy said as they crossed the street, “You have been behaving like a little brat about this whole thing from start to finish. If you had come with your sister and I, you would have had all the candy you wanted. Instead, you got all selfish about not wanting to have your sister along. Then you wandered off on your own out of greed and carelessness. You got yourself so freaked out that you ran off like a nutcase. If you think you were frightened, you should been in my shoes when I found out that you were not where you were supposed to be. Your mother is home all worried and I can’t even call her to let her know you are safe because I ran out so fast, I forgot my cell phone. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Parker whispered. He was blushing from shame. “I…I wish I’da come with you and Beth.”

“I do to, but you chose not to. But for me, running off the way you did was the last straw. When we get home, you are going to go apologize to your mother for making her worry. Then you and I are going to go into the basement and I am gong to spank your bare little bottom!”

All at once, Parker’s stomach lurched. His feet stopped moving, but Daddy had his hand and continued to drag him along. He had to scramble to keep up.

“I’m sorry, Daddy! Please don’t spank me! Please?”

“I’m sorry, Parker, but my mind is made up on this. You are going to get spanked. Save the ‘I’m sorry’ for your mother because I’m not really interested in hearing it right now.”

Parker shut up. He knew better than to make Daddy any more angry that he was. He tried not to cry – if nothing else, he didn’t want Beth to see him crying – but it was hard. He tried to remind himself that he was Superman, but it didn’t help very much. Did Superman ever get spanked when he was a boy? Probably, but Parker would bet that he didn’t cry. Well, he wouldn’t either!

They went inside the house. The trick-or-treaters had disappeared into their houses – enjoying their bounty, no doubt. Mommy was sitting by the kitchen counter and was very happy to see the male half of the family walk in.

“I’m sorry I scared you, Mommy,” Parker said, running up to give her a hug. “I saw a guy in a creepy costume and ran into the park.”

“Well, you’re home now, so everything’s all right.”

“Not quite,” Daddy said. “Parker and I have to go down to the basement for a bit. His story is a bit more complicated than that, but I’ll explain it later. Let Mr. Shelby know that he’s safe, will you please?”

Parker didn’t want to let go of Mommy. He was hoping that she’d tell Daddy that he didn’t need to be spanked since he was home safe, but she didn’t do anything other than run her fingers though his hair. He didn’t see the exchanged look between the two of them – Mommy asking if this was really necessary and Daddy indicated that as far as he was concerned, it was VERY necessary. He reminded himself to be brave like Superman and walked behind Daddy as he opened the door and went down the basement steps.

A few years ago, the basement had been converted into a rec room with game tables and the old set of furniture from the living room. Usually, Parker loved being down here with Daddy, but not when he was in trouble! Daddy went over to the card table and pulled out one of the armless chairs; placing it in the center of the room. Then he went to the ping pong table and picked up one of the paddles. Parker gulped. Daddy usually used his hand, but he must be really cross with him this time! The paddle was green and the boy realized that it was the same colour as Kryptonite. He realized that he did not feel very brave at all.

“Come here,” Daddy said, indicating the space right in front of him as he sat in the chair. Knees knocking, Parker did as he was told.

“You know, you hurt both your sister’s and my feelings by not wanting to go with us trick-or-treating. It was very selfish of you. You can’t expect to have me to yourself all the time – how would that be fair to Beth. There will be times when it will be just you and I and there will be times when it’s only Beth and I. But a lot of time, we’ll all be together. We are a family and you need to learn what that means. However, that is not why you are getting spanked tonight. You know very well that you should NEVER run off on your own – especially at night. Mr. Shelby trusted you to go straight to me – he had his own boys to look after at it wasn’t his job to hold your hand because you decided to bail on them. You chose to take a side trip instead and got lost. You have no one to blame but yourself, Parker. Next time I hope you use better judgment.”

Daddy reached out and took hold of the waistband of his costume. It was tight, but he tugged at it and worked it down over his buttocks and thighs, not stopping until it was at his ankles. Despite his attempts not to, Parker was already starting to cry.

