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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 45: Enslaved

by Redspkscott

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Blister Boyz — Ch. 45: Enslaved

The heroes:
Troy Manning – Heat Blister
Jason Klein – Ice Hazer
David Mercer – Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder – The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway – Major Fry
Brian Tannon – Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez – Poison Punisher
Keith Grady – The Sticking Point

The villians:
Dr. Howard Grand – Master Manacle
Jeremy McIntosh – Thornscourge
Xian Sheng – Ambush Viper
Maj. Paul Greeley – Holler
Ben “Buddy” Smith – Granite Growl
Roger Collier – Jolt Jammer
Argus Penn – The Corrupter

All things considered, Jorge decided being tormented by plant creatures was an improvement over being paddled by zombies in the sewers. The smell, at least, was better.

After the Blister Boyz were transported to the Crimson Brotherhood's lair in Rogue Isles, Master Manacle handed Poison Punisher over to Thornscourge.

“Play with him as you choose,” Manacle declared. “But do also get to learn how his powers work and how they might assist you. If you can control him well, you may keep him.”

And so the pretty blond plantboy dragged Jorge down to his greenhouse. Jorge was kept tied up, entangled in the vines that grew from the dirt floor. The posterior of his costume had been cut off (as was the case with all the Blister Boyz) for Thornscourge's access.

Jorge hadn't had the chance to “play” with Keith, so Thornscourge's techniques were a new experience for him. Jorge loved new experiences – both pleasurable and painful – and if it weren't for his concerns for his teammates, he would have actually had been able to enjoy Thornscourge's attentions.

Jorge's bottom was being flogged near-constantly by the thorny tendrils of Thornscourge's plants. Occasionally Thornscourge himself would shoot sharp wooden thorns into Jorge's ass from his viny arms. He would also fuck Jorge roughly on occasion, as would the thick tips of the tendrils. (Thornscourge was completely unaware that the sexually adventurous Jorge actually enjoyed this part)

Thornscourge actually allowed Poison Punisher some freedom of motion, turning off some of the restrictions of the slave manacles, allowing him to squirm and resist. Jorge wasn't strong enough to free himself from the vines and his powers simply made them stronger. Thornscourge also, as Master Manacle requested, forced Jorge into using his powers. His pulses of radiation energy could either heal or weaken people around him. But the plants just fed off it, making them stronger, causing them to punish Jorge and the Longbow agents also enslaved in Thornscourge's lair even harder.

Jorge would have loved all this play were it voluntary, but his pleasure was moderated by the repulsion of seeing his powers used to torment the other men. Not that he could say anything about it. Though the Longbow agents were free to whimper, whine and beg for the abuse to end, Jorge had been gagged on the orders of that mysterious mage who was on the team. Jorge had heard the man referred to as both “The Corrupter” and Argus on the journey back to the islands, but didn't know anything more. He told Thornscourge to gag Jorge, saying, “That one has a silver tongue. He'll try to convince you he's into you, if you let him talk. He lies. Ignore him.”

How, the mage knew this, Jorge had no idea. But it was true. Well, he was actually into Thornscourge's whole thing. The blond boy was well-built and extremely good looking. The vines that grew like veins in his arms added a level of exotic appeal. But regardless, the mage saw to it that Jorge would not have the opportunity to put his seduction skills to use.

Thornscourge watched for a bit as Jorge squirmed in the vines. The villain gave some complicated gestures and the vines flipped Jorge over with his ass up in the air and started flogging him hard and fast. He whimpered into his gag.

“The best part is that I can make you use your powers to heal both you and the other guys in here so we can keep this going forever!” Thornscourge said as he reached up and rubbed the small of Jorge's back. “I wish I could control your mouth to make you suck my dick, but the slave cuffs aren't that advanced. Yet.” It didn't occur to Thornscourge that Jorge might do so voluntarily, as his rage toward other attractive men had grown so strong that Thornscourge couldn't imagine anybody wanting him unless forced to do so.

Two days had gone by since the fight in Siren's Call and this was Jorge's life now. He saw very little of the other Blister Boyz and had very little idea how they were faring. He assumed they were being treated as harshly as he was. Occasionally other members of the Brotherhood would come down to check things out. Master Manacle would see how Thornscourge's efforts were progressing. The Corruptor and Ambush Viper would check in as Thornscourge's buddies. Thornscourge would offer up Jorge's ass for them to have their way with. Viper would use a rattan cane to raise welts on his already very sore bottom and the Corruptor would beat him with an odd black wood paddle.

As a particularly thick vine was penetrating Jorge yet again, the elevator opened up and Master Manacle strode in with a small hovering robot of some sort. He headed over to Poison Punisher.

“Get some good footage behind him,” Master Manacle ordered. The small robot hovered over Jorge. He made note of the camera lens sticking out. He was recording the punishment.

“His ass is so swollen, he looks about as big as Ice Hazer's,” Master Manacle observed.

