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Alyx and Unk
Part 8 - The Pledge

by Alyx

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"I am yours. I love you."

A promise made from the bottom of his heart. A promise which was part of his very existence.

A promise given in truth, in love, in devotion.

A promise which proved too difficult to keep. Even for Alyx.

But who are we to judge? Is there any among us who has not broken the promises made at moments of intense love? Is there any of us who can really offer the single-minded, undivided devotion that UNK understood when he looked into his boy's eyes and heard him pledge himself?

And a firm pledge it was. Many, many times it would be repeated as the two faced each other, eyes to eyes, soul to soul.

It only took a look from UNK, a look that only Alyx could read, to require him to take a deep breath, and draw deeply from inside of himself, and define himself again. And, as the years went on, Alyx knew that it was at those times that he surrendered to the bonds of slavery again and again and again. Sometimes, as he stared into the beautiful boy's eyes, UNK voiced the question: "Who are you, Alyx?" And always the same answer. And UNK would stare at him with the kind of love that was more important than air to him, and he would wait, patiently, for as long as it took, for the words which meant more every time they were uttered.

And sometimes it took Alyx a long time to answer. At every instance, Alyx needed to answer in the present, and commit himself to the unforeseeable future. He could always answer, "I am your nephew," and then it would be so: He would be UNK's beloved nephew, whom he loved as a brother and as a son. And that would be the complete extent of their relationship, forever more. He would not lose his Uncle, but he would lose the freedom he found in his slavery, for all time. But if he once again said "I am yours," he would again be as a naked youth on an auction block, offering his hands to be bound, and led away to a future which he could not control.

UNK had taught him that those words were not to be said lightly, because they would never be taken lightly. And they were not asked lightly, either. And, like all the most important lessons in life, it was a very difficult lesson to learn.

He learned it the first night he had uttered those words, standing outside the car, and as he slept on the way home, with his head resting in his uncle's lap, his uncle stroked his hair and considered how his boy would receive his first lesson in the power of what that pledge would mean.

He pulled the car into a gas station and parked at the pay telephones. He gently raised Alyx into a sitting position and whispered, "Axxy, just be still for a minute. I need to make a call. I will be right back." And despite whatever risk there may have been (UNK never concerned himself with risks, and, as we will learn, never really ever needed to), he kissed Alyx on the lips and said to him, "I love you too, and I want you to be mine. That is why I brought you tonight, my love."

He got out of the car and made a quick phone call. In a jiffy, they were back on the road. But he didn't take the route that would lead home. At the traffic light, he made a left turn, heading in the direction of the park they had walked through the other night.

"Where are we going, Unk?" said the boy.

"Just be still, Axxy. I have something I need to do for you. Something I need you to do for me." And he stopped the car in a darkened section of the road, and turned to face his confused boy. "Look at me, Alyx."

As his eyes locked on Alyx's, he gave "the look" for the first time. "What did you say to me outside the car, boy?"

Alyx didn't flinch. Didn't blink. Didn't hesitate. "I am yours." And he lowered his eyes.

"Well then, boy, there are a couple of things that you must do for me."

"Anything. You know that, Unk."

"Anything is a pretty big word, Axxy. Anything could mean a lot more than you can handle."

"Unk, I'm yours. Unk, I know you'd never hurt me."

Unk continued to drive. "Well then, boy, there are two things..."

"Unk, why are you calling me 'boy'? You've never done that before."

Unk grabbed the boy's hand. "Because I know what it felt like to be called that when we were in the police station. And because I think you need to feel that way, too, tonight." Axxy took a deep breath and squeezed UNK's hand. "Now, boy: two things..."

"Yes.... sssssssir...." (Another word never spoken between them.) "Anything."

"First: you must never mention to anyone what you saw back there tonight. That was between me and you. The other guys don't have to know. Never. Ever." Alyx nodded.

"And the second thing is this: without saying a word, without hesitating, and as quickly as you can, Alyx:

"Take... off... your... clothes."

UNK spoke while the boy began to strip himself. "You didn't have to strip for that man, but from now on, you will strip for me anytime I want you to. And others will see you naked if I decide they may. And you will never get over being embarrassed. You will never ever get used to it. It will always be as embarrassing as if you were suddenly driven from the gym locker room and onto the stage in front of the entire school. Stark naked. With nowhere to hide."

Alyx said nothing. He finished undressing and sat motionless, his head bowed. He put his hands over his crotch, but UNK lightly smacked his arm. Alyx understood, and with another submissive breath took his hands away, and spread his legs, and waited for further instructions.

UNK finally stopped the car. "You know where that path leads, Alyx?"

"YYYYes, SSSSir. It leads to the Harrises."


"TTTTo the WWWwoodshed."

"That's right, boy. Mr. Harris is waiting there for you now. With Nick. You go there now. And when you get there, beg him to whip you. Exactly as much as Nick receives. And then a little more. I'll be back to pick you up tomorrow morning; I'll tell Mom and Dad that you're spending the night with Nick. Now go, boy."

UNK reached over and opened the car door. And as Alyx got out of the car, he reached over and smacked him on the rump.

"One more thing, boy," he said before Alyx closed the car door. "Do NOT cum. Not because you are being punished, Axxy. Just because. Because you are mine."

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