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Chapter 1

by Zack Graves

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"That will be $50.09 sir" I said as I ringed up the man's fuel purchase on my register.
"MY GOD! Gas is outrageous these days and it's that damn oil battle" the man screamed looking at me like I was in fault. Then he paid and left with me giving him the finger when he turned his back to me walking towards the loud annoying sliding doors to exit the fuel station I dreaded working at on a Saturday night when I could be doing other things.
I then awaited to be relieved by my lovely Manager that never had anything nice to say to me expecially like "Hey Zack, I'm giving you a raise and your new days off are the weekends" Ha! Like that will ever happen.

After 2 hours past, my manager was 1 hour late as always and when his fat ass walked through the annoying doors, he gave me a disgusted look.
"Where is your name tag, young man" he asked looking at my untucked wrinkled GoodGAS Employee t-shirt.
"I must of left it in my bedroom, oh dear, i'm so sorry sir" I said acting as if i were a depressed robot.
"See Zack, this is why you have never moved up in GoodGAS because there is no such thing a professionalism in your life. You probally have never even learned what the word discipline means and what it feels like..." he said as he pointed his thumb to the door signaling me to leave and go elsewhere out of his sight.
I said nothing and quickly left. From the store I got into my sweet '87 Reliant Car with a broken locking system, no sterio because it was stolen due to no lock system and one headlight out that just happened as I started it up. As I drove home, I watched as a police car drove by thinking to myself, I wish I was a cop, I've always wanted to be one but never could due to the fact I can't afford college or training right now. Then I watched as the cop car did a u-turn and quickly raced to get behind me. Soon after that, the cruisers warning lights activated and I pulled off to the right.

"License and Proof of Insurrance please, sir" said the police officer standing outside my door with a mag-lite shining right in my face. I then slowly gave him my information and he went back to his vehicle to run my name and information. He shortly came back and handed me my information back.

"Have you been drinking tonight, son?" He said also handing me a $50 ticket for having a headlight out.
"No Sir" I said depressed about the ticket, to depressed to even try to argue it away. He then nodded, told me to get the light fixed and walked back to his cruiser and sped off.

I just put my vehicle into drive and didn't move an inch. My damn battery had battery just died and I couldn't start my car. With no cellphone and half way to home and half way to work, I began walking home in the dark and awful heat, alone and without a ciggarette which I really wanted right about now.

So let me tell you a little about me while I am walking home and looking over my shoulders for a gang of thugs to come beat and rob me blind. I am a newly turned 18 year old male living in the country but working 50 miles into the city. I am a short and skinny little white boy with short black hair and gray eyes. I live by myself and can barely afford my rent let alone food and needed survival supplies. My parents gave me the worst birthday present by up and leaving me on my 18th. birthday and selling the house leaving me homeless. I then met Bob, my fat asshole boss that needed help and some what gave me a start in this dreadful journey we call living and life. I have no friends, no girl friend and no one to talk to. I once had a cat which I became attatched to but, it decided to go ahead and run away leaving me once again alone. I really don't think my life could get any worse.

After about 3 hours of running and walking quickly, I fortunantly made it home with what little money I had and not a scratch on me. But, when I got to the front door of my old, almost condemed house I remembered that I had left my damn keys in my car. I had to be at work in 6 hours and my windows have bars on them that actually are strong and not easy to brake into. And the day I planed to make a spare house key to hide under the rug, I instead went and bought some beer and passed out in the local park. I then turned around and followed my foot prints back to my vehicle 25 miles away.

Suddenly, before I could get out of my driveway, a black brand new dodge van pulled up and 4 men dressed in black tacticle suits jumped out and walked towards me.

"Um, if you guys are here to repo the car, it's 25 miles down the highway, I won't stop you but please let me get my keys out first" I said hoping they would drive me to it.

"Haha! Oh Zack, Poor Poor Zack. We are here for collection" one man said. There faces being covered by ski masks and headsets with microphones, I had no idea who I was talking to and began to become afraid and nervous.

"I...I don't understand! What do you have to collect?" I said studdering and backing up slowly towards my house.

Then one of the men pulled out a hand gun and pointed it at me. I stopped moving back and slowly stuck my hands up in the air, showing that I will do as they wish.

"We are here to collect you" said the man and shooting the gun at me after. I then dropped and my sight went black.

Still being out of it from the bullet filled with some sort of sleeping gas, I was able to hear a radio conversation while inside the van. My hands and legs were handcuffed and tape was over my eyes and mouth. The radio CB was the only life I could hear while awaiting my next rain of bad luck and it went like this:

"Bravo One to Alfa 12" said a man in the van.
"Alfa 12, Go ahead bravo 1" said the radio.
"We have intercepted the targeted subject and have him in custody unharmed and nutrualized. We are en-route to the transport bird, repeat, en-route to transport bird." replied the man in the van.
"10-4 Bravo 1, transmission recieved" said the radio.

Then I went back into my deep sleep...

