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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 36: The Grand Tour

by Redspkscott

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The Blister Boyz
Ch. 36: The Grand Tour

The heroes:
Troy Manning — Heat Blister
Jason Klein — Ice Hazer
David Mercer — Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder — The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway — Major Fry
Brian Tannon — Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez — Poison Punisher
Keith Grady — The Sticking Point

Referring to the Omega Upsilon Chi's fraternal home at Paragon University as a “house” was a significant understatement. It was in reality a full compound with the equivalent of a whole dorm building to house its numerous jock members, a private gym and pool, and other facilities. It did have a traditional frat house as its main entry point and gathering area, kind of like the office for an apartment complex. The officers and senior brothers had bedrooms in the main house. The others lived in the dorms.

As part of the intent of the frat's founders, Omega was actually a very inclusive fraternity. The only requirements to join the fraternity were: one, participation in a competitive sport; and two, commitment to hazing and corporal punishment as a lifestyle. That's it. Despite the rushing process that mimicked other fraternities, no qualifying members were rejected, though quite a few quit during the pledging process due to the intensity of the hazing. Eventually, interest in the fraternity grew too large at Paragon University to be contained within a mere house, and alumni raised money to build a fraternal dormitory building. Paragon A&M's fraternity was similarly large. The brothers had always assumed that Omega Upsilon Chi having been founded in Paragon City contributed to the fact that the chapters here were the largest. Now that the Blister Boyz knew about the city's secret magical draw to those interested in pain, its size made a lot more sense to them.

Having submitted to the humiliating paddling of the Rump Roast, Henry, Terrell and Eddie selected three buddies from their respective sports teams (baseball, football and tennis) to return the favor. The three dragged their victims — who protested that other guys were cheering louder than they were, hoping in vain to deflect their paddlings onto somebody else — back to their dorm rooms.

The party then pretty much broke up. Alumni and visitors from the other frats said their good-byes and headed off for the night. A handful of incoming freshmen — including Ryan, Kyle and Vincent — decided to stick around and accept Troy's invitation (and warning) of a tour of the frat compound.

The tour was pretty much just a formality for Ryan. He had visited the college to see his brother, Jason, and to take a whole tour before deciding to join him at Paragon University. He was allowed to stay at the frat house at the time and even took a few licks from the brothers. He would be the fourth and last of the Klein brothers to attend Paragon University and join the frat. He was a lock for membership and already had a handful of linebacker brothers tagging along with him, itching for a chance to get their hands on his ass. Regardless of the Rush process, it was pretty evident to everybody, including musclebound, blond Ryan, that his hazing would begin tonight. Has ass was destined for a blistering — it was just a matter of time.

Troy and Jason were leading the tour together, though, and the brothers weren't going to make a move on Ryan until Jason let them, after the tour was over.

The boys started with the main house, Troy and Jason showing off the kitchen and dining area as well as the main gathering area for indoor parties. The officers' bedrooms were upstairs and the boys could hear paddling going on up there behind a closed door.

“I think Dennis is refamiliarizing a couple of bros to the house,” Jason said.

“That skinny guy?” Vincent asked. “Guys bend over for him?”

“Well, first of all, he's a jock just like the rest of us,” Troy said. “Don't judge an athlete by his size. He might surprise you. He's also a frat officer and a senior. Underclassmen have to submit to him. Frat rules.” Troy explained the fraternal pecking order to the freshmen as the sound of paddling echoed in the background.

In Dennis's room, the diver had his gymnast spankhounds Mark and Greg — who had already mouthed off at him downstairs at the party — at his mercy. He had both of them bent over the end of the bed with their asses in the air, levitating Lexan paddles smacking their bared asses. He used his telepathic powers to make the guys beg for harder swats as he punished them. Mark was reacting as normal, kicking and whimpering along with the forced begging, but Greg, whose skin had turned red over the summer as a secondary mutation, was mostly limp. After a couple of minutes Dennis stopped the punishment to cop a feel, given that he could no longer judge Greg's condition by sight. Greg's ass didn't feel as though it had been paddled. Greg had developed enhanced healing powers, and it had required all of Dennis's creativity to find new ways to overwhelm the sarcastic bottom's defenses and give him the punishment he craved. It looked as though his powers had grown over the summer.

“You boys train your powers over the summer?” Dennis asked.

“Yeah,” Mark said, dropping the attitude for just a bit. “I can turn the ground to mud now and then make it turn into hard rock. I can trap guys in there. I even stopped a gas station robbery!” Dennis rewarded the boy with some gentle rubbing of his cheeks for his summer training.

“And I'm going to guess here that Greg's not feeling pain so much these days.”

