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Big Brother in Charge

by Y Lee Coyote

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Hi, I'm Alex and YLee asked me to tell you about us – my big brother, Jake, and me.  Actually this is the third time I'm telling him this because I learnt about how people would ignore the earlier versions because of the extreme hyperbole I used.  I understand now how people wouldn't trust anyone who counts «one, two, three, bazillion».  So here is a version that does NOT distort things and is more readable than what I first said.  It all really happened starting when I was ten.  Since this has happened, my brother and I have gotten very close.  YLee helped me fix things up so it's more readable.

No more Babysitters

One evening my brother, Jake, said he wanted to have a man-to-man talk with me.  That was pretty strange since I was only ten and he was fourteen years old.  Of course, I agreed to listen since he would bop me if I refused.  Actually, he did not do that nearly as much as some of my friends' big brothers (and sisters) bop them.  He started asking some pretty stupid questions starting with "When our 'rents go out what happens?" and "Do you like that?"

It's like he did not know that we get an [ugh] babysitter. "Hell (I whispered because I'm not supposed to use that word but Jake doesn't care) and usually a girl.  I hate that because they fuss and always want to give me a bath so that they can play with my thingie because they ain't got their own."

Jake continued to 'splain that the 'rents are going away all day Sunday so that there are three options.  "We could have a babysitter or you stay with Fred."  You know what I think of the first and although Fred is OK his mother wouldn't let us do anything and his three sisters rat us out constantly and want to play house all the time.  Then I get the surprise.  "Or we could be just by ourselves."  I jumped for joy with that one.  Then Jake explained that there would be rules starting with that he would be in charge and I must agree to listen to him.  Well, he wanted Dad to tell me everything so I could be sure everything was real.

Well Dad explained the rules and even gave me a printout of them.  Here they are:

  1. Jake is in charge.
  2. Alex agrees to mind him.
  3. Jake may give Alex up to three five-minute time-outs.
  4. Jake may give Alex one bare bottom hand spanking if Alex agrees that he deserves one, otherwise Dad will decide later.
  5. All punishments must be reported but the reasons may remain private between Jake and Alex.
  6. If Alex abuses his authority he will be spanked and grounded.

Alex added that after he spends a couple of hours doing his homework we could go to The Park.  That's Park with a capital-P because it's not a little local park but the BIG one with lots of GREAT stuff to do.  We would also eat out.  He didn't have to ask if I wanted to do that because I always want to do that.

Dad insisted that I think about things for a day (especially rule #2) but I really did not have to.  I was ready to put my John Hancock on it immediately.  (See, I did listen to the history lesson.)  BTW, Jake had to sign it also.  Oh, that's because it is a contract.  Dad spent some time explaining that.  (I guess that King George didn't live up to his contract with the colonies.  That was in the same lesson.)

Sunday morning the 'rents went off for the day and I was alone with Jake, my big-brother-in-charge.  He said he had to do his homework and suggested that I do mine.  It was strange that he did not send me off with an order to do it like the 'rents (especially Mom) do.  After, he sat down at his desk to do it I did the same at my desk.  I was finished in an hour but he said that he had another hour of work.  Instead of just playing I kept bothering him and soon he was yelling at me.  I admit that it didn't take me long to act childish again after my initial good intentions.

"That's it, Alex.  You got a timeout."  He picked up the timer and handed it to me.  His manner was such that I cooperated with him but I told him that he was also out of control.  That did not get me out of the timeout.  He led me to the top of the steps and I placed the timer on the table.  Then he led me down three steps and told me to sit.  Then he surprised me and sat down four steps lower.  He gave himself the same timeout!  The five minutes crept as I watched the mantle clock.  When the timer rang we both got up and I told him that I was sorry.  He gave me a hug and said to play video games while he finished his homework or he'll be in trouble when the folks get home.  I was a little ashamed of myself.  I had been a pest and Jake was being ever so nice.  I was as quiet as a mouse just thinking about The Park and the wonderful things we would do there while he did his homework.

Jake checked the weather report and we left our jackets home.  We took the money that Dad had given us.  Jake had most of it but I actually got some so I could buy stuff myself.  We also took the zoo membership card so we did not need cash for that.  On the way to The Park, I told him what I wanted to get and he said I did not have enough money to do it all and I would have to shorten my list.  He did not tell me, like Mom does, what to leave out leaving me to decide.