I then woke up in a small room. The room had to be 10 foot tall with vents and a heater blowing out heat. The room it's self looks 15 X 15 foot including a secondary room which stored a toilet and shower. Inside the main room was a cabnet with 6 shelves. 1 shelve had many pairs of skin tight spandex biketards (which i was wearing at the moment). The 2nd. cabnet had towels, wash rags and body cleaning supplies. The 3rd. cabnet had toilet paper, paper plates and bottled water. The 4th. cabnet had a first aid kit, flashlight, candles and a large survival blanket. The 5th. cabnet had documents, books and DVDs on it. And the 6th. cabnet had an ashtray, 1 ciggarette and a lighter. Around the room was a twin size bed equiped with a pillow and blanket, a sink with hand soap, a microwave with wires running into a air tight hole in the wall and a large flat screen monitor and computer that had a sign on it saying "Turn Me On".

I got up to my feet uncuffed but hurting from the sleeping gas aftermath. I was not wearing nothing but this black logoless skin tight spandex biketard on. On my microwave was a large box of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) with atleast 30 packages. And beside my bed was this strange device that appeared to have arm and leg cuffs attatched to it. I then turned on the computer and a an audio file started playing....It said:

"Hello Zackery Thomas Graves, age 18. You are now in secretly full custody of Y.A.D.A. Youth Alternative Discipline Agency. Our agency is top secret and funded by a black budget that not many know about. Our goal with in our agency is to provide secret disciplinary methods to corrupt and disturbed adult youth all around our nation, the USA. Our agency is an experimental agency and you have been selected randomly buy our selection division to be a devoted test subject. On this computer system, you have access to certain tools such as credit account, which holds your credit information that allows you to trade credits for certain items listed in the credit store. You will also have access to learn more about our agency, our history and more. In time, your access levels will increase as your credits increase. Mr. Graves, you are completely alone, no one is near you not with in 1000 miles. You are based out of the USA and in a very cold region. There is no point screaming for help because like I said, no one will hear you. If you attempt to escape, it will fail. The building you reside in has many security features when it comes to keeping people locked inside. There is a computer system that will unlock a hidden door with in a certian period of time that you will not be able to know until later on in your life. Everything is soft and not dangerous, so killing yourself will NOT be an option. If for somereason, you attempt suicide, we will release a paralizing chemical and our agents will be on location with in minutes to get you back to health and you will remain in custody even longer."

Then a an option came up that said "Click Me", I did so and another audio file started:

"Our credit system allows you to trade credits for items from our store, the items will be delivered with in 1 hour and will be giving to you in a safe under your bed. The items that you have access to purchase at this time is unlimited packs of ciggarettes for 100 credits each pack, unlimited cans of beer for 200 credits each can and sugar-free chewing gum for 10 credits a pack of 10 pieces. To gain credits, you will have to lay in that machine by your bed and recieve 25 very hard paddlings by a computerized machine and that will give you 10 credits, 15 credits if you are completely nude. The machine will paddle you with a hard-plastic undbreakable paddle 25 times very hard. You can use the machine unlimited times a day to gain many credits. Once in the machine, you will push the red button on the top that will activate the hand/foot locking feature that will not allow you to leave until your session is through. If you do not put your hands and feet with in the locking area, the system will not be able to activate until you do so. In time you will be able to recieve more items in the credit store and more computer reasource access. Thank you for listening and do as you wish now."

Then the computer turned off and on again and loaded a credit store screen. I then grabbed the ciggarette and lighter from the cabnet and lit up and began smoking. This is so confusing and I don't know what to do. I was a prisoner and I knew no one could find or help me. My boss Bob, the only one person that I know of will think I quit and forget about me, thats just how he is. I will never be able to pay for that headlight ticket I got and they may issue an arrest warrant but, they have other important things to do than look for a traffic wanted suspect. I thought and decided that I was completely screwed and then I smoked the last puff of my ciggarette.

I then turned to the "spanking machine" and slowly walked to it. I thought to myself, spankings don't hurt that bad and I want some more ciggarettes, so I checked my credit balance, 85 credits left. All I needed was 15 more credits, so I stripped the biketards off my body and put my pale untouched bare ass on into the machine and pressed activate. A voice then came on and instructed me how to put my arms and legs in the machine, I did as it said and it locked me in where I couldn't hardly move. It then asked me to speak how many credits I wanted. I said "15 Credits" and then it said "15 credits, stand by scanning, complete, 100 credits in balance, activate automated disciplinary actions" and it released and large thick hard plastic paddle that came out of a small slot and it was attatched by a metal arm that was bending in all ways and began to severely spank my naked ass.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Came the paddle against my butt as I started screaming "STOP NO STOP P...P..PLEASE STOP" and crying with tears rushing down my face.
CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The pain was so horrible after each and every lash that got worse every time it seemed. I started shaking in terror as I felt my ass becoming hotter and hotter each lashing.
CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! I then went to the point where I couldn't scream, it hurt so bad.
CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The it stopped, the paddle went slowly into the slot and a sliding door covered the slot. The machine then sounded a voice "System Deactivated, Punishment Complete, Thank You" and the arm/leg locks unlocked and the system shut down.

I stayed still for several minutes crying my eyes out and rubbing my raw and welted burning butt. I then crawled into the bed naked, layed on my stomich and cried myself to sleep....

Several Hours Later, I awoke...
(Chapter 2 / Coming Soon)

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