“The venom from the thorns does cause some sexy swelling,” Thornscourge said. “Thanks to Poison Punisher's abilities, it's even stronger. That ass could be used as a flotation device.”

“Good, good.” Master Manacle said. “Actually seeing the boys' asses suffering much more than their usual play should help get our point across.”

“You wanna fuck him?” Thornscourge asked.

“No thanks,” he said. “I'm having so much fun with their handsome team leader.”

“I was hotter than him, you know,” Thornscourge said, pouting. “Before all this.”

Master Manacle rolled his eyes. “You are still hot. How many times does Argus have take you to bed with him before you get over this?”

“It's just not fair,” the plant boy growled. He narrowed his eyes at Jorge. The vine roughly pulled itself out of his backside and the harsh flogging began anew. Jorge bawled in his gag as his swollen ass suffered some more. Master Manacle changed the subject.

“It looks like your control over his powers is improving.”

“It is. We make a great team. I always kind of worried that my plants aren't strong enough to compete with all the high-tech crews here on the isles, but they can bend rebar after Poison Punisher feeds them some of his radiation.”

“That's excellent. The boy is yours then. Well ... assuming his benefactors don't do as they're told.” He nodded his head at the camera. Thornscourge nodded in response. He was obviously filming the ransom note.

Master Manacle strode off back to the elevator, giving Jorge a quick slap on his quivering bottom as he left. The camera stayed focus on his swollen, welted cheeks for a few more seconds before returning to the elevator with him.

In the elevator, Master Manacle was pleased at Thornscourge's progress. One of the problems he discovered with enslaving men with powers is that they need to be micromanaged in combat. They needed to be deployed strategically, and Master Manacle, as smart as he was, couldn't control all the Blister Boyz and his paddlebots as well. Thornscourge and Poison Punisher would go well together.

Not everything was going so smoothly. His next stop was Granite Growl's floor. Howard didn't know why he gave Buddy any of the boys at all, let alone one with such complicated powers as Ice Hazer's. Buddy was loyal but dumb, a slave to his base urges. He wanted Ice Hazer because the massive boy was big enough to withstand Granite Growl's attention. His powers had caused him to grow so much that few women could handle him, leaving him with having to get his jollies off on the larger Longbow slaves. He hoped that Ice Hazer would be able to take his dick in that big bottom of his without as much whining and crying.

Master Manacle stepped off the elevator to find Buddy in his Granite Growl rock form, Ice Hazer over his knee, getting a hard hand spanking. The boy's ass looked more bruised than spanked. Buddy was honestly not very good with discipline either. He had cracked a couple of the Longbow agents' tailbones in his enthusiasm, but it looked like Ice Hazer was able to manage.

Indeed, Ice Hazer looked more put upon than sore. Master Manacle wandered in front of him to look in the young man's eyes and saw annoyance more than pain or fear. He sighed. It was pretty clear that one of the other brotherhood members would have to take over Ice Hazer's subjugation once they had mastered the other Blister Boyz.

“Hey there, boss!” Buddy said. “Just showing this punk who's in charge around here.” Ice Hazer's response was muffled by his gag.

“Is that so?” Master Manacle said. “Training troubles?”

“We're workin' on it,” he said. “Improving a little bit.” He stopped spanking for a moment. “Kid, freeze that lamp over there.” Ice Hazer gestured and the table the lamp was sitting on was encased in ice instead.

“Goddammit, you little punk! You're doing this on purpose!” He started spanking Jason again, harder and faster than before. “You're getting your ass fucked good and hard all night, you hear? Maybe that'll get you aiming straight.”

Master Manacle sighed again. He had the robot camera tape some nice tight shots of Ice Hazer's bruised bottom, but would edit out the conversation.

“Well ... keep up the effort,” he said weakly as he headed back to the elevator.

“Will do, boss!” He stopped spanking Jason briefly to give Master Manacle a thumbs up, oblivious of how poorly he was doing.

The Corrupter had been too busy with other efforts to check in on Granite Growl. Most of the guys left Buddy to himself, thinking him too stupid to be of much use. If perhaps Argus had stopped by he would have discovered something vitally important. Granite Growl's rock-hard spankings felt not unlike a bottom repeatedly landing on a hard surface. Jason was secretly turned on by falling on his butt. Being spanked by Buddy felt like falling on his butt over and over and over again. Buddy was unwittingly creating discipline energy through Jason in the middle of all this abuse, and Argus had absolutely no idea.

Next up was Jolt Jammer, who had been handed The Sticking Point. Howard knew to expect something insane at this point every time he visited with Roger. He found his teammate's masochism a bit confusing. Roger was now essentially Master Manacle's slave along with the Longbow agents and the Blister Boyz. He seemed to enjoy getting himself into bizarre situations where he was punished as much as the other slaves.

Still the man was an excellent fighter and unlike Granite Growl, could be expected to think and plan on his own. He was quite inventive in a rather twisted way.

