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Part 2: Another Week at Craig's

by Okayda

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Last summer, I had spent a week at Craigs that had not been much of a summer vacation. All I got out of it was a series of spankings and lickings that I wouldn't want to go through again. During the following school year, Craig and I had continued to be friends and spent a lot of time together. As a result of our summer adventure, Craig had become much more authoritarian, and more and more was telling me what to do. Almost all of the time, I did what Craig told me to do. On those few occasions, when I did not immediately do what he told me, I was given the threat of a whipping without receiving it because I usually hopped to after the threat.

Anyway, the following summer rolled around, our parents were out of town, and Craig had invited (told) me to come back to spend another week. While I was not looking forward to going over there like I had the year before, I figured I knew his routine well enough so I could avoid getting in major trouble. I thought I would avoid any problems for sure so I tried to talk to Craig about it before I went over there.

"Look, Craig," I said, "I don't want to come over and get whipped everyday with your dad's belt like last summer."

"Don't worry...I promise I won't whip you with my dad's belt."

Since Craig had never broken a promise to me, I felt safe about coming over. The first evening we were there, everything went great, no trouble and no arguments, we watched a Sox came on TV, drove around in his parents car, and had a pretty good time. We stayed up late and finally crawled into bed without having any fights. The next day, we were playing catch in the backyard, when I threw it a little wide and, missing Craig's outstreched glove, it sailed right through the kitchen window. Both of us were sort of stunned at first. Then Craig started looking really angry. This really scared me because I was suddenly afraid that something bad was going to happen.

"I'm going to get a whipping when my dad comes home!" Craig said.

"I'm sorry, pal," I said. I didn't know what I could do. I wondered why we couldnt just fix the window. "Why don't we just get a piece of glass and fix it?

"Of course we can fix it, but my dad will probably figure it out and I'll get a whipping even if its fixed!"

"What do you want me to do?" I asked. Craig's face was still getting darker as he spoke, meaning he was getting angrier and angrier

"I want you to get into the bedroom, because you're going to get a good whipping right now for breaking the window." I was really surprised that this was happening. "Craig, you promised that you wouldn't whip me with that belt if I came over!"

Craig was silent for a minute or two. I could tell he was thinking this over. Then he told me to follow him into the garage. When we got there, he walked over to the end where his dad had a pretty complete workship. Craig started rummaging around in the wood at the end of the garage and pulled out a piece of oak that was about 3 inches wide and 2 feet long. He studied it and walked over to one of his dad's tools and turned it on.

"What are you doing, Craig?" I asked.

"I am making a paddle and then I am going to whip your butt good with it." I watched as Craig sawed and shapped the wood, sanding it smooth, cutting a handle into the end, and developing it into a familiar fraterntiy paddle shape. He didn't say anything at all while we was working on it and I just stood there quietly. It didn't take him for than 30 minutes or so, all of which time I stood there feeling really apprehensive about the coming application of this paddle to my backside.

"But you promised!"

"I promised not to use my dad's belt...I didn't promise that you wouldnt get spanked. So shut up or it will be worse...You should know that by know!"

I stood there silently after that, waiting until Craig had finished the paddle. I had never been hit with a paddle but it looked like it would hurt a lot worse than his dad's belt. I even thought about telling him he could whip me with the belt but I was sort of wanting to see how it really felt. When he turned off all of the tools, he grabbed the paddle in one hand and grabbed my ear by the other hand, just like the first time he gave me a licking. Then he pulled me, by my ear, into the house, down the hall, and into the bedroom. He pulled his desk chair out from the desk into the center of the bedroom and told me to bend over the back of the chair and grab the rungs under the seat. I knew better than to argue and quickly I was in position.

To my surprise, Craig let me keep my pants up. I had thought on the way in, that I would be paddled on my underpants but he left my jeans up. In a second, I realized that it didn't make much difference. WHAM! Craig took his newly made paddle and delivered a really hard swat. It seemed to hurt much more than the belt from the summer before. Before I could recover from the first swat WHAM! WHAM! "Please! was an accident" WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM. Craig didn't respond to my pleas and just delivered one really killing swat after another. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, but was really only about 15 swats, he stopped and placed the paddle back on his desk. "Okay, get up, we're done!"

The rest of that day was pretty good, aside from my sore butt. We played some games, went and got a pizza, and watched some TV, all without any further whippings. I thought, when we went to sleep that night, that maybe I wouldnt get licked any more on this visit.

The next morning, as we were eating breakfast, Craig asked me to get him some more orange juice. I was finishing my cereal and told him I would get it in just a minute.

