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"Proud" Challenge
Proud #20

by Daveis502003

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“Seventeen, Sir. May I have another?”


“Eighteen, Sir. May I have another?”


“Nineteen, Sir. May I have another?”


“Twenty, Sir. May I have another?”

Looking down I saw my Dad's freshly shaven butt across my lap. It was now a rosy shade of pink and quivering just a little.

“No, you may not.” Was my reply to him. “You, may go to the corner for some time out however.” As Dad stood up I could see his now very hard cock leading the way to the corner.

I started to think about the events that got us to this point tonight.

Let me introduce myself, I am Mike and am a freshman at the local community college and still live at home with my Dad. It helps save on expenses as well as he and I really get along well. I know at this time a lot of kids can hardly wait to leave home but it still works for me.

Tonight like a couple of times a week we had gone to the gym together. The nice thing about this one is that it is both a good size area with both weights, machines, handball and a half court basketball area. It is in the office building where Dad works and with our cards we have access 24 hours a day. When we go back in the evenings we often have the place to ourselves.

We had gone to work out and there was one other guy who finished his workout about 20 minutes into ours. We often do some aerobic exercises as well as some work with the weights and tonight was no different. Tonight we did our routines and at the end Dad asked “Would you like to use the gym for a little basketball?”

“I wouldn't mind going to the gym but am a sore so how about we just shoot some hoops?” I replied.

“Sounds good to me.” Was his reply. “How about we play a game of HORSE but instead of HORSE we play SPANK?”

“Dad, what are the rules for your game?” I replied not fully knowing where this conversation was going. I must admit that I had a good idea of the game he was suggesting.

“Well we play like we would in HORSE but spell SPANK. The loser of the game gets spanked by the winner when we get home.” Was the reply.

Now, I have been spanked by my Dad in the past but it had been a few years. I had never spanked Dad and the idea of this was exciting even if my ass also was on the line. More than once Dad and I had played strip poker so I knew he liked to gamble a little.

Dad spoke up again. “I can see you are still thinking about this so how about I sweeten the pot and throw in that I will be under your control for the evening also if you win?”

Now Dad is no slouch in basketball having played through his college days. I played some in high school but still had some skills. “You are on!” was my reply to him.

We started with a few easier shots and were staying up with each other. In not too long we were up to SPAN with only the K left for either of us. It was my turn to start so I set up for a long shot and as luck would have it made it barely in the basket. But barely counts.

Dad made his shot and was darn close but the ball hit and bounced off the rim. I must admit that I was glad to not to have lost.

“Well, Mike looks like you won tonight. What do you say we head to the lockers and get ready to head home?” Was Dad's reply to his loss.

“Sounds good but also remember that you are also under my control for the evening.” I replied.

We went into the locker room and stripped for our showers. At this point we were the only ones still in the gym so I also grabbed my manscaping shears and shaving gear along with my towel and soap. The showers are behind a wall so I figured that there was a little risk but I would hear if anyone came into the locker room.

We headed to the showers and after getting washed and rinsed I let Dad into his surprise for the evening. “Tonight for you spanking I want you smooth so I am going to shave your ass. Turn around and bend over.” I went out and grabbed the shaving supplies and in a short period of time I had a very smooth assed father.

“Now let's get dressed and head for home. I want you to have your spanking.” I continued. “Also, Dad so you remember who is boss – no underwear and you strip as soon as we enter the house. Since it is also a short walk to the car I also don't want you to zip your fly .”

And so this is how I got to spank my Dad tonight . It does make me proud that he sets the example of the kind of man I want to be and follows through with his promises.

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