“Nope,” he said. “Looks like I'm not going to be your butt boy any more, huh?” Greg sounded sarcastic, but Dennis knew that Greg was subconsciously goading him to try to figure out a way past his defenses.

Dennis rubbed Greg's ass for a bit as he thought to himself. The two men had obviously spent the summer together. They did pretty much everything together. Dennis narrowed his eyes and smiled as an idea bubbled up.He closed his eyes and focused his mind for a few minutes. “What are you doing?” Mark asked, but Dennis didn't respond. Eventually he opened his eyes again. Then he picked up one of the paddles and slammed it hard across Mark's quivering cheeks.

“YEOWCH!” Mark shouted, but his cries were drowned out by Greg's matching cry of painful surprise: “YAAAGH!” Dennis released his mental control over Greg, allowing him to stand up and grab his cheeks.

“What just happened?” he asked, rubbing his bottom. “You didn't lay a hand on me!”

“Nope,” Dennis said. “But the two of you seem to be joined at the hip. I thought I'd make it a little more literal. I psychically connected your brains together, as least as far as a certain part of your nervous system.”

“I don't get it,” Greg said. In response, Dennis gave Mark another hard swat. Both of them yelped in pain again. Greg clenched his bottom and whimpered in pain, moaning.

“Whatever Mark's ass feels, your ass feels,” Dennis said. “It's a mental trick, so it bypasses those healing and pain control powers of yours.” Dennis smacked Mark's ass again. Both boys reacted in pain. He started laying on the swats on Mark's bottom as Greg danced around the room, rubbing his own ass, helpless to stop the pain from coming. Dennis kept it going until both young men were in tears.

“Here's how it's going to go this year,” Dennis said, as Mark whimpered over the bed and Greg stood rubbing his completely unmarked — but sore as hell — cheeks. “You two are going to share fates this year. No matter who fucks up, you both feel the consequences. Mark's the one whose ass gets beat, but you both get to feel it.”

“Aww man, I thought I was free,” Greg whined, but of course, he didn't ask Dennis to stop. Greg had goaded Dennis into doing exactly what he wanted. He still got to get himself good and hazed this year along with his buddy Mark.

Dennis released his control over Mark, allowing him to stand up and rub his own bottom. “Wait a minute,” Mark asked. “You said you connected the nerves in our ass. Do we only feel each other's pain?” Dennis smiled as he opened his night table drawer and pulled out condoms and lube.

“We'll have to find out, won't we?” Dennis said.

Meanwhile Troy and Jason's tour brought the freshmen through the dorm building. The sounds of horseplay and genuine punishment could be heard from all directions.

“You may want to invest in some earplugs until you get used to the sound,” Jason explained. “Then it becomes kind of like white noise. I'm getting to the point where I have a hard time getting to sleep unless I hear the sound of paddling in the background. It's soothing. Well, unless it's me.” The others chuckled.

Troy and Jason led the freshmen to the sounds of paddling coming from one of the dorm rooms. The door was open, so voyeurism was allowed. Two brothers were bent over the back of a ratty sofa in the room, pants down, getting their butts paddled in a steady, painful rhythm by a bigger, muscular man. He alternated swats on each of the guys, who whimpered and grumbled at each swat but didn't break position.

“Here we have Stew and Jack,” Troy said, referring to the bent over boys. “Rick here has taken responsibility for keeping these two in line. Did they fuck up already?”

“Yeah, take a look,” Rick said, gesturing around the cluttered dorm room. “They come back for summer and instead of putting their stuff away like mature adults, they toss their boxes all over and start playing video games!”

Troy nodded and smiled. It looked as though things were working out with Rick. Rick was a “bully top”, which could be a problem in the frat if they went overboard. They weren't very good at figuring out and respecting limits. Troy's role as president obligated him to intervene at the point where discipline became abuse. Jason's understanding of corporal punishment helped out here. Jason noted there were “passive” bottoms in the frat, guys like Stew who needed to be punished not for the things they did, but rather for the things they didn't do — like cleaning and studying. Tops like David didn't bother with guys like Stew because they were too busy dealing with the ones acting out openly. But Jason pointed out that bully tops and passive bottoms made a great match. Rick was looking for an excuse to beat some ass, and Stew's laziness was like a red cape in front of a bull. Jack was a known spankhound, so it was like a two-for-one bonus for Rick. Directing Rick to Stew turned out to be a brilliant idea.

Rick continued beating brother butt while lecturing the two guys about organization as the group continued through the dorms.

“How often do guys get their asses beat here, anyway?” Kyle asked, taking note of Jack's sexy tattoos as he followed along.

