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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 39: Interlude, Brotherhood Dreams

by Redspkscott

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Blister Boyz — Ch. 39: Interlude, Brotherhood Dreams

The villians:
Dr. Howard Grand – Master Manacle
Jeremy McIntosh – Thornscourge
Xian Sheng – Ambush Viper
Maj. Paul Greeley – Holler
Ben “Buddy” Smith – Granite Growl
Roger Collier – Jolt Jammer
Argus Penn – The Corrupter

Incense filled Argus Penn's small study with a thick, spicy scent. The incense was magical and played a vital role in the spells he had begun to craft on the Crimson Brotherhood's behalf. It was infused with testosterone, necessary for enchantments that focused on control and domination. It had the side effect of making any man who set foot into the room incredibly and uncontrollably horny, and it had only taken days for a couple of the brothers to ask Argus if they could have some of the incense for private use.

Argus didn't mind. He smiled his winning grin and handed the incense over. He knew what it would be used for. Some of the guys would burn the incense in the presence of their slaves, muscular captured heroes from Longbow. The men would then be forced to engage in punishment and sexual play, to the delight of some of the brotherhood men. The men would be forced to paddle each other's bare bottoms, unable to resist Master Manacle's enslaving cuffs. Despite their cries and protests, the incense would cause them to develop erections and they could be forced to have sex.

Such play resulted in the creation of magical abuse energy, which is why Argus had come to help the Crimson Brotherhood in the first place. Every little bit helped. Even more importantly, each time the Brotherhood abused their prisoners, it pushed them more and more down the road to total villainy, completely corrupted, forgetting that they had once been victims of abuse themselves. Originally they had plotted to get their revenge on Crey Industries, whose abusive experiments had given them their powers. Those goals had been all but abandoned in Master Manacle's developing thirst for power and domination, having enslaved dozens of Longbow and now setting his eyes on the handsome, hunky Blister Boyz.

Argus Penn was a powerful mage of the Circle of Thorns, though you wouldn't know it from looking at him. This was deliberate. Very few people knew the many, many secrets of the Circle. The Brotherhood and Blister Boyz now knew the origins of the Circle's magic, of course, but Argus's arrival required explaining a little further. To the world, Argus looked like the ultimate friendly boy next door. He appeared to be in his mid-20s, with tousled brown hair, large guileless brown eyes, and the smile of a complete innocent. Looking at Argus, you'd be hard-pressed to imagine him doing anything bad to anybody, ever.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Argus was several hundred years old, just like most of the mages of the Circle. They had developed the ability to magically transfer their souls into the bodies of others, those born with a predilection for magic but didn't realize it. Thus they've been able to survive for centuries, transferring into other bodies as needed. Most of the mages, old and conservative and reactionary, typically preferred to maintain the image of powerful elders. Argus found it much more useful to look like an innocent, harmless young man. Even the other mages tended to forget who he really was, underestimating him frequently in the constant power plays and finding themselves outmaneuvered.

Argus chanted a binding spell directed toward an object on a small pedestal in the center of the room. It was a paddle, made of a dark, nearly black wood that seemed to swallow light. The wood came from the Tree of Thorns. This malignant, magical tree was the source of the wood the Circle used to create their thorn wands. Those wands were used in ceremonies to turn innocent men into helpless satyrs to serve the Circle and to be subjected to regular abuse.

This paddle would be used for a different purpose, though hopefully to result will be similar if the experiment worked. Master Manacle had quite cleverly developed his technologically advanced slave cuffs. These metal devices locked onto a man's wrists and ankles turned him into a slave, forced to perform any physical action ordered by anybody programmed as a master. These orders could not be resisted, no matter how physically strong the wearer was. The Crimson Brotherhood's lair was now full of several enslaved Longbow agents, punished regularly and forced to do their bidding. More Longbow agents have been enslaved throughout the Rogue Islands, sometimes being sent as “presents” to other villainous groups and individuals the Brotherhood wanted to maintain good relationships with. Black Scorpion, one Lord Arachnos' top lieutenants, had a dozen men now at his mercy.

But the manacles only controlled the body, not the mind, or the mouth. This presented a problem with heroes who have mental powers or other abilities that did not require physical skills to function. The Circle of Thorns, as a gesture of good will toward the Crimson Brotherhood's success in contributing to the abusive energy that powered the mages, sent Argus to assist.

Actually, Argus volunteered. He had been looking forward to getting more directly involved in fostering abuse in Paragon City and Rogue Isles once it became apparent that the Blister Boyz and Crimson Brotherhood were not an anomaly. A new age of pain was dawning in the area, and he wanted to make sure he was a major player.

