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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 38: Rush!

by Redspkscott

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Blister Boyz — Ch. 38: Rush!

The heroes:
Troy Manning — Heat Blister
Jason Klein — Ice Hazer
David Mercer — Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder — The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway — Major Fry
Brian Tannon — Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez — Poison Punisher
Keith Grady — The Sticking Point

Major Fry, Smaqdown, and The Humiliator lurked on the roof of a bank building in Steel Canyon, watching a group of Tsoo casually organize a drug deal. There were six of them, but these were fairly low-level men. They had earned magic tattoos that increase their fighting speed, but Major Fry had a plan for that.

“The man with the ponytail is Li Xin,” Fry said to the other two. “He and a crew were recently seen leaving a cave that leads down to Oranbega. He's my last potential link tying the Tsoo to Mr. Porter's assassination attempt.”

“If you're wrong, you will receive a punishment paddling with Smaqdown as the witness,” Humiliator said.

“Yes, sir.” Fry responded. “Understood, sir.” Walt's ass was still sore from his morning discipline from David, but he agreed to these punishment terms and would accept another paddling if Dennis believed he deserved it.

“Smaqdown, you'll lead in with that new leaping attack you've worked out,” Major Fry said. “That should stun them to start with, and Humiliator, you can use your psychic skills to yank away their swords and throwing stars. I will then hopefully end the battle with an electrical assault at a distance before they can recover.” The others nodded.

Smaqdown had indeed been working on improving his powers just as the other Blister Boyz had. He had grown familiar with the energy aura increasing the impact of his punches, so he worked to try to summon the aura elsewhere on his body – namely his feet. After much practice and effort he was able to do so and found himself able to leap great distances – blocks at a time. So as Major Fry learned to fly, Murky Menace perfected his teleportation, and Humiliator traveled by levitating himself, Smaqdown was able to keep up.

“I'm set,” Smaqdown said, crouching into position and concentrating, causing his feet to glow blue. “You boys ready?”

“Go,” Major Fry ordered. Smaqdown jumped off the roof heading straight toward the center of the gathered Tsoo.

Back at the Frat House, Keith was demonstrating frat punishment for the potential pledges during Rush Week. He didn't volunteer for this, actually. He responded very poorly to Walt pulling him off the Tsoo investigations in order to work on his studies for the fall. They actually got into a pretty big argument in Walt's room. Walt put his foot down, reminding Keith that he had voluntarily agreed to continue submitting to his authority and pointing out that he was engaging in insubordination. Keith needed to pick a major and get his grades up if he was going to graduate college.

“But why do I need to finish my education? I'm a hero now!” Keith sulked.

“You'll finish what you started,” Walt ordered. “You can contribute to this city in ways besides being a hero, too. Besides, I don't consort with quitters.”

Keith hung his head in disappointment.

“Two things,” Walt said. “First, I would report to Dennis for punishment for your insubordination.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Second, once he's done with you and I'm off with him and David, there's a file in my reconnaissance trunk labeled 'Frostfire and the Outcasts.' I want you to start reading up on them. I think you may want to take a look at him and his gang in regards to your role as the Redeemer. I want your thoughts on them when we return.”

“Yes , sir!”

After Keith filled Dennis in on his bad attitude with Walt, Dennis decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for Keith to show potential pledges the Penny Push in the frat's basement. So while three of the Blister Boyz were out fighting crime, Keith was crawling along the floor of the basement in just his jock strap, pushing a penny with his nose, and getting paddled by other brothers along the way. Dennis ordered him to keep it up for an hour. He could handle more, of course, but again he didn't want to scare away the potential pledges. Troy, as frat president, oversaw the implementation of the punishment and explained what was going on to the crowd (and potential pledges) visiting during Rush Week, answering any questions.

Vincent watched Keith grunt and growl as he crawled around getting paddled with a growing feeling of approval. He had followed Renaldo Marcone's instructions upon returning to his place in King's Row and methodically took the belt to each of the other guys living with him, asserting his position of the Alpha Male of the house. He was amazed at how quickly they relented to the order, but then again, only a small percentage of the Family actually ever even try to rise up in the ranks. Most are happy to serve as thugs as long as they get paid and free representation from Family lawyers when they get caught.

Joseph did give him some lip, same as he had the Family enforcer who had come by earlier. Vincent put his wrestling skills to use and forced Joseph to submit to punishment. He beat him raw with the belt, leaving him bawling, to make it clear he was not to be fucked with. The next day, the youngest of the crew, Bobby, started calling Vincent, “sir.” He found that he liked that.

