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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 31: Red Butts at Morning

by Redspkscott

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The Blister Boyz
Ch. 31: Red Butts at Morning

The heroes:
Troy Manning – Heat Blister
Jason Klein – Ice Hazer
David Mercer – Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder – The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway – Major Fry
Brian Tannon – Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez – Poison Punisher
Keith Grady – The Sticking Point

Jorge hardly ever woke up alone. This morning was no exception. Well, he assumed it was morning, given that he was underground in a magic cave with no exposure to sunlight.

Left to his own devices last night, Jorge did what he did best: Flirt with anything that moves. Realizing, based on the Augurer's tour, that the Adepts of Discipline monks were likely Omega alumni, he strolled up to a handsome group of four who were wrapping up their shift of crystal monitoring. They had been keeping track of instances of discipline taking place in Paragon City, which Jorge suspected might make them a little horny.

"So you guys are Omegas, the Augurer told us," Jorge opened.

"We sure are," said a stud with a strong jawline and deep brown wavy hair.

"Monk's robes aren't typical jock wear you know." Jorge eyed him up and down. The man smirked and then slowly tugged open his robe at the waist. Underneath, besides the washboard abs, Jorge noted he was wearing only his Omega Upsilon Chi jockstrap.

"Ah, so I see. Is tough to sit here and watch guys getting spanked all day long and not get to participate?"

"Heh, well, it gives us plenty of energy for the evening after the work is done." The man waggled his eyebrows meaningfully at Jorge. Jorge looked over the group. The other three men hadn't said anything, but were checking out his spandex-clad, soccer-built body. Jorge could tell they were just as well-built as the first, even taking the robes into account.

"Hmm ... so you're all alumni, right?" They nodded. "Technically, then, because I'm still active in the fraternity, you all outrank me, right?" The men raised their eyebrows and looked at each other. "So, uh, I pretty much have to let you do whatever you want to me, right?" All four of them broke out into wide grins of realization.

So for Jorge the evening was an orgiastic adventure of pleasure and pain portioned out to his willing bottom. Paddles, dildoes, hands, lips, feathers, belts, straps and cocks. His smooth, tanned ass handled it all. The men blindfolded him early on so that it was a surprise who and what he would have to deal with next. Would it be Kurt's thick beer-can member pushing its way in? Or would Paul show off his expertise with his brown leather belt and raise welts across Jorge's cheeks? He quivered in wonderful anticipation.

Spent, the five men slept in a pile on a huge bed in one of the quarters. They slowly roused hours later. The monks grinned at each other, knowing full well that Jorge now needed to activate his powers. Each of them took turns, three of them holding Jorge down on the bed, the fourth taking an Omega paddle hard to Jorge's ass. He moaned and whimpered as the swats rained down. Not willing to let the "fun" end, Jorge deliberately healed himself after his powers activated, turning them right back off, so the men had to start paddling all over again. Laughing at Jorge's masochism, the four of them happily obliged in tearing up the hero's ass even further.

* * *

Dennis, engineer and nerd jock that he was, had paid more attention to the computer and database banks stationed around the caves than the pretty magical elements. Of course, the adepts needed a way to keep track of all this information they had gathered. A couple of monks had showed them their communication center. It allowed communication between the caves and Blitz Tower and was also connected to Dr. Pete's lab. Some of the enterprising engineering monks had figured out how to record the discipline visions the crystals recorded onto DVDs for "further review." One of the monks, seeing nobody around, quickly pulled up a video of Andrew getting punished by the Augurer for some reason. Andrew's punishment demeanor was not unlike Walt's. He bent over his desk, his muscular ass covered with coarse red hair, getting alternating swats from the Augurer's magic paddles. He grunted but did not cry out. After a few seconds, the monk shut it down.

"If he knows I showed you that I'll probably be crawling around with Jacob," he admitted. "But you're like the Augurer, right? You're supposed to keep the big guys in line, so it's like I'm helping you learn, right?" Dennis laughed and promised not to tell.

After about an hour of exploring the technology tools of this magic cavern, the Augurer tracked him down and asked him to join him by the scrying pool for a chat.

"It's a nice peaceful place for me to focus," he explained as they strolled in. "There's only a handful of us with the magic skills to actually use the pool so it's fairly quiet here." The two of them sat at the edge of the pool as the bustle of the monks could be heard in other halls.

"So how are you feeling?" the Augurer asked.