The Park was, as it always was, great fun.  It was even more fun because neither Mom nor Dad was there keeping an eye on us (especially on me) and requiring frequent check-ins.  Jake even let me decide where we should have lunch.  We did ever so many things – explored the woods (Jake did not yell that I got wet in the stream and even splashed me but I got him back), pretended we were knight and prisoner headed for the dungeon in the Castle, listened to a busker play a strange instrument called a hammered dulcimer (you can listen for yourself here:, went to the zoo and ate from push carts.  We had lots of fun and had left the carrousel for the very last.  That's when I discovered that I did not have the money to pay.  Jake and I went over what I had bought and figured it out.  I had made two mistakes.  First, I had rounded the prices down in my initial estimates.  Second, I had given some money to the busker.  I was quite disappointed even though the day had gone so very well.  Because Jake had warned me, I did not want to ask him for more money.  I'm sure that it showed in my face.

Jake checked his money.  "Alex, I can't touch the supper money but if we walk home and put everything else together we can get two rides each."  I thought that was just super.  I got my favorite horse – the great big black stallion on the outside.  I pretended that I was Zorro with a great sword.

I'm sorry to say that after that, even before we got out of the park, I acted up.  I continued to play that I was Zorro and kept running away from Jake.  After the second time, he said that I was going to get spanked when we got home or he would tell Dad, who would spank me.  I was very quiet after that.  I knew that I spoiled the day and that I truly deserved the spanking.  The half hour walk home seemed to take much longer.  We did stop to eat rather than do takeout.  Jake let me chose the place even though I was due a spanking.  I would have liked it a lot more if I hadn't been due a spanking when we got home.

When we got home, Jake said we both should shower before anything else and I agreed.  More important, I agreed that I deserved a spanking for being naughty in The Park.  After his shower, Jake put on fresh clothes.  I did not bother getting dressed but told him that I was ready for my spanking and repeated that I was very, very sorry and that I knew I deserved it.  Jake sat on his bed and I got across his lap.  When Dad spanks me, I always feel like a little boy across his lap especially when I cry (which I always do).  This time, over my brother's lap I felt somewhat different because I had decided that this was where I belonged.  Jake was much more gentle than Dad was.  Perhaps he was afraid of hurting me or because he was usually prohibited from hitting me.  He rubbed my bottom some and then gave me a dozen light spanks and helped me up.

As he hugged me, I said: "That was NOT a real spanking but a birthday spanking.  I did not feel spanked at all and I well knew that I surely deserved one."  I guess that you know that I felt very guilty about being naughty.  "Please give me the spanking I deserve, Jake.  Dad spanks a lot harder."

"OK, little brother, since you insist."  Jake returned me to the spanking position and gave me a real spank.  Later, he told me how he watched his hand print form on my butt.  It was a proper spank and some twenty proper spanks later I was a properly spanked boy.  Then we hugged each other and I sobbed on his shoulder.  I told him that I loved him very much and was really sorry I had been naughty and thanked him for spanking me and for taking me to The Park.  I really, cross my heart and hope to die, meant all of it.

The 'rents came home just before my bedtime and we spoke to Dad when Mom stepped away.  Jake told him the day went just fine and we had a great time together.  When Dad asked me, I told him: "The day was really great and we had lots and lots of fun.  I had to tell Jake how to spank me but he's a quick learner.  Goodnight, Dad."  He left laughing.  Jake gave me a great big hug.

I hoped that I did not teach Jake too well because it so hard to be good all the time.

Learning to Spank

The next time I got into trouble, spanking trouble that is, I wondered if my bad joke about having taught Jake how to spank me had been a mistake.  When I brought home that nastygram from school the 'rents read it and Dad told me that I should do my homework right after dinner because we were going to have a discussion starting an hour before my bedtime.  I knew then it was going to be a long session because Dad was really mad.  That was a wrong assumption, I found out when Dad came to our bedroom.

"Alex, you were quite right that Jake needs to learn how to spank you properly when you misbehave.  He also needs to learn how to scold you.  This note from your school will provide a good opportunity for both.  I'm going to let Jake deal with you while I'm here to coach him and improve his technique.  Since you have earned a spanking, he will be able to really spank you rather than just pretend."  I looked at Jake and he was grinning.  I could not think of anything to say.  Dad does not like us objecting to his decisions although we are allowed to if we have really good reasons.  I was smart enough to know that just not liking something was not a good reason and that I better keep my mouth shut.

Dad handed the letter back to me and indicated that I should give it Jake.  Jake, no longer grinning, accepted the letter and read it, shaking his head as he did.  He was looking very grown up.  Worse, he started to sound grown up as he lectured me about my crime.  Several times Dad interrupted him to suggest that he change things.  When he got through all it, Dad had him start over.  It seemed that the lecturing went on for hours (ok, it was actually only twenty minutes) and I felt well lectured and properly bad about my misdeed at school.

