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Wear Your Rubbers

by Y Lee Coyote

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I remember the first time it happened.  It was on a Saturday so there wasn't any school.  I was already in kindergarten and was a BIG BOY just like Timmy.  He's my big brother and he was in the second grade then – but we both went to school all day and used the same school bus.  It had rained all morning and we were stuck in the house.  Timmy did his homework and I watched the cartoons.  By the time we had lunch, it had stopped raining.  Since it was warm and had stopped raining, I ran outside to play.

It was just like I liked it back then – there were lots and lots of puddles.  Kenny (my friend from next door) and I had lots of fun running about and jumping into the puddles trying to splash each other.  When you're in kindergarten you don't care that you're getting wet – as long as you are soaking someone else as well.  Then I heard Mommy calling me.  I knew she was angry because of the way she sounded.  But what had I done wrong?  I did not cross the street.  I told her I was going out.  I did not forget my jacket or hat like when it was cold.  I had even cleaned up my room when it was raining.

I ran to her standing on the porch.  She was very angry for she was tapping her foot very fast.  As soon I got there, she sat down.  A quick tug opened my pants and a second one lowered them.  She pulled me over her lap.  It seemed that I was over her lap in just seconds.  She was going to spank me. "What did I do, Mommy?" I yelled.  "What did I do, Mommy that you are spanking me?"

She got a tighter grip on me and gave me a hard SPANK.  I yelled in pain as she said: "YOU DID NOT PUT ON YOUR RUBBERS TO PLAY IN THE PUDDLES."  Then she SPANKED and SPANKED and SPANKED me until I was bawling.

She stripped off all my clothes especially my soaking wet shoes and socks and left them on the porch.  Then she dragged me inside and gave me a bath – right in the middle of the day.  After she dried me, I had to stand in the corner for ages.

Fifth grade
I was late for school so I just grabbed some food and my backpack and dashed for the school bus.  I was delighted that it was not raining as it had been for days.  I was very glad that I had not missed the bus even though I did not have a full breakfast.  After all being late was rewarded with a one hour looooooooooooooooooooong detention.  Unfortunately, I did not put my homework into my pack the night before and got a detention for that.  Mrs. Spiegle responded to my excuse with: "Well, young man, if you have done it, then it will take you only a few minutes to redo it.  Your detention need only last until you complete the assignment."

Well, I finished it in only twenty minutes and gave it to her.  That twenty minutes, however, made me miss the bus so I had to walk home – in the pouring rain.  Mother made me strip on the back porch so as not to mess up the house.  Once inside, I dashed up the stairs and into the bathroom.  I was already wet, so I showered.

When I went into my room to dress, Mom was waiting with the wooden spoon in her hand: the enormous spoon that she does not use when she bakes wonderful cookies and cakes.  The terrible big wooden spoon that she uses to SPANK me.  "You did not wear your rubbers again."

"But Mom, it was not raining this morning.  I did not need them." I pleaded.  But it was no use.

"The forecast was for rain this afternoon – 90% chance." she said.  "Get into position."

I shifted the pillow and laid over it, presenting my ass for the target.

That spoon HURT!  That spoon HURT a lot!!

Freshman (High School)
I felt so grown up once I started high school.  My parents even gave me more freedom although they called it responsibility.  I was elated that they said they would treat me more like an adult.  Somehow I never heard the rest: "…if I acted like an adult."  Things went OK for a couple of months and I believed that spankings were in my past.  Then came election day.  I was a candidate for CLASS PRESIDENT.  I got dressed up in my suit (the wedding/bar mitzvah/funeral/etc.) that I had.  I thought it would make a good impression in the class assembly for my presentation and the debate.  I did fine and won the vote although I did not learn that until the next week.

What I did learn as soon as Mom saw me was that I did something wrong.  "Go to your room and do your homework.  Your father will deal with you later."  Mom was furious so I did just as she said.  I carefully hung up my suit and got into a comfortable T-shirt and jeans.  I tried to do my homework but all I could do was worry.

Eventually, Dad came.  He was late because the rain had snarled traffic which put him in a bad mood.  (That I did not need.)  Dad was pleased that I had hung up my suit but then he looked at my dress shoes – right by my bed.  They were quite wet and without their trees.  As I put the trees in, I realized what I had not done in the morning.  I was surprised enough to utter an unacceptable word at this revelation.  Dad let me get away with that as I confessed my crime.  I did not have to be told what to do.  I got the flip-flop, handed it to Dad and opened my jeans.  I was about to bend over when I saw that Dad had sat down.

I just thought the naught word this time rather than saying it and got across his lap like a little boy.  "You act like a kid – you get spanked like one.  You know why?"

"Yes, sir.  I did not wear my rubbers."  Dad answered with the flip-flop again and again and again and again and again and again.  I was sore for three days.

Freshman (College)
It was the Thanksgiving break and I was shooting the breeze with Tim and Ken down in the family room.  You know how these things turn into boasting contests; well this one was not different in that regard.  I was telling them how I had scored big with Lola.  It was an especially great conquest because I hadn't had a date with her; in fact, I had not even spent a dime.  We met in the library and got to talking.  When it closed we took a walk through the woods and it was ever so romantic as she yielded to my great personality.

"Mr. STUD!" said Ken with rare admiration from a big brother.

"BMOC." said Tim.

Both were obviously, very jealous.  I kept going and added, truthfully, that a couple of weeks later she worried about being late.

"You didn't use a condom?" snapped Tim.

"It was OK.  She was just a few days late." I retorted.

Then we all heard Dad.  He had come in without us hearing.  Well, he's a cool guy and knew that his sons were both studs with large followings.  It wasn't like we were little kids anymore.  We had, several times in the past, had real man-to-man talks and not just father-son ones.  I was wrong about it this time though.  Dad asked a few questions to clarify things.  "We hadn't planned this and neither of us had a condom.  Not something one needs in the library."

"Give me your belt, son." said Dad as he put out his hand.  "Drop 'em and assume the position."

I started to hesitate but I got that look that clearly said 'do it fast or get extras'.  So I did as ordered and Dad gave me one hard WHACK with the belt before explaining.

"You've been told to wear your rubbers thousands of times.  Why can't you remember that boy?"  Then he gave me another twenty cuts turning my ass red hot.

"You can get a fatal disease without a rubber.  You can make a baby without a rubber.  You must always wear your rubbers, son."  Neither Tim nor Ken laughed at that.

"Yes, Father." I said for the zillionth time on this subject.

Tim and Ken did admire how hot my butt was after Dad left.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 6, 2006

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