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David's Spanking History
Part 1: Spanked in Front of My Cousin.

by Peter Pan

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Back to School Shopping

It was late July and 11 year old David and his mother were doing some back to school shopping. He would be turning 12 in October and going into the sixth grade. They had bought the usual jeans, shirts and stuff and were now in the boy's underwear section. David doesn't know when he first became aware of the fact that white cotton briefs or "Tightly Whitey's" as they were more commonly known as, were un-cool. Certainly by the time he was ten he knew better than to let his friends find out he was wearing them. He of course was eyeing some cotton plaid boxers while his mother was scavenging through the white fruit of the looms looking for some size 8's. He actually felt a little nervous as he stared at the boxers and began thinking to himself that he should just come out and ask for them. After all maybe his mother just assumed he wanted fruit of the loom briefs since that is what he wore for as long as he could remember. Why then did he feel as if he was about to ask his mother for some crack cocaine? His throat was dry and he felt his heart beating faster as he rehearsed the words in his mind. Finally, he swallowed hard and let the words come out,

"Mom", he began, "don't you think these boxers would look good on me?"

He immediately thought to himself, "What was I thinking phrasing it in the form of a question?" What did he care what she thought? He wanted them and not because he would look good in them. After all ideally at 11 he did not want anyone to see him in his underwear boxers or briefs. He couldn't believe how stupid that sounded. What would his mother think, what would she say? What doctor would she have him whisked off to for psychiatric evaluation? She just looked at him with a package of size 8 fruit of the looms in her hands and said, "These will be OK for you." And that was it.

He realized in hindsight that to his mother this was a simple thing. Making ends meet for them was a challenge and if she could get a package of 7 briefs for $5.99, she saw no point in spending $7.99 to buy two pairs of boxers. David of course at 11 saw it completely differently. He felt as if she was saying to him, "What? Boxers? Are you crazy? You're only 11 years old. Little boys like you can only wear white briefs." That's not what she was saying or probably even thinking. While the briefs made him feel like a baby, ironically, if he was mature about it he would have agreed that they needed to save money and that wearing briefs would have been his little sacrifice to the cause. At least he was getting new clothes for school and his mom was certainly willing to spend a little more to make sure his jeans and shirts looked good and instead of feeling slighted he should be grateful for what she did give him. He should have felt that way, but he couldn't. The reason is that the briefs were actually the least of his concerns. The briefs were just one more item in a long list of things that made him feel like a baby. After all he was 11 years old and there she was with size 8 briefs in her hands as he was indeed rather small for his age. He was the smallest in his class. He was pretty sure he had one of the earliest bedtimes of any of his classmates. His mother was very strict about what TV shows and movies he could see. She gave him very little privacy around the house barging in on him while he was in the bathroom and such. There are other things too which were embarrassing that you will learn about soon enough. So while the briefs may be innocent enough in his mother's thinking, to him they were just one more way she was trying to keep him feeling like a baby and the fact that he looked 7 certainly did not help.

They arrived back at the house and his mom handed him the bags of new school clothes and asked him to put them away. He unpacked the jeans, shirts socks and jackets and was truly grateful for all the neat new school clothes that she provided for him. He also ripped opened the package of briefs. They certainly were white and had that, new underwear smell to them. He held them up and felt a strange tingling in his stomach, as if just having them in his hands somehow the whole world could tell that he was a brief wearer. He thought about his friends. He knew for a fact most of them wore boxers, having seen the waistbands of them at various times. He wasn't sure about his friend James. He never saw his underwear one way or the other so he did not know. He often imagined him in tight fitting fruit of the looms and it gave him some comfort to think that perhaps he would not be the only boy going into fifth grade who still wore briefs. He hoped that like him he was keeping his secret hidden from public view. Still as he placed the new briefs into his drawer he also imagined that across town James was unpacking his new school clothes and that unlike him when he had asked for boxers as well his mother said, "Sure honey if that is what all the other kids are wearing." He laid down on his bed nervous that come September James would bend over and there would be the waistband of a brand new pair of boxers staring him in the face mocking him and ending his last hope that he was not the only tightey whitey wearer in 6th grade. For now though he closed his eyes and there was James parading around in his briefs and reassuring him that he was not alone.

