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Timmy and the Ghost Patrol

by Y Lee Coyote

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 23 Dec 2010

The following story is fiction about a boy, his classmates and the Ghost Patrol.  The story contains scenes of spanking and of a shooting.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

A writing universe, "Ghost Patrol" or "Ghost Children"  has developed on Nialos Leaning's site «»  that I have used in this story.  In this universe, children return to our world as ghosts with special powers and responsibilities.  They interact manly with children to punish naughty and disrespectful children and are especially hard on bullies.  Beside all the powers they have as ghosts, they have special powers to be able to force live people to do as they command, make clothes disappear, do minor healing and, most importantly, modify genitalia and breasts.  Spirited Intervention «» by the late ThatStings was the first story in this universe.  Ghost Patrol Bully Abatement Program «» by Nialos explains things further.  Unlike most Ghost Patrol stories this one does not focus on bullies but the victims.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to e-mail.

The situation was a potential disaster.  The deranged man had gotten into the middle school and held the entire fifth and sixth grades hostage for most of a day.  Almost two hundred students, seven teachers and the principal were kept in the gym for many hours.  The intrusion was not reported to the police for several hours because the intruder had activated the lockdown system and cut the communication cables in basement before getting into the gym.  The assembly had been moved to the gym because a busted pipe in the ceiling caused flooding and some plaster to fall rendering the auditorium unusable and, although the students had to sit on the floor, it was safe.

Before he was captured he had his way with the students for the principal decided that cooperation was better than the risk of injury due to violence.  The strategy turned out to be sound for although there were many red checks only one student was injured. The intruder had a mission, albeit a strange one.  "Children get away with murder because they are not disciplined." he explained.  "You are all in need of spankings as punishment for your misdeeds and improper behavior." he ranted.  "All of you are to completely undress, fold your clothes and sit on them."

The Principal told them to obey so that nobody would get hurt.  The students had very mixed feelings about undressing.  Some were elated at the opportunity to get to see their classmates naked (especially those of the other gender) and some equally horrified that they themselves would be seen naked.  Many were in both groups.  A few thought that the idea was great fun.  In any case, in a few minutes, two hundred ten to twelve year olds were naked.  Many were wide eyed; many were blushing.  All found the experience interesting in one way or another and all were looking around at their classmates' naked bodies and doing comparisons.  It should be mentioned that in this community, where juvenile nudity was not uncommon as discipline tool, this provided a rare opportunity to see good kids naked and to do some comparisons.  Since everyone was naked, it was easier to accept that had it been only a small group naked.

It was then that the intruder started the spankings.  The first line of kids was ordered to stand and march to the front.  One by one each was made to face the group, turn and bend over, mooning their classmates.  One of the teachers then had to give the proffered butt three strokes with the strap the intruder had provided.  Although the teachers tried to go easy, when the sound was not loud enough to met the required standard, the stroke did not count and had to be repeated.  The teachers quickly learnt how hard to strap.  In a few cases, they took advantage for they hit several "favored" children harder than required to satisfy their personal desires.

The students were able to watch their classmates get strapped.  They could see how the strap left red stripes on the exposed behinds.  They could hear the yells of pain.  Many were surprised that some of the loudest yells came from the apparently toughest and biggest boys although the little girls' shrieks were most ear-piecing.  As a bonus for the voyeurs, the sexual bits of all were completely exposed to their sharp young eyes.

Student by student, row by row the entire group was processed.  Those that had been most unhappy about being naked had developed some tolerance as they got to see their classmates in the altogether.  If nothing else, they saw a wide spread of development and body shapes.

