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"Proud" Challenge
Proud #19

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about youth taking a risk for a damsel.  The story contains scenes of severe strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Please remember that is a fantasy and not a history lesson.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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It was a fortnight sleepover in modern parlance.  Michael, the young master, heir to his father's estate and titles, was but sixteen.  He went, properly escorted, almost a day's journey to the neighboring castle to stay a few days.  It was good politics to be friends with one's neighbors in case of invasion.

His host, Demond, was heir to his father's estate and titles.  The visit was an opportunity for the two to become better friends and to share a hunting trip.  The two relished the opportunity to compete with a peer rather than with mere commoners who were somewhat deferential.  Having had the best, especially of food, both were healthy, strong young bucks and split the contests.  Their tutors were most pleased.

Unfortunately, Michael had eyes for Juliet, Demond's sister, a maiden of just twelve summers. Things would have been alright if he had just looked but horny young bucks want more than just to look.  To be fair, his interest was encouraged by Juliet's flirting, even under the watchful eyes of her nurse.

Michael was determined to get close to her no matter the risk.  One night, he climbed out his window and worked his way to her window.  It was a perilous task clinging to the rough stone wall of the castle.  As it was a hot summer night, as hot as the blood of a love-struck youth, the window was open.  He made his illicit entry and saw, by the light of the moon, the maiden asleep in a diaphanous garment.  He admired her beauty and then leaned over her and kissed her on the lips.

She awoke with a start which was their undoing, for her nurse heard.  She dashed into the room and shrieked loudly.  It was a very loud shriek that could be described as sufficient to wake even the dead.  It was more than sufficient to summon the guards.  Michael was taken.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning, the Lord was informed.  Once he understood that Juliet's honor was secure and nothing more than a kiss was taken, he relaxed.  He was not that much older than Michael so that he could remember how the blood of youth runs hot in his veins.  He also appreciated Michael's bravery and daring and certainly he was a candidate for his daughter's hand in the near future.

Had Michael been a serf, the guards would have dispatched him immediately for such a heinous crime.  A free man of low rank would have been flogged and languished some time in the dungeon if he was fortunate enough to keep his head attached to his neck.  But Michael was of high rank, as high as his own son and had to be treated with care.  While he was deciding, both Juliet and Demond pleaded with their father that he show mercy to their friend.

The Lord made his decision.  The room was set up and the proper witness were assembled.  Only high ranking witness were permitted but the report of punishment must be wide spread to discourage others.  Accompanied by his tutor, Michael was the last to enter the room to hear his doom.  "Sixteen strokes." was the sentence.  The Lord was of few words.

As instructed by his tutor, Michael approached the spanking bench, dropped his tights and kneeled.  He waved off the stewards who wanted to strap him into position and instead tightly gripped the handholds.  The strong sergeant, naked above the waist so that his great muscles showed, approached with the heavy strap.  There was a drum roll and he began.


A steward called out the count.  Michael tightened his grip and clinched his teeth ever tighter on the leather in his mouth.  Over and over the strap bit Michael's posterior turning it fiery red with only the WHACKS of the strap and count of the steward being heard.

"The sentence had been carried out, My Lord." said the steward and the sergeant withdrew.

Michael spit out the leather, released his grip and stood up.  After pulling up his tights, he bowed respectively to the Lord and turned to leave.  He took but five steps before Juliet caught up with him, threw her arms about him and gave him a kiss.  "You were ever so brave, Michael." she said and dashed off.

A little later with Demond in his rooms, he was told that you did very well, Michael.  I'm proud of you and Juliet must be also.

It was a painful ride back home on his sore tail just a day later.  It was a chance to talk most privately with his tutor as they rode.  "It was a most foolhardy thing that you did going to Juliet, lad.  You could have died broken at the bottom of the wall or killed by the guards."


"But you took that strapping very well." he added.  "Juliet is certainly enamored of you and you impressed the Lord as well."  He paused before adding, "I daresay that your Father will be proud of you."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  April 15, 2011

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