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Quest for a Spanking

by Eric Blyton

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 18 Jan 1998

Author's Note: This is another request. The idea for this story came from someone else, but it was something that appealed to me so I turned it into a story.

Johnny Quest was bored. He was standing in the shallow end of the pool absently running water through his hands. The day hadn't started out to be like this; he was supposed to have gone into town with his Dad and Hadji. Unfortunately, he had overslept. Johnny had a bad habit of doing that lately, and so Dr. Quest had decided not to wake him and he had been left still in his bed. Race was still here, but he seemed in a grumpy mood and had no sympathy for Johnny. Johnny had tried to get his dog Bandit to play with him, but no luck there. Johnny really couldn't blame Bandit; it was a very hot day and Johnny himself didn't feel like running around much.

He noticed that Race had gone out to the pool and was sunning in a deck chair. The man was reading a magazine wearing nothing more than a speedo and some suntan oil. Leaving Bandit to sleep in a cool corner of the house, Johnny went and joined Race by the pool.

"Hey, Race, do you want to go for a swim?" Johnny asked him.

"No, kid. I just want to read my magazine" was the disappointing reply.

Johnny hung his head and tried to look sorrowful.

"Well, can I go swimming then?" hoping that Race might still decide to join him

"Go ahead, Johnny. Just try not to be noisy."

That wasn't what Johnny had been hoping for, but what could he do? He slipped into the pool and swam about for a bit.

That brought him back to the present. With no one else in the pool, swimming just wasn't any fun. He looked at Race; why didn't the man want to get in the pool? It was so hot, Johnny could see the beads of sweat forming on Race's oily body. It wasn't like Race needed any more tan; Johnny could see the tan line on Race's thigh where his speedo had inched up. His legs were a golden brown and above them Johnny could see a stark line where pale white flesh began. Johnny wondered what Race would look like with his bathing suit off. He bet the man would look really neat; all those tanned muscles and a firm but totally white butt. Johnny wondered about the front of Race, too. He could see that the man had a big bulge. The boy thought about his own little pecker and wondered if he would ever be as big as Race.

Why wouldn't Race come in the water? He probably didn't realize how good the cold water would feel, Johnny guessed. Well perhaps he could do something about that. Moving to the edge of the pool, Johnny gave his mentor a good splash. It had an effect, but not the intended one.

"Darn it, kid, you've gotten my magazine wet!" Race growled at him. "Be careful!"

Race hadn't been watching, and had given Johnny the benefit of the doubt about whether or not the splash had been deliberate. But he picked up the magazine and started to read again. This bugged Johnny and he was now feeling thoroughly naughty. That was the most reaction he had gotten out of Race all day. So he splashed the man again.

He got him good that time. Race put down the magazine and came over by the side of the pool. He glared down at Johnny and pointed his finger at him.

"Listen, Johnny, it's not my fault you're bored. I was hoping to have a quiet morning for a change, but now I have to baby-sit you. But I don't have to put up with your foolishness. I'm going back to my chair and if you splash me or even disturb me again, I'm going to spank you!"

Having delivered this speech, Race stormed back to his chair. Johnny watched him and thought things over. Race had never spanked him or Hadji. Not that anyone would object, but the few times Johnny had been spanked, his Dad had done it. Johnny wondered what it would be like to be spanked by Race. He loved his Dad, honestly he did, but more than a few times he had wished that Race was his real father. Dr. Quest just seemed so wishy-washy, and his spankings were like that too. They hadn't even hurt, they were more embarrassing than anything. Just a few swats on his trousers with a shoe; Johnny hadn't even pretended to cry. He didn't think Race would be quite so easy on him, but who knew? Maybe if it was the first time, Johnny wouldn't get it too bad.

Even before he knew that he had made a decision, Johnny's hand went back and came splashing down in the water. This was the best one yet; a lovely sheet of water sprang up from the pool and went sailing toward Race. In a moment the man was soaked. Race sighed and put down his dripping magazine. He looked skyward and then got up out of the chair. Johnny was at the edge of the pool with his arms over the edge resting on the concrete. He wondered what had gotten into him, but there was no getting out of it. The die had been cast.

Race came over to him and put his hands under Johnny's arms. Then his lifted him out of the pool and held the boy up. Johnny found himself dangling helplessly in front of six feet of towering, angry man. There was nothing he could do but look down at Race apprehensively as water dripped off his body and ran down the man's arms.

