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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 41: Nightmare at Omega House (Part II)

by Redspkscott

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Blister Boyz — Ch. 41: Nightmare at Omega House (part 2)

The heroes:
Troy Manning – Heat Blister
Jason Klein – Ice Hazer
David Mercer – Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder – The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway – Major Fry
Brian Tannon – Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez – Poison Punisher
Keith Grady – The Sticking Point

Argus entered Dennis's dreams, fully expecting an almost frighteningly well-ordered mind. He was not disappointed. His brain was practically like a computer operating system, full of various folders and menus of stored information.

There were both bonuses and challenges for a dream mage when his target had a well-ordered mind. On the bonus side, it was very easy to sort through Dennis's memories and psychology. After about ten minutes of exploring Dennis's subfolder titled “Blister Boyz,” he discovered that Walt was on the hunt trying to figure out who attacked Andrew Porter. Walt had not yet reported back about what he learned from Andrew and Troy as yet, so Argus had not yet discovered Ambush Viper's secret. Still, Master Manacle will want to know that the Blister Boyz were investigating.

On the bad side, it was very hard to manipulate the dreams of a very ordered mind. These guys tended to have pretty lucid dreams and a lot of subconscious self-control. Brian's dreams were easy to mess with. Dennis would be much harder.

Tonight, Dennis was dreaming up new hazing games for his pledges. His imagination was working overtime and as he stood in the center of a dream representation of the frat basement, bits and pieces came together like building blocks. The pledges appeared and disappeared, moved into various positions, manipulated, posed in various ways. David popped into the dream and laid down the paddle hard on the pledges' bared bottoms in various contexts. The young man had an extremely quick mind. Ideas were put together and taken apart in a blur of mental activity.

Argus noted that Dennis had a folder titled just David tucked deep within his Blister Boyz memories. But when Argus accessed it, he discovered it was actually full of more dreams and memories than any other mental storage system in Dennis's mind. “Aha,” Argus thought to himself. When somebody tried to hide away a huge chunk of their thoughts and dreams deep within their own mind, this meant there was usually something significant there.

Argus started plumbing through Dennis's dreams about David, and it didn't take long to realize that Dennis was very much attached to the musclebound jock. David submitting to Dennis was to be expected from an Enforcer and an Equalizer, but it was much deeper than simple disciplinary responsibility. Dennis had filed away dreams and memories not just of punishing David and having rough sex; he also had stored many deep conversations between the two of them as they tried to plot out their own futures as they became superheroes.

The boy was in love with David, Argus concluded. Dennis didn't quite know what to do about it or how to approach it, so he was pushing it all deep into his mind until he reached a point in his life where he could address his feelings.

Argus also noted an unusual representation embedded within Dennis's dreams of David. There was some sort of bar scale – a thermometer of sorts. The temperature seemed to vary from dream to dream. In Dennis's dreams about punishing David, the temperature was all the way to the top. Ah, Argus thought, this was how Dennis interpreted David's need to be punished. Dennis used his psychic powers to take David's “temperature” to determine whether David subconsciously needed his ass beat. Once it reached a certain level, Dennis obliged and David went to bed crying that night. Right now, David's punishment temperature was low, but it slowly increased every time he hazed a pledge.

Argus considered the idea of monkeying with the scale in Dennis's dreams. This could possibly result in Dennis misreading David and punishing him at the wrong time, creating abuse energy. But there were some problems there. First of all, now that the Blister Boyz were aware of the nature of discipline and abuse energy, they had developed a heightened awareness of punishment going wrong. Second, David now had that damned magic watch that glowed blue for discipline energy and red for abuse energy. Dennis would realize fairly quickly his mistake.

Dennis represented a long game. Argus's ultimate goal was to turn Dennis into a Tormentor, the evil counterpart of the Equalizer. Tormentors revel in inflicting pain and abuse on the powerful in order to control them. The Adepts of Discipline hadn't worked it out yet, but Spanktank of the Freakshow was influenced by the Tormentor personality, among others (including, strangely, the Slave). He really enjoyed taking heroes down a notch and paddling their backsides good and raw for no reason other than his own pleasure. Nemesis, Walt's evil father, was also heavily influenced by the Tormentor archetype.

The problem was getting Dennis under his control. Argus needed to trick Dennis into voluntarily submitting to punishment for his magic influence to work. Otherwise his powerful mind would resist and he'd eventually break Argus's hold. Except, a quick search of Dennis's frat memories did not show any memories or dreams of Dennis seeking out or craving discipline. He appeared to be almost entirely a top.