"Its too late, I'll get it myself." Craig huffed. I was surprised because I was going to get it for him in just a second. Craig got up and got his juice and sat down, his face darkening which really started to worry me. My butt was till sore from the morning before and I didn't want to start off another day with a licking.

"I thought we had an understanding about prompt obediance?" he asked.

"I was going to get it in a minute, Craig."

"All you're going to get in a minute now is a spanking We'll go in and try out the new paddle again."

I didn't want to start out the day with another whipping so I pleaded with Craig not to do it. Craig looked at me and said, "Okay, I won't spank you now but tonight when we go to bed, you're going to get it, plus anything else you've earned today"

Well, at first I forgot about this but as the day went on, I began to think about Craig's threat from time to time. He didn't say anything else about it so I began to think maybe he had forgotten. Later that night, we went down the hall to his bedroom, took off our jeans and we're just getting into bed. Just as I slipped into the bed, Craig was standing there in his undershorts looking at me.

"Why are you getting into bed, don't we have something to take care of? " Craig asked, looking sort of angry.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. trying to look sort of innocent.

"Don't give me that line. You've got a spanking coming for not getting my juice when I told you. You might have another one right now for lying about it. "

"Please don't use the paddle, Craig, I'm sorry I didn't get your juice quickly enough, but please, please the paddle hurts too much for an inncoent mistake like that."

Craig stood there thinking for a minute and then his face softened, a bit. "Okay, I won't use the paddle. Go into my closet, pick out a belt, and bring it here. I'll whip you with that instead of the paddle"

I figured I had won some small victory so there was no point in arguing more. So I walked over to Craig's closet, all the while under his scrutiny. Craig's closet was pretty neat and his clothes were all arranged in order. Hanging on a couple of hooks at the end of the closet were his collection of his belts. One of them was sort of a cloth belt but I knew better than to try to bring that over and figured I would get extra licks for trying. Another one of the belts was almost as heavy as his dad's belt, wide and thick and I didnt' want to get that right now. There were a couple of medium sized belts and one sort of thin one, a black dress belt. I decided it might pass muster so I pulled it off and carried it over to Craig.

I handled the belt to Craig and he doubled it up and snapped it once or twice. I guess he approved because he didn't say anything about it not being heavy enough for the whipping. It was probably only 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide and not too thick, but it was a leather belt and quite supple Craig sat down on his bed and pulled me over his knees. We were both just in our jockey shorts . Craig sort of shoved me around on his lap until my butt was just past his right thigh, not quite over his crotch. After he had me arranged, he started whipping me with this black belt, I was surprised at much this narrow little sucker stung. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! After only a few strokes, I was kicking and yelling for him to stop. I tried to get up and Craig told me I was getting an extra ten swats for not taking it properly. Craig solemnly counted off ten hard swats and then told me we were going back to work, meaning the regular whipping. After that, I just laid there and moaned more quietly as Craig whipped me. It took probably 5 to 10 mintues for him to finish ., and I was crying pretty good when he was done. Finally, he handed me his belt and told me to get up and put it back in the closet where I had found it. I went over and hung his belt on the hook. I stood there for a minute rubbing my butt while Craig looked at me. Then Craig told me to get into bed. I slipped into bed, laid on my stomach, and went to sleep. Glad another day was over at Craigs.

The next morning, at breakfast, I asked Craig if I could get him some orange juice and when he said okay, got it and brought it to him. I also went out and got the newspaper and brought him the sports page. Breakfast went better than the day before.

We had no arguments at all that day and it was a great day. Later that night, we got a few of his dads beer out and drank them as we watched a basketball game. I think Craig drank a few more than he planned to because he was getting sort of drunk, and I was a little bit. After the game, we went out in the back and tried to shoot a few baskets but we were too drunk so we decided to just go to bed. Since we were sweaty, Craig suggested that we take showers. I told him to go first but he said we could take it at the same time. Although this made me a little uncomfortable, I did not want to argue and earn myself a whipping while he was pretty drunk so we took our clothes off and got into the shower together. After a few minutes, Craig started trying to stick his finger in my butthole but I tried to get away. Before I knew it, Craig had an erection and was sort of pointing his dick at my butt. I told him to stop it but he kept laughing and trying to poke me so I got out of the shower.