Happy Birthday Steven

It was a week later when David was beginning to convince himself that having to still wear briefs would not be the end of the world that his briefs actually began one of the most traumatic experiences of his life. He often thinks back on how much different his life would have been if only he had convinced his mother to buy him boxers that day in the store. You see it was his cousin Steven's birthday and he was invited to his 9th birthday party. So there he was with a couple of Steven's friends all younger than him. Actually, the party was a lot of fun and he was having a great time with great food, cake and ice cream. As it started to get late in the day most of the other guests were leaving, but being family his mother and Aunt were chatting away so it was only David, Steven Steven's best friend Chris and Chris's 7 year old brother Charles left.

Unlike David, Steve was big for his age. He might have even been big for David's age and was really solidly built being an avid swimmer. Chris was bigger than David too but David was glad that Charles at seven was still smaller than him. They all went up to Steven's room to check out his presents and play a little. Of course Steven being David's cousin knew that he was younger than him, but instead of respecting David or at least treating him like an equal, he actually began treating him the way Chris treated Charles, like the annoying little brother tag along.

David wasn't sure what started it, maybe Steve was showing off for Chris and Charles but he began pushing David off his bed then all the others would all laugh. David would shrug it off and get right back up and act like it was no big deal or that he was not bothered by it. Steven did this a few times and then stopped. They started talking and playing again. David made a playful, but insulting remark about Steve and he once again went to push him off the bed, only this time he made the mistake of trying to resist him. That turned out to be the biggest mistake of his young life. First off, if he didn't resist, it looked as if he was playing along and hamming it up for the crowd, but once he attempted to resist it became all too obvious that his younger cousin could easily overpower him and overpower him he did.

He shoved David onto the floor, but David's attempted resistance provoked him to go further. He came down on the floor and as David attempted to get back up he pushed him back down grabbed his arms and pinned them over his head and pressed his chest into his. David struggled to get back up twisting and turning trying to push his legs up and get out from under him. He failed miserably so there he was pinned to the floor by his younger cousin who was gloating to his friends the whole time. He turned to look up at Chris and Charles still sitting on his bed and commented,

"I guess that will teach him to make fun of me on my birthday."

It was then that David realized that his shirt had come un-tucked during the struggle and as he was wearing new jeans that were a little loose he was pretty sure that the waistband of his brand new Fruit of the Looms was showing. If any of them were to glance at his waist surely they would notice. David knew Steven wore boxers, even though he was younger than him as he has seen the waistband of them many times. He think Chris did too as he thought he got a brief glimpse of a boxer's waistband when he bent over earlier today at the party. He wasn't sure about Charles, but even if he did wear briefs he was 3 years younger than him. He simply could not let these two possibly three boxer wearers find out that the 11 year old boy being pinned to the floor by his younger cousin was wearing a brand new pair of tighty whiteys.

He struggled to get his arms down, but his cousin sensed his movement and pinned him down tighter. It hurt for a second and he yelped in reflex and struggled to break free. He started kicking to try to get Steven off him but the movement of his legs actually caused his pants to slip down a little more exposing even more of his waistband.

His heart was pounding in his throat and he knew it was only a matter of time before one of them noticed. Then it happened. He guessed Chris was having too much fun watching not to join in. He came down and grabbed David's legs to prevent him from kicking Steven. Then David heard him exclaim,

"Hey what's this? He's wearing tighty whiteys."

Steve didn't miss a beat, "No fooling, let's give him a wedgie."

Steve and Chris easily flipped him over onto his stomach. He felt Chris yanking on the waistband as he felt his briefs pull tighter between his butt checks. He let out a yell as it began to dig into his flesh and finally Steve let him go and Chris jumped back. The three of them were beside themselves with laughter as a good 3 or 4 inches of his briefs were pulled up out of his jeans.

"I can't believe your wearing briefs." Exclaimed Chris,

"Even my little brother wears boxers." He stared at Charles who was laughing hysterically at him.