But Argus knew better. After all, David was almost entirely a top – except to Dennis. Dennis had to have fantasized about submitting to punishment from somebody in his life. Argus set to work quietly rifling through Dennis's subconsciousness, looking for a clue. This was going to take a few nights.

The fruits of Dennis's dream labor paid off with the next day's pledge hazing games. The pledges were set up in two teams of five. Four from each team were in rather precarious positions: bound, gagged and tied to the dildo fucking machine stools they were introduced to during the frat tour. The machines were currently off, but it was clear that this situation would change for one poor group. Their backsides were already thoroughly red from hazing swats from their big brothers.

The remaining two pledges, Ryan and Kyle, had been selected to decide the fate of their teammates. Their hands were bound behind their backs and each of them stood in front of a pathway of squares on the floor of the frat basement. There were eight squares for each of them, leading up to David, sitting at the other end on a stool, holding his favorite OTK paddle. The remaining two dildo stools stood next to him.

The squares on the floor were made of the triggering tiles from several dance rhythm video games Dennis and David had repurposed for darker use. They were connected by wires to the stools. Stepping on the wrong (or right – depending on your point of view) square would “arm” the dildo stools. The final square before David on each side set the timer for the stools on that side to 30 minutes and then turned them on. So if Ryan and Kyle cared about their teammates, they did not want to have to take any steps forward.

Dennis was standing next to David with a list of trivia questions about the frat. Ryan and Kyle had to alternate between answering the questions properly. Answer it right and stay where you were. Answer it wrong and take a step forward. Eight steps forward brought the loser to David. Not only would this trigger the fucking machines on the losing team, the losing contender would be bent over David's knee for a sixty-second ride and then tied on the final stool for a 60-minute dildo session. The members of the winning team would be released and be free to continue their day.

Dennis and David, though, did what they could to play with the odds. All the hardcore bottoms like Rico were on Kyle's team. Kyle knew little about the frat before he joined and was likely to get more questions wrong, unlike Ryan, who was a legacy and had plenty of frat trivia paddled into his backside by his brothers. Furthermore, Dennis noted Kyle's massive erection at Rico's paddling at David's hands when they became official pledges. His enthusiastic comments about it later to Keith sealed his fate as David's next victim.

The more top-oriented brothers, like Vincent, were on Ryan's team. Not that Vincent knew of this manipulation, so he was sweating bullets once again, sitting on a stool on Ryan's team. He had never been fucked before. Jorge had warned him that he was going to have to endure some dildo sessions before becoming a brother, just like he had to endure the paddle swats. The game turned out to be closer than Dennis and David figured. Ryan did activate Vincent's stool with a wrong answer. When the stool “armed,” the dildo slowly, relentlessly pushed into its victim's vulnerable bottom as far as it went and stayed there, waiting for the final activation or, hopefully, release. Vincent whimpered in his gag as the dildo slowly forced its way in. It was only a couple of inches long and slightly thicker than a finger, but it hurt like hell. His rectal muscles automatically started quivering and squeezing, trying to push it back out, without luck.

Ultimately, fortunately for Vincent, Ryan did end up winning. Kyle missed his last question. The young skateboarder winced and apologized to the rest of his team as he took the final step forward. The final pressure pad activated and Rico and three other pledges started whimpering as the dildos started pounding their constantly sore bottoms. It wasn't as rough as what David did to Brian during the tour, but it was a pretty solid machine fuck.

David gestured with his finger for Kyle to approach. Kyle cringed as he stepped toward David (though his erection was already growing).

“Let's see how well you bounce this time,” David said, referring to Kyle's nickname of “Bouncer.” David threw the lightweight guy over his lap – David was practically twice his size – with his hands still bound behind him and introduced him to the sixty-second ride. Kyle yelled, cried and bounced up and down across David's knee as the paddle blistered his jock-clad bottom. As Dennis went around and freed the winning team from the bondage, David completed Bouncer's paddling. David then picked him up bodily and plunked him down on the final stool on his team's side, strapping the crying skater down. Kyle yelped with pain as his blistered ass made harsh contact with the round seat frame of the wood stool. Once in position, David flipped the switch and Kyle joined his fellow pledges in getting the inside of his ass as hazed as the outside had been.

Later that same day, Walt and Troy called a Blister Boyz meeting at Blitz Tower, so there wouldn't be any issues of the pledges overhearing what was going on. Andrew Porter arranged for the heroes to get a tour of the empty floor of the tower that would someday become the Blister Boyz' headquarters, and at Troy's request, sat in on their meeting.

“We are close to what may well be a breakthrough on Mr. Porter's attack,” Troy said. “But we're still not sure where it will lead. I'll let Walt fill you all in on his latest theory.”

