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My Sixteen Year Old Step-son Acts Up

by Master O

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I have four step-sons and a step-daughter. The boys are John (16), Peter (14), Bobby (12) and Ben (6).

The following story is TRUE and involves John who was 16 at the time.

I had told John to clean up his room and checked back with him a short time later to see if it had been done. He had not even started to clean it.

One thing my boys know is that I am fair about their punishments and that I prefer using restrictions. They also know that I will tell them to do something, remind them once and if it's not done, the punishment follows.

"If you don't clean your room tonight, you are to come straight home from school tomorrow as you will be on yard restriction," I said.

Yard restriction is the lesser of the three. The other two being house restriction and room restriction. The later two require that the boys come home innediately after school and change into their pajamas.

At breakfast the next morning, I told John to come straight home since he had not cleaned the room and that he would be on restriction for that evening and the next day as well.

After school, John was about an hour later than usual getting home. It's only about 15 minutes from the high school to the house.

"What took you so long," I asked him?

"We stopped by the seven-eleven then played some ball," he answered.

"I thought I told you to come straight home, that you are on restriction," I remnded.

"So, I'm here now," he said.

This was actually coming from several months earlier when he had started to show a teen's independence.

"Watch that mouth. You are now on house restriction and add two days to the punishment," I said.

John glanced at me as if he was about to say something, then changed his mind and went to change into his short cut-offs which he slept in. They were so short I wouldn't allow him to wear them outside the house.

"Now get in there and clean your room," I said.

John headed to the room he shared with Peter and closed the door. I waited about thirty minutes then walked to the door and knocked on it. There was no reply so I knocked again. Still no answer. I opened the door only to find John laying face down on his bed reading and listening to music through his headset,

I reached over and took the headset off. "You are supposed to be cleaning your room," I said. "You can now make this a room restriction and add a week to the time," I told him.

I left his room taking the stereo with me as I left.

After the table had been cleared and the supper dishes done, John was sent back to his room. The room was a mess and it all belonged to John. Peter had cleaned all his stuff up several days before.

There were so many clothes on the floor, I couldn't even see the rug. An empty plate and fork peeked out from under the bed and three glasses with the remains of who knows what sat on the chest of drawers.

John was on his bed pouting.

"If it's not cleaned up by breakfast, you can also forget about the upcoming skating party as you will be on restriction," I said knowing he had a date already scheduled for the party.

A short time later as Peter, Bobby, Ben and I watched tv, a rukus came from John's room. Peter glanced at me hoping that John wasn't destroying anything of his.

I went to the bedroom door and opened it just in time to see John hurl a boot across the room into the closet. It hit so hard that it punched a hole in the drywall.

"That's it," I said. "If you are going to act like a baby, you're going to be treated and look like one also. I'll give you exactly 10 minutes to get home from school tomorrow and all I can say is you'd better not be late," I said in a very serious tone which the boys hate.

The next afternoon, John came into the house a little out of breath, but not bad as all my step-sons are in good shape. He had run all the way home so as not to be late.

"Go change then report to my bedroom," I said.

John quickly changed and I watched as he went to my room. I waited about a half hour before going back.

When I entered the room, I had a towel from the linen closet in my hand. I placed it on the end of the bed.

"I'm not going to place a diaper on you, but, as you know, I keep my word. Go to your room and take your pajamas off, put them away, then get back here. The towel is all you will get to wear for a couple of days," I said.

John went to his room and was quickly back, totally naked as he entered the room.

"Before you put the towel on, you're getting twenty-five hard ones with the paddle," I said. "Bend over the bed."

"You will count each lick, state why you are being punished and thank me, I told him.

I raised the paddle and brought it down hard on his pale ass.

"One. I am being punished because I acted like a baby. Thank you," he said.

"Two. I am being............." he continued.

After the fifth swat, I let him stand up. The usual position for all the boys after each set of five was hands behind their heads and not to touch their rears until after all the punishment was over.

"Lets get started with the second set," I said after a few minutes.

John bent over the bed again as I raised the paddle. At sixteen, he was going to remember this for a while.

"Six, I am being punished........" he counted.

After the tenth swat, he stood up again. He had the beginnings of an erection.

Over the bed again and up to the fifteen mark. This time he definitely had a solid erection when he stood up. About seven inches, circumsized.

John's eyes were misty, however he had made no sounds except for counting, etc.

After the twentyth stroke, he stood up again and tears were silently running down his cheeks. His breath was now in short pants.

"Five more of these, then the next phase of your punishment", I said.

John bent back over the bed and on the twenty-second swat groaned. His cheeks were a deepening red.

After the last stroke had landed, I told John to stand in the corner while I got everything ready for the next step. I went into the master bathroom.

Soon I called John to enter. He walked in and his eyes opened a little wider when he saw a pair of scissors, two safety razors and shaving foam on the counter.

"Like I said last night. If you are going to act like a baby, you are going to look and be treated like one," I said as I handed him the scissors. "Cut all your pubic hair off, and make sure it's close."

"Dad, don't make me do that," he begged. "We have to take gym and the guys will see me in the shower>"

"You bought this on yourself. Just tell them why you are being punished," I suggested knowing he wouldn't do that.

"Start cutting, NOW," I ordered.

He just stood there with the scissors in his hand.

"One", I started counting.

The boys knew that if I started counting that if I got to five, their punishment would be doubled or made much worse.

"Two," I said.

John waited until I got to three before he snipped the first bit of hair off.

Soon he was clipped to long stubble. I handed him the shaving foam.

"Cover every inch down thee," I said.

John sprayed some in his hand and began to smear it all over his groin, getting another erection as he did. I made no comment about that.

We waited about ten minures for the foam to soften up the stubble before I handed him the first razor. He looked at me and started to beg again.

"Do I need to count," I asked.

John reached down and began removing the last of his prized posession that showed he was becoming a man.

Soon the area was as bald as a cueball.

"Take a good shower, dry off, then wrap the towel around your waist after folding it in half lengthwise," I said as I left the room.

John, Peter, Bobby and I sat at the supper table eating. My step-daughter was spending the evening with friends and wouldn't be home until about ten o'clock and Ben was staying at Grandma's house.

Peter suddenly made a wise crack about John.

"Careful or you'll get the same treatment as your big brother<' I warned.

"Like what," Peter and Bobby both asked.

"Stand up and take your towel off," I told John.

John shot a quick pleading look at me then stood. He took the towel off and his two younger brothers stared in disbelief. John blushed a deep red all the way down into his chest

"Leave the towel off and finish your supper," I said.

After the supper dishes were done. I allowed John to join his brothes and me in the living room to watch tv. He had to leave the towel in his bedroom and sat there with us as naked as could be.

Later that night, I noticed the room was spotless!

(If you want more true stories like this, let me know)

Master O mastero@bellsouth. net

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