Steve added, "Man Aunt Karen must think you're a baby if she still makes you wear tighty whiteys"

David was pushing his hand down the back of his pants trying to get his briefs back where they belonged as the taunting continued.

Chris chimed in, "Does mommy still tuck little baby into bed at night."

Even Charles had to add his two cents, "Do you still suck your thumb?"

David's eyes began to water up and he was so humiliated that and couldn't keep track of who was saying what,

"What's the matter baby? Your tiny little pee-pee need briefs to keep it from getting cold?"

"Probably wears diapers at night."

"What do you expect from a little boy who gets beat up by his younger cousin?", it just went on.

He stood there tears swelling in his eyes at the humiliation of being teased about his underpants by a brand new 9 year old, an 8 year old and a 7 year old. He finally managed to get his underpants back where they belong when Charles piped up,

"Yeah, he's such a little baby I could probably beat him up."

It was bad enough being teased by his younger but bigger cousin and his friend but he wasn't going to take any lip from a 7 year old smaller then him so he snapped.

He ran over and pushed Charles hard off the bed and he hit the floor with a thud. That shut him up. Unfortunately David did not realize that his mother and his Aunt Martha had come into the room to tell him it was time to go.

"David! What is wrong with you?", his mother exclaimed.

He stood there frozen for a second at their unexpected presence. Aunt Martha went over to help Charles up and David had to confess, given the way he felt, was disappointed not to see him crying.

He turned to his mother and began to explain but she quickly stopped him before he could even start saying, "Be very careful if you think you can come up with a good reason why you attacked a boy smaller than you. If you were having a problem with your cousin and his friends, you should have come to Aunt Martha and me. You are not in charge here."

He stopped and of course he knew she was right. How could he complain? As he thought about it he didn't think he even wanted to admit out loud that his 9 years old cousin and his friends just gave me a wedgie. He did not want to admit that they were teasing him because of the white briefs she made him wear. He looked down at his feet clutched his hands together in front of him and meekly said, "I'm sorry."

David's mother picked his chin up and forced him to look in her eyes. He could see that disappointed look on her face through the tears building in his eyes. It was a look he had seen before. She has a look of both sadness and subdued anger that she gets whenever he does something to embarrass her and disappoint her. A look that says, she must do something neither her or David want her to do, but his behavior has left her no choice. He can see in her eyes she has decided that his behavior has warranted a spanking.

He stands there trembling before her only hoping that whatever she is about to say indicating it is time for them to leave doesn't include any obvious reference to the fate that awaits him at home. He closes his eyes shaking hoping against all hopes that his cousin and his friends don't figure out that when he get home his mom is going to probably take a hairbrush to his naughty backside and spank him like the little boy that he is.

There was no such hope and in fact, he would have been lucky if his mother had grabbed his arm and dragged him out of there saying, "Sorry Martha, but I have to take this boy home, bare his bottom and spank him with my hairbrush till he cries like a baby for making such a scene."

That would have been better than what did happen. David's mother took a deep breath and looked at him and said, "David, my pocketbook is in the living room. The hairbrush is in it, go get it and bring it to me."

Wild thought filled David's head, He thought to himself, "She couldn't be serious could she? She didn't really plan on spanking me right here did she?"

He felt numb all over his body. He was trembling and there was a tingling in his stomach that shot down his groin all the way to his feet.

"This simply could not be happening", he thought.

There would be no doubt to his cousin and his friends what was about to happen. Surely they must have figured out that his mother was not simply going to make sure his hair was neatly parted before they left for home. The only thing his mom was going to straighten out with that hairbrush was going to be his backside. He was frozen with fear and disbelief until his mother snapped, "Move it!"

He ran out of the room to the living room practically crying already at the unfolding events. He found his mother's pocketbook picked it up and found the hairbrush inside. It was a heavy flat wooden hairbrush and he had felt it before. It really served two purposes. His mom did carry it around to brush her hair but he would cringe whenever she took it out in public to brush her hair. It was as if everyone walking by could see the imprint of his backside on it and look at him and somehow know that he had felt it being used for its alternative purpose. Today was different. There would be no doubt what his mother intended to do with it.

