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Daddy Spanks

by Carlos

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Daddy Spanks

I'm sure that all of us can remember the first time we discovered that our dicks could be used for more than just pissing. I was in the 4th grade when I discovered it. My mom was not too pleased when she caught me and after a very long spanking, she called my father. This is the story of the only spanking I ever received from him.

It was no secret among the boys in my 4th grade class that I had a girlfriend. In a small Catholic school with less than fifty students per grade, gossip traveled fast among the students. Isabel was hot, well for a 4th grader anyways. We met in the 3rd grade. We were in the same class and I couldn't stop staring at her all day.

One day, in the 3rd grade, I decided to tell my best friend William that I had a crush on Isabel and made him promise that he would never tell her. Of course he told anyways.

My grandmother always picked me up after school, so I never stayed in the after-school daycare. Isabel did. One day, grandmother was not feeling well and had a late doctor's appointment and couldn't pick me up. Neither could my mom since she was at work. So I spent that afternoon at daycare. I was on the playground shooting baskets (I had already finished my homework) when I felt a ball bounce off my butt... hard. I swung around, ready to hurl that basketball at someone, and the only person standing there was Isabel. I couldn't believe that the girl I had the biggest crush on just kicked a soccer ball at my butt. I knew right then it was true love.

"Carlos, I'm going to kill you for your information!" was all she said as she ran towards me, her fists clenched.

After I convinced her not to beat me up, we talked and I discovered that she liked me too. It was official we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

So back to the present. Our parents (and Sister principal) we're not too thrilled that their eight-year old kids were "hooking up" which is why in the 4th and 5th grade we were in separate classrooms. We did, however, share the same reading class. So at least I got to see my girlfriend twice during the day. During recess and during reading class (although both boys and girls had recess together, the girls had lunch in the lower playground and the boys in the upper playground).

Of course, we were in the 4th grade (1992) and had no concept of sex yet. So we mostly held hands once in a while (the sexiest thing you could do in the 4th grade) and I did my best to show off for her on the playground during recess.

One day, in reading class, we were working on project that involved making murals on paper, in the hallway. And my luck would have it that Isabel and me were in the same group. "Yes, there is a god!" I though to myself". We spent the next three days working on that mural with the other people in our group. Of course, I spent most of the time staring at Isabel.

I will never forget, on the day we finished the project, I was lying on the hallway floor drawing the finishing touch on the mural when someone lay down next to me... Isabel. I turned and looked at her and she looked at me... and kissed me on the check. She got up and walked away. I couldn't believe it, my girlfriend just kissed me for the first time. I couldn't move.

I eventually got up and went back in to class. I'm sure my teacher actually taught us something that day, but I have no clue what it was. I spent the whole rest of the day thing about that moment. My girlfriend kissed me.

At some point during the day, the bell rang and we all went home. I stopped off at the water fountain in the hallway on my way down the stairs, when Isabel snuck up behind me. We said something to each other and we kissed on the lips. It probably only lasted a few seconds, but felt like an eternity.

Next thing I knew, Isabel was running down the stairs saying she'd see me tomorrow. I just stood there for a few seconds and eventually waked down the stairs and outside where my grandmother was waiting for me.

I got home, did my homework and whatever else I did during the afternoons and eventually it was dinner time. I spent the entire time obsessing about being kissed by my girlfriend twice today (of course to myself and not out loud).

After dinner, I went to take a shower. As I undressed in the bathroom, I noticed my dick was hard. Actually, it had been hard all day long. I had discovered the joys of "playing with myself" by accident in the shower one day and I knew that I had to "play" today. As soon as I got in the bathtub and turned on the shower, my hands went to my dick and my thoughts to Isabel. My little pecker was standing at it's full three inches in no time. I started rubbing up and down, thinking about my girlfriend, when in walks my mother. Apparently, I had not only forgotten to lock the bathroom door, but close the shower curtain.

"What are you doing!" she exclaimed, although I'm sure she knew.

"Nothing mom." I said, but my three inch erection gave me away.

"You dirty little boy!" she yelled as she sat down on the toilet next to the bathtub. While continuing a long diatribe, in her native Spanish, about how dirty I was to be playing with myself, etc., etc., she turned off the shower, dragged me out of the tub and placed me, buck naked and soaking wet, over her lap and began spanking me with her bare hand.



