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The Unlucky Mugger

by Y Lee Coyote

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 12 Jan 2006

This story is done in form of a police officer's log.  The picture that imspired this story is: The Unlucky Mugger by Jonathan (2001).  I have found a small copy on a commercial site at:

Each summer there is a Short Story Contest in the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking   It is only a contest in the general sense since the only strict rules are a limit of 500 words and that the stories are related to spanking.

08:00  2003 Jul 20  Reported for morning muster.  Sgt. O'Brien said to be on lookout for an early morning mugger in the park as there have been several incidents in the last month and the captain and the mayor were getting anxious.

08:15  Dropped off at patrol #23B.  Sunny clear day after dry nite.  Few people in park.

08:18  Stopped by two females approx. 20 yo who "think" they saw a man in the bushes near the lake at 19 St.

08:28  Issued citation to «deleted» for not picking up after his unleashed dog.

08:40  Stopped two 16 yo's males who were fishing in lake.  Explained law and issued warning.  Lovely great egret fishing lawfully.

08:49  Heard loud clapping(?) across lake and howls reminiscent of a baby.  Investigating.

08:56  Saw the source of the sound after entering the meadow area north of the lake.  There was a gray haired man on the bench spanking someone.

08:58  Closer to bench could see that man was spanking a youth and most effectively as the target buttocks and upper thighs were cherry red.  Spankee was howling and promising to go straight.

08:59  Still closer -- could see youth's jeans and briefs on ground.  Also a full head mask and unsheathed 8" KNIFE.

09:02 Approached spanker and inquired if juvenile is in his charge.  He stated that: "This young whippersnapper tried to mug me as I was walking my dogs.  I would be most obliged if you would take him to jail."  Juvenile yells "Arrest me, Officer.  Get me away from this Friggin' monster.  He's fuckin' killing me.  Please."  I took the juvenile into custody and handcuffed him to lamppost to let his extremely hot neither regions cool.  Called for backup and evidence kit.  Read perp his Miranda rights. 

09:15  Backup arrives -- Smith #6424 and Casey #3341.  Evidence collected and sealed properly.  Perp fits the description given in morning briefing.  Tabloid news fotog also arrives and gets picture of hot apple butt.

09:18 «deleted» who was jogging and «deleted» who was walking his dog both saw the event and confirm «deleted» the spanker's charge.  Formal statements taken.

09:20 Backup departs scene with prep, evidence and statements.  Resuming normal patrol.

© Copyright A.I.L., 22 July 2003

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