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"Proud" Challenge

by Y Lee Coyote and PJ Franklin

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Challenges are fun! So here is a simple (perhaps) one with a single word premise.

The story you write and submit has the title: PROUD. It should be under 1,000 words.  It should be "family" in some way such as father/son or great uncle and lad or lord and subject.  Family is a very broad term.

Of course since it is for the MMSA, it must be spanking related and there is a male butt that is spanked.

The story should rationally fit the title.

This came to happen because I wrote a story and asked PJ for a title suggestion.  It turned out that it was a contagious concept and he wrote one also.  He also suggested a challenge, so here it is.

Y & PJ

When you submit your story, put "An entry in the series "Proud" starting at id=23475" in the comment box for the reviewer.


A bit of clarification as there has been some confusion about what 'family' is.

It was meant it in a very broad way – even more broad than what is called the extended family rather than the nuclear family.  I thought that "lord and subject" would convey that but apparently it didn't.

Certainly that would include headmaster/pupil as family.  Likewise fraternity brothers.  I did not mean "The family of man" or "Nation" but any collective group.  Perhaps better terms would have been "Kith and kin" or "Tribe" or "Clan".  I would even include a group on a quest, such as to climb Mt. Everest or to find a new world.

Also, there really not any need to have a deadline since the topic is eternal.

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