Argus grabbed the paddle and left the study. Argus had arranged to have his room and study on the same floor as the brother he had quickly grown closest too, Jeremy McIntosh, a.k.a. Thornscourge. The two of them appeared to be close in age, and Argus made sure to be very flirty with the boy, pointing out how handsome he was at any opportunity. Jeremy, a handsome blond former model whose life went awry thanks to drug addiction, had grown very sensitive about his looks. His plant control powers had caused odd little leafy outgrowths on his forearms and he thought it made him ugly. As a result, he enjoyed using his powers to punish men he thought were better looking than him. He flogged the hell out of the backsides of his Longbow slaves with his whiplike plants and tormented them with thorns. As Argus walked out into Thornscourge's greenhouse, he noticed that the boy had forced a slave to sit bare-bottom on a cushion-sized round cactus and stay there.

“He called me a monster,” Thornscourge snarled when he saw Argus.

“He's getting what he deserves, then, isn't he?” Argus said, walking up to Jeremy and giving him a quick peck on the cheek and a goose. He always made sure to give Thornscourge some physical affection to prove that he was not repulsed by him.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry!” the Longbow agent cried as he sat there with hundreds of thorns stuck in his ass. “I couldn't help it! I'm sorry!”
The Longbow agents had been gagged when Argus arrived at the base. He had encouraged Thornscourge to take the gags off his slaves so he could “hear the bastards beg” when he punished them.

Thornscourge had no idea exactly how much Argus was manipulating him. Argus had actually targeted him prior to arriving at the base in the first place. Argus's magical emphasis was on dreams. He could control them, manipulate them and through this magic, manipulate people. Prior to Argus's arrival, he sent Jeremy dreams of once again walking the runway, being showered with adulation and praise for his good looks. At the same time, he sent nightmares to Jeremy's own slaves, showing Thornscourge's monstrous side, making him look even more plantlike and alien.

As a result, Jeremy became even more sensitive to his appearance and his slaves became more fearful of him. During the pain of Thornscourge's punishment, they would subconsciously blurt out words that would set Jeremy off further and the punishment would turn harsher. This was all part of Argus's plan.

Argus was often referred to simply as the Corrupter by the Circle. This wasn't just his code name – it was his own archetypal identity. Unknown to the Blister Boyz, the Agents of Abuse (more commonly known as the Circle of Thorns) have their own Tarot card deck and their own eight archetypes. The archetypes were the twisted, evil reflections of those of the Agents of Discipline.

The Corruptor was the counterpart of the Diplomat (Jorge's role). The Diplomat's role was to advocate in favor of discipline to the public to help them understand the benefits. The Corrupter's role was to manipulate and scheme people into taking the path toward abuse instead. Argus's affection toward Jeremy disguised his desire to keep the boy on the path toward abuse.

Argus hadn't told the Brotherhood about the second set of archetypes, instead planning on using the information for his own ends. He had some pretty strong ideas about the men and their roles in the world of abuse. Jeremy was the Vengeful, the vicious, petty counterpart of the Redeemer. While the Redeemer sought out ways for people with lives affected by abuse to cross paths to embrace discipline, the Vengeful were guys who wallowed in past incidences of pain (whether good or bad) and sought to get their revenge on society by inflicting pain on others. Unlike Keith, who was the first Redeemer discovered in years, there were actually many people influenced by the Vengeful card, and Argus was more than happy to encourage them whenever possible.

“You know what will hurt even more?” Argus asked. “You should make him stand up and sit back down on that cactus.”

Thornscourge gave him an evil grin and then ordered the Longbow agent to obey. Crying, the man stood back up, whimpering as dozens of sharp needles stayed stuck in his ass. He then flopped back down, ass first, on the cactus. His yelps of pain were music to Argus's ears.

“Your ceremony is done?” Thornscourge asked.

“Yes, I'll be testing it with Holler in just a bit to see if it works.”

“Excellent. Good luck!” Jeremy gave him a quick kiss. Argus smiled and headed to the elevator.

On the elevator, Argus punched the floor for Master Manacle's lab, as he idly pulled out a small medallion from his robes. It was not unlike Smaqdown's magically enchanted watch. It kept track of nearby sources of pain. Though, unlike Smaqdown, Argus was looking for the red aura of abuse energy rather than the blue of discipline.

He noticed the red actually getting darker and more prominent as the elevator traveled up the base tower. He stopped the elevator partway up to find the source. It was Jolt Jammer's floor. This should be interesting.

Roger's abuse interest ended up manifesting in some seriously unpredictable ways, but Argus was beginning to figure out the ex-Freakshow member. The typical loud punk music was playing on Roger's floor and Argus could hear paddling and cries of pain. He wandered through the trash and scraps that made up Roger's lair to find the man heavily involved in a punishment scene.