He had decided on a simple, but merciless way to get the young men's drug sales up. Every night, the guy who came back with the least amount of money got the belt. Period. No debates or discussion. No excuses. And most importantly, no mercy. With their asses on the line, they either produce, or they suffer. He fully expected to make Marcone's deadline to increase their revenue contribution to the Family.

In the meantime, he focused his efforts in adapting to the Omega boys. He discovered that he found them a bit a bit strange, but didn't dislike them. They really threw themselves into this “discipline lifestyle,” and now he was starting to see the appeal, at least from a certain side. He was certainly enjoying watching Keith's round hockey bottom quiver each time a brother's paddle smacked it.

“It's fun to watch until it's your turn,” Jorge said, sidling up next to him.

“I guess I'll find out, won't I?” he responded.

“Ah, so you are going to pledge, then?” Jorge asked. “I have to admit I had taken you as a voyeur. We get a couple every year. They show up because they like to watch, but when it comes time to put their own asses on the line, they disappear.”

“Can I be honest with you?” Vince asked. He had been trying to work out some sort of lie that would explain why he wasn't as hot to receive the paddle as these other guys, but then realized after spending some time here that the truth could actually work fine this time.

“Of course,” Jorge said.

“I'm kind of a bit more interested in the giving it out then taking it. Is that going to be a problem?”

Jorge laughed. “Ah, of course. You're a top. Sometimes it's hard to tell when you're freshman. We try to keep an eye out for what they're looking at and what excites them. I can see you're watching Keith's suffering backside more that the muscular men smacking it.” Vince found himself smiling just a touch and nodding.

“No it's not a problem, especially not with me as your big brother,” Jorge said, giving him an absolutely lascivious grin. “Yes, I already reserved you should you decide to join. I found your standoffish behavior intriguing and wanted to figure you out.”

Jorge threw an arm over Vincent's shoulder and whispered conspirationally in his ear. “Officially, with the other pledges, you'll all be treated the same. You're going to get your ass paddled plenty and will have to endure those dildo stools now and then. And then for most pledges, behind closed doors with their big brothers, other things happen, depending on the chemistry between the two. Some are paddled even more, if they can take it. Some, well ... some we pair with big brothers who prefer to give their pledges' arms some exercise, if you get my drift.” Jorge angled himself slightly to push his nice round bottom against Vincent's thigh with everybody else's attention on Keith.

“The pledges get to paddle the big brothers?” Vincent asked.

“Only if the big brother is amenable,” Jorge said. “And absolutely nobody else is allowed to witness it. Officially it's against the rules, but a little rule-breaking doesn't hurt. Unless we get caught. In which case we'll both be doing this.” He gestured at Keith crawling on the floor.

“What we really do is set up competitions pitting the pledges against each other, with the winner paddling the loser. That way freshmen like you who are really excited to give will get to do so, as long as you fight for it. It also helps us teach you all how to give paddle swats safely. We want you to be able to dish it out as well as you take it.”

Vince, felt Jorge's bottom rubbing against his thigh. He was starting to develop an erection.

“If you like,” Jorge said, “We can discuss more about the frat in my room. I can answer any questions you have. And it would be completely appropriate for you to show me what skills you have already picked up. After all, I should determine exactly what sort of training you need, am I right?”

Jorge turned and walked off. Vincent immediately followed as if on a leash.

Smaqdown's leap was perfectly aimed. He landed smack in the middle of the group of Tsoo. Right as he landed he concentrated his energy powers his fists and slammed down hard on the ground, cracking the sidewalk and sending a circular blast of energy all around him. All six Tsoo were knocked down.

The Humiliator and Major Fry flew in right behind him. Humiliator focused his telekinesis and easily stripped the weapons from the stunned foes, sending them flying off into some nearby bushes out of reach.

Major Fry followed up with an arcing blast of electricity, zapping from the backsides of foe to foe, burning their asses and keeping them thoroughly stunned.

From that point the Blister Boyz had complete control. Major Fry and Smaqdown took turns yanking down the pants of each Tsoo, paddling their bottoms red, saving Li Xin for last. The Humiliator used his psychic powers to keep the men from struggling or escaping. Jacob Brass had filled the boys in on the punishment connection of the Tsoo. Their lives were harsh and they were frequently severely caned. A couple of them still had the marks of a recent punishment. So the Blister Boyz did not go easy on them at all.

When it was time for Li Xin's turn, Major Fry and Smaqdown set themselves up on one knee facing each other. Li was tossed over both their knees. They were planning to double punish him.

“What do you know about the attack on Andrew Porter?” Major Fry growled. “I'll go easy on you if you talk.”