It was even worse when Daddy reached for his underpants. He knew that they were coming off; they always did, but having his buttocks exposed always brought home his vulnerability and the impending pain that was about to be inflicted. Daddy slid his briefs down the same way and Parker cried harder. One last time he tried to pretend that he was Superman but catching sight of himself in a mirror over the bar shattered what was left of the illusion. He couldn’t picture Superman with his bald little Willy out and his bare bottom on display and about to be spanked. All he felt like was a naughty little boy with his pants down.

Daddy pulled him over his lap and he felt his father shifting his legs, raising his bottom up even higher. His left leg slipped out of the costume and his tears rolled onto the thin mat covering the floor. The ping-pong paddle was resting on his naked cheeks and then he felt Daddy lift it up.

WHAP! Parker kicked his legs out and screeched. Both the sound of the paddle and his resulting wail echoed off the concrete walls. There was a hot, red spot in the center of his bottom where the spank had landed.

WHAP! Daddy spanked him a second time. This time, he kicked his costume completely off. He was now totally naked from the waist down.

WHAP! Oooooh, it stung! Parker tried to buck in Daddy’s lap, somehow get out from under that paddle, but he was held firmly.

WHAP!! Perhaps in response to his struggles, Daddy’s spanks started to get even harder! His little buttocks were being toasted.

WHAP!! Daddy wasn’t letting up at all. He tried to reach around back with his hands, but the chair back was in the way of one arm and Daddy caught the other with his free hand. There was nothing he could do to protect his blazing bottom.

WHAP!!! WHAP!!! Double spanks on each cheek! His blistered buns felt like they were on fire. His breath was coming in short gasps and his screams filled the basement.

WHAP!!!!! One last extra hard spank right in the center of his little bottom. He threw his head back and howled like a werewolf at the full moon. Parker knew that Daddy was done spanking him, but he was too drained to stand up or even to rub himself. He just lay prone over his father’s lap and cried. After about 30 seconds, he caught his breath and got to his feet.

“Owie! Owie! Owie!” he said as he leapt around the room, both hands on naked buttocks and little penis and scrotum jiggling in front of him. Looking in the mirror, he realized that his bottom was now as red as his discarded cape!

“All right, Parker,” Daddy said after a bit. “It wasn’t THAT hard.”

“Yes, it WASSSSSSSSSS!” Parker cried. “You spanked me TOOOOOOO HARDDDDD!”

“You got eight spanked with the paddle and you probably deserved more. If you hadn’t tried to fight me they wouldn’t have been as hard, either. Now calm down and come sit with me.”

Daddy got up and moved to one of the couches. Parker slowly walked over to him, wiping his wet and snotty face with his arm and trying to look as resentful as possible. Daddy patted the seat next to him, but Parker got into his lap instead.

“I’m sorry that tonight didn’t work out to be much fun,” Daddy said, “but, honestly, it was your fault. Do you at least understand that you are not the only one in this family who has feelings that can be hurt?”

Parker nodded. He shouldn’t after just being spanked, but he still felt a bit guilty about being so mean to Beth.

“I’m not going to say any more about this, but I hope you at least learned not to run off, okay? Halloween isn’t a good night to be out on your own. Not because there are monsters about, but because there are a lot of drunk people driving cars. And from what that teenager told me, you’d have jumped right in front of a car when you crossed the road after being scared by him.”

“You’re my best bud, remember?” Daddy said as he gently lifted Parker’s face up with his fingers to look in his eyes. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” he said, and meant it.

“Are you ready to get dressed and go upstairs, now?”

“Can we just sit here for a few more minutes?” Parker asked. No longer in trouble, he was enjoying the warmth and comfort of his father’s lap and wasn’t ready to leave it just yet. Daddy put his arms around him and gently rocked him for close to ten minutes. Eventually, Parker silently got up and put back on his costume. Daddy wiped his face clean and then ascended the stairs. They found Mommy and Beth in the living room sorting her candy. Parker went over to his little sister and put his arm over her shoulder.

“I got some really cool candies,” he said, “Wanna share?”

Beth’s face lit up from her brother acknowledging her and nodded. Parker dumped out his candy next to her and the two Moore children spent the next several minutes happily trading and sharing their candy while their parents sat silently on the couch and smiled.

The End.

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