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A Mugger's Tail/Tale

by Y Lee Coyote

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 10 Aug 2006

I've been inspired by the picture Mugger by Jonathan (he does not use the 'h' in his signature although is used on the website) which you can see at <>.

My previous inspiration by this image is available at here in the archive as id=10083.

Just to make this a bit more fun, this was limited to just 500 words.

Business was terrible that night for me.  It had rained and few potential clients were in the park.  I really needed the bread so I was doing overtime even though working under the sun was much more risky.  At last, I spotted a good mark.  He was a can collector but carried lots of bread and was sleeping on a bench.  I went over and was about to cut the cord holding his pouch when I was brutally attacked.  There was a crack and then a searing pain in my wrist; I dropped the knife.  I turned and saw the old man with his cane raised.  Then there was another blow – this time on my head – and all went black.

I was told it was only a couple of minutes later that I was conscious again.  Someone seemed to be trying to break my arm with a hammerlock holding me over his lap.  It was the old man with the heavy cane.  While I was out, the old codger had stripped my jeans and hood off.  My right wrist hurt so fucking much that I could not bear to use my right hand even to try to get free.

Then he started to beat my butt with his hand and it hurt like hell.  I was yelling and kicking but he was as strong as a gorilla.  My briefs went flying and he continued spanking me like he was trying to break my ass.  He must've had a black belt in spanking for even when dad took his belt to me when I was ten, it did not hurt like this.  Look at the picture in last Sunday's Tabloid Press and you can see how viciously he beat me.  I'm the cover picture –  not that those finks paid me one red cent for my image.

I was saved by a cop.  He stopped the mad spanking monster and called for the ambulance.  But he also handcuffed me to the bench half naked.

The old man told the cop I was trying to ripoff a guy that was sleeping on the bench.  That guy fled so there was no case there.  Unfortunately, they had a description of me with my hood so they booked me for a couple of jobs from the previous week.  That was after I spent hours in the ER getting my wrist x-rayed and put in a cast still without my jeans.  The codger's bitches shredded my briefs.  ER finks would do anything for my painful butt but they checked it out and slapped it.  When I howled in pain, they smiled and said: "Seems just fine."

I told the Legal Aid shyster that I wanted to sue the old man for busting my wrist and spanking me but he just laughed.  Even if there was not a case, a couple of witness confirmed the old man's story and they got me on the other charges.  I'll be a guest of the state for three to five years.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., August 9, 2006

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