"You must have really wanted this, kid." Race said

He set Johnny down on the ground and grabbed the sides of the boy's swim trunks. With a quick tug he pulled them down to Johnny's ankles. Then he bent over and wrapped his right arm around the boy's waist. Johnny found himself being lifted up sideways tucked under Race's arm.

'Well, this is different' thought Johnny with a slight shudder. 'I guess it was a mistake to get Race so mad!'

His trunks had fallen away from his feet when Race picked him up, and so he was completely naked. This didn't bother him as much as he would have expected; in fact he found himself getting a slight thrill being naked in front of Race. The man was carrying him over to one of the deck chairs and Johnny could feel the powerful muscles in Race's arm and side working as he walked. Race's oily, hairy skin was sliding against Johnny's bare tummy and the boy found this feeling quite nice in spite of the circumstances.

But in a moment Race reached the chair and sat down. He slung Johnny over his lap and put one hand on the boy's back. Now Johnny could feel his boy's dick rubbing over Race's hairy legs. The suntan oil was rubbing off onto him making his whole crotch area greasy. The hot sun was beating down on his upturned bottom, rapidly evaporating the few drops of water that Race had not shaken off him. Johnny wished he could freeze this moment, but Race had other ideas.

"Johnny, you can't say I didn't warn you. If you wanted to see how far you could push me, you've found out. And if you thought I wouldn't carry out my threat because I've never spanked you before, you were wrong about that too. One other thing, I've told your Dad he's too easy on you, but he hasn't paid attention to me about that. But you're about to find out that Race Bannon spanks much harder than Benton Quest!"

'Oh, boy" Johnny thought, 'I'm in for it now!'

SMACK! The first spank landed on Johnny's upturned bottom. He jerked in surprise.

SMACK! The next one came and Johnny cried out in shock. He had never been spanked bare bottom in his life, and Race was a strong man with a very big hand.

SMACK! SMACK! Race's hands were rough anyway, but right now they felt like granite.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The heat of the sun on his bare butt was nothing to the heat that Race was applying. Johnny started to cry.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Race was spanking the boy full force now. Not a square inch of Johnny's bottom was being neglected.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Johnny was howling in pain, but he knew better than to ask Race to stop. He'd asked for it, and he was only getting what he deserved.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Race put extra effort into the last five. Johnny's poor bottom was already stinging, but those made him feel like he was sitting on a beehive. He didn't realize for a moment that Race had stopped because the man was still holding him in place and he couldn't even rub him burning bum. Slowly he got his crying under control and began to get his breath back. When it had subsided to a low, steady wail, Race stood him up. Johnny wiped the tears out of his eyes with his fists and looked sorrowfully up at Race. The man looked back at the boy. He wasn't frowning any more, but he wasn't smiling either.

"Well, Johnny, that settles that. And don't even think about being mad at me because this was entirely your fault." Race said,

"I know, Race. I'm sorry." Johnny got out through his tears.

"I hope you learned something. So go see if you can keep yourself out of trouble." Race instructed.

"Can I go back into the pool, Race?" Johnny asked.

"Well, all right, but no more splashing!"

This caused Johnny to grin slightly as he turned and went back to the pool. He didn't bother to retrieve his swim trunks. The cool water felt nice and soothing on his blistered bottom. He crouched down in the shallow end and discretely rubbed it. Boy, Race could sure spank!

Meanwhile, Race picked up his magazine. Johnny had soaked it badly and then Race had dropped it in a puddle. It was no longer readable. He sighed and threw it aside. Race looked over at the pool. He had been hot before and the exertion of spanking Johnny had made him uncomfortably so. Perhaps he'd have a swim after all.

Race walked over to the pool and dove in. He swam around a bit until he was cooled off and then swam over to Johnny.

"Well, I guess you got me in the water after all, kid" Race said.

Johnny had been surprised to see Race get in the pool and he was very glad that he wasn't still angry with him.

"I'm sorry if I ruined your magazine, Race" he replied.

"Aw, that's all right Johnny. I was nearly done with it anyway."

Race grabbed him in a big, friendly bear hug and ruffed up Johnny's hair. The boy hugged the man back and wrapped his legs around Race's middle. Feeling the tight muscles of Race's abdomen against his bare dick gave Johnny an instant boner. Race had to notice it, but thankfully he made no comment. Johnny rested his head on Race's shoulder and once again wished that he was his real Dad.

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