Just a minute later, Craig got out. I was really made at him, both for the lickings and for trying to poke me, so I told him I was going to tell his dad when he came home. All of a sudden, Craig became really scared and started begging me not to tell his dad. I told him I didn't have any choice, that he had acted weird and I was sure his dad would like to find out. Craig pleaded some more and said that I could do anything I wanted if I wouldn't tell his dad. I thought I might get a measure of revenge for a bit so I told Craig to go find his dad's belt that he had used to whip me the prior summer. Craig hesitated for a bit so I told him to forget it, I would just tell his dad. As soon as I said that, Craig left and came back a minute or two later, belt in hand, and still totally wet from the shower. We went into his bedroom, I pulled out the chair from the night before and told Craig to assume the position, naked as a bird, over the back of the chair. As soon as he was in position, I pulled back the belt and started whipping his bare ass, directing the swats everywhere I could, even trying to get a few right in his crack. After just a few licks, Craig started to stand up and I warned him that this would be a big mistake, because we would have to start over. He bent back over and took a few more strokes of the belt but then Craig tried to put his hand back to protect himself but I slashed at his with the belt so he quickly pulled it away. After that, he sort of laid there and took the strokes, although he was trying hard not to cry. After I gave him 35 swats or so with the belt, I laid it on the desk and told him to stand up. When he stood up, he had a look of relief on his face like it was all over. To his great surprise, I picked up the paddle he had made the day before and went over and sat on his bed. I gestured him over and pulled his naked ass over my lap, so he was positioned just over my right knee, with his butt right in position. Then I took the paddle and started spanking him as hard as I could. I was surprised at how much force the paddle delivered because each swat really drove him across my lap so he had to pull back for the next swat. He was not able to be quiet with the paddle because after about 5 swats, he started crying and kicking his legs around pretty wildly. After another 15 swats, when he was really howling, let him up and had him put his shorts back on.

The next morning, at breakfast, I told Craig to get me some orange juice. Since I had spanked him so hard the day before, I really expected him to jump up and get it. I was stunned when he grabbed me by the ear and pulled me into the bedroom. He went into the closet and pulled out a belt of his, a cowboy belt with the name CRAIG tooled on the back.

"I took your whipping last night because I acted stupid when I got drunk. Right now you are going to learn, so you never forget, who is in charge and who normally gives the whippings. Now get those pants down!"

I started to argue.

"That an additional session today with a different belt. Get those pants down."

I still tried to argue my point and Craig told me that I had a third session coming with the paddle now. I quickly pulled my pants down and stood there waiting for directions. Craig pulled me over to the bed and threw me over the edge, starting to wildly whip me on my underpants with this heavy cowboy belt. After about 25 swats, I was rolling around and promising to do whatever he wanted. He told me to put the cowboy belt back in the closet and bring him another belt, but not the skinny one he had whipped me with a few days before.

When I got to the closet, I didn't have too many choices. One belt of his was a cloth one, like I said, that I didn't think he wanted me to pull out. One was his dress belt for going to church on Sunday, and he had already whipped me with that one The only other belt was one that he wore when he went camping, a brown leather thing that I wanted to avoid. Craig saw me touching that one and told me to bring it out right now. Since it was my only choice, I pulled it out and brought it to Craig. He quickly doubled it up and pointed back at the bed. I laid myself face down on the bed and Craig started applying the brown belt with great force, whipping the tar out of me. If anything, he gave me more swats than before. Of course, all of this time I was crying, rolling around, and promising to do whatever he said in the future. Finally, Craig told me I could put the belt back in the closet. After I did that, I came and stood next to him, crying while I rubbed my butt.

Then Craig told me to get outside and mow the back lawn and if I didnt' do it quick enough, I would get another whipping before lunch. I quickly went out and did what he told me. That afternoon, he was a little more mellow and we had a little fun but I guess it was still not back to normal, at least not like the old days. After dinner that night, we were watching a baseball came and we started to argue, in fun I thought, about a call by an umpire. When I told him he was crazy, he quickly pulled me up off of the couch, pulled my jeans and undershorts down, and flipped me over his knees, giving me a quick spanking with his hand on my bare butt. After he had spanked me, he left me lying over his knee for a minute or two and asked if I had learned a lesson that day. When I said, "yes," to my surprise, he gave me another dozen open spanks with his hand. Thenhe told me I had not anwered correctly because he was the "dad" and expected to be addressed appropriately. Then he asked again if I had learned a lesson, and I said "yes, dad." I guess that was the right answer because no spanking followed and he let me stand up and pull my pants up. Even so, later that night, when we went to bed, he told me I was going to get 12 swats with the paddle just to help me remember when I woke up who was boss. He delivered the paddle right aginst my underpants and I howled after about six swats but never forgot who was boss after that day.

I never spanked Craig again after that one day. The reverse was not true and I got quite a few more lickings from Craig, but none for trying to tell him what to do.

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