"A bit ... I don't know," Dennis admitted. "I actually don't know how I feel. I was coming to terms with being a top with David and now this whole thing is odd. I know you say this isn't about 'destiny', but you show a guy a tarot card demonstrating that his motivation is to discipline other tops and you can't help feel like you've lost a bit of control of what's going on."

The Augurer nodded and let the silence settle in for a minute.

"Is the card right, though?" he asked finally.

"Yes," Dennis said, nodding. "I've always fantasized about getting control over and punishing the big guys. The ones who thought they were in charge. Bullying the bullies. David picked up on that and helped me get there."

"If you feel as though you're going to accept the role as the equalizer there are some important things we need to talk about."

"Like what?"

"What makes you succeed in controlling David?"

"My powers can overcome his physical strength, something he needs from a top. He needs to be conquered."

"Right. This is usually the case with tops, especially those with strong influences of the enforcer. They do not voluntarily give up control, but sometimes good discipline requires it, as we saw with Walt last night. By their nature, equalizers need to be either very strong in some way or have a lot of authority backing them up. After all, how else would you get a top to submit?"

Dennis nodded.

"Do you realize you're the most powerful of the Blister Boyz?"

"What? No way."

"In a straight-on, one-on-one fight, not a single one of them could take you with their current level of training. You could make them get on their knees and beg you to paddle them. You can make them paddle themselves."

"I ... that can't be true!" But it was. He thought through it and knew it was. "Okay ... so ... What's to stop us from us from going too far and abusing the tops?"

"Ah, you catch on fast. Who equalizes the equalizer?"

Dennis narrowed his eyes at him. "Are you going to beat my ass now?"

The Augurer laughed politely. "No, no, no. Equalizers aren't like enforcers. We don't need regular punishment the way they do, though certainly everybody could use discipline now and then. If enforcers are like spanking cops – and some of them literally are, you'll find – equalizers are like judges. If the cops break the rules, they answer to the judge like everybody else. But sometimes a judge does indeed abuse his authority, and typically there's a complex system to take care of that rare situation.

"You do need to identify somebody you can consider a fail-safe," he explained. "This is somebody who actually has the power to take you down in the event you get out of control. This is particularly important with us having powers. You're far from the only mind-controller in Paragon City and some of them are quite nasty. If an evil psychic gets his hands on your mind, he could cause a lot of abuse to those around you."

"Do you have a fail-safe person?"

"Yes. Believe it or not, it's Jacob Brass."

"Him? Really? He can take you down?"

"Quite easily. You haven't actually seen him fight yet. He's one of the most powerful heroes in Paragon City in a close-up battle, though his personality keeps him from being treated seriously. What most people don't know about him is that his powers are actually magical in origin, even though he doesn't know magic. It's a long story. But anyway, a side effect of his powers is an extremely powerful resistance to magical energy. He is immune to nearly anything I throw at him. I can bind him up if I enchant items like ropes and gags and use them on him. But as you saw with Brian, I normally don't need additional tools to keep a boy under control. My magical singularity has no effect on him at all."

"Wow, that makes him really, really handy down here, doesn't it?"

"The Circle of Thorns both hates Jacob and is terrified of him. He has devastated their ranks and they won't rest until he's dead. He's brought more of them to justice than any other hero. If you ever get to go on a mission with him down here you'll see."

"Has he ever had to take you down?"

"Not yet. Close though. There are psychic wizards who can control minds and my defenses aren't that great in that area. I manipulate physical space, gravity, and energy."

"Will Jacob be my fail-safe too?"

"Probably not. Since your psychic powers aren't magical in origin, he doesn't have any more protection from you than the other Blister Boyz."

"Who then?"

"You're going to laugh when I tell you. It's a nice little circle. Remember when I told Brian when I was tormenting him that I knew more about how his powers worked and could train him to new skills?"


"Well, if he works on that shadowy aura he can generate, he'll discover variations that offer different kinds of protections. There's one, once he's very skilled, that offers very strong protections against psychic attacks. About as strong as Jacob is protected from magical attacks."

"Brian? Brian is supposed to take me down?"

"Remember what I just said about Jacob. They're both extremely skilled wrestlers. Imagine that fight we were talking about earlier. Imagine now that you couldn't use your powers directly on Brian. What would happen?"

"Wow. He'd totally beat my ass. I hadn't really thought about that."

"That's why I made that offer to Brian. We need to build that balance so that you don't become a danger to the team or others."

"Heh. So David beats Brian's ass. I beat David's ass. And then – if necessary – Brian beats my ass."

"The Circle of Pain," the Augurer mused.