He can't recall a time where his mother had shown the hairbrush to anyone but him and indicated that it doubled as his personal paddle. He still couldn't believe this was happening. What exactly did she plan to do? Was she simply going to show it to his Aunt, cousin and his friends to let them know what fate awaited him at home? Maybe she wasn't going to say anything, but leave it to their imaginations. Perhaps he could just look them straight in the eye next time he saw them and deny that his mother did anything with that hairbrush except brush her hair. Maybe that's all his mother wanted to do was brush her hair. After all they were leaving. Perhaps she just was just going to brush her hair and she sent him for it as her little way of letting him know he was in for it when they got home. After all she did just ask him to get the hairbrush. It's not like she said, "Get the brush because I am going to spank you with it."

Mom had never spanked him in public before, but then again, this was his cousin's house not exactly a public place. He could recall onetime when he was six his mother brought him into his Aunt's bathroom to give him a quick spanking with her hand but that was over 4 years ago. Steve was only 4 at the time and he doubted he would remember it.

As he slowly walked back to the room he convinced himself that this was just mom's way of making him sweat and that if he played it cool and acted like the hairbrush was nothing but a hairbrush his cousin and his friend wouldn't have a clue as to what was going to happen when they got home.

He walked into the bedroom where his mother and Aunt were standing talking softly to each other. The three boys were all sitting on the bed quietly with their hands folded neatly on their laps looking like little angles instead of the brats who moments earlier had pinned him down and gave him a wedgie.

He took a deep breath, heart pounding in his chest and in the most cheerful and nonchalant voice he could must said, "Here you go mom."

And he handed her the hairbrush and acted as if he didn't have a fear in the world. His mother took in it to her hands and once again gave him that look. It was then that he realized that she had every intention of using it on him right then and there. The fake smile quickly vanished from his face. He glanced over at the boys on the bed and could see them trying to look serious, but smiling all the same. Somehow they knew.

He doesn't know what was said when he was gone, but he could tell his mother was still upset with how he attacked a younger boy who was a guest in his Aunt's house. suppose in retrospect, if he shoved Steve off the bed, things might have gone easier on him, after all Steve was family. Charles however, was a kid he really didn't know. To top it off, of the three who picked on him he was the youngest and smallest. As he thought about this and stared at the hairbrush in his mother's hand he actual began to feel ashamed of what he did. As angry as he was at them for wedging him and teasing him and as angry as he was at his mother for forcing him to wear briefs as well as deciding to spank him at my cousin's house he still felt ashamed and remorseful for what he did to Charles. As all this mixed emotion went through his mind tears once again began building in his eyes.

David resolved himself to his fate and once again tried to find what little consolation he could in the situation. He wasn't sure if his mother was going to take him into the bathroom like she did the last time she spanked him at his cousin's house or if she was going to ask if everyone could leave the room. Either way, he was trying to figure out how to keep his mother from ordering him to lower his pants and underpants. He figured if his cousin and his friends didn't hear the order they might just assume that he was getting it across his jeans. He thought about just doing it as soon as they were alone, but part of him didn't want to take the chance that perhaps mom would be letting him keep them up anyway. She didn't always spank him on the bare. Sometimes it was across his jeans, sometime on his underpants and sometimes he got it bare. He wasn't quite sure how to comply with her demands without his cousin and his friends hearing the command to pull down his pants and briefs.

David also decided he would have to try to do his best not to cry. He thought getting the spanking was bad enough, but letting them hear him cry would make it twice as bad. Also, he resolved to put himself across his mother's lap as soon as she sat down so they wouldn't hear her ordering him across her knees. He also thought that if he lay across her knees immediately and left his pants up, she might see him as accepting responsibility for his actions and spare him from having to pull them down. That way if his cousin and his friends grilled him about it later, he could just tell them he stood up with his hands on his knees. For some reason he always felt that being pulled across his mom's lap made him feel like a baby and that while getting the spanking was pretty bad he could at least portray the image of himself standing and taking it like a man, pants up and hopefully not crying.