And he certainly didn't disappoint this time. Jolt Jammer and The Sticking Point were side by side, sitting in swings hanging from the ceiling at around waist level. They were sitting on their upper thighs, causing their exposed bottoms to be hanging out and vulnerable. Their balls had also been pulled down behind them through their legs so they were hanging below the swing. Small bells were hanging from their balls. Both men were clutching the swing chains and whimpering. Their bottoms quivered in place. The Sticking Point was gagged. Jolt Jammer wasn't. Two Longbow agents stood next to the swings, paddles in hand.

Howard just stopped and stared, trying to figure out what was going on. Eventually, The Sticking Point's quivering caused the bells hanging from his balls to jingle. The Longbow agent next to him responded with two hard swats across his ass, causing him to whimper in the gag. When Jolt Jammer's quivering caused ringing, the same happened to him.

“Ten minutes have passed,” a computerized voice announced. “Current score: Jolt Jammer 72, Sticking Point 78. Please refresh crack cream.” The two longbow agents grabbed small pots on a nearby table with brushes sticking out. They dabbed the brush in the pot and slowly bushed the paste within down the helpless ass-cracks of both Jolt Jammer and the Sticking Point. Extra attention was spent on the rectums of the men and the Longbow agents even brushed the paste on their balls. The two Longbow men then put the pots back down and returned to their original position with the paddle.

After a few seconds both men began to whimper and their bottoms started quivering harder. Eventually both bells began to ring and the Longbow agents responded with more paddle swats.

“Oh good lord, what are you up to now, Jolt Jammer?” Master Manacle said, finally making his presence known.

“Just a contest to figure out who is tougher, boss man,” Jolt Jammer said. “Gotta learn the boy's limits right? Gotta know if he's as tough as me, you know? How far we can push him in a fight.”

“Riiight. What is in that paste they're brushing on you?”

“Combination of itching powder and capsaicin extract.”

“Ouch!” Master Manacle said as he passed around in front of the two men to take a look at them. Keith was crying and quivering at the same time.

“Ever had ball punishment before, boy?” Keith growled at him but shook his head no. The motion caused the bell ring and he earned two more swats. Both Howard and Roger laughed at his suffering.

“Why is there a score?” Master Manacle asked.

“The one with the highest score after an hour loses and gets 200 swats from the winner, as well as gettin' gang-banged by our Longbow buddies here. Got some of that incense from Argus, you know.”

“Of course. How's the actual training coming?”

“He's won couple of these things so I've had him use his powers on me. His spines hurt a hell of a lot more than Thornscourge's stuff, lemme tell you that. Gettin' a good sense of what we can do. We'll be ready to roll in a couple days, I think.” Jolt Jammer's bells jingled and he yelped as he got two more swats.

“I see. Well, I'll let you go on with just one little incentive. Computer, insert rule change. Loser receives 500 swats from the winner. No override permitted.”

“Change accepted and inserted,” the disembodied computerized voice said. Keith whimpered some more in his gag.

“Damn, you're a bastard, boss,” Jolt Jammer said. “I love it!”

Master Manacle laughed as he left with the camera. Argus had told Master Manacle that though this Sticking Point kid had a high pain tolerance, the impact of pointless and cruel abuse would do a number on him psychologically and make him easier to control. It looked as though it was working. The boy's butt wasn't all that red yet, but he was crying up a storm.

Holler was overseeing range training on his floor in his typically loud, domineering fashion. But he was getting results.

Master Manacle had sent Heat Blister over to him to work with for the day along with Major Fry. The two were the Blister Boyz main ranged attackers, and the Brotherhood needed to learn how to manage their abilities.

Master Manacle arrived on their floor to find both Holler and Ambush Viper managing the training. The very private Xian didn't want a boy for his own, but did assist with the training and torment of them with others. Major Fry and Heat Blister were in the middle of target training with their ranged electrical and fire attacks.

Karma had come calling for Smaqdown. Back at the frat, he took great pleasure in making submissive Brian's ass serve as the target for training for the Blister Boyz. But David hadn't seen Brian at all since their slavery. Instead, David was the one forced into Master Manacle's stocks and his bare ass was Walt and Troy's target. Holler had even painted red bullseyes on each of Smaqdown's cheeks. He cried into his gag as Major Fry and Heat Blister roasted his ass mercilessly at Holler's command. If either Walt or Troy missed, they were punished (and loudly berated) by Holler with his riding crop and Ambush Viper with his cane.

Both Smaqdown and Major Fry were staying on Holler's floor and he took great pleasure in punishing and fucking them both. And when he was bored with them, he borrowed a couple of Master Manacle's paddlebots to keep the two men in torment. It also kept them from trying to work together somehow. They were the only two Blister Boyz still in control of their own minds to spend a significant amount of time together. And of course they were all kept gagged as much as possible.

“Keep at it boys. The tougher you are on