* * *

David, after getting his morning discipline privately from Dennis, found his way to a natural underground waterfall that had been enchanted to a nicely warm temperature for him to shower. Other monks were there showering as well. David noted their toned bodies the way Jorge did, but of course, for the opposite purpose. He saw some stellar asses he hungered to get his paddle on. Because of the difference in rank, though, he couldn't very well publicly make a move on any of them the way Jorge did. It would be bad form. But he got a couple of winks and nods and a couple of them deliberately made efforts to show their asses off to David in the shower. In private, these older brothers would be more than willing to bottom for young top David.

After showering, one of the monks who had already started his daily work told David Dr. Pete was waiting for him in a meeting room to discuss "some things" with him. He stopped by to see Walt first. He seemed to have recovered from last night's punishment and was administering Keith's morning discipline. Keith's big furry bottom was a nice dark red. Apparently after hearing how well Keith managed David's paddling the following evening, Walt upped Keith's count to 75 swats. The young man still was taking it perfectly. But he still wasn't on par with Walt yet, who took his 200 swats from David in stride. Nobody discussed the events of the previous evening.

With a monk's assistance, David found his way to a well-lit cavern where Dr. Pete was waiting. He wasn't alone and appeared to be having quite a good time. He was seated on a long wooden bench with Brian across his lap. Brian's hands were tied behind his back and he was gagged. Pete was happily paddling away, showing no mercy at all, despite Brian's whimpering sounds. Brian's bottom was already a dark red with bruising starting to show.

More interestingly, there was another bench across from where Pete was sitting. Laying on the bench on his stomach, hands tied behind his back and gagged, was Jacob Brass. His perfect muscle-bottom was wonderfully outlined by the tiny hot pants he wore, a pair of nearly flawless spheres.

"Come on in!" Pete said. "I hope you don't mind but I prepared some breakfast for you." He nodded at Jacob while continuing paddling Brian's raw ass. Jacob waggled his bottom seductively.

"Aw, you're kidding me," David said, as he slowly walked across the room over toward the bench. "I've fantasized about getting my hands on his ass for years. Years!"

"It's your lucky day then. We have some things to talk over, but I know how guys like us are about exercise, right? You can work on those arms while we talk. The gags are to keep them from interrupting us with their silly complaints."

David walked over to Jacob, who looked over his shoulder at him. He moaned and waggled his ass again. Smiling, David grabbed Jacob by the waistband of his shorts and lifted him up off the bench. His legs squirmed and he moaned as the action also gave him a bit of a wedgie. David sat down across from Pete and lay Jacob back down across his knee. Rather than pulling the wrestler's shorts down, he instead smoothed them back out to cover his round cheeks.

"I think I wanna milk this opportunity," David said. "Don't wanna rush too much. When you go to a fancy restaurant you don't go right to the steak. You savor the whole meal, right?" Pete laughed. Even Jacob managed to snort in the gag.

David pulled out his paddle and looked at it for a moment. Then he narrowed his eyes in thought, looked down at Jacob's ass, and set the paddle aside.

"You know, an ass this perfect? It needs some human contact, I think." Instead he raised his hand and, with a grin, it started to glow blue. Knowing his energy powers increased the intensity of his smacks and numbed the victim so he couldn't escape, he brought his hand down firm and hard right across the center of Jacob's ass. SMACK! Jacob moaned in combined pleasure and pain. The old-fashioned spanking with the super-powered twist continued and soon he was matching Pete's pace with Brian.

"When Jacob first saw you guys in action, he said to me, 'I'm going to find my way across Smaqdown's knee if I have to actually rob a bank to get his attention,'" Pete said.

"Really?" David marvelled, grinning. Jacob nodded from his position helpless across his lap.

"Yeah, I know Jacob pretty well. He was my Brian when I was pledgemaster, you see. He was just as insatiable. Just as mouthy, too. The two of them together are going to be trouble, you can guarantee. And that's what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Oh, I like trouble. Actually, I like dealing with trouble."

"Ha. Don't I know it? But what we want you to understand is that the stuff the Augurer said about rebels like Jacob and Brian are not exaggerations. We love to talk about how we bust guys' asses and blister their tails and things like that, right? It's hot. It's a turn on. In reality, unless a guy has totally fucked up bad, it's never as bad as we say, right?"

"Yeah, know their limits and push them, but we all know the rules. If they tell you to stop, you stop."

"Right. Except not for these guys." David, who had been staring at Jacob's ass while spanking, looked up at Pete in surprise.

"For real? Dude, that's like the most b