His mind was certainly racing a mile a minute and swelling with all the emotions and thoughts running through his head. This was a new experience for him. While he has certainly been spanked by his mom before, never had she embarrassed him like this in front of other kids. He could not believe that she was making it clear that he was going to be spanked although she had not yet said a word he thought it was evident what was going to happen. She stood in front of him silently contemplating exactly how she was going to handle the situation. David's heart was pounding in his chest and he had a tingling in his stomach that shot through his groin all the way to his feet. It kept happening every time he stopped to think about the 3 boys all younger than him sitting just 2 feet away and what they were going to hear and what they were going to say to him after it was over.

Mom finally moved and grabbed a chair from a desk in the room and moved it to the middle of the room and sat down.

"Oh no!," He thought as it became all too obvious that mom would be sitting when she spanked him and that there could only be one logical place for him to be when she did it. So much for pretending like he was standing when it happen. He fully expected the next words out of her mouth to be "Could you boys please excuse us for a moment." But instead they were, "David, come here." The words shot through him and a chill filled his entire body and he began to tremble slightly but was otherwise paralyzed with fear. How could he go over there, what was she planning to do? David's mind was racing, "Please don't tell me she was planning on spanking me right here with the boys still in the room." He thought to himself.

This simply could not be happening, but it was. "David!" she repeated a bit more firmly. He snapped to attention and tears once again began filling his eyes. He was shaking visibly now not so much from fear of the spanking, but from the realization that for whatever reason for the first time in his life He was going to be spanked in front of other kids and younger kids at that. His mother had always treated him like a baby, She would make him go to bed early, she still washed him in the tub, still helped him dress sometimes, still held his hand when they crossed streets, never left him home alone, it seems as if she was always doing things to embarress and humiliate him, some of which he couldn't even bring himself to think about as he now stood in front of 3 younger boys and was about to be spanked by his mommy like a 3 year old.

Once again his mother order, "David, I want you over hear now!!!"

He couldn't do it. He wanted to comply but it was all so overwhelming. He looked down at his feet hoping in some way he could leave his body and return when it was all over, but he couldn't. He began shaking as if he was sitting in a bath of ice water. Mom stood up growing impatient with his lack of movement and pulled him towards her as she sat back down. It was then that he lost it.

"No mommy, please don't spank me, not hear, not in front of Steven and his friends." The tears that were building in his eyes finally broke free and began streaming down his cheeks as he begged and pleaded with his mother for a reprieve, but it fell on deaf ears. He swore he heard the boys snickering under their breath, but the room was otherwise silent. His mother said nothing, neither scolding him nor reassuring him. He had seen her like this before. She was going to do what she had to do and did not want anything to distract her. David on the other hand could not help himself. He was trying to be a cool as he could under the circumstance. He realized that his childish outbursts were just providing more entertainment for his cousin and his friends, but this was too intense for him and he just started blubbering away.

"No mommy please, please no mommy, please don't spank me mommy..."

He felt her hand on the waistband of his jeans as she unsnapped the button and slowly began pulling down his zipper, "On no, don't pull down my pants, please mommy let me keep my pants up, don't pull them down oh please."

He instinctively grabbed the waist band and his mother began tugging them down, but he was not match for her. He was shaking violently know and a strange feeling came over him. He couldn't easily describe it but he felt like he had to pee, but then again not exactly. She easily got his jeans down past his knees then kept pushing until they were bunched up at his ankles. Even though David was so confused, so scared and shacking like he was sitting, in ice water, he still managed to think to himself, "Why is she doing this to me, why do I have to have my pants pulled down like a 3 year old. Oh why mommy, why do you have to spank me in front of these three boys." As he was thinking this, he was at least glad he didn't say it out loud. With his crying and begging he was giving them enough of a show. So there he was 11 years old crying and trembling uncontrollably in front of his mother, his 9 year old cousin, his 8 year old friend and his friend's 7 year old brother with his pants around his ankles and his white fruit of the loom briefs exposed for them to see. If it were to stop there any if nothing else were to happen, it would already have been the worst experience of his young life, but of course it didn't his mothers hands returned to the waistband of his briefs, those very same briefs that started this whole mess and began to pull them down as well.

