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Alyx and Unk
Part 3 - Alyx asks for more

by Alyx

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Part III

There was a full moon out when UNK and his newly-whipped boy left the woodshed to make their way home. (You may have hoped, dear reader, to have a blow-by-blow description of what happened to Alyx and his friends in the woodshed, but that is left up to your own imagination. You can find plenty of that stuff elsewhere as you well know, but sometimes it is what is NOT said that becomes all the more interesting, just as a boy with a little bit of covering on his body is often more alluring than one who has been left completely nude - as all the boys were in that shed that night, but, alas, we are digressing.)

So, where were we? Oh yes. Alyx, puffy-eye, chastised, and a bit shocked by what had just happened (AND by his reactions) is taken through the moon-lit woods on a path that leads to their home. Neither he nor his uncle speak. Both are trying to make sense of the confused and intense feelings that have been awakened in them. At the moment, they do not realize the effect that night would have on their future relationship, or on the tone it would set for years to come.

And they both are very uncomfortable and embarrassed, just as two friends so often are the morning after they have crossed a line with each other; so much so that they find it difficult to look each other in the eye. (And we must always remember that, after all, there is only four years separating them, and that they ARE friends, as well as "brothers" in this muti-dimensional bond they share.)

Finally, UNK can no longer stand the separation that is between them. He reaches out and takes his boy by the hand.

No sooner do they make contact than Alyx begins to weep anew. The weeping quickly turns to a torrent, and, as he has done so many many times, Alyx loses himself in his uncle's arms and clings tightly to him as he sobs.

And UNK once again holds this boy he feels so much for, and caresses him gently, and holds his head close to him as if to say: "It is ok, my loved one. It is ok. I am here. Even though I too am having a hard time understanding what happened."

Finally, he speaks: "It seems that you enjoyed that..."

"I HATED it, unk..... it was awful.... it hurt so much..."

UNK starts to say, "I'm so sorry," but Alyx cuts him off:

"... till you took the strap from the man and whipped me yourself."

"I'm not sure I understand. What do you mean, boy? Why was that, may I ask?"

"Dunno. but it was different wif you, unk." spnkAlyx begins to cling to him even more tightly.

UNK can hardly believe what he hears himself saying next: "Alyx, I almost think you would like it to happen more often?"

Alyx answers quickly: "NO." Then, "yes..." then "I dunno."

UNK pushes back a bit and looks into his young pup's eyes. He speaks gently yet firmly: "Alyx, you gave me 3 answers... now which one was it???"

"I DON'T FUCKING KNOW...... Please, unk, just hold me. You decide."

"I don't want to do anything to you that you don't want... that's just not right..."

"But you liked it too. I could tell."

His uncle nods. "It was so strange, so interesting!"

Alyx relaxes a bit and even giggles. "C'mon, unky..... it was more than interesting. I could telllllll. I saw you gettin a boner."

"I know... but... but... I didn't want to... I didn't want to hurt you. I never want to hurt you, boy. But it's not easy to hurt you..."

"But you DIDN'T....... Well, you did......... and didn't. Unk, Axxy is all mixed up. And I really HATED IT when I got hard, then shot in front of all my friends. That was so fucking embarrassing. You know it embarrasses me when you make me do it when we're alone. Shit, in front of my friends!!!!! While I was getting THRASHED!"

"I'm sorry it happened that way, Axxy."

"But I liked it too. Go figure."

"Really? You LIKED it?

"YOU made me shoot. unk. I always like that..... and it was the best cum I ever felt, unk...... and, and.... didn't you realize that you were hitting me harder than Billy's dad did?"

"No I didn't... you only THOUGHT I was. That's why I took the belt from him after only ten... I didn't want him to whip you as hard as he had whipped the other boys."

"Well, it sure felt different..... UNK: do you promise not to laff at me if I tell you something?"

"Of course..."

"Of course you'll laff? C'mon, unky. I'm SERIOUS."

"No, I'm ready to listen... go ahead..."

"You sure, cause this is like real embarrassing to tell you..."

"The only thing that makes it worse is not telling me..."

"Well, OK, but PLEASE don't make fun of me."

"ALYXX: speak, boy."

Alyx lowers his eyes and fights for the words. "You know when you spank me all those times I'm bad..."


Alyx takes a deep breath: "Well, last year I started jerking off right after."

Alyx hides his face in his uncle's jacket. UNK wraps his arms around him and just holds him tightly.

"It's OK. boy. I'm glad you told me that. That took real strength. I'm proud of you for telling me."

"Really? you don't think I'm some sleaze?"

"No... Alyx, I've told you: it's OK to tell me anything you want."


"Yes, my little guy?"

"What did you mean in the station house when you said you wanted me to make you proud of me?

"I think you know."

Alyx stamps his foot. "C'MON I want you to tell me. I want to hear your voice say it, unk."

"You tell me."

"I did make you proud of me, didn't I?"

"Yes you did, Axxy."

"I really wanted to. Just like when you make me do other stuff, like in school or sports or stuff? Or when you try to get me to behave or calm down or when you hold me at nite when I'm being a scared baby or have bad dreams?"


"It was like that: I fucken REALLY WANTED you to be proud of me in front of all those guys."

"And I was, Axxy, in a strange sort of way."

"And were you pleased with me, even though I started crying?"

"Yes, Alyx, I was. I only stopped cause of what happened to you... shooting and all."

"You were happy to get to whip me?"

"Secretly, yes, I was."

"I don't get it, unk."

"You will...."

"Do you? Do you get it?"

"It's hard to say... I suppose so."

"Well, you gotta take care of me, unk..... cause I get it less than you do."

"Now what do you mean by that??"

"I mean understand it........ unk?"


"You'd never REALLY hurt me,would you?"

"Alyx, you know I wouldn't. You're the most important thing in the world to me, little guy."

"Well then, awesome unky, there's something we need to do..."

"What's that?"

Alyx stands back and looks at his uncle with a strange look in his eyes. He reaches out and begins unbuttoning and opening the older boy's belt. "Well, unk: all the other guys got whupped..."

"What do you think you are doing??"

"SHHHSH!" Alyx pulls the belt through the loops. "They got thirty shots... I only got twenty. Ten from that guy and ten from you."

"Alyx, you want more??"

SpnkAlyx hands his uncle the belt and kisses his hands. Then, dropping his jeans, gazing into his "master's" eyes: "Even if I cry, unk, even if I cry."

"You really want this. You need it, don't you, boy?"

"Only from you, awesome uncle. Please, never again from anyone else. Please promise..."

"I promise..."

UNK looks down at the belt in his hands, back to Alyx... back to the belt... with a confused expression on his face...

"It's OK, unky. It's OK. See?" Alyx pulls down his briefs, and the moonlight shines on his little cock that has grown hard all over again. "It's OK."

UNK still has the confused look on his face...... "I don't want to hurt you..."

"You promised you wouldn't. I trust you with everything. I know you won't hurt me... not really."

"All right, I guess..."

"Even if you make me cry... whenever you think I need it..."

UNK folds the belt over, and tests it against the other hand....

"... so I can be good and make you proud."

"Well then, boy... bend over that stump over there, cause your unky is gonna finish your thrashing."

Alyx goes to the stump, dragging his pants and briefs on the ground. Slowly, he positions himself over the stump, offering his body to his protector, his friend..... his master.

And in the light of the moon you can see his striped cheeks quivering in anticipation of more..... and, on his face..... an angelic look of contentment, barely covered by boyish fear.

To be continued.....

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