“Fuck you,” Li Xin responded. “I've heard what you're up to. I'm not talking.”

“We'll see,” Major Fry said. He nodded to Smaqdown and the two of them went to work on Li Xin's muscular ass. Smaqdown was ambidextrous when it came to paddling. He was quite skilled at punishing left-handed as well as right. It helped keep his arm muscles the same size. So the two of them were able to quickly alternate paddle swats at an amazing speed: WHAPWHAPWHAPWHAP! Li Xin howled in pain as the swats rained down. His ass turned red very quickly.

“You were seen taking a crew down to Oranbega,” Major Fry said. “What were you up to?”

“None of your fucking business!” The two men paddled him even harder and faster. The other Tsoo rubbed their sore butts as they watched their team leader get punished. Li Xin gritted his teeth and fought hard to keep from crying, but after about 10 minutes he relented and burst into angry tears.

“I don't know what you're after!” he snarled out between swats. “We didn't have anything to do with it!”

“Why were you down in Oranbega?” Major Fry demanded. He and Smaqdown didn't slow their swats.

“Trying to defend our honor! OWWWW. They took some of our men to turn into their satyr slaves. We were trying to get them back. Will you stop?”

“Did you?”

“No! They were too strong. OW! FUCK!”

Major Fry looked over at The Humiliator as they continued the punishment.

“Is he telling the truth?” he asked.

“Yes,” The Humiliator said. “His thoughts indicate he barely even knows who Andrew Porter is. They don't watch a lot of television in the Tsoo I guess.”

“Will you fucking stop, now?” Li Xin snarled.

“Not until the police come,” Major Fry said, signaling to the Humiliator to place the call. “It'll be oh, ten, twenty minutes. They're pretty busy these days.”

“YEEOWCH!” the Tsoo shouted after a particularly hard swat. “Look, whoever did this, I don't have any loyalty to, okay. Because I don't know who he is. But if you tell me a little about what you know, maybe I could maybe help out a bit. BUT YOU HAVE TO STOP PADDLING ME!”

Major Fry looked over to Smaqdown, who simply shrugged. The two of them stopped, after Major Fry got one more good hard swat in. They let Li Xin stand up and rub his deeply blistered bottom. He looked it over and muttered, “Damn. Still not as bad as the cane.” After he pulled his pants up, he turned to Major Fry.

“So what did this guy look like?” he asked. Major Fry described the black and red pants and open vest Ambush Viper wore.

“Doesn't sound familiar. What talents did he have?” Major Fry described his ability to turn invisible and pass through solid rock. The Tsoo all looked at each other in confusion.

“What tattoos did he have?”

“He didn't have any yet,” Major Fry said. Li Xin practically rolled his eyes.

“All this shit and he's not even one of us,” Li Xin said. “If he has powers and no tattoos, he's not Tsoo. We don't allow mutants or anybody who has special abilities in. They have to be pure of body in order to accept the magic of the tattoos, man. Don't you know anything?”

“Well, I do now,” Major Fry said. He had been following a bad lead this whole time. He looked at The Humiliator, who nodded grimly at him. He was going to be punished when they got back home. Even worse: He had to start the search over again.

“You stay behind and wait for the police,” Smaqdown said to Major Fry. “The Humiliator and I need to run another errand.”

“We'll meet you back at base,” The Humiliator told Major Fry. He nodded, frustrated in his failure.

Much earlier in the day, David had arranged for the frat's biggest spank hounds to get the attention they need from other quarters so he and Dennis could focus on the new pledge class.

The two tops had built a special bondage device in order to continue to deliver the appropriate tributes to their new troll frat buddies in Skyway City. The device was a massive set of stocks essentially, big enough to hold four. The victims were bent over in the middle, held in place through large waist holes. The arms were pulled back to their sides through other holes and their ankles were spread apart and locked through holes in the base. The four victims were then forcibly locked into prime paddling position, helpless.

The current victims of the stocks were Brian and David's three marks from the Rump Roast: Henry, Terrell, and Eddie. After the four of them were locked in and stripped down to their jocks and a pair of sneakers, David explained to the helpless hunks that he had decided to “outsource their sorry asses” for their much-deserved punishments while he and Dennis dealt with the pledges for the next couple of months.

“What the fuck, dude?” Henry demanded, prompting David to casually slap him across the face – hard enough to sting.

“You'll see,” David said. Brian knew what was coming but had agreed not to tell the other three so it could be a nice, nasty “surprise.” David and Dennis, dressed in their hero outfits, used their collective powers to carry the heavy set of stocks all the