"No mommy!!! Don't pull my underpants down, not in front of the other boys please just spank me on my underpants please don't let them see me with my underpants down..." But down they came in what seemed like slow motion. He felt them slid down and he felt the cool air on his now exposed backside. Immediately goose bumps formed on his bare butt as he though of the 3 pairs of eyes, not to mention Aunt Martha seeing him exposed like that. Still his briefs slide further down and he now felt his tiny penis spring free and with that the strange sensation that shot from his groin to his feet as again as he thought of those three younger boys standing just 4 feet away silently watching him being bared for a spanking.

His penis and testicles shrank from fear as he felt chills running up his spine. His mother continued to slide his briefs all the way down to my ankles to join his jeans already bunched up at my feet. He was defeated now, too lost to even beg or plead any more. He was too mortified to say anything but began gently sobbing as tears streamed down his face. It was not about the spanking, as he has been spanked many times before. The spanking would be over soon and the pain from it would be gone in a few hours. No he was crying because what was happening was more permanent than any spanking could ever be. He was being spanked in front of younger boys. Boys who could tell his friends what they had witnessed about his briefs, the fact that he was spanked bare over his mother's knee with a hairbrush as if he was only 5 years old and the fact that he cried and begged for mercy like the naughty little boy that he was. All this combined with the fact that none of the three boys watching were wearing briefs or as far as he knew were spanked. He knew that he would never hear the end of this from his cousin who he knew for a fact was never spanked. Aunt Martha didn't think her little angle Steve needed to be spanked, but of course she never had any problem with David getting it.

Finally shaking, trembing and sobbing uncontrollably he was hauled over his mothers lap. The wait was short as he was no sooner over his mother's lap when CRACK! The hairbrush came down hard on his vulnerable backside. The sudden pain snapped him out of his spell and he cried out, "OW! Oh mommy please stop, no more..."

CRACK! "AHHH! Stop mommy please no mommy please don't...."

CRACK! "OHH Mommy no..."


The emotion, the pain, it was too overwhelming but it was over quickly. As far as the actual spanking went he actually got off light. Perhaps it was because she realized like David that the actual spanking was nothing compared to the emotional damage caused by letting his cousin and his friends see him reduced to a blubbering baby by his mother. They had seen everything, his briefs, his butt, his tiny hairless penis and him being treated like a toddler. He knew from this day forward his age in relationship to his cousin and his friend's was irrelevant. He was going to be the baby in the group. He had nothing left over them that made him feel superior in any way shape or form. Nothing he could say or do could make up for what happened to him that day. He stood up and quickly pulled his pants and underpants back up, but it was too late the damage had been done. "Go wait for me in the car."

The words had no sooner left his mother's lips that he took off for the car. He slid into the back seat and closed his eyes. He imagined what he must have looked like with his pants and underpants down getting it across his mothers lap and he cried again. He thought about the feeling of power he would have over someone if it was them he had seen in a similar position then again began to cry thinking that it was him that was that was the helpless little baby.

Just as he started to feel hatred for his mother he thought of Charles. Why did he push him, what was wrong with him? Just as he started to resent his mother he was overwhelmed with the feeling that somehow she was right. He deserved what he got. She had never spanked me in front of anyone ever before, but then again he never shoved anyone like that before. He almost wanted to go back in and give Charles a hug and tell him how sorry he was, but his mom had come back to the car. She was quiet, on the ride home but he swore he saw her wiping away a tear from her eye.

She sent David to his room and told him to go to bed, it was only 7:00PM, but he did not argue. He took off his jeans and T-shirt and climbed into bed wearing nothing but his white briefs. As he lay in his bed he closed his eyes and imagined himself giving Charles a hug asking Charles to forgive him and crying on his shoulder. He imagined Charles lifting up his chin, giving him a kiss and telling him he forgave him. As he closed his eyes and imagined all this he felt the strangest feeling he ever felt in his groin. He fell asleep with his hands in his briefs holding his tiny, but erect penis in his hands thinking how he would be treated the next time he saw his cousin and friends.

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