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The Day My Nephew Spanked Me


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This happened some ten years or so ago. My thirteen year old nephew was staying with me and my mother (I was in my mid-twenties then and still living at home) during the Christmas holidays. On this particular morning after Christmas Day I was sleeping in my bedroom and then Jamie (my nephew) came in and woke me. It was ten o'clock and he placed a cup of tea on my bedside table. He told me, "Nan made this for you. She says it's about time you were up, you're so lazy."

I didn't reply to this, I just shook the sleep out of my eyes and started to drink the sugared tea. I always enjoyed my Mum's tea, God rest her soul. I threw back the bedcovers and then sat on the edge of my bed, still drinking the tea. I was dressed in a pair of pink pyjamas. Jamie just stood and watched me. I said to him, "Thanks for bringing me this, mate."

His voice took on a serious tone as he replied, "Nan says you don't do hardly anything around the house. My Mum (my sister Susan) always makes me do washing up and I have to make my own bed. I'd get a good hiding from my Dad if I didn't. I bet Nan never put you over her knee and gave you a good smacking on your backside. That's just what you need, Uncle Mike!"

I resented being spoken to like that by a little wet behind the ears thirteen year old kid. I informed him, "Look, Jamie, this is a holiday! I work hard all year long and you don't even know what a day's work is yet. Who are you to criticise me? I always do my share around here." Of course, I knew this wasn't true. My mother always cooked the meals and did all the housework and even made my bed. While I was out working as a maintenance engineer I did work hard but at home I didn't do a lot which wasn't fair on my Mum I knew.

My young nephew regarded me for a long moment before telling me, "When you finish your tea I want you to make your bed before you get dressed. You always leave Nan to do it and she says she's sick of it. My Mum thinks you're lazy too."

He was really pissing me off now. "Now look here, you little prick, who are you to order me around!" I drank all of the tea and placed the cup down on the table again. "What if I don't!" I smiled at him and asked, "What are you going to do, spank me?"

I said this only half-seriously but he gave me an impish grin and the next thing I knew he made a dive for my pyjama bottoms and pulled them down and then right off before I could stop him. All I had on besides the pyjama top was a thin pair of red cotton briefs. I think he liked seeing me like this and he had a very cocky, confident look on his face. He answered, "Yeah, I should do what Nan never did and give you a good hard spanking on your bum. Then you might not be so lazy."

It became clear to me that he was determined to go through with this. He took hold of my arm and pulled me off the bed to a standing position. Funny thing was, I offered no resistance at all. I suppose I felt a little excited and aroused at the prospect of being given a good bottom warming by a boy more then ten years younger then me. He dragged me over to the single chair which sat opposite of my bed. He sat himself in down on it and then hauled my five feet ten inches and one hundred and eighty pound frame across his knees. I felt eight years old again. Nobody had ever, including my mother, previously done this to me and it was a very humiliating and yet somehow exhilarating experience. I can imagine what a feeling of real power it must have been for Jamie having a grown man draped and helpless over his lap.

My large backside clad only in red underpants was positioned in the centre of his lap. He raised my pyjama top high so he had a good target. He held me down firmly with his free hand confirming that he was a quite strong lad for thirteen. A few seconds later I felt the first smack of his small but hard hand as it landed on the seat of my briefs and I felt the sting at once. Then came a second spank and a third and I knew I would have a red bottom before he was finished with me.


I got twenty five before he stopped and then ordered me to tidy my bed if I didn't want to go over his knee again for some more. I obeyed him and he told me that I did a good job. My behind would be smarting for several hours after. Jamie then left my room and I got dressed. Neither of us mentioned this incident to my mother, it would have been very unwise to do so. Still, I think we both rather enjoyed that spanking although it was the only time Jamie ever did it to me. But still today he reminds me of the time he'd taught me a good lesson for being so bone idle. I certainly did a lot more to help my Mum after that little episode.

So is this story true or false you are probably asking? Well, since I have no photos of the event and there was nobody else who witnessed it you'll have to make up your own minds about that. It does make very good reading, don't you think!

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