The principal had decided that, hopefully, the intruder would leave now that each child had been spanked but that was not to be.  By now the police were present in great force and with little understanding of the situation carried on like it was a full terrorist attack.  A sharpshooter took careful aim.  Before he could shoot, however, twelve-year-old Timmy Tustin decided to be a hero.  He rushed the intruder.  If the police had not been there and the teachers were alert, they could have jumped him and ended things peacefully.  Unfortunately, the sharpshooter fired.  The intruder was hit and collapsed almost instantaneously.  That turned out to mean disaster for Timmy for in the "almost instantaneously" the intruder's own gun discharged.  It would never be known if it had been intentional or just a spasm due to the trauma of being shot.

As the police swarmed in, the children were, still naked, herded into the locker rooms away from the blood and gore, the police and EMT's.  It took a while to sort out the clothes and get the kids dressed.  In the days that followed, they agreed that except for what happened to Timmy it had been fun.  Being exposed was not so terrible.  Well, not so terrible when everyone else was also naked.  Quite a few games of "Doctor" were played in order to check out details that were first observed in the assembly.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Timmy returned to school, he was a hero.  He had tried to save them all and, alas, had been injured.  Even in the confusion of the violence, several students had seen where Timmy had been hit.  Soon it was common knowledge that he had lost his penis.  Even though it had been found, the damage was so severe, that it was not possible to even attempt to reattach it.  The therapists had explained to Timmy that he could continue a normal life, even becoming a father.  It was just that he did not have a penis like some other people did not have an arm or a leg.

"Maybe the Ghost Patrol could help?" suggested one classmate.

"They punish bullies in magical ways." said others.

"Timmy needs a magical solution.  He's our hero and we got to help him."  All agreed but how was the question.

It was observed that the GP had magical powers and were able to take a boy's dick and pubes as punishment.  "Was it possible that they could do the reverse?" asked others.

"They don't really take it." said one more precise lad.  "They just regress it and it grows again."

"Suppose everyone makes a contribution.  That could add up with hundred guys each giving a little bit."

"Contribute what?"

"What if we each gave a twenty-fifth of an inch (millimeter) and the GP put it together on Timmy."

They talked about it for a while and came up with a plan.  They wrote it up and made a few changes.  Then they all signed it – in blood.  Everybody, well every real boy anyway, knows that this sort of thing must be signed in blood to be valid.

Soon there was a formal petition for the Ghost Patrol with a hundred signatures.

We the undersigned each give a bit of our penis to Timmy Tustin in appreciation for his act of bravery and courage when we were held captive.  We ask the Ghost Patrol to reduce our ultimate growth by a twenty-fifth of an inch (millimeter) for every inch (twenty-five mm) above six inches (fifteen centimeters) of individual length and use it to restore Timmy's penis to normal.

It should be noted that almost the boys in the seventh and eight grades also signed the petition.  Some did because they had a sibling in the lower grades and others just to show solidarity.  A group of the girls felt left out because they wanted to help also since, after all, Timmy was their hero also.  They got together wrote and signed an equivalent petition making a similar offer from their clitorises as they are similar structures as penises and made of the same sorts of cells.

The petitions were given to Timmy making it a matter for the GP to act upon.  Since they frequented the community among the signers were kids who helped the GP disciplining naughty kids.  So it was just a matter of the GP bureaucracy to take action after hearing the reports.

It was on a very special night that the GP visited the more than hundred boys and girls who had signed the petitions.  They were all thanked for both their thoughtfulness and generosity and their gifts taken.  Then Timmy was visited.  As he lay on his bed, GP members came by and touched his little stump.  Gradually – bit by bit (millimeter by millimeter) – as the beaming Timmy watched his penis was restored.  He surrendered up the signed petition document to leader of the GP and thanked him.

Timmy awoke in the morning once again a whole boy.  He immediately put his restored equipment through a series of function tests to be certain that it was operated to specifications.  He made sure that it would get hard and happy discovered that it was larger than before.  More than satisfied, he continued with the test and found that fired better than before.  He then went to the bathroom and checked that the self-cleaning function was also fully in working order.

He was a most happy boy who rushed downstair to tell his family, forgetting to dress first, about the wonderful changes.

The End

© Copyright   December 23, 2010

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