"Do dirty acts" SPANK SPANK SPANK


"In this house" SPANK SPANK SPANK

I was crying in no time. Her hand on my wet bottom, and the embarrassment of having my mother catch my jacking-off was too much for me.

"Ouch! I'm sorry mommy..."


"It hurts!"


"I'll never do it again I Swear!"


"Ouch, it hurts!"


"It's supposed to hurt young man!" SPANK SPANK SPANK "That's why it's a punishment!" SPANK SPANK

After about five minutes of being spanked over my mother's lap, she stood me up. "Young man, get dressed and get in bed right this minute."

"Yes mom." I sniffled as I hopped around the bathroom rubbing my butt. I slowly put my pajamas on, without any underpants, and went to my room. I crawled into bed, on my tummy of course, and fell asleep.

About an hour later, I woke up as I heard the doorbell ring. As I was getting out of bed, my father walked into my room.

"Hi dad." I said.

"Hi. You're mother called me. She told my you were being a bad boy earlier."

"Yes, daddy." I replied.

"What were you doing?" he asked me. "Well?" he asked again when I didn't answer.

"I was playing with my pee-pee." I said quietly.

"I see." he said. "You know you shouldn't do that." he continued. He sat down on my bed and I sat next to him and he went into a long lecture about why I shouldn't play with myself. I just sat there with my head hanging down looking at the floor. Eventually he finished his lecture and looked at me. "Stand up" he said to me.

I got up off the bed and stood in front of him. As I did, he pulled me closer to me and pulled my pajama top off. He then pulled down my pajama bottoms and told me to step out of them. I quickly covered my boyhood with my hands. I felt weird standing naked in front of my father.

"Get your hands away from there" he said as he moved my hands away from my boyhood. "Go to your closet and get me your belt." he said to me. "NOW!" he yelled when I didn't move. I was so scared as I walked naked to my closet to get my belt. My father had never seen me naked before, much less given me a spanking. Sure, my mom spanks me with a belt all the time, but never on my bare butt.

I grabbed a belt from my closet and brought it back to my dad. He had taken the chair from my desk and placed it next to the bed. "Please don't spank me daddy!" I begged as I handed him the belt.

"Carlos, you've been a bad boy and as your father, it's my duty to teach you a lesson."

"But mommy already spanked me."

"Yes, I can see that." he replied, referring to the redness of my bottom. "Nonetheless, I still have to teach you not to play with yourself. It's wrong, and dirty, and you shouldn't do it. Now, turn around and bend over that chair."

"But dad..."

"The only butt I'm interested in right now is yours. Carlos turn around right now and bend over that chair now or else."

Not wanting to find out what he meant by "or else", I quickly turned and bent over the chair.


"OUCH!" I screamed as the belt slammed my bottom.

"Be quite boy and take your punishment like a man!" my dad roared. "And don't you move boy, or else!"

I grabbed the sides of the chair as the second stoke landed.


The pain was horrible. I gritted my teeth tightly so that I wouldn't scream and risk "or else."

Number three was worse than number one.


"I'll never touch my dick again" I though to myself.


"Please daddy stop! I'll never do it again."

"BOY WHAT DID I JUST SAY TO YOU!" my father yelled at me.

"You said to be quiet."

"Stand up" he ordered me.

I stood up, my knees shaking.

"Lie down on the bed on you back. And make sure you protect anything you want protected."

I didn't quite know what he ment, until he raised my legs up in the air completly exposing by butt and balls. My hands quickly shot down to my groin and I grabbed my dick and balls just as his belt landed right at the point where my butt ends and my thighs began.

"OUCH!" I shrieked.

"Boy, I told you to be quite and take you punishment like a man. Now shut you mouth."


I did everything I could to keep quite as the belt landed on my bottom twenty-five more times. The pain was horrible. After the twenty-fifth lash, my father let my legs fall on the bed. "Let that be a lesson to you. When I tell you to be quite, you will be quite. And you will never play with yourself again! Do you understand!"

"Yes Daddy." I managed to reply.

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