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Getting Spanked With Company In The House
Part 1

by Paulie's Childhood

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This happened when I was 14 years old. It was shortly after my freshman year of high school had started.

This was on a Saturday afternoon. My little brother, Todd, had two of his buddies over to play. Their names were Benny & Colby. They were all 11 years old. My 8 year old brother, Darrin, was also home. Ben & Colby were spending the day with us. They weren't brothers or anything; but I guess my mom was kind of babysitting for them.

Mom had paddled my bare bare bottom really good just four days before this when I had gotten in trouble at school for something. Now I had done it again. Me and another kid had skipped out of our P.E. class to go smoke cigarettes in the parking lot of the school. Somehow, my buddy's mom found out and she called my mom. Boy, was my mom ever pissed off!

She hauled me up to my bedroom screaming and lecturing me all the way. Of course, she had her paddle in her hand ready to get to work on my rear end. Todd and the other boys were in their bedroom at the time, which was right next to my bedroom. My mom was so mad, I didn't dare talk back or try to weasle my way out of anything. I knew I was in for a good licking, so I just kept my mouth shut. I was begging for mercy though, but that did no good.

When mom got me in my bedroom, she yelled at me to "get off your pants and underwear right this instant, Young Man!" I know the boys in the next room heard everything she was saying. Of course, I obeyed her immediately. Soon I was standing in front of my mother wearing absolutely nothing except my t-shirt and my white socks. I still had paddle marks on my backside from the whipping she had just given me four days earlier.

Mom was yelling about how "I can't believe I have to spank you again when we just went through this four days ago! Evidently you didn't learn your lesson from that spanking, hu? Well, Young Man, I'm about to give you a spanking you won't forget for quite a while."

I was already crying while she was yelling at me and all I could say was "yes, ma'am." I knew my ass was grass. Finally, mom bent me over and started spanking my naked backside very very hard. She was using all of her strength as she brought that wooden paddle down across my bare skin. The pain from my spanking of four days ago instantly returned. I was screaming and crying from the first lick. Man, did that ever hurt!

Mom gave me about 20 good licks across my bottom standing over me while I was bent over. Then she sat down on my bed, took me by my arm and yanked me across her lap. I was still crying very loudly as she positioned me over her lap so that my bottom was sticking up ready to be paddled some more.

Mom spread my legs apart as far as they would go and she really started wailing on me. The sounds of that wooden paddle smacking my bare skin rang out throughout the entire house. And my yells and cries came loudly after each smack I received. At that point, I wasn't even thinking about the boys in the ajoining room listening to me getting my spanking. The pain was so intense! My entire backside was throbbing as mom paddled me on each butt cheek and then down on each leg. She really paddled the insides of my legs good and hard! I was bouncing all over her lap, but she held me in place as she continuted to paddle me. It felt like every square inch of my bottom and legs were on fire. I was crying so hard, I couldn't even see anything because of all my tears.

Mom continued to spank me. I don't even know how many swats she gave me. I would say at least 65. She really paddled me good and hard. When she finally finished, I laid on my bed on my tummy crying my eyes out while she still yelled at me. She told me that if I didn't straighten up right this minute that I could expect to get another whipping from her worse that what she just gave me. Of course the boys in the next room heard everything. Through my cries and sobs, I promised my mother that I would be a good boy from now on and wouldn't give her any reason to spank me again.

Mom then left me in my room to cry it out. I know I cried hard for a good 30 minutes. Even after that, I was still sobbing. I didn't dare move from my bed until mom told me I could.

Finally, she called all of us boys down for lunch. It really hurt to put my pants back on. I just put on some shorts. You could plainly see the paddle marks on the backs of my legs and on my inner thighs. My face was all red and puffy from all the crying. The other four boys were already down in the kitchen at the table when I came down. Of course, they were all staring at me. They all knew just what I had received.

Again, mom started lecturing me on how I'd better be on my best behavior or else I will get another spanking even worse than I just got. I assured her that I understood and that I would be a very good boy. I know Benny & Colby were loving it. Even though they didn't get to see me get spanked, they heard everything and they were intreaged that a high school boy was getting his bare bottom spanked as hard as I had just gotten it by my mommy. These boys had just started the 6th grade and they loved it when they got to see older kids get whippings.

We all ate our lunch together with mom in the kitchen with us. She was still in a very hot mood from having to spank me twice in such a short period. And she made sure everyone knew it.

After I finished eating, mom did something she very rarely did. She had me stand up and she pulled down my shorts and underwear right there in the kitchen in front of the other boys. Of course, I thought she was gonig to spank me again in front of them. I was standing there with my tally wacker hanging down in front of me all exposed for everyone to see. But that didn't bother me nearly as much as how scared I was because I thought I was going to get spanked again.

Mom turned me around so that the boys could get a good look at my extremely red and tanned backside. My bottom and the backs of my legs were still stinging really bad. Mom put me in the corner of the kitchen and gave me "corner time." I knew several boys who's parents gave them "corner time" after they got spanked, but my mom hardly ever did that to us boys. She only did it to me about three times in my life, but this was one of those times.

I had to stand there with my nose practically in the corner, and my shorts pulled completely down to my ankles so that my brothers and Todd's buddies could see the damage my mom had just inflicted on my naked bottom and legs. It was very embarrassing, but I was very relieved that mom didn't spank me again in front of them. I don't think my bottom could have stood any more licks.

After lunch, mom excused the other boys to go play, but she gave me chores to do for the rest of the afternoon. I thought she would confine me to my bedroom for the day, but she was still so mad that she put me to work. After I finished the chores (which took a couple hours), then she sent me to my room.

Ben & Colby sure got an eye full that day. It was no big deal to my brothers cause they saw me get spanked all the time. I'm sure Todd's friends loved the show though.

When my dad got home later on, mom told him what had happened and then she made me pull down my pants again to show dad the damage she had done to my backside. Dad said it looked like mom did a good job giving me a good hard paddling. Amen to that! She sure did!

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