I knew what was coming next and I started to undress but Dad stopped me.  I hate being stripped by Dad for a spanking and the time after The Park I was naked after my shower.  This time it was Jake who undressed me.  It was not the fun it was when we roughhouse and he pulls my clothes off so he can tickle and tease me.  It was definitely part of my punishment.  When I was in my birthday suit, Jake (who was sitting on his bed) gave me a great big bear hug and whispered into my ear: "I love you, little brother, but you require this punishment."

Even though he had been grinning before, I could tell that he did not really want to do this.  I wanted to say that he didn't have to because I did not want a spanking.  I kept my mouth shut again because I knew I deserved this spanking and Dad was right there.

Jake pulled me over his lap.  The top part of me was resting on the bed so I was more comfortable than if I had been draped over Dad's lap.  Dad always sits on a chair so I'm hanging down at both ends.  This was much more comfortable.  Dad had Jake hold me at the waist and then with my arms behind back.  He pointed out how much I could be controlled when I failed to cooperate.  Jake pushed up on my arms and it hurt.  I squealed and Jake let up.  It was not only Jake who was getting a spanking lesson.

The preliminaries over, the lesson shifted to hitting my tender little behind.  Dad had only used his great big hand on my bottom which was, as any boy who has been spanked well knows, is sufficiently effective.  Jake's hand was smaller, not as hard and he was not nearly as strong as Dad.  Dad had him give me a few spanks.  I yelped some feeling that it was expected even though it did not hurt like Dad's butt buster spanks.  Dad had Jake use his hand flat and curved.  There was a difference.  I guessed that this spanking business was more complex that it seemed.

Dad showed that it was even more complex because he went on to explain that the spanker had to be careful not to hit the spankee's tail bone or on the sides since that could injure.  I was also learning although I did not have anyone to spank.  Then Dad had Jake give me a few on the thighs and said a few there were allowed.  I did not expect that when Jake got me just between my bottom and my legs it would hurt more.  I reacted a lot to those couple of spanks and Jake said that was a good thing to know.

I figured that Jake would just spank me now to finish up but he did not.  Dad asked him about his hand and he owned up that it was beginning to hurt (like my bottom was).  I thought that was good since he would have to go easy on me.  That's when Dad really changed the rules.  "Son, that is why I use the hairbrush on you.  It allows me to spank a lot more without my feeling it.  Now I want you to try this but not hard."

"Thanks, Dad.  I do know how much more this hurts."  An instant later I also knew when the hairbrush connected with my bottom.  Before I had finished howling, I got another whack and managed to get two howls out at once.  "Give Alex two more, Jake."  They also hurt but that sounded like the end.  "Remember, Jake, that you've must to be careful not to miss.  It's best to hold the hands so they cannot be hit and injured."

"Another item that can be used is a ping-pong paddle.  It has a great big surface so it connects with a lot of naughty boy bottom at once.  That's both a pro but also a con because the force is spread out and the big surface has a lot of air resistance."  I got a few spanks with the paddle and they certainly hurt but not like the wicked hairbrush. "Please, Dad.  Please, Jake knows enough.  I'll be good; promise." I begged.  But it was not any use for Dad said that Jake needed to learn more before really spanking me.  I groaned.

"The British use what they call a 'slipper' or a Plimsoll." explained Dad.  "It's more like a sneaker and often without the top.  That's more effective since there is less to swing.  In some ways it is like a rubber paddle.  You could easily use Alex's own sneaker should the need arise in an emergency."

"Ha, how could it ever be an emergency?" I thought.

"But a flip-flop is a good item to use.  It is flexible and very effective." Apparently Dad brought one for he continued: "Try a few spanks with it."  And Jake obediently tried a few spanks.  They hurt a lot.  I was sobbing by now.  "Because it is soft and flexible it does not cause injury." added Dad.  My bottom disagreed but was not consulted.

"But the item I would like you to use in addition to your hand most of the time is this STRAP."  I examined it later and saw that Dad had cut a ten-inch length from an old, wide, thick, leather belt.  "It's easy to use and most effective.  Now finish up spanking your naughty brother."

I was happy to hear 'finish up' until Jake actually started to do it.  That strap hurt more than Dad's hand had.  Jake was happy using it for he did a wonderful job turning my bottom into a flaming hot center of pain as I cried.  I did not even hear Dad tell him to stop so I don't know if he stopped on his own or not.  I certainly knew that I was well spanked by my big brother and that he now knew how to properly spank me every time.  They just tucked me into bed when it was over and I just lay there crying.

I really did not sleep and after Jake put out the light I got out of my bed and got into his.  I had not done that since I was a little kid – maybe when I was seven.  Jake let me stay with him even holding me tight like I held my teddy bear when I was little.  In the morning he told me that he was sorry that he had hurt me and it had hurt him to do it.  He asked me to be good so he wouldn't have to spank me again.