But what make Jolt Jammer unique among the Crimson Brotherhood was that he was the man being punished here. The burly, dark-skinned Jamaican was draped over the laps of two Longbow men who were sitting on metal stools, facing each other. His blue unitard was pulled down, exposing his bare ass, as well as his cybernetic left hand and right arm. He was being paddled hard by the two Longbow. All three men were crying in pain. The reason all three were crying was because Jolt Jammer's hands were wrapped around the legs of the two metal stools. Each time the men swatted his ass, he sent a shock into the stools, which traveled up and scorched the bared muscle-bottoms of the Longbow men. As they punished Jolt Jammer, he punished them right back. And with the slave cuffs, the Longbow agents were unable to stop punishing him.

And Jolt Jammer couldn't stop the punishment either. Not long after Argus arrived, Roger went to Master Manacle and insisted on a set of slave cuffs for himself. The other brothers in the group were a bit stunned, to say the least. He was asking to enslave himself to Master Manacle, an unusual request from the generally anarchic troublemaker. He shrugged them off.

“I'm a gamblin' mon,” he said. “I like a little of the unpredictable, you know.” After thinking it over, Howard agreed, but set it so that only Howard could give him orders. Roger also arranged so that he could give himself orders, and then shut off his own access to the interface, so that he could put himself into positions he could not get out of.

And then Roger would do exactly what Argus was witnessing. He would get himself into a situation where he was getting punished and set the slave cuffs so that he was forced to accept it. Because Howard was very busy with his own machinations, he often didn't find out about Roger's predicament for hours, meaning that Roger suffered quite a bit of abuse before Master Manacle would set him free. Master Manacle would also use him to test his growing army of paddlebots, knowing that he could trust Roger's “feedback” better than the Longbow slaves.

It was very interesting to watch. Roger was stuck over the men's knees with his bare ass stuck up in perfect paddling position. It was tough to make out the damage on the man's dark flesh, but a look at his medallion told Argus that all three men were in terrible pain. The two Longbow agents had burn marks on their bottoms from the constant electrical jolts. None of the men were able to end the abuse.

It had become clear to Argus that Roger was of the Slave archetype, a paradoxically rare abuse archetype, the counterpart of the much more common Rebel.
The archetype had become a huge source of debate in the Circle. The Circle had thousands of slaves. Every time they got a new one, they would make him draw from the tarot deck, yet not a single one drew the Slave card. It seemed as though the identity had to be part of the person's personality, not forced upon him.

So the mages debated whether a “bottom” could willingly be a source of abuse energy. The definition of discipline indicated that any punishment a person believed he deserved or wanted, no matter how subconsciously, counted as discipline, not abuse. How could it be possible to want punishment that you don't actually want?

Yet, nevertheless, Roger here was producing abuse energy and he arranged the circumstances himself. Argus suspected that the punishment started off producing discipline energy, but Roger deliberately arranged it so that it would go on for more than he could take and kept going.

The Circle of Thorns had noticed the same strange dichotomy of the Freakshow that Adepts of Discipline had. They appeared to be anarchic sadists to the general public, but there was also a deep undercurrent of masochism in their self-mutilation and punishment games.

Argus had come to decide that it was possible in a man's twisted psyche to crave for punishment that overwhelms his own desires, to somehow believe he deserves pain that he hasn't earned somehow. That is the mentality of the Slave. Don't ask. Don't give a reason. Don't accept limits. Just beat them. Rebels earn their punishment by causing trouble in some fashion. They need to earn it. Slaves don't have that sense of cause/effect. Their twisted minds make them think they should be victims of pain, even if they're completely innocent of anything. That was what was going on in Roger's mind that he couldn't quite express. Unlike a Rebel, he didn't have an insatiable need for pain, but he wanted to be treated like he did. That's what crossed the line from discipline to abuse.

Argus left the three men in their painful play, making a mental note to specifically not tell Master Manacle what was going on so that he wouldn't stop the abuse. Master Manacle and Holler were up in the lab together, looking over some maps of Paragon City.

“Yeah, I'm thinking Siren's Call will be the perfect place for the ambush,” Holler said. “The Blister Boyz are about at the level of expertise where the powers-that-be out there will send them to deal with Lord Arachnos attempting to maintain bases on their coast.”

“If only we had some sort of influence that would make it happen for certain,” Master
Manacle said. “We may have to send Ambush Viper back to keep tabs so we know exactly when they'll be heading out. Hard to set up a kidnapping attempt when we don't know when they'll arrive.”

“Actually, you can leave that to me,” Argus said as he stepped off the elevator. “I'll be having to keep tabs on two of the Blister Boyz as part of my involvement anyway, so I'll know.”

“Oh, thank you, Corrupter,” Master Manacle said coolly. Argus was aware that Dr. Grand was a bit intimidated by him, given his inexperience with magic. He also knew that Dr. Grand dreamed occasionally about putting Argus over his knee and paddling the handsome