“As often as they need,” Troy said. “The pledging process is about getting to know you guys better and figuring out what your discipline needs are. Look at it this way: This isn't the first time Stew and Jack have gotten punished by Rick for being lazy slobs. Obviously they need Rick to discipline them further, or else they would have put their stuff away. You, for example, wouldn't keep betting your ass on skateboarding tricks if you didn't need discipline to push you to try harder.”

“Yeah, I guess. Never really thought about it.”

“No, most guys don't. That's what Omega is for,” Jason said. “College helps people figure out who they are, right? Omega helps jocks figure out where discipline fits into their lives. Some guys need more discipline than others.” Troy gestured across the inner courtyard, where David had Brian tied up and slung over his shoulder and was carrying him into the gym for no doubt nefarious purposes. David was smacking Brian's ass casually with his hand paddle and Brian's complaints were drowned out by the ball gag he was wearing.

“Hey, I noticed him with the tail there and there's that red guy and the guy with wings,” Vincent noted. “So you're pretty open, yeah? You get a lotta guys with powers?”

“We don't discriminate on the basis of genetic alterations,” Troy said. Jorge had taken some time to train Troy and Jason to answer questions like this simply without volunteering any additional information.

“I bet nobody messes with you guys, then,” one of the other freshman said.

“Well, regardless of any altered guys in the house, we're still the largest frat on campus anyway, so ... no,” Troy answered. “Not twice anyway. Shall we go see what David's up to after a quick visit to the gym?”

The freshmen jocks marveled as they were escorted through the gym. It had everything — machines, free weights, saunas, an Olympic-sized pool, and more.

“All this is yours?” Vincent asked.

“Yup!” Troy said. “As more athletes from varying sports have joined up, we've added to our training facilities. Kyle, our resources for guys involved in X-sports are a bit limited right now, but we're working on them. If you join up with us, we'd love to have you help us put together a skate park plan.”

“Aw man, I've always wanted to design my own park!” He said. “I've got sketches.”

Some of the brothers had already started working out, football players mostly as the new season was about to start. The freshmen watched as a spotter for a jock doing leg lifts expressed his dissatisfaction for the poor number of reps completed with a nice firm application of the frat paddle to his partner's ass. The man grunted in pain, but when the punishment was over, went right back to work.

“That's a very familiar training regimen,” Ryan said.

“Oh yes,” Jason nodded to his brother. “Those of you on the football team who had an Omega frat alumnus as a coach in high school will find our techniques familiar, if a little more intense now.”

“Your asses get good and thrashed,” growled one of the team members. The jock who had just been punished pulled his spandex shorts down briefly so the freshmen could see how good and red his muscular cheeks were.

“Where are David and Brian?” Troy asked.

“Where do you think?” the paddled jock responded, pointing toward the showers.

“Oh, of course,” Troy said. “Let's go see what David has set up for us.” Troy had a sneaking suspicion he knew what they were going to see. He had asked David to set something up to demonstrate “insertion hazing” to the newbies and he knew he and Dennis had been working on something.

They wandered into the large, tiled shower area to find Brian in the corner on display on a new device the pledges would apparently become very familiar with. The hunky wrestler was sitting on a tall barstool that had the center of its wooden seat cut out. His ankles and thighs were firmly bound to the stool keeping him from standing up. He was facing the corner, his back and blistered bottom facing the visitors. His wrists were once again tied behind his back with his own tail. He was still ball-gagged and his whimpers were pretty loud. He was also, amusingly, wearing a big dunce cap.

But everybody's eyes were quickly drawn to the stool itself, where most of the action was taking place. Dennis had invented a nefarious little battery-powered engine and piston action, connected to a dildo. The device was attached underneath the stool and its intent was pretty obvious. When the machine was turned on, it forced the dildo up through the hole in the barstool, penetrating the backside of anybody unfortunate enough to be seated there. Brian was getting a heaping helping of a thick ten-incher. No matter how he squirmed, he couldn't avoid the forceful thrusts of the fucking machine. David stood nearby, casually leaning against the wall.

“Inevitably, you guys will reach the limit of the amount of paddling your asses can withstand in a day,” David said. “Well, maybe not Ryan, but the rest of you. We've got a bunch of these lovely bar stools lined up for boys who think they can continue to fuck up because their asses are too raw for the paddle. It's an ingenious little toy. It even has a timer and a fluid chamber that applies lubricant automatically to the dildo so it can go for a long, looooong time.”

The freshmen looked at each other nervously.

“Er, we'll start you off on, um, smaller shafts,” Troy said. “Brian here's a bit of an expert. His whimpering is just for show. He's had more cock in him than a henhouse.” Brain turned