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Alyx and Unk
Part 4 - The "Announcement"

by Alyx

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Part IV

For the moment we leave Alyx in the woods, under his uncle's lash, and digress for a bit: (Get used to it). It is important for you to remember that both boys are still young, and also that both boys are a bit confused and not a little uneasy about what is happening to them. Who of us hasn't been, at that age, when in the natural course of growing up, we find ourselves exploring things with other boys that entice, delight and also disturb us all at the same time?

Don't think for a moment that this story is some kind of fantasy far removed from reality, because that is not the case. Also don't assume, dear reader, that from this moment forward Alyx and his dear uncle (whose name never was and never shall be mentioned) forged a bond that overrode all the years of searching, experimenting, trial and error, thrills, disasters, joys and sorrows that all of us have on our way to where we happen to be at the present moment. Nothing could be farther from the case.

It took these two beautiful, sensitive and passionate young men many many years to realize what was happening to them. And both of them, in their own ways, did indeed experiment, vacillate, stray, flip-flop, leave, return, resist and submit to what would finally become a lifelong commitment (and we shall not comment now on whether or not the commitment made did indeed see its fulfillment).

Consider also that they both earned college degrees. Indeed, UNK went away to school for all 4 years and then Alyx in turn had his time at college. Imagine what those years must have been like, especially since, no matter what twists and turns their lives took, Alyx ALWAYS and at all times needed his uncle's strong presence in his life in many many ways, and that UNK himself would sooner die than fail to keep the promise he had made Alyx's mother (his sister) the week before she died: that he would ALWAYS look after Alyx, and always protect him. (Another chapter all together, and a secret that UNK kept from Alyx until the evening of their 5th anniversary of the night that they pledged themselves to each other in a deeper bond than exists in most marriages or that takes place in the world of "traditional" marriage.)

Let us part the curtain and take a look at the night that commitment was made: the night that, in full view of just about the entire leather community of New York City (yes, they finally did realize that there was a subculture to which they did belong), UNK got up before the assembled crowd, whispered something in Alyx's ear, (Alyx by the way was hanging nude and spreadeagled on the main stage), and then, once Alyx had nodded consent, weeping all the time, and sobbing out the words, "Yes, yes, YES. Yours, all yours, only yours. Please unky, please forever!", UNK turned to the crowd and said:

"DEAR FRIENDS, FOES AND FELLOW SEEKERS, I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE. You all know me well, and, of course, you know my boy here......" (and, taking his leather strap, lays a fierce lash into his right cheek), "... and I want to thank you for coming here tonight on my invitation, because I have something I want you all to know.

"Alyx here *THWAP!!!* has completely recovered from his injuries when those guys from the Eagle kidnapped and bashed him." (Another chapter, perhaps.) "I have heard that those scum who had dared lay a hand on Alyx *THWAP! THWAP!* will never recover from their tragic injuries by the way." (Evil grin).

"Anyway, the entire nightmare made the both of us realize how much we mean to one another. And I have promised to Alyx that I will see to it that no-one ever lays a hand on him again, or tries in any way to hurt him. Except me, of course....." *THWAP! THWAP! THWAP!*

(Alyx cries out involuntarily at this point, and then, quickly, "I LOVE YOU!!!!")

"And so this is my announcement:

"From this day forward, I claim Alyx as my own, and I will care for him always, and will spend my life being devoted to him. And I look to him and him alone to meet my need for love, for comfort, for affection and for whatever else. And I promise to him, that as long as I live, no one will ever harm him or seek to take pleasure from his body, which belongs completely to me along with his heart, his mind and his total obedience.

"And I have also arranged that wherever Alyx goes and whatever he does, he will be accompanied by bodyguards especially chosen by me. And I ask you also to be his guards. To watch out for him when I am not with him. And to see to it that he can walk the most dangerous and unruly parts of this city and that no one will dare ever hurt him.

"And, my friends, I thank you for doing this for us. And I pledge to you that once each year, on this night, I will provide for all of you the greatest party the leather world has ever seen."

(UNK, by this point, had become independently wealthy and was running his own corporation, a subsidiary of the family enterprises... and we dare say no more at all about that.)

And then, to the great applause of all, UNK released his loved one from his chains, and carried him nude in his arms through the crowd and through the streets of the meat district to each of the other bars where men of their ilk were known to associate. And Alyx, remaining close by his side, and revelling in the display, kept, at every opportunity, pledging his love and his gratitude and his complete devotion to the man he had loved since he first was able to reach out from his child's playpen to be held.

And perhaps it need not be said that when they got home that evening, much ointment was needed to soothe the marks of his devotion, as it was the night of that first whipping, once they had arrived home.

And to that scene we now return...

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