Walt explained that it was unlikely that Crey Industries would have disposed of the chemical that gave them all their powers and it was very likely that there may be others out there with similar abilities, with bad intent, who may have made the connection with various media reports of their behavior.

“Right now the Adepts of Discipline are sorting through stored DVDs of punishment incidents recorded around the time frame where the chemicals were disposed,” Andrew said. “We know Crey uses prisoners in their biogenetic experiments, so we're focusing on Paragon City's prison. Jacob Brass has tangled with Crey a few times in this area and he's out knocking some heads and trying to get some info his own way.”

“So you think this invisible ninja got his powers the same way we did?” Jorge asked. “I don't understand though. Why would you think this? Why would we have attacked Andrew?”

“Well,” Troy explained. “The attacker was eavesdropping on our conversations, we believe. He overheard a discussion I was having with Mr. Porter, and we think the subject matter inspired the attack.”

“What were you talking about?” David asked. Troy and Andrew looked at each other.

“A chemical called PSGE-398,” Troy said. “That's what gave you your powers. We recovered the chemicals you were exposed to and rather than disposing them, have learned how to synthesize it. I was showing some samples to Troy when the man attacked. He destroyed the samples before he stabbed me.”

Silence spun out for a few moments.

“Of course,” Dennis said finally. “Why didn't that occur to any of us?”

“I know,” Walt said. “It's so obvious now. But remember we didn't know about Oranbega or the secret war going on when we first exposed the chemical.”

“Wait, guys, I don't get it,” Keith said.

“They can create more heroes,” Jason said. His gaze was fixed on his boyfriend, Troy. “Think about it, Keith. If the founders originally created Omega Upsilon Chi to counteract the forces of abuse, anything that could give us the upper hand is worth exploring. And they got their hands on a chemical that could serious ramp up a guy's ability to withstand discipline and fight back against the agents of abuse as well. Who would you be considering as candidates?”

“The pledges?” Keith asked.

“Exactly,” Jason said. His gaze hadn't left Troy, who could practically feel him glaring at him. Jason's younger brother, Ryan, was one of the pledges.

“Okay, that's an issue for later though,” Dennis said. “So this guy doesn't want you to make more heroes?”

“I think he might have lashed out in anger,” Walt said. “He was probably tortured as part of the development of the chemical, and as a prisoner, may have already had violent tendencies. He didn't kill Mr. Strong, even though he very well could have.” Troy nodded.

“He went for the chemical first,” Troy said. “Then he slashed at Mr. Porter. I think he did that to distract us for his escape.”

“What do we do now?” David asked.

“Wait for research to pan out,” Troy said. “But we need to be prepared to group up for a confrontation soon.

Troy knew that Jason was upset because he had completely clammed up on the way home. Jason did that. He was known as such a nice guy that he tended to keep his own anger to himself and push it down, an interesting quirk for somebody so adept at psychology.

The others went down to harass the pledges some more so everything appeared normal. Troy and Jason retired to their room. Jason said nothing as he stripped down to his jock and flopped down on the bed. Troy looked over his boyfriend's massive, muscular bottom with lust, though he knew there wouldn't be any play tonight. Jason's ass was, of course, dark red and covered with blisters all over the large round surface of his cheeks. He was still using the “bun warmers” that Dennis had invented. The constant heat burned his ass all day long, the pain forcing him to keep focus on using his challenging ice manipulation powers. They had been quite successful, though Jason still had a tendency to fall on his butt now and then trying to slide on his ice slicks in battle. Troy knew of Jason's secret enjoyment of falling on his ass though, and considered it an amusing bonus, rather than a problem.

Troy stripped down to his jock as well, and pulled a tube of aloe cream out of the nightstand to rub on Jason's ass. It was completely unneeded; Jason's ass would be completely healed by morning, but Troy was not one to give up a chance to fondle the big guy. Disappointingly, Jason didn't moan in pleasure the way he usually did when Troy rubbed, spanked, fucked or did anything to his ass.

“How long were you going to wait to tell us?” Jason asked.

“I made a promise to Andrew.”

“You were absolutely furious when you found out Andrew was keeping Oranbega a secret from us!”

“I know. I was wrong to get so upset. He had good reason and I got my ass beat good and raw over it.”

Jason said nothing. He didn't entirely disagree, though he didn't like it either.

“We won't do anything to Ryan without his total understanding and agreement.” Troy said. Jason rolled over and glared at him.

“You know he's going to say yes!” Jason said. “You damned well know he will! He loves nothing more than to be useful!”

“Is that such a bad thing?” Troy asked. Jason sat up.

“Troy, I got shot in the arm in our first big fight!” Jason said. “Walt